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In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show
how well you understand spoken English. There are three parts
to this section with special directions for each part.
Part I
Questions : 1 to 6
Directions :
In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or
questions spoken in English. The dialogues or questions will be
spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book,
so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers
After you hear a dialogue and the question about it, read the
five possible answers and decide which one would be the best
answer to the question you have heard.
Now listen to a sample question.
You will hear :
Man : Well, Im very glad to have with me. By the way , my
names James Bond. How do you do?
Woman :
How do you do? Im Barbara.o

Narrator :
The best answer to the question How do you do? is choice
(a), How do you do? Im Setiawan Therefore you should
choose answer ( a)



The man doesnt mind the traffic

The man takes the bus to school
th e woman prefers driving in the rush hours
the woman wants to ride to school with the
E. the man has to stand on the bus if he
takes it to school


A. She has no time for himD. Both of them are

B. He is very busy
E. They are strangers
C. They can meet after 5.00


A. She could come to the party

B. She cannot come to the party
C. She will have a party
D. She could have a party
E. The international students Association gives her
a party

Mark your answer on your answer sheet A


Mark your answer on your answer sheet D

C. Mammals
D. Chimpanzees

E. Dolphins

12. A. Write them a letter

D. Go to the office
B. Visit the companys website E. Send an SMS
C. Send them a fax
13. A. Good hoursC. Good salary
B. Free food D. Training

E. Experience

14. A. A restaurant C. A department store

B. A Hotel
D. Lawyer

A. At the office C. at the restaurant

E. at
B. at the counter
D. at the room
A. Something cold
B. Coffee
C. tea


11. A. Fish
B. Big apes

A. A mother and a boy D. a mother and a

B. a mother and a son E. a mother and her
C. a mother and a daughter


Mark your answer on your answer sheet C

Questions : 11 to 15
Directions :
In this part of the test, you will hear several
monologues. The dialogue or
monologue will be
spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test
book so you must listen carefully to understand what
the speakers are saying.
After you hear a monologue and the questions about it,
read the five possible answers and decide which one
would the best answer to the questions you have

The best answer to the question is The man has never met
Barbara before Therefore , you should choose answer ( a )



10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet B

You will also hear:

: What do we learn from the dialogue.
You will read in your test book:
Sample answer
A. The man has never met Barbara before
B. The man never knows James Bond
C. Barbara has met the man before
D. Barbara met James Bond yesterday
E. Barbara meets James Bond everydat


How do you do? Im Setiawan

I am fine, thank you
Let me introduce myself
How do you know me?


15. A. April 14 to 16
B. 2 adults and children
C. A 10% discount on food and beverages
D. Children under 12 years old
E. Rp. 950.000,00

D. coffee and tea

E. something hot

Part II
Question 7 to 10
In this part of the test, you will hear several questions or
statements spoken in English. The questions and responses
will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test
book, so you must listencarefully to understand what the
speakers say. You have to choose the best response to each
question or statement.
You will hear:
Woman : Well, Im very glad to have you with me. By the
way, my names Lucy. How do you do?
: ..........
You will also hear :

Head of Section V of Bahorok Sub-district Pabel

Turnip stated here on Tuesday that the local residents
have filed a report regarding the tiger attack.
Due to the dwindling numbers of natural prey in its
habitat in Mount Leuser National Park, the tiger was
aggressively hunting for food in the local village. "In
fact, the local people are raising their cattle in the area
within the tigers hunting corridor, and this has driven
the tiger down to the residential area in Bahorok,"
Turnip explained. Moreover, Turnip urged the local
residents to change their cattle-raising method by
avoiding the tigers zone to prevent further incidents.
Therefore, the local authority has set up a
restriction zone for local residents in the area around
the tigers habitat. In the meantime, a local ranger Jhon
Purba said that he and his unit were armed to stand
guard round-the-clock at the location.
Purba stated that the CCTV footage of the Mount
Leuser National Park Agency revealed the activity of
the tiger in the habitat. Tourists and tourist guides have
been advised to abstain from visiting the location as
the situation is not conducive.


The following text is for question 16 to 17
Organic food is food produced naturally, without
chemical substances. People tend to consume organic
food because it is superior compared to non organic
Organic food healthier because they are free of
chemical substances which harm our bodies health. It
is also more nutritious than organic food. The nutrions
remains in the food because it is free from chemical
substances that can decrease nutrition. Moreover,
organic farming using organic fertilizers to manure
plants is friendly for the environment and maintains soil
Organic food is quality because it is healthier and
more nutritious. Organic farming is friendly for the
environment too.

