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Tony Kelly

Langley, BC V3A 9L4

P: 604.690.5265 E: tkfromuk@telus.net www.linkedin.com/in/TonyKelly01

Director Supply Chain Operations
Process & Performance Improvement Strategic Planning & Delivery Integrated Logistics

Self-motivated, focused, goal-oriented & dedicated leader with high integrity; thrives on
responsibility within fast-paced customer service, customer focused environments.
Accountable for actions, reliable, dependable, flexible, adaptable, proactive and diligent,
excellent interpersonal communication skills, a great administrator with extensive negotiating
Enjoys building dynamic high performing teams, dealing with complex challenges, developing
comprehensive processes through continuous improvement
Skilled in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, SAP, AS400, DCS and People-soft

Areas of Specialization:
3PL / 4PL Team Leadership
Experienced in Road/Rail/Air/Ocean Intermodal
Home Delivery Services
Warehouse & Distribution Management
Multi-site Operations
Budgeting & Financial Management

TQM Total Quality Management: ISO

Customs Compliance:
Vendor Sourcing
Contract Negotiations
Program & Project Leadership
Supply Chain Restructuring
Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

XPO Logistics Last Mile
Director, Western Canada 2015 to 2016

Direct and execute strategic and operational standards of day-to-day services Multiple Sites
Provide leadership support for home delivery services through partnerships with independent 3rd
party owner operators
Implement quality and performance standards at multiple locations for independent operators
providing services 7 days per week KPI metrics
Provide coaching, support & development of internal cross-functional team members
Deliver operational and sales support on new business opportunities
Complete P/L responsibility

Univar Chemicals Canada, Vancouver BC

Regional Logistics Manager Western Operations 2013 2015

Tony Kelly

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P: 604.690.5265 E: tkfromuk@telus.net

Responsibility for transportation compliance of the highest standard of Environmental Health

and safety practices throughout, and across all of business operations (EH&S)
Provided cost effective transportation solutions through consolidation and utilization capacities
Through collaboration with team members reduced product costing/pricing through
consolidation of associated inventories
Developed multimodal transportation solutions (best practices) for Air / Sea / Rail /Road &
Intermodal creating value for money (VFM)
Streamlined flow of goods across Canada and international borders
Optimization of over 400 transportation partners across North America - (10,000k +) shipments
Negotiated all carriers contracts and special rebate programs net savings $1,045.978
Managed one stop shopping convenience and flexibility exceeding customer expectations
Reduced operating budget by $1.3M


General Manager

Managed, led and supported over 130 team members, within a 200,000 sq., ft. warehouse location
providing leadership and direction in an 80 door, 150 + truck nightly cross-dock operation

TELUS, Richmond, BC
National Director, Warehouse and Logistics Operations 2006 2011
Devised and executed strategy for 2 North American warehousing divisions: wireline and wireless. 5
warehouses, 70 tier 2 locations (1.9 million sq ft), 12 direct/150 indirect reports. P&L $24 million.
Cost Savings:
Negotiated 3rd party logistic contracts: reduced operating costs by $10 million over 5 years.
Sourced, negotiated and consolidated 3rd party transportation costs. Reduced costs by $500,000 per
annum, and streamlined vendors from 100+ to 30.
Reduced shrinkage by 68% and decreased inventory count processing time from 4 days to 18 hours,
contributing to 19.2% cost savings (215,000 SKUs).
Analyzed "Cost-to-Serve" retail program. Captured $155,000 in annual savings.
Negotiated credit card process using Fed-Ex and Purolator. Reduced costs by $250,000 annually.
Rolled-out web-based `Service Express` purchasing (value: $1.7 million) in BC and Quebec. Secured
savings of over $395,000 annually.
Initiated RFI proposal for Customs compliance to manage annual imports of over $319 million on 9,700
entries. Netted $1 million in refunds.
Process Improvement:
Led national process improvement project to standardize warehousing practices, automate processes,
and implement best practices to unify 75 warehousing facilities.
Implemented "Dock-to-Stock" KPI, achieving early vendor payment discounts of $3.1 million within
Wireline division.
Turned around errant, non-compliant $100 million purchasing agreement with off-shore supplier:
orchestrated organization-wide audit of all purchased goods to identify faulty and missing parts.
Planned and rolled-out "Tool Crib" inventory management system, enabling assigning and tracking of
tool purchases, greater shrinkage control, and improved equipment utilization.
Management & Administration:

