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Unit 8 - Conditionals / Wishes / Unreal Past Unit 9 - Nouns / Articles Unit 10 - Emphatic Structures / Inversion Unit 11 — Determiners / Pronouns se Unit 12 - Questions / Short Answers... Further Practice Sections Word Formation Test 1A, Test 1B .... Test 2A, Test 2B Test 3 A, Test 3B FOE Use of English 1 key Unit 1 ‘Modals (pp. 3-10) 12 6 7 8 9 10 " 12 13 4 15 necessity/obiigation; It is necessary/I must request; Can/Could 1? ‘suggestion; Let's go/What about going? probability; We ought to/Welll probabiy ability; She is able to permission; May Could 1? ‘advice/crtcism; You ought to/You had better logical assumption; tm sure absence of necessity; Its not necessary/You donit have to possibly; Its possible criticism; He should have offer; Shall 1? prohibition; You mustn't duty; They were obliged to lack of necessity; You don't have to request; Would you advice/eriticism; She ought to suggestion; Lets go must be; logical assumption Why donit we have a barbecue tonight?/Let's have a barbecue tonight. may be; possibilty Would you mind; Could you finish the report before you leave? Shall offer should; advice prohibition; Children are not allowed to play on the ‘grass. should have; adviceferitcism have to anit be coming ‘You can board the plane now. May I; Could | borrow your book, please? must; necessity/ obligation can't have; logical assumption a 3. Suggested Answer She may have misunderstood you. Its possible that she misunderstood you. Perhaps! Maybe she misunderstood you They must be tired. They should pay more attention, They need to pay more attention They had better pay more attention, 9 Iim sure she hasn't sold her house. ‘She can't have sold her house, Hes likely to object. He'll probably object. We might have to wait for them. It's possible that we will have to wait for ther, 10 12 7 She cant be Australian. | don't think she is Australian 8 He must be torrified, 9 We should offer to help. We had better offer to help. Its likely they'll want something to eat. ‘They are likely to want something to eat. 11 Youare not allowed to park here. You may/must not park here. He ought to have warned us about the dog. He could have warned us about the dog. ‘must novmustnit go beyond. doesnit have to get ‘must novmustn't take books doesnit have to work must needn't 4 mustnit 6 needn't & must 7 must 8 needn't 9 must needn't have taken so 4 didn't need to get donit have to water. 5 needn't have come 50 can't be feeling sick may/might have been working may/might be on rmay/might have been too il must have informed the police rmay/might be sunbathing this time must have warned the soldiers ‘anit have been working 10 may/might have been telling you ‘11. may/might have been working 12 may come with 48 canticouldnt have prepared +14 mayfmight have been asleep 415 may be waiting 16 caniticouldnt have known 17 must have stopped 18 may/might have let 2. Would you like me to book a ticket for you as well? 3 Why dont we invite Paul and Helen?/Let’s invite Paul and Helen 4_ I'm supposed to welcome the guests and show them to their rooms. Is he likely to have forgotten all about it?s it likely that he forgot all about it? You are to wait until dark before you leave. ‘ould do were to/should/ought to have finished mightmay have mentioned has had to walk should/ought to take are not allowed to/must not walk should/ought to have known @1EHeEN Oo FCE Use of English 7 key ri “9 ate to/mustiought toshould destroy 10 can/may enter 11 I need towould like to/must find out 12 must have been waiting 13 was supposed to take/should have taken 14 willbe given 15 Would you mind taking/Would you take 16 werent allowed to wear 17 _should/ought to/could have brought 48 ShallCan/Could | carry 19 have to/need to have 20 _coud/might/should/ought to have rung 40 2 is ikely to come to are not allowed to photograph mustrit touch the statues canit have cheated ‘you need to call you like me to carry ‘anit have done it ‘you mind if | took ‘we go and see 11 don't need to do 12. should eat less 13 needn't have taken 14 must spend all her money 15. youhave to say 46 must have known what 11 1 combination 5 cookery 8 unhealthy 2 creative 6 national’ 3 practical nation-wide 4 documentary 7 specialise Oral Development 1 (p. 10) ‘Suggested Answer Picture 2: They must be colleagues. They might be trying to find a solution to a problem, They may have been working together for a long time ete. Picture 3: She must be a siudent. She may be doing her Maths homework. She might be checking her answers. Picture 4: She must be looking for a taxi. She may be going toaparty. She must have spent ots of money on presents. etc Concept questions: Picture 1: Why is the old man in a ‘wheelchair? Who's the woman in front of him? Where can they be? What ate they looking at? What are they thinking about? etc. Picture 2: What are their jobs? Where are they? What are they doing? What do they look lke? etc Picture 3: Where is she? What is she doing? What does she look tke? Picture 4: Where is she going? What is she looking for? How does she feel? ete (C&aBENdatton-r (pp. 11-14) 12 2 upto 8 down 10 down 14 of 3 over 7 in(on) 11. into 15 in @inbe 8 of 2 outel 5 upto 9 up 13° up 2% = 7 ot 12 of 17 or Ba Bl 13 for 18 on 4 8 witbabod 14 abou 5m 10m 15. wih:to 6 tailor 1 witctor 18 on 14 2 dorithave to dive 3 have run out of 4 isn't my fault if 5 has been in London since 6 takes anvone hour to walk 7 would be bet to te 8 need to be @. must have read aboutit 2A 68 WA WB wo 3c 7A nc 6B WB 4B BA 2A 16 A 20 B 5c 9B 13 C 7c 1 in 3st St 7 Buh 2 which 4 them 6 to 8 Another 17 refuse: help, an offer, to work deny: saying sth, an accusation, knowledge, responsibilty false: teeth, promise, alarm, statement artificial: hand, lights, flowers ‘lean: hands, house, clothes, record ‘lear: sky, voice, view, conscience 18 1 endless 4 unpolluted luxurious 5 impersonal warmth 6 enjoyable needn't be defrosted before cooking, ‘must have enjoyed tall the diference between isnt a worse time was broken into by by far the most exciting would have been better if gave me permission to 7 hospitality 8 popularity 19 Unit ‘Thednfinitive / «ing torm / Participles (pp. 15-23) 1 2 (lo)have been driving 7 (to) be studying (to) have been taught 8 (to) be accepted (to) have come 9 (to) have been waiten (to) try 10 (to) have left (to) be brought FCE Use of English 1 key a geCVOaseN ousen evoareNn tobe allowed 9 tohave won tobe findingto find 10. tohelp to be invited 11 tohave been caused to have lost 12. tohave seen tobe meetingtto meet 13. to be awarded tobe readingto read to have been awarded to be admitted 14 to be looking after singfom = 7 Fi. 12 Bi -ing form 8 Fi 43 Bling form Bl. 9 Fl. 14 -ing form Bu. 0 -ingform 15. Fi ing form 11 ingform 16 ing form to returnito have returned 12 visit to surrender 13 to concentrate have complained 14 have seen to have invented 15 to hoar have been starving 16 tobe lying have 17 taking to make 18 borrow to increase 19 getting have told 20 tobe living tofind 7 having 12 toawid be 8 drinking 13 to.go. to keep 9 tospend 14 tohave tohave 10 looking 18. getting to ber 11 give 16 making to have been sell 7 digging 42. touring todo 8 gossiping 13 to buy working 9 live 14 sailing toretire 10 toenjoy 15. walking waste 1 Buying 46 talking ring 4 flowing 6 driling 8 sing standing 5 blowing 7 break into really needs renewing/to be renewed are required to vacate advised not eating/us to avoid eating need to be considered towrite 8 totell, telling ‘washing, to take 9 offering, to say not knowing, to worry 10.10 go, doing, sitting, Visiting, to take to go, stay to get. spending 11. to park, paying spoiling, to hear 12 to contact, phoning to ask, geting 10 1" 2 18 4 R8ssisaran= SBBRBRISK touching 9 toannoy 16 to pick up smoking 10. to take 17 doing asking 11 tofeed 18 laughing tohelp 42 opening 19 playing totak 13. tolend 20. to inform cycling 44 packing getting 15 -playing exciting 5 annoying 8 surprised exhausted 6 shocked 8 interesting worried 7 entertaining 10. fascinated savingup helping 16 tosay to buy 10 nothaving 17 mixing toappreciate 11 togrow up 18 finishing toenjoy 12 amusing «19 tomove having 43 tosend 20. wishing totravel 14. providing toeducate 15. traveling took three hours to prepare arent big enough were surprised by the results you mind passing me was made to pay allowed her to stay/et her stay was too short to become could hardly see took six months to learn {90 out rather than stay you keep quiet while had aificuty (in) keeping Visiting other countries is to take the train rather you mind running through took them ages to reach was allowed to make were fascinated by had difficulty (in) reaching were too young to get to speak French rather than is important to learn was made to work getting to work takes me too complicated for me to could hardly hear you mind keeping were made to wait find it difficult to understand James nor Bill are keen 5 doesnt fee! lke driving Were made to clean 6 is supposed to be have diffcutty sticking 7 to say sorry for about going outfor 8 received a phone callfrom FCE Use of English 1 key Oral Development 2 (p. 23) Suggested Answer Concept questions: * What did the Smiths enjoy? + What did they spend a long time planning? + Where did they discuss going and where id they finally decide to 90? + Why did they decide to go there? * Where did they stop and why? + Why were they surprised? + What did the children want? + What happened as they were sitting down for their picnic? ‘How did the children fe + What did Mrs Smith suggest? ‘The Smiths had been looking forward to having a day out {or ages. They enjoy going on family outings and had spent a long time planning ths trip so that everything would be perfect. They had discussed visiting the zoo, but Mrs Smith thought that the children would rather spend a day in the fresh air and they were expecting the weather to be fine. In the end, they decided to go to Carwen in North Wales as it was easy to get to and wouldn't involve driving too far. When they arrived, they stopped to eat near