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President University

Internship Report for


Raymond George Imanuel

Marketing 2012

January 2016


First of all, the writer would like to express the greatest gratitude to God, who let me
doing this Internship well. Moreover, thank to President University that provide the student
Internship subject to give a student a lesson about real experience working condition that
student can imagine and able to adapt the environment of a company. This internship
program also carrying out the potential and quality of knowledge that President University
been lectured.
After four month, the writer finally accomplished my first internship program which
required by university. Having my first internship at PT United Tractors, was an unforgettable
experience and very valuable memory.
During my internship period at PT United Tractors, the writer many support from a lot
of people and at this moment, the writer would like to contribute my best appreciation to :
1. Mr. Jhanghiz Syahrivar as internship mentor.
2. PT United Tractors for the great opportunity to be a part of great workplace.
3. Salesforce UT team and PDCA marketing, Mr. Aditya, Mr. Andhanta, Ms. Astri,
Mr. Caisar, Mr. Chandra, Mr. Oscar Sukoco, Mr. Victor, Ms. Violen.
4. Salesforce vendor team, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Gerry, and Mr. Taufik
5. My family, thank you for endless support me during my internship.
. The internee realize that this report might still far away from perfection and a lot of
mistake may be exist. However the intern tries best to create this report and hopes this may
helpful for readers.

Cikarang, January 2016

Best Regards,

Raymond George Imanuel


Letter of Completion 1

Table of Content

Table of Figure

Chapter I








Objectives ..........................................................................................................7

Chapter II
Company Profile


History of United Tractors


Vision and Mission


Organizational Chart 10


Products and Services 11

Chapter III
Internship Activities 12

Team project of Salesforce UT



Call Center and Helpdesk Unit for Salesforce


Recruiting Intern



Chapter IV






Implemented the theory to the real world/Real Business






Personal Skills16


Career Plan


Chapter V



Recommendation for United Tractors17


Recommendation for President University Internship Career Center



Figure 2.3.1 organization chart


Figure 2.3.2 product and services


Figure 3.1


contingency plan


Internship is an activity to is an opportunity offered by an employer to
potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of
time. Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last for
any length of time between one week and 12 months.
President University comes with a breakthrough which is internship program.
A program designed for student who already in 9 semester who had met certain
requirement. As the purpose of this program is to provide student with a working
experience before they entered a real workforce. Student will learn more deeply
about what are their passions. This program also give a chance to develop students
potential and experiences, so they are more prepared to get a new job after
graduated. Furthermore, during the internship student can represent their knowledge
from President University.


The purposes of this program are to provide students with real work
experience, self-confidence, and be ready for become a leader with many
experiences before they graduate and compete in world of talent. However, the
condition of work life is challenging, where student are really boosted by tons of
new experience and condition. The condition will improve the student skill to fast
learning and adaptable in every condition.


Expectations which rise from this program are:
Increase knowledge that learns inside classroom by having practical
knowledge that got in workplace.
As the best way to perform a personal development in the area of
leadership, communication, problem solving and decision making.
Increase confidence and self-pride compared with another student from
another university.
Increase my skill in web design
Maintain a good relationship between President University and the



Develop personal abilities to achieve required goals based on the

responsibilities and duties.

Develop personal leadership and responsibility due to the target should be
Increase the confidence and communication skill by meet many different
peoples and try to understand their own personality.
Identify personal strength and weakness in terms of working and find the way
to overcome it.
Learn broadly how company are run and maintain a relationship with other
Increase knowledge by applying theory into a real practice of working.

Developing decision-making and problem-solving skills through the problem

faced and how to solve and evaluate it.

Share internship story and experience with other President University Interns
and juniors.
Open the way for other intern, so that they can continue to having their
internship in this company.
Bring the good name of President University by showing a high motivation,
strong perseverance, and good behavior.




