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Company profile:
ABOUT BABYLON GARMENTS Babylon Garments started its journey in Bangladesh in
the year 1986 through creation of small sewing units called Babylon garments. At early years
Babylon garments had to pass very difficult time. It still exists only for its honesty, integrity,
moral scruples and for its business ethics. And for that reason now this organization is in a
successful and stable situation in the subsequent years. Babylon garments never miss to meet
future challenges. This organization always tries to give its best to achieve professional
competence and reliability. It always tries to give something better than its customers
expectation. For this reason its not only treated as a trusted supplier of readymade garments
but also as a caring partner toward all its buyers and customers. Now meeting the
extraordinary requirement of the customer become a custom for this organization and also a
matter of pride for this organization. This organization is also adapting some important
policies like getting official approval of ISO Quality Standard practices, ensuring total
compliance of various Code of Conduct requirements of prestigious buyers across the world,
prioritizing the need for creation of ideal work conditions for the workers and ensuring proper
health care & safety for them. This thing has awarded Babylon garments a respectable
position in the top of the RMG manufacturers in Bangladesh.
Mission & vision of organization
At Babylon, we strive to provide world class service and the best value to our customers. We
thrive for excellence and work for ensuring a pleasant, clean and professional working
condition for our employees and the people we do business with.
We give our clients solutions that add value to their operations and give them a competitive

The objective of this study was to give a general idea about

Babylon Group, identify the

existing HRM environment of this organization so as to develop a clear idea of the effective
HRM practices. The overall objective of this study is to analyse HR practices in, Babylon
Group one of the many large organizations in Bangladesh engaged in the production and
export of ready-made garments.

. Training and development function

. Motivation function
These functions include their sub functions and the limitations of the HRM practices will be

For my report I will collect information from both primary and secondary data.
Primary data: I will data collect or information directly from Babylon officials. For getting
informations related to Hr principals of Babylon group.
Secondary data: I will also use secondary data by getting the help Babylon website
(www.babylongroup.com). Different Hr related books, journals, newspaper, and internet.

Questionnaires for HR Practices

No 1. What type of post are you holding?
(a) Manager (b)Representative (c)Worker (d)Other

No 2. Do you work for full time or part time?

(a) Full time (b)Part time
No 3. How many hours do you work here.?
(a) 6(b)7 (c)8 (d)9
No 4. Are you satisfied with your selary?
(a) Yes (b)No
No 5. Is there any overtime facility here?
(a) Yes (b)No
No 6. How many hours do they allow for over time?
(a) 1(b)2 (c)3 (d)4
No 7. Do you perform work in over time here?
(a) Yes (b)No
No 8. How much you satisfied with the overtime payment?
(a) Satisfied(b)Not satisfied(c)Very satisfied (d)Other
No 9. What do you think about the working environment here?
(a) Satisfied(b)Not satisfied(c)Very satisfied (d)Other
No 10.Do you perfom group work for any issue here?
(a) Yes (b)No
No 11.Is the company arrange any provident find for the employees?
(a) Yes (b)No
No 12.Will you switch this job if you found any better option?
(a) Yes (b)No
13. Are you satisfied about compensation plan?

(a)Yes (b)No
14. Promotional policies is fair in this organization?
(a)Yes (b)No
15. Are they arrange any training session for their employees?

(a)Yes (b)No
16. There retirement policies are satisfactory?
(a)Yes (b) No
17. There are any incentives to the employees?
(a)Yes (b)No
18. There recruitment policy is fair?
(a)Yes (b)No