Tony Kelly

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P: 604.690.5265 E: tkfromuk@telus.net

Reduced inventory levels through instigating JIT quality compliance. Key results:
o Small materials recovered over $317,000
o Cisco Technology Migration captured $113,000 cumulative savings
o Cable recovery netted $500,000
o Construction infrastructure - recovered $1.7 million
o LML shipping lanes revamped and saved $42,000
o Inventory turn drove improvement of 4 turns per yr vs. 2.6 turns per yr.
o Oversaw $100 million infrastructure project: directed build of 2,122 service sites in BC and
Alberta to serve over 636,000 new customers.


Director, BC Pacific Region 2005 2006
Managed 27 branch locations, encompassing 1 million sq. feet, serving $116 million in annual sales. 15 direct
/ 579 indirect reports and 356 owner/operators. $46.9 million operating budget.
Strategic Planning & Delivery:
Led operations review which eliminated 30 non-productive processes. Saved over $30,000 per annum.
Retained $18 million in annual revenue through instigated quality controls throughout supply chain,
specifically focusing on managing service levels provided by 3rd party service contracts.
Implemented extensive driver de-brief procedures which increased del performance by 25% and
reduced costs by $463,000.
Management & Administration:
Led regional customer contract negotiations and retained key accounts with London Drugs, Asenda
Pharmaceuticals, Canterbury Coffee, McKesson Pharmaceuticals, MDA Solution representing over 63%
of revenue stream (value: $73 million).
Reduced employee turnover by 0.9% and increased quality control through ensuring new hires
completed on-boarding training program.
Achieved 30% reduction in H&S infractions, and reduced premiums from $4.65 to $3.25/100.
Coached and developed cohesive, hands-on management team that drove organization-wide initiatives
focused on process improvement and employee engagement.
Senior member of national CAW Contract Bargaining Committee.
Director, Logistics and Distribution 2000 2005
200,000 sq. ft. distribution centre, supporting 9 national speciality store locations and 3 outlet stores,
processing $960 million in annual merchandise. 5 direct/indirect reports. $7 million annual operating budget.
Strategic Planning & Delivery:
Consolidated 2 distribution centers into one, contributing to 207% increase in team productivity and
annual savings of $500,000.
Increased service through-put from 10 - 1 days, achieving 33% same day/67% next day delivery.
Identified and implemented two-tier Goods-on-Hangars (GOH) order picking, leading to 88% reduction of
staff and overtime, and cost savings of $125,000 per annum.
Consolidated operating units which increased productivity by 207% and gained $500,000 in savings.
Management & Administration:
Expanded Retail Ready vendor base by over 200%.
Developed and implemented vendor labeling program. Gained $50,000 savings per annum.
Reduced annual transportation spend by $400,000 through facilitating RFP of transportation services and
renegotiating international contracts.
Netted $300,000 in savings through implemented Harmonized System (HS) code verification system.

Tony Kelly

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P: 604.690.5265 E: tkfromuk@telus.net

Significantly increased compliance requirements regarding Canadian imports. Implemented Customs

Self-Assessment (CSA) accounting program.

Prior to 2000:
ICS COURIER SERVICES, Toronto, ON - Manager, Engineering
HAYS BUSINESS SERVICES, UK/France/Belgium - Director, DX Operations
BUSINESS POST, London East, UK - Regional General Manager
PARCELINE (MAYNE NICKLESS) - General Manager, UK & Spain
TNT EXPRESS - Depot Manager


Canada Customs Certification in Imports and Exports Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

Leadership in Action York University

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Parts 1 & 2 - Donahue Ernst & Young

Occupational Health and Safety Training Certification, Part 1 (WSIB)

Peak Performance & Professional Development Program - Brian Tracy

National and International Certificates of Professional Competence in Logistics Royal Society of Arts Examination Board, Birmingham Logistics College, UK


Management Institute of Logistics (MILOG), Member

Supply Chain Association (SCL), Member

Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters (CAIE), Member

Canadian Paraplegic Society and Mental Health Authority
Significant Accomplishments:
Achievements in transformational leadership featured in "Canadian Material Management &
Distribution" and "Supply Chain Personnel" publications.
Co-developed lean processing case study for Richard Ivey School of Business based on achievements
at Holt Renfrew http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/faculty/directory/fraser-johnson/