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Brief Introduction

Syntax Highlighting for lng/ltf scripts in Notepad++
Auto Completion and Call Tips and Usage Hints for lng/ltf scripts in Notepad++
LINGO Version: 16.0
Author: Wu Jian
Notepad++ is a free and powerful text editor on Windows platform
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LINGO is a powerful optimization tool with many exciting features

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Install Guide
1. Suggestions on installing Notepad++
When installing Notepad++ , be sure to enable the option: "Allow plugins to be loaded from %APPDATA%\notepad++\plugins" , if you
already installed one, please check if "plugins\APIs" folder exists in your Notepad++ install directory, or you should update to a full
version of Notepad++ that includes the plugins feature.
You can also install "XBrackets Lite" plugin for auto-completion of various brackets, it may be helpful sometimes, just follow the steps:
"Plugins->Plugin Manager->Show plugin manager" , in "Available" menu of "Show plugin manager" , find "XBrackets Lite" and install
it. By default, symbol ' is not recognized as bracket, you should enable it following the steps: "Plugins->XBrackets Lite->settings" ,
check the box before "Treat '' as brackets" , also, you can check other boxes if you like. Make sure that "Autocomplete brackets" is
Another useful plugin of Notepad++ is "NppExec" . To use it, follow the steps below:
First, make sure that you have enabled it by checking "plugins" folder in your Notepad++ install directory, a dynamic link library
named "NppExec.dll" should be there, if not, check if it's in "disabled" sub-folder, if so, move it to "plugins" folder.
Second, open Notepad++ , in "Plugins->NppExec" , check "Show Console Dialog" and "Follow $(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" , then drag
the console dialog to any position you would like, for details of usages, refer to Doc and Manual of it, for use with lng/ltf scripts,
see demo folder for a simple introduction. Basic knowledge of Windows Command Line is assumed.
Unicode version of "NppExec.dll" is recommended, check it by typing ver command in console dialog.
2. Copy "userDefineLang.xml" to "%AppData%\Notepad++"
Here AppData is an environmental variable, you can check it in command prompt with echo %AppData%
e.g. in my computer, the value of AppData is "C:\Users\Leiz\AppData\Roaming" , so I should copy "userDefineLang.xml" to

If you already have an "userDefineLang.xml" , just copy contents in between "<UserLang ...</UserLang>" to existing one.
3. Copy "LINGO.xml" to your plugins\APIs folder of your Notepad++ install directory
In my computer: "D:\ProgramFilesX86\Notepad++\plugins\APIs"
Here, "D:\ProgramFilesX86\Notepad++" is my Notepad++ install directory
4. Restart Notepad++ (if not opened, just run it)
5. Open .lng or .ltf file with Notepad++

1. Always end comments with ; please, or Comment Folding feature may not work properly.
2. For scientific notation style of floating point number, e.g. 1.0e2 , always use this style please, do not use 1.e2 , or coloring feature for Number
may not work correctly.

Other Information

1. This is for "default style theme" , you may modify it to suit your favourite one.
To choose another style, "Settings->Style Configurator->Select theme"
Tested in Notepad++ 6.9.1 , Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate , 32-bit OS
2. I am Chinese, sorry for my poor English, and I am not an expert of Notepad++ , so better ideas are welcome!
You can reach me at:
wujianjack2@163.com (personal)
wujianw@stu.xjtu.edu.cn (educational email address)
Sincerely yours,
Wu Jian
April 13th, 2016