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Lesson Plan

Class: Stage 1 Year 2


Time: Start: 10.00am

Finish: 11.00 am

Key Learning Area: Science

Lesson Topic: What will I be?

Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
- Students have knowledge on the appropriate use of technology and how it can be utilised

Students have been exploring living things over the past few weeks and have knowledge on how things grow and change and the affect that the
environment they live in has on this.
This will be the second lesson on this topic

Syllabus Outcome(s):
One or two only. Please note the syllabus
reference number AND write out in full.

Living things grow, change and

have offspring similar to
themselves. (ACSSU030)

Indicators of Learning for this lesson:

Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s).
Quote syllabus numbers. Must be clear, specific, observable.
Curriculum Content Strands may be used as headings.
By the end of this lesson, the students will:
- Describe the different features of various animals (10LW)

- ST1-10LW Describes external

- Describe the changes in features between parents and offspring
features, changes in and growth of (10LW)
living things

Strategies which will be used to assess
learners attainment of learning outcomes.
Should be linked to each learning indicator.

Observe the student responses to the

main activity of distinguishable features
of animals and correctly identify the
similarities and differences shared with

- Use ICT to demonstrate learning (1VA)

- ST1-1VA Shows interest in and
enthusiasm for science and
technology, responding to their
curiosity, questions and perceived
needs, wants and opportunities
Any safety issues to be considered:

Tripping over cords for laptops and ipads List resources you used in preparing the lesson

Layout of the classroom causing tripping Laptops/ ipads

Strategy Identification Key:



Bean Plant

Lesson Content / Indicators of

Learning (What is Taught):
Note key skills, concepts and values
addressed in each section. Link to your
Indicators of Learning.


Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences:

Resources and Organisation:
(How it is taught)
Write detailed steps showing what the teacher (T) will
do and what students (Ss) will do.

4 min

Students are asked to recap the previous lesson on

the growth and change of living things

Identifying what the similarities

and differences can be between
animals and their offspring
What kinds of things do you see that are
the same between the seed and the
What are the main differences that we
can identify
Can we see these changes immediately
or do they happen over time?
- Ss visually see changes that
have occurred with the plant

Bean plants

T asks students to observe their bean plant to see if

they can answer any of the questions asked.

10 min

Can someone remind us of our rules for

using the computer appropriately?
Online rules:
10 min

Teacher provides students with a demonstration on

how to use the program Scratch with an
accompanying youtube video
(students are encouraged to follow along if this is
easier for them to learn)

Students are given time to experiment with Scratch

and explore the different features/options that can be
- IPad/ computer

Stay on task
If anything is seen that makes
students unhappy/uncomfortable35 min
to report it to the teacher
only use websites that have been
approved by the teacher

Using ICT students are able to engage in

research skills as well as engaging in
creative learning.

Students are to use Scratch to showcase the
differences between the parent and the offspring of
2-3 different animals. The requirements are:
- Needs to be a description given about the
- IPad/ computer
main external features of these animals and
how these are similar/different to their
o Can be done using the speech
bubble function, audio to record their
voice or any other feature that they
discover on Scratch.
- Has to incorporate animation techniques

- Reflecting on their learning and1 min

Research conducted on the animal.

Students reminded that the next lesson will be on

presenting their animations to the class accompanied
by one fact they had found about an animal they