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its 3 in the morning, just came back from this chick's apt who is a tailor, well assistant to a

tailorr who makes expensive suits for men. she wore a cotton white sleeveless shirt and
black leggings to our date. As soon as we entered her place, I ripped her shirt off of her body
and ripped her leggings too and just put it in like that.
when i was done fucking her she said,"i hope you are gonna pay for what you did to my
outfit" i knew what she meant. i replied,"i was actually gentle"

two girls(solid 8/10) came up to my friend and I, trying to make us buy them drinks.(being really
flirty and touchy) I told them, "I'm not your atm, assuming you have money in the bank"
(implying that i wasn't paying for it).
So they both end up leaving us, really pissed off.
Throughout the night i saw them both going up to almost every guy in the bar trying to get free
drinks, a lot of the guys ended up paying for them.(my buddy and I laughed)
then towards the end up the night, they slowly make their way back to us, saying that we were
rude to them and that they thought we were cute and if we weren't so rude they would like us
we end up talking for like 10 mins and i suggested that we go back to my place for some drinks,
they agreed so we took them to my place and fucked them without buying them drinks like the
other beta fucks in the bar.
moral of the story, hold your frame and don't be a beta bitch that buys drinks for random girls.

i could see the little sparkle in her eyes.

A nice trick for later: get a t-shirt you don't care about anymore. Put it on her (don't explain). Start to fuck
her. When she's getting close to climax, grab the shirt by the collar and rip it off of her body. You might
want to cut the collar ahead of time to make it easier; if you have to struggle it ruins the effect. Also
sleeveless shirts work better to rip it off completely, but when I've done it the woman doesn't care about
the sleeves.
I think the key is to get a little starter-cut or hole in the garment in question. Also, remember that they
cover both limbs. With panties I imagine it's better to just rip a hole in them and fuck her through the hole.
Rip a big hole, though, so they are definitely not in the way. I've seen yoga pants ripped open in porn
videos, but yoga pants are pretty expensive so I don't recommend those... tights or pantyhose maybe.
Yeah I did the tights hole in the crotch thing. Was pretty fucking hott seeing her pussy lips poke through
the hole and the rest black tights surrounding. Def recommend.

Yeah man, I think I m falling in love too with her. She is so different than all these girls in the
sense that she is very self aware. For eg, when I tried to get I her apt after first date, she
turned me away at the door and she said this very clearly "Zeus, I really like you but I can't
do this tonight, it will make me feel cheap, you can either come in tonight and never see me
again or you can wait a little".

"i am enough" or "there is no reason i am not enough".

i heard these words come out of the mouth of a guy named alexander about a year ago. at
that moment, those words made me feel good for about a second, then i lost that feeling.
evidence started to pop that was contradicting to the statement of me being enough.
evidence from every dimension of my life. work,play,looks, money, oneitis etc you name it, i
got it.
then about two days later, i decided to put this statement to test and every group of girls
that i opened, before i opened, i uttered the words to myself, they had no effect, at all. they
actually made me more nervous and i dropped the statement and continued to work through
regular methods. those methods did prove useful, more effective i must say. the methods
were essentially the six steps by tyler.
however, there was somethiong bothering me, something that was undiscovered until
recently when it became so prominent that it was blasting me in the face like the headlights
of a incoming truck on single lane highway.
this issue, lets call it headlights, just for the lack of a better word and because its kind of like
the girl is standing behind these lights so unless you move these bright lights out of your
way, you cant see and get the girl.
for a long really long time, i thought the problem was not the headlights but the general lack
of pick up skills, but the fucked up part about pick up is that skills are not important,
techniques are not important, nothing from outer game component of game is important.
Sure it helps, sure it empowers you, sure it helps you get to the advanced level faster but
they are not important. you can be a retarded fuck and still pick up the girls. i laugh at guys
that spend years perfecting the techniques of their game because doing that is just a hobby
like golf or painting. to have sex, you don't need technique, you need will, the fucking will to
have sex. thats all there is to learn for a newbie. to have sex, you need the will to have to
have sex, you will figure out the rest on your own. stronger your will is to have sex, faster
you will get sex.
Big problem however is that society fucked us up, oh no you gotta be a worthy man first,
you as a man need to have a stable job, good genes, money in the bank, a cute pomeranian
etc before you need to ask a girl out. Be nice to her, take her out, wine and dine her. BIG
fuckin pile of bullshit, all you need is will.
i was led to believe that girls care about all those things and the biggest fucking cruel
paradox of them all is that me actually thinking about the things that society told me that
girls care about, has led to me depriving the thing that girl's pussies all over the world are

desperately wet for, ME.