20. What is the news about?

A. The tiger attack in Langkat,
B. The conservation of tigers in Sumatra
C. The restriction zone for local residents
D. The habitat of tigers in North sumatra
E. The extinction of sumatran tigers


21. Why was the tiger aggressivelly hunting for food in

local villages?
A. Many local residents hunt for tigers
B. Natural prey has increased in the habitat
C. Natural prey has decreased in the
D. There is no restriction zone around the habitat
E. It was threatened by other animals

16. What is organic food?

A. Food process traditionally
B. Food which maintains nutrition
C. Food processed in a modern way
D. Food containing chemical substances
E. Food produced without chemical
17. Why should people consume organic food?
A. It is easily cultivated
B. It uses chemical fertilizer
C. It is sold at affordable prices
D. It is healthier and more nutritious
E. It contains substances which harm health

22. John Purba suggests that tourist.....

A. Sightsee the location of the tiger attack
B. Avoid the location of the tiger attack
C. Trap the tiger which attacked the village
D. Kill the tiger which attacked the village
E. Should not visit the place forever

The following text is for question 18 to 19

Free conversational English classes will start at Language
Room, central Library, Jl. Pemuda no. 32 every Saturday at
3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Starting from Saturday, 9th July 2016
People from all language levels are welcome. Please call
Gusti on 0856777888897 for further information

The following text is for question 23 to 25

Cook, James, 172879, English explorer and navigator.
The son of a Yorkshire agricultural laborer, he had little
formal education. After an apprenticeship to a firm of
shipowners at Whitby, he joined (1755) the royal navy
and surveyed the St. Lawrence Channel (1760) and the
coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador (176367). Cook
was then given command of the Endeavour and sailed
(1768) on an expedition to chart the transit of Venus;
he returned to England in 1771, having also
circumnavigated the globe and explored the coasts of
New Zealand, which he accurately charted for the first
time, and E Australia.
Cook next commanded (177275) an expedition to the
South Pacific of two ships, the Resolution and the
Adventure. On this voyage he disproved the rumor of a
great southern continent, explored the Antarctic Ocean
and the New Hebrides, visited New Caledonia, and by
the observance of strict diet and hygiene prevented
heretofore the scourge of long voyages. Cook sailed
again in 1776; in 1778 he visited and named the
Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) and unsuccessfully searched
the coast of NW North America for a Northwest
Passage. On the return voyage he was killed by natives
on the island of Hawaii.
During the course of his journeys Cook visited about
ten major Pacific island groups and more than 40
individual islands, also making first European contact
with a wide variety of indigenous peoples

18. The free conversational English classes are offered

A. Students with good English
B. Students with limited English
C. Every student eager to speak English
D. Students who are good at speaking English
E. Students who want to go abroad
19. From the text, it can be concluded that....
A. The central library closes at 4;30 p.m
B. The event will be held only on 9th July 2016
C. Participants can contact Gusti for registration
D. Every meeting will last for two hours
E. The event is held to improve students
speaking skills
The following text is for question 20 to 22
Langkat, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - A Sumatran
Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) reportedly trespassed
and preyed on cattle belonging to the local residents of
a village in Bahorok Sub-district, Langkat District, North
Sumatra province.

23. The

best title for the text above is....

James Cooks journey to South Pacific
A journey to find a new world
James Cooks experience while travelling
The life of James Cook, great
E. James Cooks carrier and achievements