the edge of forest and were surprised to see a deer lying in the long grass. The children wanted to go and have a closer look, and ran excitedly towards the deer. But the deer was frightened and quickly disappeared into the forest. Just as they were sitting down for their picnic, Mrs Smith saw a snake hanging above them. They were too frightened to stay any longer, so they rushed back to the car. Mrs Smith suggested having their picnic down by the river instead. ‘Consolidation: (pp. 24-26) 15 2 on 5 up out 6 round roundto 7 off ah 80 00 A wi, TB atk otfabout 7 of 11 15 in,with 19 to on 8 on 12 on 16 betwoen20 with at 9 for 13 for 17 for is probably going to didnt succeed in catching ‘no matter what was too expensive for us don't forget to usually gets carried away A 3A 5D D 4c 6B extremely financial possessions 8 onwith 9 away 10 out 16 7 Noasen wan son 18 ex oo 19 4. optional 5 tendency 6 attractive 8 tious uation en 20 1 rathernot tak about 5 not only inefficient but 2 came down with 6 are responsible for dealing 3 acall from Mary 7. spite of the fact that 4 really regrets buying 8 a big difference in 21 drive: a car, a limo ride: @ horse, a camel, a bike sail: a sailing boat, a yacht Practice Test 1 (pp. 27-30) Part 1 1D 3B 5 7A 2A 4B 6B ac Part 2 9 may 11 about 13 be —18 before 10 when 12 for 14 tke 16. get Part 3 17 explanations 20. reli 23. disorder 18 dislikes 21 healthier 24 suspicions 19 production 22 joint Part 4 25: inhis father’s footsteps 26 would have been better it 27. took her ages to plant 28. apreference for westerns over 29 was made to work 30. is supposed to be “Unit 3” Teaaaomerier- 31-42) have only entered have been watching am thinking have been staying have been having/are having have already seen has boughvhas been buying have sent 10 are spendinghave been spending 11 are enjoyingihave been enjoying 12 want 24 2) am seeing 2 1) am thinking 2) think 3 1) looks 2) am looking 4 1) are you liking 2) tke 5 1) are you tasting 2) tastes 6 1) are you feeling 2) feels 7 1) is 2) is being 8 1) Have you govDo youhave 2) am having 9 1) are you smelling 2) smell FCE Use of English 1 key 3 2 have been working 5 _ need 3. haven't had 6 am-staying 4 eats 4 2 ‘ve been to "4 have gone to 3 have, been in 5. has gone to 5 2 since 5 since 8 since 3. for 6 for 9 for 4 since 7 since 40 for 6 Suggested Answer share with humans the ability to use language. One particular researcher in America has spent sixteen years exploring the degree to which a parrot understands what he is saying/says. He has found that the bird is able to answer questions about objects and also understands numbers. ‘At the moment, the researcher Is trying to determine ‘whether the bird actually knows what itis saying/says or whether it is simply imitating/simply imitates a collection of sounds. 7 2 Have yougot 6 amtrying 10. (are) cleaning 3 have passed 7 amwriting 11 havent seen 4 study & havemoved 12 want 5 amwaiting 9 arepaining = 8 1 has already packed, hasnt called, leaves 2 are, argue, is aways making 3 looks, has put on, think, is wearing 4 has been, is seeing, specialises 5 passes, shoots, scores 6 have you been doingihave you done, 've been working, "ve already planted, am planning/plan 9 2 hadbeen saving up 10. were 3. had put by 11 looked 4 were ving 12 saw 5 insisted 13. had been lving/had lived 6 wanted 44 had made 7 had been searching 15 iked 8 werelookingfo’ 16 managed had been looking for 17 was __9 was asking 10 2 hadbeen looking 11. was making 3 arrived 12 was driving 4 loaded 13. stopped 5 setoff 14 gotout 6 was shining 15 wont 7 was blowing 16 had loaded 8 wasnt 17 hadnt closed 9 were travelling 18 had fallen out 40. noticed 1" 12 “4 15 16 7 19 20 > RON CAVYSUREN BVOMEEN 2) has gone 1) have been lvinghhave lived 2) lived 1) have only had went 1) saw have seen 41) has decided informed was going to phone 4 I would visit my grandmother ‘am not used to lying started, answered, spoke, noticed, had left Did Tony ring, had been waiting, didn't phone, sold looked, wanted, wasn't paying, bought, didn't realise, was, had bought called, didn't know, was giving, wanted, gave, was, hadn't contacted, asked, replied ‘was walking, saw, hadn't seen, threw, stared, realised, had mistaker will have used up 9 willbe able to will be) relying) 10 will have replaced will have found 11 will stayrbe staying will ive/willbe ving 12. willsee willhave discovered 13. willbe will exist 14° will result will have increased will have 40 has arrive 11 want will foe! 12 willbe aro 13 want staylare staying 14 willbe will do 15 is runs 16. willhave already planned! dont get wil already be planning 4 51 8 ‘mgoing io 4 6 ‘mgoingto 9 ‘mgoing to isgoingto 7 "I 10 1 2 willbe 4 open 3. willbe offering 5 starts, 1 starts 5 willbe offering 2 willopen 6 will come across 8 will be able to 7 will have found, 4 arrive 1 willbe 4 wort have to 2 will help 5 willhave lost 3. wont need 6 will give before 5 stil 8 alroady sill 6 already 9 yet ago 7 ago 10 already 2 had been looking 5 had seen forward 6 havehad never 3. enjoyed experienced 4° suggested 7 witnessed FCE Use of English 1 key % B 1 eft 2. has been looking 3. hopes CT have you been 2 saw 3 was 4 moved 1 amhaving 2 have already arranged 3_are you doing + was driving 2 ran 3. managed 4 was folowing 1 broke into 2 had lett ___3._has happened @ 1 areyoudoing 2 am going to study! hhas passed she is busyishe is cooking haven't seen him had already started are getting was sleeping will have been hhad been living got in her car he stole isiit since she moved he has ever seen hasnt visited her for 4 has never done 5 will have/ is going to have 5 “have been working 6 isitgoing 7 amenjoying 8 was 4 is coming) will come 5 don't have 6 Do you fancy 5 crashed 6 collided 7 was travelling 4 5 6 saw 3 will you irish 4 wil have finished 5 starts 4 have improved 5. Are they sill making 6 have just released 3. willbe relaxing 4 arelooking orwardto 12 Ml pay you back 48 have been talking 14 will have arrived 46 will have finished 16 you start answering 17 will be visiting 18 had been working 49 'mgoing out with Jim 20 he had. last quests had arrived betore have been learning computing for have never driven such a stil have not come did he break hhas never seen a skyscraper has been writing a novel never seen such a small went to bed when since | (last) called stil hasn't sold the never eaten such a delicious first time | have read 18 waited until he arrived before 19 time | went swimming was 20 started learning Russian six months Oral Development 3 (p. 42) ‘Suggested Answer Jack has been doing this sport for ten years. He became interested in skiing as a child. He began training at the age of eleven and has been getting better at it ever since. He began entering competitions five years ago and has won many medals. He has 2 dificuit, but rewarding life. He trains very hard and his ambition is to enter the Olympic Games. He would like to win a medal for his country. Of course he loves his sport, and despite the ting and competitive ite he leads, he will not stop until he has futflled his ambition, Alice is having her photograph taken for a magazine. She will be on the front cover of a famous magazine next week. ‘She has been modelling for five years. She never thought she would make a successful career of modeling, but she enjoys the fame, recognition, and high income she receives. In ten years, she doesn't expect to be doing the same job because the career of a model usually finishes at the age of thirty. At the moment, she enjoys meeting famous people and going to parties - she has decided to enjoy ail the advantages of this profession while she can. The only disadvantage is that her future is insecure but if she saves. her money now, she won't have too many worries. 3 Consolidation’? (pp. 43-45) 23 2 across 7 into 42. across 3 round 8 out 13. down on 4 out 9 off 14 down 5 wp 10 out for 15 into 6 downwith tt off 24 2 issaidtohavebeen 8 is a possiblity of snow 3 didntneedto get 9 am/wasnotio blame for 4 must have already left 10 haven't seen him since 5. isit'since you got ‘11 too difficult for me to 6 retired that he took up 12 in the mood to go/ 7. gives people advice on for going 25 2 of 11 for 20 onin 3 in 12 with, for 21 at 4 into 13 to, for 2 in 5 of 14 from 23 in 6 about 15. about 24 about 7 withiby 16 abouvot 25 of 8 of 17 to 26 to 9 with 18 of 27 in 10 on 19 for 28 al 26 1 as 4 seem 7 in 2 since 5 them 8 whose 3 course 6 through FCE Use of English 1 key onsen 29 do 7 do 12 make 8 makes 18 make 9 do 4 made 10. make 6 made 11 made make id have done made reality drastically traditionally adjustments, afford to buy donit go anywhere | get you ages since | visited beneficial favourable environmentally interesting long have you been still hasnt finished arent sure what to unless the weather is @Ya0 eran Clauses / Linking Words (pp. 46-64) 12 3 4 22 10 1 12 13 4 6 5 who 6 whose 7 who @ whose 9 which 10. whose why which when The place to which you went is my home town./The place you went to is my home town. ‘That's the gil to whom he gave the present That's, the gir he gave the present to. He's the one person who'that she can depend on He's the one person she can depend on. This is the park in which the village fair is held. This is the park the village fair is held in. Her school, which is very old, is closing down, Have you seen the pencil that/which | bought yesterday? ‘Ann, whose contract expres next week, is looking for another job. This house, which he inherited from his parents, is worth a fortune. ‘The company whichithat I set up last yearis expanding, She is the singer whose latest record reached the top of the charts. ve never met anyone before wholthat was quite so ude. This jumper, which my grandmother knited for me, is too smal. The necklace whichfthat | bought in Egypt is very old. They are the friends who/that invited us to their daughter's wedding. The documentary whichthat | saw last night was very informative. Elephants whichithat are hunted for ivory are becoming extinct The girl wholthat speaks four languages is in my class. This