This is the part where i will start explaining the title of my post. you guys wanna know what
are these heinous, disgusting things i have done to women? i have deprived them of what
they really want. ME, my dick and my personality, thats it. A GIRL DOESNT NEED ANYTHING
I cant count the number of times in last year when i have been in a set and i ejected cuz i
wasnt feeling worthy, or the number of times i didnt approach cuz i was thinking of my living
situation or my looks or money or the fact that i dont even know how to speak in an
acceptable american accent.
beauty of game however is that if you keep gaming, problems will solve themselves. as i
started getting more and more good, the girls started to get more and more invested and
they started pointing out the mistakes of mine to me. it really became evident in recent
two particular incidents really put this in perspective. first, i gamed a hot older girl and didnt
pull, got her number and didnt text. two days later she texted me and surprisingly
remembered everything. we talked and she said this," there's nothing more i need other
than the way you were looking at me the other day, its like i was being loved and teased at
the same time."
second incident was when this girl gave me her number at work and i never texted, then she
came at work again and waited half an hour till my shift was over to take me to a party and
then home.
thats when i realized this, these girls want me and i am doing a disgusting crime by not
giving them what they want.
why did i do that though? simply because i wasnt feeling worthy. why not? because of the
superficial standards of society. i am actually a loving, caring, funny, mischievious, honest
man who likes sex and that was all girls needs to sleep with me and enjoy my company.
fucked up part about being worthy is that you dont need anything other than you to feel
worthy, all you need to feel worthy is your will. that is where the statement "i am enough"
comes in. it took me one and a half year almost to understand its meaning. sooner you
understand it, better it will be for your game. that however is alex's statement. you need to
make your own.
mine is one word, INTENTION. its short for reminding me of the principle that has etched
itself in my mind.
the principle is " i have good intentions, i am a man who likes sex, and i am actually hurting
this girl by not approaching her and giving her what she wants".

ok fine, you guys want your demise, here it is, i am writing it up.
this text above is not really the actual method. its not even a method, its part of a realization
that i had a month back.
all women crave dick, they think about getting fucked all day. dick dick dick is what they are
thinking about. what we need to do is to allow women and ourselves to fuck each other. but
the crucial thing here is that women do have the power to select and fuck the guy they want
but they don't really want to assume that power, they are aware of it, they know that they
have it but they want to be powerless, they want to be TAKEN. thats the reason i don't say i
wanna fuck you, i say i am GONNA fuck you. that one little word changes a lot of things.
also the reason they don't fuck needy losers is because they don't want to be powerless to a
needy looser. when they fuck a guy who they know gets a lots of girl, the rationalization in
their mind is ohh this guy is attractive, he made me powerless, i couldn't stop him from
fucking me.
6 months ago, i downloaded the derek cajun's book called "a gentleman's guide to online
dating". he is an instructor from love systems. it was a very methodical book and i am not
gonna lie, i did have successes with it, i got more dates and i had sex with around a few
girls. however, then my succes rate started going down and suddenly i wasn't getting laid
anymore, i was getting dates but no more sex at all from online for about 2 months.

then, this nurse came in my life, she is a part of my rotation currently, actually she is my
main girl right now. she changed my fuckin life. she is really really really fucked up. she cuts
herself when she gets upset, she has like 10 cuts on her wrists, she is hot, looks like sophie
dee the pornstar, she has all these ridiculous sex fantasies. fantasies, humiliation, abuse,
any motherfucking thing goes. basically she makes me abuse her for her pleasure. it did two
things for me, first it made me real abundant cuz now i had a girl that i can fuck anytime,
second it kinda fuckin activated the dominant part of my brain, the stuff she makes me do
made me kind of understand that nerve in women's mind which arouses them by positive
dominance. this girl is basically my slave.

