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Pir Khara Sharif Welfare Society Women, Youth and Skilled Labor

Empowerment Program.
Pir Khara Sharif Introduction:
Who: Identify Target Audience
Where: Pir Khara Sharif Punjab, Pakistan (Insert geographic
When: Program Implementation 3-5 years. 3 streams 18 months
each. 3 different programs. 9 total program implementation
Total Budget: Minimum requirement 1 Million USD
Issues of Pir Khara Sharif: Highly intelligent and extreme under
utilization of labor
What are we proposing?
3 different programs targeting: Women, Youth, Male adults
How are we going to do it?
Women Program: Training local village women on how to work with
crafts and other tangible goods that can be sold in the nearest
cities. Lahore and Islamabad.
Male Skilled Laborers: Teaching various skills at an already
established school where the men can be given actual vocational
educational training and can become self sustaining and
Youth Education: Starting up the already established school again,
where the village children can get basic education. The goal is to
have a school that can give the village children a high school
Healing Center: Utlizing the miraculous healing springs and
establishing a healing center where people from all over the country
can come and use the facility for various illnesses.
Tapping into Natural Resources for Skill Set training: Using the vast
salt range and training young adults on how to utilize this resource
for marketing to an international audience. (eg. Selling Himalayan
Salt Lamps/ Products at a fraction of the cost)

Executive Summary:
Pir Khara Sharif sits at very geographically pleasing location where
we would like to use the local village people to become self
sustaining and independent.
This town runs parallel to the largest motorway in Pakistan and sits
right in the middle of two major cities namely Islamabad and
Poverty is rampant 95% of the population lives under $2.00 per day.
The rate of unemployment is very high and due to extreme weather
conditions and the nearby salt range, there is no agriculturally
suitable land available.
The town is run by a mystical family who are revered as the local
scholars as well as village elders. This program will be working very
closely with said family and utilizing their connections as well as
their position in the area to convince people to become self reliant.
Skilled Labor Program:
Identify and Outline the whole program Approach
Women Empowerment Program:
Identify and Outline program approach
Children and Youth Education:
Identify and Outline program approach
Technical Understanding and Approach
Welfare Trust Societys Approach:
Economic Empowerment Methodology: Identify
Capacity Building for sustainability
Cohesive communication Approach for Inclusiveness
Gender and Cultural Senstivity
Methodology and Strategy
Needs Assesment
Development of Training Module
Training of Trainers
Capacity building of village elders
Establishment of a community feedback mechanism

Awards and applications for seed grants/ Identifying the

mechanism of laying out the grants systems on a quarterly basis
Dialogues and coordination meetings
Town hall meetings:
Development of communication and marketing strategy in the
Development of a complete skilled set training manual for
Laborers as well as women working from within their homes
Setting up a Peer-to-peer working groups
Setting up various scholarships for high achieving students
Coordination with various businesses for program placements/
eg NHA to hire local workers for any work that is to be carried out in
the area.
Organizational Qualifications:
Outline the Welfare Societys role over the past 20 years
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: See Log Frame
Baseline Study: (To be conducted)
Evaluations: Quarterly reviews for seed grants/ Annual review for
overall program implementation
Management Plan:
Outline any partners/ Technical Strengths
Strengths of the concept: Family connections. Geographic Location
Key personnel: Insert Resume
Foreseeable Problems: Issue of large youth heading towards
religious extremism/ Gender insensitivity
Impact and sustainability: Outline the socio-economic impact.
Outline the cultural as well as future benefits of growing from within.
Ensuring Local Ownership
Focus of Individuals
Development of Positive cultural Impacts
Use of Local village elders to promote a brand new vision for the
Enhancing skills and capacities
Setting up Peer to Peer Working groups
Teaching Ledger and General bookkeeping
Teaching on how to understand basic contract reading/ writing
Log Frame:
To be Developed

Creating Local Ownership

Year 2:
Year 3:
Year 4:
Year 5:
Budget: To be Developed: