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Aeroplanes test 1, vingsoppgaver

Ailerons are control surfaces which control an aircraft in:

A. Roll
B. Pitch
C. Yaw
D. Stall

JAR FCL No: 021010601

What are the movable surfaces in the tail section of an aeroplane?

A. Elevators and rudder.
B. Ailerons and tabs.
C. Stabiliser and fin.
D. Elevators and fin.

JAR FCL No: 021030102

In a wet sump lubrication system, the oil is normally stored in.

A. a separate tank
B. the engine sump
C. the engine sump and a separate tank
D. the engine lubrication gallery

JAR FCL No: 021030103

In an air-cooled aero-engine, cooling air is directed around the cylinders:A. by means of suitably shaped cylinder baffles
B. by controllable cowl gills
C. by metered jets
D. by fins on the cylinders

JAR FCL No: 021030109

When the pilot moves the mixture lever of a piston engine towards a lean position the:
A. amount of fuel entering the combustion is reduced.
B. volume of air entering the carburettor is reduced.
C. amount of fuel entering the combustion is increased.
D. volume of air entering the carburettor is increased.

JAR FCL No: 021080101

The colour of AVGAS 100LL is?

A. Green
B. Blue
C. Straw
D. Red

JAR FCL No: 020000000

What will decrease Oil Viscosity?




A. Lower temperatur
B. Higher pressure
C. Oil leak
D. Higher temperatur
JAR FCL No: 020000000

Select the correct statement

A. The altimeter is not depended upon electricity
B. The altimeter will show zero if not powered by the electrical system
C. The altimeter is powered by the vacuum system
D. The altimeter is coupled an engine-driven pump

JAR FCL No: 020000000

The Cessna 172-SP runs on:

A. 100 octane low-lead
B. Diesel
C. Jet A-1
D. Canola oil

JAR FCL No: 020000000

10 The airspeed indicator displays:

A. Dynamic pressure as speed in the standard atmosphere
B. The precise speed at which the aircraft flies regardless of condition
C. Speed over the underlying ground
D. Speed relative to preceding aircraft
JAR FCL No: 021000000

11 Name the primary flight controls: (1) Elevator (2) Ailerons (3) Throttle (4) Rudder (5) Flap
A. Alternative 1, 2 and 4
B. Alternative 2 and 4
C. Alternative 4 and 5
D. Alternative 1, 2 and 3
JAR FCL No: 022020600

12 In a descend with a blocked pitot tube:

A. The ASI will be uneffected.
B. The ASI directly drops to zero.
C. The ASI will over read.
D. The ASI will under read.
JAR FCL No: 022010103

13 The limits of the green scale of an airspeed indicator are:

A. VS1 for the lower limit and VNE for the upper limit
B. VS1 for the lower limit and VLO for the upper limit
C. VS1 for the lower limit and VNO for the upper limit
D. VS0 for the lower limit and VNO for the upper limit
JAR FCL No: 022020102

14 A static vent is used to measure:






A. dynamic pressure minus pitot excess.

B. dynamic pressure plus pitot excess.
C. atmospheric pressure.
D. pitot excess pressure.
JAR FCL No: 020000000

15 How is yaw control achieved?

A. Ailerons
B. Elevator
C. Spoilers
D. Rudder
JAR FCL No: 020000000

16 What provides the spark plugs with energy?

A. The battery
B. The generator
C. Static electricity from the ambient air
D. Spinning magnetos
JAR FCL No: 021020400

17 What is the structure that has most of its strength in its outer skin, and longitudinal stringers between the formers to
support the skin?
A. Semimonocoque structure
B. Monocoque structure
C. Reinforced shell structure
D. Stringer structure
JAR FCL No: 021050100

18 Which of the following is a primary flight control?

A. Stabiliser trim
B. Rudder
C. High lift devices
D. Spoilers
JAR FCL No: 021100000

19 What is the correct sequence of the strokes of a four-stroke piston engine?

A. Induction, compression, power, exhaust
B. Inflammation, exhaust, induction, explosion
C. Detonation, induction, pre-ignition, compression
D. Explosion, suction, inflation, detonation
JAR FCL No: 021100501

20 Air is directed over the cylinder fins by :

A. Cowl gills
B. baffles
C. air deflection tubes
D. the air venturi
JAR FCL No: 020000000





21 The vertical speed indicator displays vertical speed in units of:

A. Km/hour (km/h)
B. Meter/second (m/s)
C. Nautical miles/hour (knots)
D. Feet/minute (fpm)
JAR FCL No: 020000000

22 Which of the following is considered an engine instrument?

A. Oil pressure gauge
B. Airspeed indicator
C. Flap position indicator
D. Inclinometer
JAR FCL No: 021030102

23 After start up in very cold weather, the pilot notices an oil pressure reading, slightly higher than normal. This higher
A. is abnormal and requires immediate engine shut down
B. is abnormal but does not require shut down.
C. is fully normal if pressure decreases after engine startup (when the the oil gets warmer).
D. requires oil change
JAR FCL No: 021030106

24 The conditions for highest engine power (best engine performance) are:
A. cold
B. humid air
C. high pressure
D. cold and dry air at high pressure
JAR FCL No: 021080102

25 The main purpose of having fuel drain points in the fuel tank is to:
A. Provision for manual de-fuelling if need be
B. Avoid water vapour locking in fuel lines
C. Check for correct type of fuel in the tanks prior to flight
D. Ensure fuel is free from water contamination