i stopped giving a fuck, i really stopped caring and this translated to my game.

i deleted that cajun directed profile and made my own, the first thing i wrote in my profile is
"i am an asshole and i don't give a shit, deal with it"

now the basic idea here is that you are letting the girl know that you are gonna fuck her. but
its not coming from a place of hate, its coming from a place of positivity and believe it or not
when u have that positive kind of dominance, the girl feels very protected, the nurse
everytime i see her, she fuckin sticks to my body like somebody glued her to me and i start
seeing the same thing with other girls too whom i fucked using this shit.

when i changed my profile, i started getting 20% of the dates that i was getting before but
every single one of those converted into sex and they all love me.

the following are pre reqs of this kind of game:

1. knowledge of asshole game.
2. non-neediness.
3. calibration- gotta be having atleast one year of experience in game.
4. dominant personality from the get go of the interaction.
this is the reason i was so reluctant to explain this method, cuz intermediate or advanced
guys are ones who are gonna be able to execute this and only those who are either an
asshole or have a dominant personality naturally. and most of them have their own way,
they won't even be remotely interested in it but anyway here is the step by step guide. its
not something that a newbie can practice and get eventually, he needs to practice normal
game first.
1.) for online game you make a profile that shows you are dominant, positive, abundant abd
have stuff going on for you. infield, you approach dominantly using strong eye contact, good
voice, little smirk that fuckin teases girls and drives them nuts. now, in both games, opener
has to come from a place of genuine curiousity, u r curious abt her don't want anything from
2.) realize that this kind of shit only works for certain type of girls, these girls are going to be
either the hottest or fattest. so wen it fails u don;t give a shit. these girls are going to be
broken girls.
3.) after ur opener, if u did everything right she is going to talk about herself, u move the
conversation in a way that she is going to qualify herself to u.
4.) qualify one of her personality's quality. the girl in above example was qualifying herself
on being nice. i said, u r a sweet girl, she said, i try to be:) i said i am gonna fuck u like a
little bitch and u guys know the rest. she was scheduled on a date with me that night, it was
just a way of mine to let her know that she is in for sex tonight. she knows every guy wants
it but wat was different that i made it clear that i will take her. look, all girls need is a reason
to justify her having sex with u and if u give a quality of her's personality to justify against
sex, she won't feel slutty.
5.) if you get a bad reaction, reinforce the positive quality she was qualifying herself on

6.) be indifferent on following shit tests. she will try to lure you in. you said you will fuck her
but you are not in a hurry to fuck her. its like you know that you can fuck her anytime, you
are not needy, this will drive her nuts, she will try to lure you with naked pictures, invitation
to hang out, stuff like that, basically she will try to see if you succumb to her control. the less
you lean towards her, more she will be attracted to you. basically what you are conveying

here is that you are a hot girl, yes, you my friend is a hot girl, like hot girls know they can
fuck that guy anytime, you know that you can fuck that girl anytime, you are not in a hurry,
you get a lot of sex anyway, sex is not a big deal. i ditched the girl in the text above to go
hangout with my buddies from community that night and i told her i am gonna go hangout
with my friends, sorry. she kept asking me to invite her, i didn't. then she sent me 8
desperate texts throughout the night, grinding on some guy in the club and i fucked her the
next day.

7.) make the sex happen, casually invite her to hangout at your place that night or if you are
not that experienced, walk out on her in midddle of the date but stay warm during the time
that you spent with her. she'd be wonderingt if you like her or not. invite her the next day.

notes:be a fuckin abundant guy.

be dominant from the get go.
be non-judgemental.

if you are a fuckin newbie, don't do it. you know why i did it, cuz i tied that
nurse's neck to a bar in her bed and fucked her in the ass. that kind of shit made
it work for me.cuz wen i did it, i knew i have a girl waiting for me.