is the hospital which/that was builtin 1920. ¥ 1 4 6 7 8 9 20 at FS cavausen S00 The police are looking for a man whose car was found abandoned in Newcastle last night. ‘That man, whose name is Bl, stole my purse. She is a person who/that I shall aivays be gratefulto. He's the man who/that she's going to marry ‘This book, which is about Vietnam, is fascinating | know few people who/that are as considerate as she is. His group, which is touring Europe, is called “Blunt? The woman whose dog was stolen is ofering a reward. | met a really interesting man, whose name I have since forgotten. She's the girl who/that I'm sharing my flat with, >My team, which won the cup, are going to tour America "Macbeth" is a play whichithat was written by Shakespeare. ND not omitted 15 D_ notomitted D_ omitted 16 D_ notomitted ND not omitted 17 ND notomitted ND not omitted 18 D omited D omitted 19 D_ omitted D not omitted 20 ND not omitted D__notomitted 21 D_ notomitted ND not omitted 22ND not omitted D omitted 23 D_ notomited D not omitted 24 ND not omitted D- omitted 25 D_ omitted D notomited 26 ND not omitted D not omitted 27 D_ notomitted This is the car which he drives to work in every day. ‘That's the actor who was in the film you mentioned. She bought a brooch which once belonged to a duchess, That's the house which was damaged in the earthquake. ‘They met a man whose fortune is believed to be ‘around £3,000,000. ‘That's the mansion where the Queen's youngest son lives. They called a woman who was a psychic. We went back to the café where Id left my purse. That's the painting which is @ Picasso masterpiece. the hotel where we are the woman who complained none of whom knew rented a car which was the author whose book became some of which were is the month in whieh half of whom none of which some of whom were FCE Use of English 1 key 6 PON ouren Seavansen evousen 10 10 5 6 have shown 9 before since 10 is ‘As soon as 41 When became 12 met by 13. Once unt 14 are developed! are introduced have been developed ‘When; will fnishiwill have finished Hare When; are If; applies If; arrive when; will returns retuming/returnedii, has returned When will you stop itfwhen; hear Hjhave just as | was leaving the house. while she was clearing out the atic. By the time the ambulance arrived After he had been walking for a while ‘As soon as | finish such 4 sucha 6 sucha so 580 7 s0 8 so 10 so 9 sucha ‘Because hed forgotten to bring the report with him, he hhad to go home and get t/He had to go home and get the report because he'd forgotten to bring it with him. ‘Since the food was bad, we complained tothe manager Due to the fact that it was a long journey, they ‘packed some food to take with them. The reason (why) | hate sailing is because | get seasick. Their house is too small, and consequently, they are going to look fora larger one. Since Sharon is busy this weekend, she can't come to the seaside with us. twas such a dificult exam that many students filed. They fell behind with the project, and as a result they had to work overtime /AS a result of falling behind with the project, they had to work overtime. They spent the night in a hotel as their fight was delayed /As their ight was delayed, they spent the night in a hotel soboringa film that 7 and as a result the reason for their 8 you know why she left and consequently, 9 was such strong coffee we were 40. so skilful a player that too insistent for us to 11 due to his lack of as there was a Oral Development 4 (p. 52) ‘Suggested Answer While she was at university, she worked extremely hard and 10 passed all her exams which meant that she got a Management degree. As a result, she was offered a job in a large ‘multinational company as soon as she graduated. She was so ambitious that she was promoted within a year. Due to her hard ‘work and dedication, she is well-respected by her colleagues. 2 8 “4 2 Searouse the college where my son several dictionaries, none of which whose husband is an Oscar why he resignediis resigning/has resigned is 0 appalling an event that too late for me to and, as a result, as soon as he came such polite children that the moment (thal) he got haven't seen Peter since who drive carelessly five students, one of whom ‘She didnt answer the phone so that she wouldrit have to talk to anyone. She didn't answer the phone to avoid having to talk to anyone. She didn't answer the phone in order not to have to talk to anyone. She didnit answer the phone s0 as not to have to talk to anyone. She didnt answer the phone lest she should have to talk to anyone. etc They bought a bigger house in order to have more oom. They bought a bigger house so as to have ‘more room. They bought a bigger house so that they would have more room. They bought a bigger house tohave more room. ete He always kept a spare tyre in the boot in case he hhad a puncture.He always kept a spare tyre in the boot for fear he might have a puncture. ete The hospital staff went on strike in order to protest about working conditions. The hospital staff went on strike 80 as to protest about working conditions, The hospital staff went on strike with a view to protesting about working conditions. The hospital staff went on strike to protest about working conditions. ete Pauline didrit go to the party 30 as not to bump into lan. Pauline didn't go to the party so that she wouldrit bump into lan. Pauline didnt go to the party to a bumping into lan. ete | am writing to invite you to attend an interview on 27th May at Edge Hil College. We willbe holding interviews with a view to appointing a Senior Lecturer in the English Department. |tyou are unable to attend, please phone the college as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternative date You are requested to read the enclosed information 10 avoid wasting time on the day of the interview. The day will last from 9 am to 8.20 pm to give FCE Use of English 1 key interviewees time to familiarise themselves with the college. 6 When you arrive at the collage, please report to reception so that you can be shown tothe staff common room, so that she wouldn't 0 as to belas he wanted to be with a view to continuing for fear that she right with the aim of buying in order to be for sharpening in case we want to 10. to avoid getting stuck 11 to prevent ourselves from getting 12 Incase he wants 13. inorder to learn 14 so that he will rememberthe remembers 18 soasto stand out wearooren Oral Development 5 (p. 55) ‘Suggested Answer Peter will need a thick jacket and warm clothes so that he won't get cold. He should take a sleeping bag to keep him warm at night, He will nged a rope to help him climb up the mountains. He will also need climbing boots and thick socks for walking. He should take a waterproot jacket to avoid getting wet 16 2 Inspite ofthe fact that 7 Although 3 although & however 4 yet 2 but 5 Inspite of 40 No matter what 6 though 17 2 Despite/in spite of disliking the book, she read all of it, Athough/Even though she disliked the book, she read all oft. etc 3. Despite/in spite of having a good income, he only rents a small flat. Athough/Even though he has a ‘good income, he only rents a small flat. etc 4. Despite/in spite of having lessons for years, she doesnt speak French very well. Although/Even though she's been having lessons for years, she doesnit speak French very well. etc 5 AlthoughfEven though she went shopping yesterday, the cupboards are already bare, Despite the fact that she went shopping yesterday, the cupboards are already bare. etc 6 Despite/in spite of setting his alarm for 6 am, he was stil late for work, Although/Even though he set his alarm for 6 am, he was stil late for work. ote 7° Although/Even they took thelr costumes with them, they didn't go swimming.Despite the fact that they took their costumes with them, they didn't go swimming. etc 18 2 whatever 4-Nevertheless 6 although whereas 5 no matter how 19 2 matterhowmuch you 7 spite of working as. spite of being 8 no matter how hard the fact that she exercises 9 he has a good voice though he lefthome 10 didherbest, yet she though the plot was Oral Development 6 (p. 57) ‘Suggested Answer Mary Despite the fact that her children are now grown, she has, decided not to go back to work. Mary enjoys gardening. However, her garden is too big for her to look after on her own, ‘She would like to become more involved in community life. She doesn't have much free time, though. She loves shopping, but itis miles to the nearest town. Jane In spite of the fact that Jane's a managing director, she doesn't find work very stressful Even though she lives alone, she doesn't fee! lonely. She loves cooking, yet she doesn't have much time to spend inthe kitchen, She quite enjoys entertaining clients in the evenings. Novertheless, she prefers spending time on her own. She lives near her parents. However, she doesn't get to see them that often 20 2 wereiwas 9 hadrit eaten 3 had never seen 10 were/was 4 has never eaten 11 have had 5 didnt have 42. broke in 6 were/was 13. will winfis going to win 7 wereMwas 14. had just woken up 8 had been 45 has 21 2 asthough someone had added 3. asifhe has put 4 asif she had been 5 (in) the way he had 6 as though he were 7 asif she needed 22. Suggested Answer 2 Isr't this beach crowdedl/How crowded this beach isWhat a crowded beach! ‘3 What an expensive car he has!/How expensive his ‘car isisn't his car expensivel/His caris 50 expensive! 4 Aren't they polite/They are so politel/What polite people they are! 1" FCE Use of English 1 key 5. Isn't he spoilt!He is so spoilt!/How spoilt he is!/He Is such a spoilt boy! 6 What a beautiful view/This view is so beautiful/How beautiful this view is! 7 What a difficult examlHow difficult the exam was! Wasn't the exam difficult! 8 What a hot summer it's been!/How hot the/ this ‘summer has been! 9 How angry they look!/They look so angry! 10 How helpful that assistant issn the/that assistant helpful2/That assistant is so helpfull/ She/He is such a helpful assistant! 