General History
United Tractors is the leading and the largest distributor of heavy equipments in the
Indonesia, providing products from world-renowned brands such
as Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, Tadano, and Komatsu
PT United Tractors Tbk is a company with a long history. Established on October

13th, 1972, the Company reached an important milestone on September 19th, 1989, by listing
its shares in Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange as PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR), with
PT Astra International Tbk as the majority shareholder. This initial public offering marked
the United Tractors commitment of becoming the world-class solution-driven company in
heavy equipment, mining, and energy for the benefit of stakeholders.
PT United Tractors (UT) vast distribution network includes 19 branch offices, 22 site
support offices and 11 representative offices in 22 provinces across the country. Not content
with being the largest distributor of heavy equipments in the country, the Company also plays
an active role in the field of mining contracting and has recently ventured into coal mining
business. UT conducted its businesses through three major business units known as
Construction Machinery, Mining Contracting and Mining. (PT United Tractors Tbk, 2015)


Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision: To be the world class solution-driven company in heavy equipment, mining,

and energy for the benefit of stakeholders.


To become a company that :

Aspires to assist our customer to become successful by utilizing our comprehensive

understanding through continuous interaction

Provides opportunities for our people to enhance their social status and selffulfillment based on their valuable achievement.

Creates sustainable value-added for stakeholders by maintaining the balance of

economic, social and environmental


Contributes to the nation's prosperity

Organization Chart

Organization Chart PT UNITED TRACTORS Tbk

Figure. 2.3.1

II.4 Product and Services


PT United Tractors is the heavy equipment distributor of these products below:

Figure 2.4.1



The writer was took internship in PT United Tractors. The writer worked in marketing
division for 4 months. There were many task and assignment and surprise the writerdid. In
this chapter the writer will explain my job description and responsibility in PT United
Tractors. They are :

III.1 Team Project of Salesforce

There is a project that PDCA (Plan, Do, Create, Action) marketing held, kind of
process to make a business operational become more flexible in positive way by using
Salesforce application. In this team project my task and assignment are helping vendor team
to make as well as what the user needs. The writer does some trial and error to get the best
apps for user. The users of this application are Business consultant, General Manager, and
Business Manager. There are also additional users for customers to looking at the business
consultant activity toward customer problems and need.
There is a training that been held by PT United Tractors for two weeks to learning the
basic of Salesforce application. Salesforce is a project that have been developing every month
to handle the customer and sales operational needs, which the needs always increasing. The
developing process of salesforce is take along day. The process of trial and error of the
program to create the most comfortable appliaction costing the work hours. During the test
and fixing errors, sometimes its needed to extend the work hours until 8 or 9 p.m. United
Tractors are care with the employees that extend their work hours by providing them free
lunch and snakcs. These activities above are really met the criteria that I expected on the
world of big company in Indonesia.
As the Salesforce project, I was made additionals contigency plan to handle problems
that appeared because of system error.


Figure 3.1Contingency plan

The contigency plan are made by giving the idea, and the it would requested to IT division
and team vendor. If the contigency plan is posible to do it would be the standard for the users,
and helpdesk UT.
There is also another task such as revised the guide book for the users. Salesforce is a
running application that can be upgraded everytime and it would change and add a new path
to prosesss the application. I was helping team project by revising the Salesforce guide book
version 1 to version 1.1. to revising this book every person in team project are responsible to
revise the old book.

III.2 Call Center and Helpdesk for Salesforce project

After make the the salesforce walk clearly, the writer must make the duties as call
center to answer every question and solving every problem that users have. Users can ask me
for help by coming to my desk, requesting me by phone so the writer came to their place, or
maybe consult via email.
The writer also make some transfer knowledge with the team helpdesk UT about
salesforce project, and helping some business consultant (salesman) in doing their
administration. The transfer knowledge has been held for two weeks. As a mentor on
transferring the knowledge of salesforce, efficiency how to teach in a fast way is needed. This
activity is needed because of helpdesk UT didnt learn about Salesforce application at first.
Helpdesk UT tasks are only focusing on problems of SAP software. However, since the
project of salesforce is running on sales operational that change sales division working tools
from SAP to Salesforce.

