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Please Read This Before You Install

Keyscape version 1.0.1 or higher
Keyscape Soundsource Library 1.0.1 Update
New Soundsources: MKS-20 Piano 1 ^ and MKS-20 Piano 2 ^
Fixes glitch on the Wing Tack Piano ^ Stereo Soundsource.
OS X users: Open the Mac folder and run the installer .pkg.
Windows users: Open the Windows folder and run the installer .exe.
Please do not move the folders. The installers rely on the folder hierarchy
presented in the download to function properly. It is not necessary to open
the STEAM folder.
NOTE: Please do NOT attempt to manually install the STEAM folder.
The installer automatically checks to see if you already have a Spectrasonics
folder on your startup drive to determine the STEAM folder location. If you
do not own any other Spectrasonics instruments, a Spectrasonics folder will
be created. The files will then be installed to the STEAM folder.