11. How conscientious she is/She's such a conscientious erson¥isn't she conscientious! etc 12 The weather is so nice/What nice weather! Isnt it rice weather! etc 13 What a talented person you arel/You are so talentedl/ Aren't you talented! ete 23 2 How 9 sucha 16 What a 3 sucha 10 so 17 How 4 What 11 Whata 18 What 5 such 12 What 19 such an 6 How 13 How 20. What an 7 so 14 suchan 21 so 8 Whata 15 s0 22 What a 24 2 such 4 sucha 6 so 3 how 5 What a 25 Suggested Answer Positive Addition She's young. She's successful too. ‘She's young. She's also successful. In addition to being young, she's also successful ‘She's young. Furthermore/Further/Moreover/ Besides, she's successful. She's young, not to mention the fact that she's successful. Negative Addition Jane has no desire to meet him again. Neither/ Nor does Paula. Jane doesn't have any desire to meet him again and Paula doesn't either. Contrast She can speak Russian fluently, yet/but/although/even iffeven though she is unable to read and write it. Whereas/While she can speak Russian fluently, she is Unable to read or write it Despite being able to speak Russian fluently, she is Unable to read or write it. She can speak Russian fluently. On the other hand/In contrast/At the same time, she is unable to read or write it. Similarity When you move house, you must notify the post office of your change of address. Likewise/In the same way/Equally, you must register with the local county ‘council Concession ‘She applied forthe job, but she wasn't suitably qualified. She wasn't suitably qualified; even so/however/still/ yet, she applied for the job. ‘Although she wasn't suitably qualified, she applied for the job. Despite/In spite of/Regardless of the fact that she ‘wasn't suitably qualified, she applied for the job. ‘She wasn't suitably quaiied. Nonetheless/Nevertheless, ‘she applied forthe job. Considering she wasn't suitably qualified, she was lucky to be offered the job. She wasn't offered the job. Admittedly, she wasn't suitably qualified. ‘While/Whereas the other candidates were slighty better qualified, Susan had the most relevant experience. ‘The other candidates were slightly better quaitied. On the ‘other hand, Susan had the most relevant experience. Alternative Either they could take a holiday now or they could wait Until the summ Emphasis Hind him pushy and demanding; besides, he is selt- centred. |ind him pushy and demanding. He is self-centred as well. Not only is he pushy and demanding, but he is also self-centred. He is pushy and demanding. In fact/As a matter of fact/To tell you the truth/Actually/Indeed, he is the most self-centred person | know. He is pushy and demanding, let alone he is self- centred, Exemplfication [enjoyed all the books you lent me, but | particularly/ especially liked “Wild Swans”. Some of E.M. Forster's books, such as/like “Howard's End”, have been turned into films. You have several options available. For example/For instance, you can advertise in the local newspaper or cn the local radio. She seems to think life is exciting and glamorous, as in the movies. Clarification He needs to concentrate more on hs schoolwork. That is to say/in other words/To put it another way/l mean, he has to pay more attention in the classroom. FCE Use of English 1 key Cause/Reason The company has decided to take on more staff as/because/since/on the grounds that/seeing that sales are increasing. Sales are increasing, so the company has decided to take on more staft ‘The company has decided on more staff due to/in view cof/owing to the fact that sales are increasing. Manner The manager explained the way/the way in which the company could increase productivity. He looks as iffas though he's just won the pools. You should try to live your lfe the same way as your sister lives hers. He wanted to go to Oxford University as his father had done before him. Condition Please notify us if/only if you are unable to attend the meeting In the event of/In case of you being unable to attend ‘the meeting, please notify us. Assuming (that)/On condition (that)/Provided/ Providing/As long as/Granting we can afford the airfare, we will spend Christmas in Australia with our relatives. Unless there's a change of plan, I'l meet you outside the station as we arranged, Wait for me outside the station, otherwise you'll never find the theatre on your own, ''m stil going to York tomorrow whether you come with ime or not. Consequence of a condition | will take a long lunch break tomorrow. Consequentty/ Therefore/Thus, | can go to the hairdresser’ then. | may take a long lunch break tomorrow, 80 | can go to the hairdresser's then. Finish your homework, then you can go out to play. Finish your homework, otherwise you can't go out to play. Finish your homework. you don't, you can't go out to play. | may be promoted this year. Under those circumstances, | will consider moving house. Purpose | took plenty of books with me so that/in order that I wouldn't get bored during the flight. | took plenty of books with me lest | got bored during the fight. | took plenty of books with me for fear that | would get bored during the fight. | took plenty of books with me in order not to/so as not to get bored during the fight Effect/Result ‘The room at the Ritz was double-booked. Consequently/ For this reason/Thus/Therefore, we were moved to another hotel The hotel was so understaffed that we had to wait ages to get any service. Comparison She is not as talkative as her sister. She is less talkative than her sister. The more money she gets the greedier she becomes. She has more money than sense. They only sold half as many copies as they had expected, They delivered twice as many books as we had ordered. Time As a freelance writer, she can choose to work when/ whenever she wants. Since winning the award for best actress, she has been offered the lead role in several films. Until Til/Before she started acting, she used to earn a living as a hotel receptionist. Now that she is recognized as a talented actress, she has had many offers of work. While she was working as a hotel receptionist, she used to dream of being rich and famous. ‘As time went by, she began to give up all hope of ever raving an acting career. Place We can go where you want. Exception We have sent invitations to everyone except (forl/ but {for) the Fords. Relative This is the man to whom | owe my sucoess. This is the man who helped me when | was in trouble. It was an experience which/that | will never forget. I've forgotten what lfe used to be lke before | met her. Chronological Initially/First/To start with/To begin with, we need to ‘decide what the problem is. At first, this may seem difficult, Secondly/After this/After that/Second/Next/ Afterwards, 'we need to consider al possible solutions. Before this, we ‘need to analyse the cause ofthe problem. Eventually/Lastty/Last but not least, we must decide ‘on the best alternative, In the end/At last, we resolved the problem, Reference Concerning/Regarding/With regard to/With respect to our discussion last week, | would lke to remind you that the deadline has been brought forward to 1st June. In regard/reference/respect to the fact that the deadline has been changed, | would like to inform you that all applications must be submitted by noon today. 13 FCE Use of English 1 key Summarising In conciusion/In summary/As | have said/As (i) was Previously stated/On the whole/In all/All in all/ Altogether/In short/Briefly/To put it briefly, the fim was a complete waste of time. 26 2 He's nota very good tennis player considering (that) he practises all the time. (concession) ‘3. He decided to change jobs on the grounds that he wanted a chance to be more creative. (cause/teason) 4 I dont feel like going out tonight; besides, | never enjoy myself at discos. (positive addition) 5 He's afraid of heights, and yet, he wants to go rock climbing. (contrast) 6 You should write down your appointments so that you wont forget them. (purpose) 7 We'e going to go on with the project even if they say its no longer necessary. (contrast) 8 This house is exactly what we are looking for. Moreover, it's a real bargain. (positive addition) 9 Even though she hardly ever practises the piano, she plays very well. (concession) 10. It was an interesting conference in spite of there being one speaker who was boring. (concession) ‘11 She always gives money to poor people. In other words, she's extremely generous. (ciarification) 12 Not only do | enjoy her company, but she's also been a great help to me. (positive adcltion) 18 She sings as if she was/were an opera star. (manner) 14 Exercising will help you feel better. Likewise, eating Jess will improve your health. (similarity) 18 He isrit qualified forthe job. What is more, he hasn't hhad much practical experience. (positive addition) 46 You can play tennis for free here provided (that) you ‘book in advance. (condition) 17 | received a letter today regarding my insurance policy. (reference) degree, and consequently, couldn't get the job he wanted. “Then, he got martiedto.a woman who made him very unhappy. Not only does she nag him every day, but she also spends nearly every penny he ears on herself. In order to keep her satisfied, he has to work overtime every night. He works as a salesrep for a company which makes washing-up liquid, and he makes money only ifhe makes a sale. His wife, on the other hand, does nothing at all. Harry is particularly unhappy today because he has ust found out that he has lost his job. What is, ‘more his wife is pregnant, so he will have to find another job since he will soon need all the money he can get. 28 2. preventhim (tom) emigrating a usyerboleen 4 and asa result 5 eo rude w remark that witha vow to working 7 for fear of bongtor fear sho might be 8 no matter what ha Sb ion 10. inthe eve that 11 though she was, she could 12 due to the heavy traffic 13 in particular is my 14_unlthey hada rived 15 enjoyed the meal except fay ph %” 16 slowly you 17 owing the ac that 18 is nothing like 18 with etorence to 20 who you will be seeing 21° asif it was going 22 he couldr't prevent himself 25 suchan expensive haa that 2a incase you get 25. to evld making 18 You should always wear a seatbelt in case youhave 291. really 4 requirement 7 treatment an accident. (condition) 2 protective 5 isolation 8. natural i tneitaindidaiates 3 woven 6 themselves 1 Tobgin with, To start with SERIE p. 05-67 2. Since, Because, Owing to the fact (that), Due to the ae ace me 4 a Se aaH fact (that) 3 w 7 through 11_for 3 Therefore, For this reason, As a consequence 4 but (or), apart trom fl FRc wales 5 Next, Second pas 6 With reference tolWith respect to/Wth regard tolin respect tf regard tli reference to/Regarding aerate Soe ee aoe 7 nate nem epeteay 4% 12 1 20 on 28 about Bde La it not ee St 191 2 in 20 : Pe. 6 on 14 for 22 by 30. with Oral Development 7 (p. 63) 7 on 15 in 23 about 31 in Suggested Answer 8 for 16 with 24 on 9 7 of 5 in 1477 Reet university. To begin with, he didnt get a very good FCE Use of English 1 key 218 38 5A 7¢ 2A 48 6c 8B 88° 2 late due to an accident 3. no hope of his/him passing 4 have let me down 5 so that | would be 6 place where Mozart was born 34 1 comfortable 4 stressful 7 boredom 2 troublesome 5 frustration 8 temptation 3 extensive 6 unpleasant 35 1 hadnoideathad 5 fall behind with 2 isgoing tobe pulled 6 for fear of being 3 incase you get 7 can result in damaging 4 saidhe was sory 8 didnt deserve to be ; . 