C. We should fight agains moneylender

D. We should use our brains to achieve our
E. Every problem, even the most complex one,
has a solution


The following text is for question 29 to 31

All packaged foods come with a nutrition label meant to
provide you with the information necessary to know
exactly what you're eating. Understanding what's in the
foods you eat helps you make healthier choices.
Checking food labels also makes it easy for you to
compare the nutrient content of different options. A
healthy diet is crucial throughout your lifetime and
paying attention to nutrition labels is a good step
toward improving your overall diet.
The nutrition label provides key information such as
serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat,
cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin content.
The label also contains a list of the ingredients. This
information helps you stay on track with your daily
targets. It also helps you avoid certain ingredients if
you have food intolerance or are following a diet that
excludes certain components, such as dairy.
Checking nutrition labels so that you know what and
how much you're eating plays a central role in being
able to cut back on your intake. It's recommended that
you cut back your sodium intake to less than 2,300
milligrams per day and your intake of added sugar and
saturated fat to no more than 5 to 15 percent of your
daily calories, according to the Dietary Guidelines for
Americans 2010. Check food labels for guidance as to
how to reach your goal of cutting back on these
Last, checking food labels for the fiber content plays a
role in helping you increase your intake. For instance,
not all brown breads contain rich amounts of fiber, and
some manufacturers use coloring to make bread look
healthier, so it's crucial to read the label.
It's crucial to determine your nutrition goals first, so
that you can make the best use out of food labels. For
example, if you're overweight, comparing the calorie
content of various options allows you to choose a lowcalorie, nutritious item to stay within your daily calorie
goals. The information on serving size is particularly
important since the nutrient information listed on a
label is often for more than one serving. Another
example is if you have a chronic condition. For
instance, if you have high blood pressure, it's crucial to
pay attention to the sodium content.

24. Falsely, long voyages were identic with....

A. Scurvy
D. Inadequate education
B. Rough waves
E. Monotonous journeys
C. Extreme weathers
25. What can you conclude from the text?
A. Cook was the first Englishman to explore
the world by sea
B. Cook paid a little concern toward his crews
C. Cook was an insignificant explorer in the world
D. Cook was able to reach North America before
being killed
E. Cook made the first map of the new zealand
The following text is for question 26 to 28
Many hundreds of years ago in a small Italian town, a
merchant had the misfortune of owing a large sum of
money to the moneylender. The moneylender, who was
old and ugly, fancied the merchant's beautiful daughter
so he proposed a bargain. He said he would forgo the
merchant's debt if he could marry the daughter. Both
the merchant and his daughter were horrified by the
The moneylender told them that he would put a black
pebble and a white pebble into an empty bag. The girl
would then have to pick one pebble from the bag. If she
picked the black pebble, she would become the
moneylender's wife and her father's debt would be
forgiven. If she picked the white pebble she need not
marry him and her father's debt would still be forgiven.
But if she refused to pick a pebble, her father would be
thrown into jail.
They were standing on a pebble strewn path in the
merchant's garden. As they talked, the moneylender
bent over to pick up two pebbles. As he picked them
up, the sharp-eyed girl noticed that he had picked up
two black pebbles and put them into the bag. He then
asked the girl to pick her pebble from the bag.
The girl put her hand into the moneybag and drew out
a pebble. Without looking at it, she fumbled and let it
fall onto the pebble-strewn path where it immediately
became lost among all the other pebbles.
"Oh, how clumsy of me," she said. "But never mind, if
you look into the bag for the one that is left, you will be
able to tell which pebble I picked." Since the remaining
pebble is black, it must be assumed that she had
picked the white one. And since the moneylender dared
not admit his dishonesty, the girl changed what
seemed an impossible situation into an advantageous
26. The

29. Which of the following is the best title for the text
A. What are listed on a food label?
B. How to read food labels
C. Why is reading food labels important?
D. What are the disadvantages of packaged
E. Why should we consume nutritious food?
30. How much sodium should we consume per day?
A. 2.3 grams
D. Less than 23 grams
B. Less than 2.3 grams
E. More than 23
C. More than 2.3 grams

story is mainly about.....

A misfortune merchant and his daughter
A merchant and a wicked moneylender
A clever girl and a false moneylender
A merchants debt to a moneylender
White and black peebles

31. The

27. The merchants daughter was force to accept the

moneylenders bargain because...
A. She loved the moneylender
B. She was afraid of the moneylender
C. She didnt want the moneylender hurt her
D. She wouldnt be able to pay her fathers loan
E. She didnt have another choice, but
agreeing the bargain
28. Based on the story, we can learn that....
A. Our good deeds will repay us with good
B. We should do everything to the fullest

writer suggest that we should.....

Consume food with low calories
Pay attention to nutrition labels
Consume brown bread only
Ask others to read a nutrition label
Consume sugar more than 15 grams per day

The following text is for question 32 to 34

A flare is defined as a sudden, rapid, and
intense variation in brightnes. A solar flare occurs
when magnetic energy that has built up in the is
suddenly released. radiation is emitted across virtually
the entire, from radio waves at the long end, through
emission to and at the short wavelength end.

The amount of energy released is the

equivalent of millions of 100- hydrogen bombs
exploding at the same time! The first solar flare
recorded in astronomical literature was on September
1, 1859. Two scientists, Richard C. Carrington and
Richard Hodgson, were independently observing at the
time, when they viewed a large flare in As the magnetic
energy is being released, particles, including, and
heavy, are heated and accelerated in the solar
atmosphere. The energy released during a flare is
typically on the order of 10 27 per second. Large flares
can emit up to 1032 ergs of energy. This energy is ten
million times greater than the energy released from a
volcanic explosion. On the other hand, it is less than
one-tenth of the total energy emitted by the Sun every
There are typically three stages to a solar flare.
First is the precursor stage, where the release of
magnetic energy is triggered. Soft x-ray emission is
detected in this stage. In the second or impulsive
stage, protons and electrons are accelerated to
energies exceeding 1. During the impulsive stage, radio
waves, hard x-rays, and gamma rays are emitted. The
gradual build up and decay of soft x-rays can be
detected in the third, decay stage. The duration of
these stages can be as short as a few seconds or as
long as an hour.

(3) The tulip is the most popular of springflowering bulbs

(4) Most tulip bulbs have to six leaves, a few
species have up to twelve
(5) It is perennial that grows from the tulip bulbs
(6) Futher, a single stem send up a narrow, green
bud that opens into a flower
(7) Most tulips have only one bloom per stem.
Few species have multiple blooms
(8) The tulip bulb contains a stem and the
beginnings of the following years flowers and
(9) They can be long and narrow, or they can
have more of an oval shape


correct arragement of the sentences is....

D. 3-6-8-1-4-2-5-9-7
3-5-8-1-4-9-6-2-7 E. 3-6-5-2-4-1-9-8-7

Question 37 to 39, complete the text with the words

One morning, I went to school on foot, as usual. I
walked (37)............as it was still early. There were many
(38).........which were dangerous for riders, due to the heavy
rain last night. Suddenly, a motorcyclist passed by at the
medium speed. She tried to avoid a puddle, but lost her
balance and fell from her motorcycle. Taking pity, I approached
her and saw her condition. Fortunately, she was not seriously
injured. I took iodine from my bag and applied it to her wound.
The woman (3)........me and offered me a ride, but I refused.
Do you know what happened later in my class? The woman
who I had helped was my new teacher.

32. What is the text about?

A. The definition of a flare
B. The types of stages of solar flare
C. The amount of solar flare energy emission
D. The general characteristics of solar energy
E. The explanation on how a solar flare happens
33. The greatest energy is emitted by.....
A. The sun
D. An electromagnetic
B. A large solar flare
E. A volcanic explosion
C. A strong earthquake

37. A. Slowly
C. reluctantly
B. hurriedly D. hesitantly

E. carefully

38. A. Sand
B. asphalt

E. puddles

C. Ashes
D. leaves

39. A. Apologised C. Thanked

B. Forced
D. Urged

34. The energy of solar flare is.....the energy of

volcanic eruption
A. Similar to
B. 5,000,000 lesser than
C. 5,000,000 times greater than
D. 10,000,000 lesser than
E. 10,000,000 times greater than

E. Blamed

The following text is for question 40 to 44

Orchard Road is a Boulevard which becomes business
and entertainment center in Singapore. Orchard Road is
surrounded by a lush tropical and flower gardens which
are beautiful. At first, Orchard Road is just a suburban
street lined with orchards, plantations nutmeg, and
pepper farming. However, in the 1970s, it turned into a
shopping center in Singapore. In 1960 and 1970
entertainment industries began to enter this road.
Shopping centers such as mall and Plaza was built in
Orchard Road runs along about 2.2 km. This road is
one-way street flanked by a variety of shopping malls,
hotels and restaurants. The shopping area which is
nearly 800,000 square meters provides a wide range of
Things, food, and entertainment. In this area there are
many options that can satisfy visitors from all walks of
life starting from the luxury branded things to the
Popular branded, from exclusive restaurants to fast
There are so many ways that can be accessed to get to
Orchard road such as: by taxi, bus or drive your own
car. For those who are driving to Orchard Road can be
entered from the west through the Napier Road.
Vehicles from Dunearn Road can turn to left at the
intersection of the Marriott Hotel junction. Vehicles that
come from Paterson can turn right onto Orchard Road.
Orchard is always crowded so you have to be careful in
order not to get lost.

