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Cmle Tamamlama-1

33- You should not stay out in the sun too long ........ .

A) without a protective sun-screen

B) although it is unusually strong today
C) consequently you might get burnt
D) in case you get affected by the chill
E) just at the moment it came out
34- ......., so we were late while looking for it on the first day.
A) l was expecting to be with my previous classmates
B) We were not particularly looking forward to the lectures
C) We were more likely to be in the same classroom as before
D) We didn't know where the classroom was
E) The school was extremely crowded with parents having brought their children
35- Contrary to optimistic estimates from the authorities, ....... .
A) it was perhaps due to the world-wide economic crisis
B) the economic growth has been very satisfying so far this year
C) the rate of unemployment has decreased considerably
D) the number of tourists we received was quite low this year
E) more and more people are becoming conscious of the environmental problems
36- ........ as long as he promised to be home before midnight every day.
A) The car worked perfectly fine when he got it from his father

B) His parents decided to let him stay home alone while they were away
C) He had driven around town twice with his friends
D) His Saturday night date with his new girlfriend lasted
E) It is obvious that he has got into trouble with the guys in his neighborhood
37-As well as continuing with their lunar explorations, ........
A) space scientists are also working on plans to make a manned expedition to Mars
B) a lot of museums have moon rocks that the astronauts brought back

CJ lunar explorallon eventually proved too

expensive to be woriliwhi!e
D) tl1e first man on the moon was named
Nell Annstrong
E) a lol of people are ready to pay an
astronomical fee to become "space
38- ........ , it was delightful to find a sunny
place with clear blue water.
A) We were planning to ask lhe travel
Bl We could not decide where to go
C) Last year we went to Svitzerland for
our holiday
DJ The Canary Islands are beautiful at mis
time of year El After the long \vinter vith grey skies
and cold
39 ....... in which you can see beautiful
colours and images.
A) Whenever you look up at the clouds Bl Ifyou look carefully around your

CJ The kaleidoscope is a popular toy

consisting of a small tube
DJ Chameleons take me colour of me

ground they are on El The human eye has four different

light-sensitive chemicals
40- From the very beginning of their life on
the Earth, .......
A) it is me only planetary body in the solar
system ilial contains condillons
suitable for life Bl humans have had to adapt to different
conditions to survive

CJ mammoths have been extinct for a very

long time
D) the dog is the most faithful friend of
El the earliest artifacts were discovered in
Central Asia
41- Passed on merely through an oral
tradition until the invention of writing,
A) folktales of di!Ierenl cultures share a
surprising number of similar

BJ scholars are surprised that most of the

old legends are still known
C) there are many supernatural beings in
D) even modem children love listening io
fairy tales before they fall asleep
E) it was common among ancient peoples
to make up stories exaggerating man's
42- ........ that shine by radiation derived
from Internal energy sources.
A) Diamond ls a very bright and precious

BJ The first atomic bombs were built in

t11e United States
C) The sailors found their way by the help
of a lighthouse
DJ The Sun is a source of an enormous
amount of energy
E) Stars are massive. self-luminous