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Astrological Yoga for Renunciation : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa - Ast...

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VGR Pavan
Parivrajaka or sanyasa yoga is always an interesting combination which rarely
surfaces in a horoscope. The following is a small analysis of this yoga in the
horoscope of the Saint of recent times and the real example of a Sadhaka Sri
Rama Krishna Paramahamsa. (Mostly the analysis is done as per KP.)
KP teaches that If the sublord of the Ascendant is deposited in the star of the

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19-Oct-16 6:51 PM

Astrological Yoga for Renunciation : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa - Ast...


planet, which is strongly connected with 3, 10, 12 houses and connected with
Saturn/Kethu. Then one will be an ascetic.
However we have to assess other houses also to see whether Sanyasa yoga is
confirmed or not. Generally Karaka for Iha loka Sukha is Venus. She is to be
afflicted, to have aversion about these matters. The Karaka for mind is Moon; she
should be well posited to support the Sanyasa yoga. All other houses which attract
us in this world like Money (2nd), Mental inclination (3rd), Properties (4th), Children
(5), Spouse (7th), Fame (10) has to change their color and support for the
Spiritualistic progress.
In Swamijis horoscope,
Ascendant Sublord is Jupiter, lord of 2, 11 in 5 in Rahu star and Kethu sub. Rahu is
in Taurus (materialistic) in 4 (sukha), but the deciding factor Kethu is in 10th in
Scorpio denoting Mars lord of 3, 10 in 12. Kethu is the key here; Kethu is in the star
of Jupiter again. Another notable point is that Rahu denotes Venus, who is the sole
occupant of Saturn star in this map. Saturn lord of 1, 12 houses is in 8 in Rahu star
again. Jupiter is fortifying Saturn by his 5th glance. Ascendant Sign, Star and sub
lords are all connected to Rahu.
The Karaka for Iha loka sukha , Venus is in the star of Saturn lord of 1,12 in 8. The
combination of 1, 12 show the self undoing from those affairs. Further the yoga is
accentuated because Venus is in her own sub.
The Karaka for mind is Moon, she is in the Ascendant in Jupiter star and Saturn sub.
Jupiter in 5 (meditation) and Saturn in 8(occult practices) , So his mind is always
fond of Dhyana which brought the Supreme position called as Samadhi. Guruji Sri
KSK said that one can concentrate well if Moon is in the sub of Saturn. How true is
that statement! Here Moon is in Saturn sub connected with 1,8,12 houses. 12th
stands for the subduing of ones own ego by self effort.
Second house sub lord Mercury, is in Rahu star and Kethu sub both these planets
signify 1, 3, 4,9,12 houses which are not at all showing material earnings.whatever
he earned is only liberation. His speeches are full of knowledge and very lucid also.
He explains great truths with simple illustrations and analogies. All these are
because of Mercury aspected by Jupiter.
Third house sub lord is Jupiter, discussed above.
Fourth sub lord is again Mercury as discussed above strongly connected with
1,3,4,9,12 houses.
Fifth sub lord is also Mercury. And his connection with 1,3,4,9,12 houses shows that
he will not have children. He will not have physical offspring except philosophical
Seventh sub lord is Saturn in Rahu star, Rahu is in 3 signifying1,4,9 houses and he
is the sole occupant in the star of Sun the 7th lord. Saturn is aspected by Jupiter
lord of 2,11 houses thus marriage is promised. Because of Saturn there is a wide
age gap between Swami and Sarada Matha. Their marriage was celebrated during
1859 in Saturn-Sun period. Saturn was in his own star squaring his natal position,
Jupiter in mithuna transiting over his natal position. As lord of the lagna and 7th are
in excellent trine they had superb hormony. Sex drive didnt entered even in their
minds , because there is no connection of 5,8 houses to 7th sub lord and 5,8th lord
mercury is heavily afflicted by signifying detrimental houses. This is a very rarest tie
of relationship ever took place.
Tenth house sub lord is Mercury, in Ascendant receiving trine aspects from both
ascendant and 11th lords. But mercury himself is in Square with 10th cusp. This
combination shows that he will have wide range of reputation even though he is not
interested in it. The mutual trine positions of (1,12), (5,8), (2,11) houses show that
he will have very fruitful results in occult practices because 1,5,8,12 houses
favorably connecting with 2,11 houses will definitely offer good results.
If we observe the dasa sequences we will have a better idea about his life.
The dasa at the time of birth is that of Jupiter, this point itself reveals that he was
philosophical insight right from the moment of his birth. In his biography we will find
that right from the age of 5 or 6 years he had occult experiences. Jupiter-Kethu
period started at this age. Readers should note that Kethu is the sublord for Jupiter
the dasa lord. As Guruji pointed that if a planet and its sub lord are significators of
certain group of houses then such results manifest in their conjoined periods only.
Hence Jup-Ket period is justified.
His sadhanas were very much accentuated right from the Saturn dasa. Saturn lord
of Ascendant shows his self involvement. Mars the 10th lord is squaring Saturn,
indicating that he will select the toughest kind of practices which ordinary people

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19-Oct-16 6:51 PM

Astrological Yoga for Renunciation : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa - Ast...


even cant imagine. We can note that Saturn is in Mercury sub, who is lord of 5,8



Following dasa lord is Mercury; he continued whatever Saturn caused in his dasa.
He attained higher levels of Siddhi during this period; we can say that the pressure
created by Mars on Saturn is converted into a positive energy by Saturn and
transferred to Mercury through his trine aspect on him.

Mrityunjai Ojha
Relationship, Vedic and KP
Vijay Goel

Next Dasa is that of Kethu, he is in 9th badaka sthana in scorpio sign. He is

deposited in Jupiter star and Rahu sub. Jupiter is lord of 2 in 5 and Rahu is in Sun
star lord of 7 in 12. Rahu also denotes Venus the badaka lord. Kethu the moksha
karaka signifying all the Maraka and Badaka sthanas sets the stage ready for
Swamijis disincarnation. Only for that reason he suffered with cancer in throat. Pls
note the 6th sub lord Venus. She rules the 2nd sign in the Zodiac and occupies the
second sign from the ascendant. Further she is in Saturn star lord of 1,12 in 8.She is
in exact trine with 6th cusp, Venus rules the Badhaka sthana and in evil aspect with
5,11 and Asc lord Saturn indicating no cure. All these Venusian traits are absorbed
by Rahu in her sign and delivered through Kethu who is in Rahu sub. Swamiji
developed cancer right with the commencement of Kethu dasa in 1885.
He dissolved into the Almighty on 16-08-1886 (Kethu-Venus-Saturn) Monday,
Sathabhisha Star day. Kethu in Rahu star and Venus sub in Aquarius.
Venus is in Saturn star and sub, squaring Saturn the ascendant lord. Sun is in Kethu
star Venus sub. Luminaries are perfectly transiting over the stars and subs of
maraka and badaka significators.

Jaimini, Parashara
Kitab astrology



Pt. Hanumman Mishra


G.K. Adith Kasinath

KP system

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Of course some people never die; Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is like the Dhruva
among all the sadhakas, whose position can never ever be occupied by any. I myself
offer full stretch pranam to this noble sole.


With pranams to the Lotus feet of Uchishta Ganapathy and Sri KSK.
Peace and prosperity to all


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19-Oct-16 6:51 PM