BEST: I was in the states last summer for vacation and went to a random houseparty.
After a few beers and breaking the house record for most pushups while doing a
kegstand, I head to one of the random bedrooms in the apartment (at this point im in
my active reload sweet drunk zone). I see this hot red headed chick fixing herself in the
adjacent bathroom, and instinctively go up to her. Bent her over the counter in that
bathroom and fucked her, without saying a single word. We'd only exchanged glances in
the beginning of the party.
You know those rare nights you have where the stars align perfectly and you feel and
act like a supreme alpha male? I guess it was one of those nights. The combination of
being the biggest alpha at that party and hitting the sweet spot in terms of being drunk
allowed this perfect storm to happen.
The build up consisted of me looking this girl up and down when I entered the party
and demanding a drink from some other person. Once I had done a few keg stands and
hit my sweet spot I walked into the bedroom and saw the girl. The rest is history, it was
like it was supposed to happen and she accepted and loved it.

I met her once more at the end of a different party night at her apartment because she
wouldn't stop asking for more. Had sex, left, and went back to some club to party.
Never once did I spend time with her talking about her feelings and interests. It isn't
One thing that is useful to know is that you need to be BOLD to stand out. She told me
that nobody has ever done that to her (just walking up to her and bending her over the
counter). Women have a primal instinct to be submissive to powerful men. If you are
considered alpha enough, you can get away with anything.

The one to the far left is a redhead, freckles lightly and cutley dance over her nose and
cheeks, her hair is dark red, curly and bounces in unision with her breasts as she walks next
to a tall blond who has striaght platnium blond hair cut short down to her sholders with light
brown eyes. she looks me up and down smiles shyly, then looks at the rest of my coworkers. Then, there was the one on the right. My target. I swear, if there is a god, he
REALLY put some work into her. She was short, and curvy. Long jet black hair, skin that look
no stranger to beach tanning, and light green eyes. she wore a white lab coat, black skirt
that stopped just above her knees, green snake or aligator skin heels that matched the color
of her eyes, and a form fitting black shirt that hugged her breasts, which were eighter a big
C cup, or a small D cup. I struggled to suppress my erection.
So we have ReddheadHB9 BlondHB9 and GreeneyesHB11 yes. she is a fucking 11.

BlondHB9:"Hello everyone, and goodmorning. I hope you can excuse our tardiness." She
says with a slight english accient.
ReddheadHB9:"We have some business to attend to, but Scarlet has agreed to lead your
tour." Hers, southern. Her hair bounces as she turns to walk off, the blond follows.
GreeneyesHB11:"Yes, please follow me." Her accient had a hint of spanish in it. Needless to
say i was now completley at a loss of words as she gazed over all of us, giving me but a
millisecond of eye contact.
She turned to walk of, i could see she was trying not to look at me, she steped away, a smile
spreading across her face. Ahh....... a challange.
My muscles relax, i grin, i fix my hair and chuckle. Maybe today wouldnt be so bad after all.
As i walk, i slow down until im at the back of the tour, hanging behind my boring co-workers.
I scope her out, paying attention to her body language, letting her see me look at her when
she turned to talk to her small school of obviously unintrested tour-ers.
The tour continues, breeding forced small talk, unintrested stares, and enthused speaking by
our host. i walk off and take a piss on some tree outside. About after an hour or three of this

we stop for a snack break in a little garden in back of the green house. GreeneyesHB11's
friends return bringing her a salad. They sit on a bench, eating and talking. game time.
I walk over material racing through my head, and open.
Theo: "Hey you with the face, i need a female opinion on something."
I open the redhead first, ignoring my target as she watches me. The redhead doest look to
happy, i dont understand why.
ReddheadHB9: "Excuse me? I dont believe you know me well enough to ask me anything."
Ouch. I dont scurry off though, fuck that, just a shit test. The blond holds back a giggle at the
redheads retort.
Theo: "Well, thats nice.(slight sarcasm) we should get to know each other then. Im
Thelonious, you may call me Theo."
I pull up a chair next to the bench, yawing purposly to look bored. they turn to give each
other that "Omg, Creepy-guy" look girls give each other, like men dont pick that shit up I
bring it to attention, and use it to show a little preselection.
Theo: "That stare girls give each other is hiliarious. I think it comes more naturally for girls
though, i tryed it with a friend once to help me get away from this chick who i later found out
was obsessed with cats, he failed, miserbly. He then proceded to call a cab for us. of course
that went horribly. I got it down now though, i had to sit him down and give him a specfic
signal like a dumbass."

GreeneyesHB11 giggles, looking me up and down. She sits her salad down on the ground
and turns, her body now facing me. i turn away from her slightly, making her lean in a little
GreeneyesHB11:"Well that must of been fun, how did that go for your cat friend?"
I turn my head, looking over my sholder slightly to speak, before i talk i notice she fixes her
clothes and hair once i turn to look at her.
Theo:" Well I let her down easy, there was no way i was going to take her anywhere.
Besides, she smelled wierd."
She giggles, turning to let the blond whisper something in her ear.
Theo: "I find it hiliarious that you work to help the planet, look at your shoes. (Points to her
feet) Who knows how many baby aligators were killed to make those."
The red head giggles, poking GreeneyesHB11 in the ribs with her fork.
ReddheadHB9: "So true, i tell her that all the time."
GreeneyesHB11: "What a bitch! Dont act like you dont have a closet filled with furs you

never even wear!"

ReddheadHB9: "Oh shut up. (leans in to loudly whisper to me) Dont believe her, shes a great
Theo: "Ohhhh really?"
GreeneyesHB11: " Fuck you! (giggles) shes the one you shouldnt trust, shes a legendary
heartbreaker (points to red head)
Theo: "Wow, legendary? thats pretty intense. I bet you eat a guy like me alive. "
The blond blushes, the redhead and GreeneyesHB11 laugh hard.
GreeneyesHB11: " deepends on what you mean by 'eat'."
ReddheadHB9: "What do you care, you were too busy pissing all over my trees"
Theo: "So you were checking me out while i was pissing? Enjoy the show? I dont blame
you."(cocky funny works wonders)
BlondHB9: "No, theres cameras everywhere. You just so happend to piss right infornt of one,
giving us front row seats."
Theo: "SO. You saw me piss..... on camera.... and watched the whole thing?....
creeeepppyyy(slight sarcasm)"
the blond giggles, fixing her hair.
BlondHB9: "well, we didnt watch the whole thing."
Theo: "We?"
RedheadHB8: "(blushing hard) Well its not like you gave us a choice!"
At this point tons of IOI's get thrown my way. "You have nice hair" reaching over to feel it.
"You cary yourself well" "so i take it your a player?" were just some of them. this coupled
with my targets constantly touching me was obviously the signal to move to the next phase.
As i walked off with my target, the redhead ran over giving her friend a hug, and strangley
gave me a hug, which i later found out was her way of slipping her number in my back
pocket. GreeneyesHB11 who i learned after some fluff was named Scarlet, was my bosses
niece (apparently none of the family looks graced his homley apperence) and was REALLY
horny. As she lead me somewhere through the treeline of the garden behind the green house
she kept saying things like "So how may girls have you been with?" "I havent had any in
months..." "do you mind if i take this coat off?"
After leading me to some far corner deep in the trees she walk over to me, pressing her

body agianst mine. She looked up, giving me those doggy-bowl eyes.
GreeneyesHB11: "I heard about you. My Uncle hates your guts"
Theo: "I will not appologize for being awesome."

How do i put this lightly?..... I had a massive erection, which i know she felt, and diddnt back
away from. She reached down, grabbing at my panths.

Theo: "Hey, atleast take me to dinner first. This shit dont come free."
she giggles, starting up unbuckle my panths.
GreeneyesHB11: "I like you. Your funny. Now, why dont you show me that nice cock Jessica
told me about."
She Tiptoed up and kissed me hard, pushing her tounge in mouth, I feel a tounge piercing.
At this point my dick is hard enough to cut diamond. Before i know it i feel my paths slide

OK. I wont go into massive detail but ill say THIS CHICK WAS A HEAD DOCTOR. She sucked
my dick like it would give her superpowers. at one point she looked up and said.
GreeneyesHB11:" Have you ever fucked a girls throat before?"
to which i happily replied yes, proceded to grab her hair, and enthustacly fuck her face. after
about 15 mins of that she stoped, precum dripping out her mouth. She stood up, i pulled her
tits out her shirt, sucked on them, fingered her. Then she turned around and pulled her skirt
up, i fucked her in the pussy and ass. After a while i came in her, my shirt was soaked with
sweat and my legs were drenched in girl cum, she later told me that was one of the best
orgasms she ever had.

