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Fleased meeting notes

June 8, 2010; 5:30-7, Brooktondale Community Center

Next meeting. June 22, 5:30-7, Location TBA

Survey Update/finalize – Amy. Survey has been tested by steering

committee members. Helen Slottje has reviewed it. Objective:
establish a pattern of misleading, fraudlent, omissions in order to see if
we have a case. Q: will we sell the info. No! Add PRIVACY in front of
Confidentiality section of the Survey Intro. Do we have to have tax
parcel? Ruth asks why. Amy will add a note about using it to make

Fleased Logo – for posters, signs, need something that makes clear it is
about gas leases and sorry we signed.

Legislation and Lobbying – should fleased meet with legislators – who?

When? Peter talked with Steve Liss in Sweeny’s office. 2008 vs 2005
law change explained why lease holders should be grandfathered.
What about a bill to grandfather us out. Liss said go thru LIfton could
be on this year. Target Sampson’s office. Ellen to SEND OUT NOTICE
Upstate Democratic Senators to FLEASED. Bruce and Peter will
approach Barbara re new law to grandfather.

Discussion with AG – Danaher will be at CCE offices, June 16 noon with

time to talk informally to a small group from fleased. Possible
attendees. Marie , Amy, Bruce, Peter, John, Buzz. Goal: this is a first
meeting. make AGs office aware of Fleased; We believe there will be a
sizable group of people who have been fleased, what can you do to
help us? What kinds of info would be appropriate to meet this goal? We
are doing a survey to help establish a pattern and practice of
fraudulent representation.
Would moratorium extend leases?
Would landsman info from people who did not lease be helpful?
What determines whether lease is held by production?
Does KY coal case provide precedent?
Give him 2005 and 2008 law and make a case that things have
changed. Peter has a hand out, the changes in the law.
Letter to Cuomo- We have observed a pattern and practice. Include
these goals and questions.. Send it before the Danaher meeting and cc
Danaher. Ellen and John to work on this.

Tabling June 12 Rally 4-5:30 on the commons around Gasland

screening. Ellen and hopefully Amy will table

Participation in June 19 meeting of statewide groups. Maybe Marie,

Amy, Bob.

Spacing units and the law (and changes in recent years). Peter gave a
brief description with handout.

Outreach: to other groups. Ruth will check on list of groups sponsoring

the June 19th meeting.
outreach to neighbors – piggyback on ROUSE. Can ROUSE carry copies
of the survey and of survey form?