35. Arrange the sentences to form a sequential text

(1) Dip the tofu slices into the egg mixture, then
put into the flour mixture
(2) Finally, serve warm with the remaining
barbeque sauce for dipping
(3) First of all, drain tofu and slice into strips. Place
in a plastic bag orcontainer, then freeze
overnight. Thaw tofu strips and dab with paper
(4) Next, fry them in hot oil for about 1 minute on
each side, until brown. Remove them from the
oil topaper towels to drain and cool
(5) Second, whisk together the egg white and 1
tablespoon of barbeque sauce in a bowl.
Combine the flour, salt and pepper in other
(6) Brush tofu slices with additional barbeque
sauce. Broil for 5 minutes on each side, or until
browned and crisp
The correct arrangement of the sentences is...
A. 3-1-5-6-4-2 C. 3-5-1-4-6-2 E. 3-6-1-5-4-2
B. 3-4-1-5-6-2 D. 3-5-6-4-1-2
36. Arrange the following sentences to form a
sequential text
(1) In the springtime leaves push up from the
tulip bulbs and through the soil
(2) An averange length of its stem is 12 inches.
Different varieties range in height from short
(4 inches) to very tall (28 inches)

40. The text mainly focuses on

A. Singapore
B. Orchard Plantation
C. Plaza and Mall
D. Orchard road as business and
entertainment center
E. Shopping Center

41. Which statement is TRUE?

A. At first Orchard Road is a crowded
B. Orchard road became business and
entertainment center since 1974
C. Vehicles from Dunrean road turn to the left at
intersection of the Marriott Hotel junction
D. Orchard road is infamous place at Singapore
E. Orchard road is not surrounded by flower

B. He will have the national examination soon

C. He is confused in solving mathematic
D. he appreciated Ivans help
E. His friends are all well prepared
47. .....have some difficulties in preparing for it.
The underlined word refers to....
A. Problem
D. School
B. National examination E. Mathematic
C. Extra lesson

42. In the third paragraph the writer describes about?

A. The location of Orchard Road
B. The things that we can see at orchard road
C. The direction to get to Orchard Road
D. The history of Orchard Road
E. The distance of Orchard Road
43. Words it in line 4 refers to?
A. The plantation
D. Singapore
B. Luxury branded things E. Suburban street
C. The plaza

Questions 48-50, complete the following text

with the words provided
Octopuses are mollusks, a kind of animals with soft
bodies. Unlike other mollusks, such as clams and
oysters, octopuses and squid have no hard (48)........to
protect them. An octopus is an animal without any
bones. Surrounding the main portion of its body is a
fleshy covering, called a mantle. Most of the internal
organs of an octopus are inside the mantle. An octopus
has two large (49)........so it has very good vision. Selas,
eels and other sea animals prey on octopuses. An
octopuses main method of defense is to shoot a cloud
of dark ink into the water. The ink cloud confuses the
attacker and the octopus jets away. Octopuses ca also
(50)......colour rapidly when they are in danger. They
change colour to fit in with their surroundings. This
helps them hide from prey.

44. The word satisfy in line eighth has the closet

meaning with?
A. Pleased C. Frighten
E. Loved
B. Free
D. Threat
The following text is for question 45 to 47
Jerowaru, 1st February 2014
Dear Ivan
How are you? Hope everything is okay with you.
Im all right here.
We are going to have the national examination,
arent we? Are you well prepared for it? Well, to be
honest, I just have some difficulties in preparing for it,
especially in science. There are extra lessons in my
school and I take them all. But, I feel that they dont
help. Im still confused in solving mathematic problems.
Im just worried that I fail the national examination. Do
you have any suggestion for me? I really appreciate
your help.
I look forward to hearing from you.

48. A. Skin
B. scales
C. seals
D. shells
E. skull
49. A. Eyes
B. bones
C. fingers
D. thumbs
E. shoulder
50. A. Complaining
B. wonder
C. delive
D. change
E. breathe

Your buddy
45. What does the letter tell us about?
A. asking for a friend to teach mathematic
B. preparing for the national examination
C. asking for a friends suggestion to solve a
D. Giving solution to a friend
E. Having extra lesson at school
46. Why is Fahri worried that he may fail in national
A. there are extra lessons at Fahris school