68-71) Part 1B 3c 5D 7A 20 4a ec BA Part2 9 fit 11 other 13 on 15 let 10 few 12 pay 14 if 16. otherwise Part3 17 perfection 20 completion 23. preference 18 typical 21 unexpected 24 disadvantage 19 invention 22. considerably Part 4 25 shouldn't have moved 28 nothing left 26 make up my mind eVonkens 20 take into account how 20. wrong to talk badly 1%C 176 A 14D 8 A 2D 1% A 19D 23D 1A 26 MA started had been appiying was beginning/had begun has been studying/has studied hasn't made has begumvis beginning will be startsfis going to start have just got 5 are traveling hhad been going out 6 love decided 7 are going to buy bought will be/are going to be Ra sgeoVoanoNn= before she started typing 12 can't have lost hhad better lock the door 13 to avoid upsetting have never met such an 14 started dieting three too dificult for us to weeks to go on trips 15 mayimight give us go by train rather than 16 asif he were isnt well enough to was made to promise 17 had dificulty (in) finding did you find out 18 is likely to got to first time I've seen 19 was surprised by his, haven't been outfor 20 so that he wouldnt into = 3 up. Sup 7 outwith by 4 of 6 down 8 with to 3 with = 5 on 7 from of 4 with 6 on 8 in to make a complaint wasnt clear to been our home prevented him from siting adh helped, the students wouldnt have diffculty believing was any fauit despite doing daily UnitSe Adjectives / Adverbs / Comparisons (pp. 75-86) 1 1 2 3 1 2 3 aon prestigious 4 winners resemblance 5 6 hazardous 4 5 6 importance 7 successful 8 recognition seriously popularity attention 7 satety previously discouraged seriously distance directions nonexistent 5 maladjusted 6 iMegible 7 ineligous 8 immoravamoral 9 unavailable irresponsible disrespectiul a long-lasting product a badly-made suit neverending story a three-course meal a poorly-paidibadly-paid employee a two-storey house a badly-organised office ‘The homeless in our town are being helped by — (the) young people, who are organising a sale to raise money for ~ needy people in general A triend of mine works in a schoo! for the deaf, where she teaches ~ deaf children. ~ middle-aged people tend to criticise the young for their disrespectful attitude, ae 16 FCE Use of English 1 key 6 Suggested Answer 10 2 10 "1 2 13 14 15 16 Soovounsen aon He gave her a fantastic red French silk scart. (opinior/colour/origin/materia) bought three old American oak chairs from an antique shop. (number/age/origin/materal) ‘She is an inteligent young English dramatic actress. (Cpinion/age/origin/be about) The small white metal table lamp was broken by the children. (size/colour/materia) ‘She bought an expensive antique Persian woollen carpet. (opinion/age/origin/material) He crashed his brand new yellow sports car yesterday. (age/colour/be about) twas a gorgeous hand-made lace wedding dress. (0pinion/origin/material/used for) | saw an exciting Italian detective film on TV last right. (opinionvorigin’be about) They ive in a lovely big old-fashioned brick country house. (opinion/size/age/materiaVused for) She is a successful young computer salesperson. (opinion/age/be about) | bought an old Latin poetry book. (age/ origin/be about) We watched an interesting short English educational programme. (opinion/size/origiv/be about) ‘She bought a cheap long plastic raincoat. (opinion/ size/used for) They found an interesting antique rectangular ‘wooden trunk. (opinion/age/shape/material) He bought a huge second-hand Swedish yacht. (size/age/origin) metal 5 leathery 8 gold; siver feathery 6 siky 9 woollen; leather golden; metalic 7 leaden 10 steely big, upstairs, front plain, off-white, nen beautiful, old, fowerpatterned, woollen charming, new, next-door well-known, popula, fiction big, old, overgrown beautil,thirty-year old, cherry ‘small, square, stone delicious, home-made adverb, 5 adver 9 adverb adjective «6 adjective © 10._adverb adjective 7-_adjective adverb 8 adverb nearly 6 easily; direct hardly; surely 7 widely; ree widely; shorty 8 pretty; last highly; ards fully 9 hardly; high wrongly; deeply 40 fully 2 1B “4 15 quite/rather/airly/pretty quite/rather; rather/quitetfairy/prety quite/airy/prety/rather; quite/rather rather/quite; quite/tainlyipretty quitefairiy/pretty; rather quite; rather/quite/tarly/pretty rather; fairty/pretty/quite/rather falrtyiprett; rather/quite/tarty/pretty rather/quite hem Seorvoaren Birds usually migrate to warmer countries in winter. The plane suddenly crashed into the sea an hour ago. Poitcians generally prepare their speeches thoroughly at home in advance. The thief crept silently into the house at midhight. (In remote areas) newspapers are only delivered weekly (in remote areas) 7 Hundreds of people in Britain are wrongly imprisoned ‘each year 8 People who frequently sunbathe on the beach can get badly burnt 9 (Now) Hotplaris new washing machine has (now) been Cleverly designed to save you money in the home, Staff have recently been made fully aware of the consequences of a rapidly shrinking market 10 Suggested Answer The Hotel Miramar sits picturesquely on top of the clits ‘overlooking the beach below. The service we offer is, exceptional - the hotel staff work hard all day to make your visit memorable. Each room is specially designed to enable you to rest comfortably and each has its own bathroom. The rooms have been tastefully decorated to help you to relax completely and feel at home. Sample the local dishes traditionally prepared in our hotel restaurant every evening. We are particularly proud of ‘our chef who (daily) selects only the finest fruit and ‘vegetables (daily) and then (expertly) prepares each dish for your pleasure. So, don't delay! Reserve your rooms at. ‘once and spend your holiday with us this summer. 2 more hospitable 9. more amazing 3. the oldest 10. the oldest 4 the most famous 11_ smaller 5. the best 12. friendlier/more friendly 6 easier 13. larger 7 the most popular 14 more impersonal 8 longest 45. the most frequent 2 more conveniently 6 more practically 3. more quickly 7 earlier 4 more easily 8 longer 5. best 2 further 3 most 4 any 5 much FCE Use of English 1 key 17 2 most powerful 8 19 20 24 eNonsens 5. more careful 6 the highest 7. the proudest the most comfortable safer longer we stay, the more to go home rather than are paid the same as/are paid as much as are less nutritious than is the best-paid ‘as many job offers as never felt as tired as isnot as easy as older he gets, the less whereas my sister prefers going half as much work as being self-employed to working more and more impatient such a sensitive girl as are safer than not spending as much time are the same as 'd sooner leave than wait higher we climb, the better like; ike; as 4 As; like 7. ike; ike; as like; as 5 as;asiike 8 As;asias, like; lke;as 6 AS; said to be similar to the hottest curry in an extremely disrespecttul way less talented than better prepared than more prices increase, the higher is avery creative as many mistakes as not as expensive is as skilful as the lowest offer ‘never met such an/a more richer she gets, the more is/was the most heated argument ina friendly way as many gifts as is a fluent German speaker take great care make sense to was put forward by run out of patience had never been objects to me/my staying takes pride in Prevented him from performing Oral Development 8 (p. 86) Suggested Answer ‘Apolce officers job is more varied than # factory worker's job. ‘A clown’s job is more creative and interesting than a business executive's job, but tis not always as well-paid. ‘A doctors job is more stressful than a clown’s jb. ‘A clown's job is more repetitive than a police officers job, but probably not as repetitive as 2 factory worker's jb. A irefighter's job is more skilled than a factory worker's job. A firefighters job is not as safe as a doctor's jo. Adoctor's ob is more challenging than a police officers jb. ‘business executive's job is perhaps the most stressful ofall. ‘firefighters job is not as safe as a clown's job. A palce officer's job is less dirty than a firefighters job. ‘A factory worker's ob s far more unskilled than a doctors ob. ‘Consolidation’s (6p. 87-89) 22 2 across 7 away 12. along/on 3 over 8 off 13. onwith 4 off 9 away trom — 14. through 5 up 40 alongon 15 away 6 in 11 down 16 up 23-2 from 12 to 22 with 3 in 13 between 23 as 4 t;for 44 with 24 about 5 in 45 with 25 in 6 on 16 towards 26 from 7 against 17 of 27 in 8 t0;for 48 from 28 0 90 19 on 29° with 10 between 20 for 30 for 1 with 21 about 31 in 24 2 arenot as short as é 3 looking forward to going 4 incase prices go up 5 used to run faster than 6 spent all day sunbathing 7 first time Helen has tried 8 prefers watching tennis to (watching) 9 succeeded in catching 10 this the best 11 am not aware of 12. is/was to blame for 13 has been here for 14 decided to call of 15. toavoid speaking 16 disapproves of his drinking 25 1 result 3 need 5 Both 7 which 2 around 4 gain 6 should 8 times 26 1 products «4 harmful. © 7 medicinal 2 essential 5 possibilly 8 Unfortunately 3 importanty 6 global 7 FCE Use of English 1 key 27 1. inthe mood for going 11 He was told not to say anything to her. 2 in charge of keeping 42 Were you given a reward for finding their cat? 3 was forty when he got 43. The patients are taken very good care of by the nurses. 