All in all i left that day fucking my bosses hot niece, getting her and her hot friends number,
and feeling like the greatest man alive.

The key to fighting your urges and temptations is simply: to follow your primal nature as man.
Men carry testerone, a hormone that drives them to do things, motivate them, as opposed to
women who tend to create relationships with others. If we use the context of nature, we can say
that man wants to procreate which is why when they have enough testosterone they want to find
someone to have sex with to spread their genes as much as they can.

Although, instead of having sex all the time, we can follow a similar act by simply creating. Man
wants to create, and the testerone that raves through their bodies is what pushes them to get
out there in the world and spread their genes everywhere. You should find ways to create things
in writing, web design, art, music, anything. Playing video games can be creative, but they also
tend to have you consume rather than create, which in turn may make men more horny because
they have that missing feeling of creating.
Watching a film may captivate your attention, although you may also start having an empty
feeling, and your sudden desire to masturbate or watch porn may come up. When I am on the
computer working on my projects in design, I instantly get distracted and do not think about
anything else - even if it's not a project I am interested in, because my hormones are focused on
I also noticed that people try to avoid looking at girls at any cost, be it in a virtual world or
reality. It is okay to look at girls, as long as you have the right mindset behind it. Looking at
virtual girls and becoming infatuated with them sets you on the wrong path to an artificial
stimulation. But looking at real life girls has a better effect. You're interacting with the real world,
and you're transferring energies from one another, which is very healthy and beneficial to your
Look at all the girls you want in the world - and if you get horny, that's okay too. Building up and
stimulating your testerone is very healthy as a man, and benefits your breathing and emotional
levels too. You start to feel more instead of repressing your desires.
Focus on the real stuff, not the artificial stuff; and use creativity to hone your sexual
groundedness so that you can convert your sexual energy, into energy that can be used for every
area of your life. The possibilities are limitless. Good luck.

I think that our everyday life is reigned by two major instincts : the conservation
instinct and the reproduction instinct.
The first one creates the need to be in a comfort zone (i.e to protect our life), while the
other one makes us willing to find a mate and procreate. Our brain tries to satisfy both
as much as possible, without fully ignoring one or the other.This balances our decisions
and creates a well-rounded person.

The thing is, you can't just satisfy them once and for all: their are with you everyday,
influencing many of your decisions. But while the comfort zone is a continous desire,
the sexual urge tends to stay there (ocasionally peaking) until it is satisfied temporarily
and then it repeats the process.

While the conservation instinct made perfect sense tens of thousands of years ago, it is
getting obsolete today, as our life is barely as threatened as it was back then.

In today's society, these two instincts tend to work against each other, because we
often need to follow one and ignore the other, while making a decision. You must get
out of your comfort zone to approach a random girl in public, for example.You ignored
one instinct to satisfy another.
Our brain quickly learned to outsmart its sexual instinct, by fapping, and using artificial
arousing stimuli, such as porn. By satisfying this craving, the sexual instinct has been
calmed down, and this makes the conservation instinct (a.k.a. the comfort zone) the
"ruler" of our brain. You don't feel the need to look for a mate (at least, not as much)
anymore.You can fully satisfy your dominant instinct now.
Here NoFap comes into play. By resisting your sexual instinct for a period of time, the
brain will try to even the balance, by creating urges linked to sexual satisfaction ( PMO
and real sex).If you keep resisting the first one offered (PMO), which easily satisfies
both instincts, your brain will start sacrificing the comfort zone in order to satisfy the
sexual instinct.You will grow a pair, start not giving a fuck, and feel the need to
approach girls, and sometimes, its the only thingyou will think of.
Imagine this as a balance. Basically, NoFap turns the balance from comfort zone's side
to the sexual instinct's side, until you can satisfy the later (PMO, having sex). Once you
got balanced and are safe of any hacks that can disturb it, you will live a great life, as

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