As a temporary helpdesk, I did some activities to help the area head, business
managers, and sales person to make reports from Salesforce application. Sales operational
users (area head, business managers, and sales person) were asked me through e-mail, so I
explained them and give remind them the tutorial to make the reports.

III.3 Recruiting Intern

After the writer work at United Tractors for 3 months the writer did additional job.
The job is recruiting some people to continuing the internship program at United Tractors.
Recruiting person is not simple as taking usual or ordinary person. There is some criteria that
they company need to meet the company goals on internship program.
There are three criteria needed to fulfill the internship program at United Tractors;
creative, fast learner, have a good attitude. Based on these criteria, my co-leader of salesforce
project teaches me on eliminating the candidate of intern student. First, to looking on how
creative the candidate I should look on their curriculum vitae form, and then their words on
cover letter. Second, to decide the candidate is fast learner or not by giving them some pretest with several cases. The last criteria is an attitude, to test the intern candidate there are
some psychological test by human capital division and test from user that represented by me.
The tests for attitude are starting from interviewing by phone, interview and how the
candidates handle the test on pre-test at United Tractors, and last is direct communication
with the candidate by sharing their characteristic.
The criteria for the internship student are made because of United Tractors PDCA
Marketing want to have an absolute team. Its needed to have an internship student that can
handle their emotion, creative, and fast learner.


In this chapter, students evaluate how internship benefit and things that student get
during the internship program.

IV.1 Benefit
During my Internship the writer got some benefit such as ;

Learning the world of mining industry.

Strategies marketing in maintain customer loyalty.
Life in Service Company, especially as a distributor.
Valuable experience for the future career.

For the Company:

Hiring internee may press the companys expense, because salary for internee
is lower than the employee.

Low-cost employee with full time work duration.

The interns may help the company to do promoting and sounding.

IV.2 Implemented the theory to the real world/real Business

There is only one thing that the writer learned from President University, that how to
improving customer loyalty. PT. United Tractors marketing division are creating this
Salesforce project to maintain the customer loyalty. Loyalty of customer is easier to handle
than taking a new customer in this era. Company should asks and have take and give from
customer to maintain relationship with the customer.

IV.3 Comprehension
By doing this internship program, the writer got knowledge about the working in
industry, especially as a distibutor industry, there is so many needs that customer wants so as
a marketer we need to solve how to make everything able, it also because of the globalization
of internet. Now days, customers is looking at how company can serve them as soon as
possible and have a good quality. Here this project comes up to follow up every needs of
United Tractors customer want.


IV.4 Personal Skills

By doing an Internship program, the writer learned and even improving my skill in
operating some technology. The duties as the call center and helpdesk unit build a character
and skill for the writer to handle everything softly, without panic. The writer did some editing
program on website, recruiting people, and handles the emotion of the people.

IV.5 Career Plan

By doing internship program in United Tractors, the writer also learned much about
strategy marketing, and web design. The writer has been skilled by improving skill in web
designing so customer or my business partner will satisfy through my website.




Recommendation for United Tractors

PT United Tractors was helped me during my internship program, but not only for
fulfilling my internship program to my university. Based on my internship, the writer got a lot
of lecture from people in United Tractors. The writer got opportuinity to learn not only in
every division, like recruiting people, IT, and marketing.
The writer recommends that United Tractors improving their Salesforce project more
efficient in time, and increase a little bit a compensation for the intern so they would
supported will. There is still a problems in operating that application, it takes a long time
because the size of the web.


Recommendation for President University Internship Career Center

During the internship program, the writer learned and found some regulation and
standard that President University set to the student to do the internship program. The writer
just gives recommendation and suggestion to improve the internship program in the future.
There are some recommendation for internship President University program;
duration, and operational. First, Period of internship should be at least 4 months so student
will surely match with their company. Second, ICC should able to announce the information
to all internship students that required and already enroll the subject. The information should
be contains of the job vacancies, information for documents that ICC needs and it should be
on time.