4 have bought so much 14 She was heard shouting/to shout at the students '5_ better than everyone/anyone 15. Why has he been given a promotion? 6 was foolish of Sally to 16 | love being given presents. 7. isnot ike Adam to 17 When we gotto the theatre, al the tickets had been sold. 8 gave us a full explanation 48 The man who broke into our house has just been arrested. Unité 19° What were you told to do? emer itampaensons (pp. 90-98) Seat tage a 1" 12 13 4 ‘The Queen hasnt been driven to the embassy yet “The Hay Wein’ was painted by Constable. Most olives are grown in the Mediterranean. ‘The convict is being taken to prison now. His wound hasnt been treated yet. ‘My car was broken into last night. The trees were pruned by a tree surgeon last week. Reservations can be made by dialing 001 now. ur house is cleaned weekly. He was brought up by his grandparents. ‘The book hasnt been written yet. The building will have been demolished by next year. The new school will be opened next week by the mayor. 20. A fashion show will be held by Oxfam next week 21 The next World Cup is being held in France. 22 When was that building demolished? 23. The suspect was taken in for questioning. 24 Will free T-shirts be handed out at the concert? 25 Is accommodation provided for all new teachers by the school?’ 2. They love people inviting them to parties. 3. Sayers make the best cream cakes. 4 By the end of the party, they had eaten all the food. 5 Graff beat Sanchez in the Women's Tennis Final 6 Someone must have thrown my glasses away by mistake, 7 Health and Safety experts are examining the bul this week ing 15. Sally's shoes were re-heeled last Saturday. pe ee ee 16 The dustbins have been emptied recently. 2 oraeore Teast eau ior tenes imetable. 2 2 is being given 40 The Queen sent her a telegram on her 100th birthday. 3 having been awarded/being awarded 11 Over two billion people woridwide now speak the 4 was hurt English language. 5 has been stolen/was stolen 12. The bank is extending my overdratt tomorrow. 6 was sold 48. Donels are giving away hundreds of free gifs this 7. being lied to Saturday. 8 tobe paid 14 Why hasnit anyone made the beds yet? 9 be turned down 15._| hate people taking me for granted 10 will be sent 46 They should have booked the tickets weeks ago. 11 had been taught 417 They are building a new shopping centre on the 12 were found outskirts of town, 13. isbeing repaired 18 Why dict anybody tell me about the meeting? 14 issaid 19° You can obtain further information from your local 15 will have been wiped out post ofie. 20 When will they interview you for the post? 3 2 Whowas"One Hundred Years of Solitude written by? 3. My holiday plans have been spolled by the bad § 2 with 4 by 6 by 8 by 10 by weather, 3 by 5 with 7 with 9 with 4 Are their workers always paid on time? 5 The strawberries were picked by the children. 6 Suggested Answer 6 They were seen to go out. Last month a restaurant was opened in the centre of 7 These walls shouldbe washed before they are painted. Macclesfield by Samuel Block. It was in the planning for 8 All her books have been translated into English by over five years, but it was only completed after a large Penguin sum of money was raised by local businessmen. The 9 He objects to being told what to do. waiters have been trained by a top hotelier and 18 ‘The old bank is being converted into a supermarket by Tesco. sspecially-designed uniforms will be worn (by them) to fit in with the restaurant's modern look. A famous chef has FOE Use of English 1 key been brought in from France and he is going to be given ‘complete control over the daily menu 7 2 is expected to be landing soon; is expected that the plane will be landing soon. 3. isbelieved to have been working illegally; is believed that he was working ilegalh 4 Is said to be feeling better; is said that he is feeling beter 5 was thought to have been brave to do so; was thought that he had been brave to do so. 6 is thought to have escaped from prison; is thought {hat he has escaped from prison. 7 is expected to pass his exams; is expected that he will pass his exams. 8 is said to have lied to the police; is said that she led to the police. 9 are said 10 miss too many lessons; is said that they ‘miss 100 many lessons, 10. is known to have always been late for work; is known that she was always late for work. 8 2 was named ater 3 is thought that broken homes 4 willbe chacked by 5 willbe given a ticket 6 is enjoyed by 7 extension will have been finished 8 students have been given 9 isbeing blamed 10 is going to be previewed 11 will have been settled 9 Suggested Answer A remote area in northom Spain was shaken by an earthquake last right. Several vilages were totally destroyed/have been totally destroyed and many people ‘were lefthave been left homeless. The total extent of the damage s stil not known, but, luckly, few casualties have been reported as people had been warned/were warmed of the danger earier and many vilages had been evacuated/were evacuated. Victims ofthe earthquake are being offered shelter in local churches where food and rinks are being provided. 10 Suggested Answer After 20 years of civil war, Beirut is being rebuilt by the Lebanese government. New offices and hotels will be constructed. Beirut airport will also be expanded Luckiy, archaeological sites were not destroyed by the bombing. Most of the work will have been completed by the year 2000. It is hoped that many tourists will be attracted by Lebanon's new look inthe future. 11 Suggested Answer “Turing Point”, Marvin Morton's new play, has been greeted with enthusiasm by the critics. it is regarded as his most mature work to date. It was written after people's behaviour had been studied by Morton for a considerable time. On the opening night, Morton was. called onto the stage by the audience and was applauded loudly. The play is being staged at the ‘Apollo Theatre where thousands of people are expected to see it. Morton has been asked by film ‘companies to write a script for a fim based on the play. It is not known yet whether the proposal will be seriously considered by Morton. Oral Development 9 (p. 94) Suggested Answer Alot of waste has been dumped into the sea for years. Industrial companies were fined for polluting the water last year. ‘Action must be taken in order to keep the sea clean. Stricter laws will be introduced by the government soon, Protest marches have been organised recently. People are asked not to swim near this area for the time being. Fishermen are advised to fish elsewhere. It is hoped that the problem will be solved in the next two years. Meanwhile, volunteers have been asked to help clean up the sea. 12 He will have his licence taken away. She'll be having her son's portrait painted. We're having the tree in our garden cut down. You can have your children vaccinated against smallpox. She will have a shed built. ‘Tom is having his teeth polished. He is having his car towed away. He has his suits dry-cieaned every month He has been having his back massaged She has her hair dyed every month ‘She hasn't had her photographs developed yet ‘She doesn't lixe having her shopping done. Have you had a burglar alarm installed? | didnt use to have the housework done for me. ‘She had her wound examined (by the doctor). He isnt going to have his glasses adjusted today Did the detective have the suspect followed? You should have your mail collected while you are away. 10 Did Gary have his broken leg set (by the doctor)? ‘11 Will she have her washing machine checked (for her)? 12 We are going to have @ copy of the contract sent to us. 13. Has Mary been having her kids driven to school for years? 19 78 20 FCE Use of English 1 key 44° Did he have his arm broken in a car crash? 15 How many times has John had the tap fixed this year (by the plumber)? 2 Janet got Diane to drive her to the airport. 3. lamhaving Gary fit my car radio today. 4. She had her sister translate the article. 5. | finally got the landlord to change the locks. 6 My mother made me wear a dress to the wedding, 7 Iiihave John pick me up at the station 8 Sue got her colleagues to change their minds, 9 She's going to have them rewrite the assignment 10. I carit believe he had me return the cheque. 11 He made them stay at home. 12. try to get him to give you the money he owes you. 13. The receptionist nad her wait outside his office. 14 The doctor made her go to hospital. 15 He had the porter camry his luggage 15 2 gothisleg bitten of 10 don't make me cook 3 will have to have 11 had their car stolen 4 did you make me buy 12 _got her nose broken 5 hasher windows cleaned 13. you make them rewrite 6 made the labourers work 14 had new curtains 7 will probably get mugged —_-made/had someone 8 will have your licence make new curtains taken 6 9. had her dog walked hhadigot the brakes adjusted Oral Development 10 (p. 97) ‘Suggested Answer They have had the staff accommodation block built. They have had the reception area painted. They are having a swimming poo! but. They are having the dining room decorated. They are having the lounge furnished. They are having the rooms painted. They will have the gardens landscaped next week. They will have the car park built soon. ‘They will have had the phones installed by the end of next month They will have had the bathrooms fitted by the ond of next ‘month. ‘They will have had the sports centre equipped by the end of next month, 16 2 must books be removed 3. can siil be found being asked for favours made all latecomers remain behing rot being paid have to be worn is believed these remains date was the decision made got her brother to lend 11 have been invited to 12 have the car looked over 13 have not yet been finalised 14 going to have someone repair 15 are now handled 17 1 traditionally 4 frozen 7 agreement 2 celebration 5 symbolise 8 specialty 3 original 6 reminder Consolidation 6 (pp. 99-101) 18 2 ahead 6 downwith 10 round 14 out 3 for 7 aboutwith «11 for 15. up 4 of 8 out 42 up 16 back 5 infor 9 backon 13 on 17 back 19 2 in 8 on 14 with 20 to 3 10 8 of 18 for 21 at 4 with 10 offabout 16 in;of | 22 about 5 for 11 about 17 of 23 of 61 «12 to 18 of 24 at 7 for 13 for 19 of 20 2 washeldina large 5 suspect must 3. gets on well with be teling 4° due to his faling 6 isbelieved to ve a1¢ 38 5D 78 2A 40 6B 8B 22. 