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Crown Mounted Compensator - CMC 2500/1000-25

Castor Drilling Solution

Configur ation:
Max. Compens ating Capacity:
Max. Lif ting Capacity Static:
Total Compensating Str ok e:
Number of compens ating Cylinders:
Working Pr es sur e R ange:
Max. R ated Pr ess ur e:
Max. Compens ating Velocity:
Working Media Fluid:
Working Media Gas:
Wir e Sheave Thr ead Diameter:
Wir e Diameter:
Derrick Inter face:
Total Weight Dr y:

Link age ar ms with integr ated water table

and wor king pr ess ur e vess els
1000 kips ( 422 mT)
2500 kips ( 1056 mT)
25 ( 7620 mm)
2 Off
435-2400 psi ( 30-165 bar g)
3000 ps i (207 bar)
1,31 m/s
Hougtho-Saf e CTF 273 or
Erif on 818 LTP
Nitr ogen / Air
73 ( 1555 mm)
2 ( 50.8 mm)
20 x 20
177.600 k g