1 thought she would pass 2 inorder to avoid 3. were obliged to work 4 will have to be 5. was popular with 6 time you learned 7 unlikely there will be 8 hadlexperienced no difficulty winning 23 1° variety 4 shorter 7. preparations 2 fitness 5 appearance 8 prolessional 3 organisers 6 memorable Practice Test 3 (pp. 102-105) Part 10 3A 5D 78 2¢ 48 ec ac Part2 9 so 11 Popular 13 perfect 15 worth 10 used 12 as 14 who 16 place Part3 17 sympathetic 20 complaints 23. treatment 18 medical 21 pessimistic 24 relaxation 19 physically 22 reassured FCE Use of English 1 key Part 4 25. neednt have tied up 26 no mattar how hard you 27 used to run faster than 28 prefer not to get 29° spite of the rain 30 is likely to get Reported Speech (pp. 106-118) 12 tol 6 ask 10 tel 14. asked said 7 said 11 says 18 telling tel 8 say 12. said ‘say 9 tell 13. tell 2 3 5 22 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 " 12 13 4 15 16 7 10 1" 12 John said that he had never been to Paris before. She said she is taking her driving test next week. ‘Sarah said she didn'doesnt speak Spanish. He says his house is not far from the town centre, He said water boils at 100°C. (general truth) He said (that) Australia is/was a very big country. (this statements true) Mary said (that) if she saw him, she would invite him to the party She said she was locking the car when a traffic warden tured up. He said he is not going on holiday next week. Eddy said he has written five letters this morning, He told me he had seen a car accident the previous right. ‘Sho said that she (had) met David while she wes working in Manchester. time clause) She told him that she would see him thet night His mother told him it was time he got a job. (unreal past) ‘The teacher told Tom that if he had studied harder, he would have passed his exam. (conditional type 3) ‘She said that if she were rich, she would buy a mansion in Beverly Hills. (conditional type 2) ‘She asked me why | had been in a hurry. He asked her if she wanted a lft io work the next day. He asked her what time she had arranged to meet, Clare. ‘She asked me how long Jane had been working there. ‘She asked them who had left the door open. The reporter asked the bystander if he/she had actually seen the man fall The workman asked his helper if he would give him «a hand liting the piano. ‘She asked the mechanic if he/she could check the brakes /She asked the mechanic to check the brakes. He asked me if they had finished renovating their house. She asked me iffwhether Mary was still having a Party the following Saturday. ‘The teacher asked him where his father worked. Did you know if John was planning to call a meeting? Do you know if they have ever had a hit single before? | want to know when you are leaving. | doubt iffwhether he told the truth. Could you tell me where the nearest swimming pool is? ‘She wondered who had left that message on their answerphone. He wanted to know what time they were due to arrive, The student asked to leave the room, Paul suggested turing on the television. ‘The Major ordered the soldiers to stand to attention. She asked me to open the window. Miles suggested going ice-skating on Saturday. He told us not to touch the statue. My brother suggested going camping that summer. John suggested having a picnic the next day. He suggested that the children (should) go to bed /He told the children to go to bed. He said (that) she didnit need to/didnit have to see the report. He said (that) he would pick me up at 4 o'clock He said (that) | should get away for a while. (advice) He said (that) Kevin might need my help later. He said (that) | had to control my feelings. obligation) He said (that) I would have to let him know the next day. He said (that) she had better not say that again. He said (that) they must be cousins. He said he could run faster than me. He said he would be able to meet me the following week He asked who he should go to for help. He asked where we should go to eat that night He offered to land me the money. promise ~ He promised that he wouldto bring his, homework the next day. ‘order - He ordered us to get out ofthe room immediately inform — He informed us that the train left at 6 o'clock. remind — He reminded me to make a dental appointment. beg — He begged her to help him. Insist - She insisted on us/our giving them a call when we got back. refuse — He refused to help me invite — They invited me to go out with them. threaten - He threatened to punish me iI did that again. deny ~ She denied breakinghhaving broken/that she had broken the vase, wonder ~ She wondered whetherif the rain would ever stop. instruct — He instructed me to first turn that knob and then to fick the switch. a4 22. FCE Use of English 1 key 4 6 16 7 18 19 20 2 22 23 24. 25 26 a7 agree - He agreed that | was right. suggest ~ She suggested going for a walk. advise ~ He advised me to go on a diet. {forbid — He forbade me to touch the camera. warn — He warned us not to cross the road without looking both ways. offer ~ He offered to water my plants. admit — He admitted (to) breaking/having broken the teapot. explain — He explained that it was a dificut situation. boast She boasted that she had met the Queen once. complain — He complained to me that | always left the bathroom in a mess. permit ~ He permitted/allowed me to use the fax machine whenever | wanted. insist (on) ~ She insisted on me/my staying until 5 o'clock every day. demand — She demanded to be given the money. boast - She boasted about crossing the Atlantic single-handed allow — She allowed me to call her by her first name. ask ~ She asked us to empty all the ashtrays before Wwe lett the room, order — He ordered them to cease fr. Urge - They urged me to tell them what was on my mind. want - She wanted him to cook dinner that night. apologise ~ She apologised for spoiling/having spoit the surprise party agree — She agreed to lend us a hand. promise - She promised never to let us down again. John thanked Mr Williams and apologised for being a bit late, explaining that the traffic had been dreadful. Mr Williams told John that it was not important and explained that he had finally made up his mind the previous night to give him Alan ‘Tomikin’s job since he was retiring, John exclaimed that that was excellent news and promised to do his best to do a good job. Mr Willams suggested that John should take his new contract home that night and study it Graham said that he had got a job interview that day and asked Tracy to give him some advice. Tracy answered that he should dress smartly. She explained that he didn't need to wear a suit, but he had better wear a tie. She said that he must/had to arrive on time and added that he ought to prepare some questions about the company. Graham thanked her and told her that he would let her know how he got on. Tracy told him to phone her that night. “Why not?” demanded the theatre manager. “! don't want to discuss it,” said the ballerina, The manager said, “You have to perform. You have signed a contract. | 10 " 2 8 “4 ‘won't pay you if you don't dance.” “What a disgraceful way to treat a star!” the ballerina exclaimed. “Don't forget how famous | am. | may never dance for the ‘company again.” The manager said, “Sorry for losing my temper. Let's be reasonable about the matter. Please, don’t let the public down. May | ask why you can't perform? “I have twisted my ankle,” she replied. pay/should pay should be admitted/be admitted take/should take should be allowedibe allowed should stay/stay “What a briliant ideal” she said. “That's how | became a milionaire” he said to me. “Shall help you with your composition?* | said to her. “You can/may swim in our pool’ they said to us. “You really must wear a tuxedo at the wedding,” she ‘said to him, 7 “Where should | send my application t himsett 8 “You shouldnt have left the car unlocked,’ she said to me. ‘9. “You really ought to take piano lessons; they said to their son. @anen aaron ” he asked 10 “Unplug it frst and then use a screwdriver’ he said to me. Suggested Answer ~» His mother asked what the matter was. John explained that he had a dreadful headache and felt a bit dizzy. His ‘mother replied that i sounded quite serious. John agreed and wondered what was wrong with him. He admitted (to) having fellfeeling lke this for a few days. His mother suggested that he should go and see a doctor. John agreed with her. She offered to make him an appointment adding that he should take the day off school. John reminded his mother that he couldn't take the day off school ust fora headache because he had a test that day. Suggested Answer which will help the police?” the policewoman wanted ‘to know. “I saw three men run out of the bank and gat into ‘red van which was parked nearby,” the witness claimed. “One of the men was carrying a large suitcase,” he added. “Can you describe the three men?” the policewoman ‘asked. "No, I wasn't able to get a good look at them,” he ‘admitted. “Would you come to the police station to look lat some photographs of known offenders?” the policewoman suggested. "Of course," agreed the man "| will do whatever | can to help,” he promised, Suggested Answer “Good morning, everyone. Thank you all for coming. You must be wondering why | called this meeting, so | won't 15 16 keep you in suspense any longer Well, a large multinational company has offered to buy the factory for £10 million. | would like to have your views on whether ‘or not we should sell. This is a very important dacision ‘that we have to make, so you must/should think about the matter very carefully as everyone's future could depend on it” 2 She asked if she could borrow a cup of sugar because she had run out. 3 She asked him why he was always making fun of Jane and explained that she goUgets really upset. 4 She invited us over for lunch on Sunday adding that they were having @ barbecue. 5 Jim asked her whether or not she was staying in that night. 6 He denied that he had taken my ticket, buthe claimed. that he knew who had. 7 She said Betty couldnt come shopping with us because she had a driving lesson, & He admitted that he had made a mistake and apologised, 9 She asked me to come home early as she had a surprise for me. He suggested going for a picnic as it was such a lovety day. 11 She asked me why | was leaving then as the party was just beginning. He promised to study hard as he wented to pass the test She told the sales assistant she really liked the pink dress and asked how much it was. He said that he had seen Victoria in the supermarket and that she hadn't looked/didnt look very well She told him that it was delicious and urged him to ‘cook professionally She agreed to go to the cinema with him, but ‘suggested they should have dinner first. He demanded to know where Id been and ordered me not to stay out late again. 18 Sho invited me to dinner on Saturday and reminded ime that she lived at 34 Green Street. He urged me to go to college and advised me that a secretarial course was always useful ‘She urged me to hurry up as the performance was starting in half an hour. 21 He wamed me that we'd fll behind schedule tI didnt cooperate, He offered to take me home after school as it was too far for me to walk. 10 2 13 4 5 16 7 19 20 suggested they (should) gofgoing insisted on my/me doing explained (to me) how refused to lie for him ‘demanded that I (should) get or FCE Use of English 1 key 7 warned me not to do 8 reminded us to move 9 agreed that he was wondered whether to 11 suggested/recommended (that) she (should) stay ‘wondered iftwhether she would exclaimed that | was wearing reminded me to buy nobody found out boasted about being said he would never forget insisted on me/my tidying suggested (that) they (should) go advisedtold me to do up ‘complained that he didn't wondered/asked where Sally was going warneditold me not to touch apologised for missing necessary that I (should) leave begged Suzie not to accused Tom of breaking the remarked that she looked that I wouldnt have advised us not to stay forbade us to enter Urged us to practise wanted them to be agreed to wait denied taking/having takervthat she had taken agreed that it was the ordered us to leave forbade us to get out Wondered whether he would suggested (that) we (should) book SSBSISREER researchers significantly Participants 4 companions/ 6 likelihood company 7. valuable 5 unfriendly 8 loneliness I Development 11 (p. 118) Suggested Answer Nick and Rob ‘Rob: What do you think of the job, Nick? Are you enjoying it? ‘Nick: Yes, |'m finding it enjoyable. The only problem | have is ‘with the computers - I'm not very confident about using them. Rob: You shouldn't worry about that; what you should do is go to night school for a couple of months and do @ special training course. It's quite difficult but not impossible. ‘Nick: Yes, that's an excellent ideal Apart from that, | think t's a very satisfying job. Rob: Good, I'm glad you think so. If there's anything else | can do to help, just ask me! ‘Nick: Thanks very much, 23 FCE Use of English 1 key Pamela and Louise Pamela: i's 50 good to see you again afterall this time ~ tel me all your news! Louise: Well, let me see. Do you remember Paul who was at college with us? We got married two years ago. He's in the Navy now and, well, next year we're going to start a family. Pamela: Oh, that's fantastic! I'm really happy for you. You look absolutely great. Let me tell you my news! I've just been promoted and my company has offered me a management post at head office. Louise: Marvellous! Are you married, too? Pamela: Not yet - but I'm engaged to be married. My fiancé is French and we may be moving to Paris to live sometime in the future. Louise: Fabulous. | hope you invite me to your wedding! Let's exchange telephone numbers and arrange to meet one evening Pamela: That sounds like an excellent ideal Consolidation’? (pp. 119-121) 18 2 away 5 off 8 out 11. down 3 inwith 6 back 9 up 12 down 40n 7 off 10 on 19 2 at 10 in 18 by 26 by 3 in 11 for 19 at 27 at 4 by 12 in 20 for = 28 in 5 for 13 by 21 in 29 for 6 in 14 for 22 by 90 at. Tin 15 in 23 at 31 in 8 By 16 in 24 on 82 in 9 At 17 in 25 in 20 2 mayimighticould have got caught 3. are forbiddenvare not allowed to smoke 4 asked hersell/wondered why he was 5 is said tobe 6 takes pride in her 7 made it difficult for us 8 accused him of causing is afraid of being alone 40. put up with his rudeness 11 are likely to go to 12. will call for you 21 1 while 4% 7 developed 2 down 5 per 8 puts 3 before 6 unless 22. rob: a person; a shop burgle: a house; an office steal: a purse; time; a car 231 apologised for being 6 have the ability to 2 know the cost of 7 no point in seeing 3. suggested that they goto 8 didrit arrive on. 4 wishes she hadr't bought 5 completely agreed with each 24 24 1 proof 2 strength 3. introductory 4 injuries 5. supervision 6 secluded 7 lengths 8 unsuitable Units~ Conditionals / Wishes / Unreat-Past (pp. 122-132) 1 2 changed (2nd type) would tel 2nd type) will wake up (tst type) had asked (3rd type) feel (1st type) hadn't threatened (3rd type) wouldnt trust (2nd type) willbe able (1st type) 10. wouldn't have gone (2rd type) 11 had helped (3rd type) 12 take (1st type) 13. had woken up (3:d type) 14 will have to (1st type) 15 had intended (3rd type) 16 overhears (1st type) 17. were (2nd type) 48. hadrit been (3rd type) 19. is (1sttype) 20 spent (2nd type) 2 2 John had left early, he would have got there on time. 3. she didnt get sunburnt easily, she wouldnt use factor 42 suntan lotion. the fax machine wasn'ywerent broken, | wouldn't have to send it by post. you call her, you might make her feel better. the president resigns, there'll be an election. more tickets erent sold, the concert will be cancelled. ‘you are prepared to accept a lower offer, you will have {rouble selling your house. 9 he hadn't run out of money, he wouldn't have cancelled his trip. 10 Tomhad worn a coat, he wouldn't have caught a cold. 11 you study, you wont pass this exam. 12 you go somewhere sunnier, you won't get a suntan eroe 3 2 would make 8 stopped 3. wouldhave improved 9 wouldiit 4° will continue have become 5. will be left 10 had 6 will grow up 11 would be 7 will go on 12 will be 4. Suggested Answer 1. Ifyou go to Rome, you must see the Colosseum. ‘You must see the Colosseum if you go to Rome. 2 You can swim only if there is an adult with you. ‘You can swim as long as there is an adult with you. Unless there is an aduit with you, you can't swim. 10 You can swim providing there is an adut with you. You can swim on condition that thers isan aduit with you You can swim if there is an adutt with you. Ifyou drive carefully, you won't have an accident. Drive careful, otherwise you will have an accident As long as you drive carefully, you won't have an accident You'll have en accident uniess you drive careful He will get a bonus oniy if productivity increases. As long as productivity increases, he will get a bonus. Providing productivity increases, he will get a bonus. He get a bonus on condition that productivity increases. Illend you the money only it you pay me back soon. You must pay me back soon, otherwise | won't lend you the money. | won't lend you the money unless you pay me back soon, "lend you the money providing/on condition that you pay me back soon. INlend you the money if you pay me back soon Had you brought more money with you, we could have gone on holiday. Were | you, I'd leave an hour earlier to be sure of getting there on time. Should you get through to the theatre, could you reserve four tickets for tonight's performance? Had you paid the telephone bill on time, your phone ‘wouldn't have been cut of if they hadn't been awake all night, they wouldn't be tired now. If you had told me earlier, we would be going to the cinema tonight. If she had cancelled the milk, the milkman wouldn't keep delivering it. Ifthe ship let Plymouth yesterday, it wil bo in Spain now. If they hadn't been painting the house all day, they ‘wouldn't be covered in paint now. If she had done her homework, she wouldn't be in trouble with her teacher. If she weren't so disorganised, she wouldn't have ‘missed the deadline Ifthe children hadn't been playing in the garden all day, they wouldn't be so dirty now. If he took his job seriously, he would have been Promoted. will not pass his music exer you cannot use the computer Can we prevent them from becoming extinct (inversion because of only if). | would buy a car you wouldn't have had any problems eating there please ask him to phone me 12 10 earen anon FCE Use of English 1 key she would be more sympathetic you had put your cigarette out carefully ‘wouldn't have married him you wouldn't be in this situation now can we save the rainforests she would have been honest with us from the start they wouldn't have died provided that you are Unless there is an interpreter would have got the would never have learnt to | were you, | would coniy if someone shows him wouldn't have got completely (that) | save enough money she hadn't broken her were at home, she would if could receive as long as she has you see Miles, can you had the number, he would hadgiven 5 would explode 8 could make were 6 would give 9 lived had 7 wasiwere | wish | hadn't got up late. If hadn't got up late, | ‘wouldn't have missed the train, | wish | was/nere qualified. | were/was qualified, | would have got the jb. | wish | wasiwere a senior staff member. If was/were a senior staff member, | could use the car park | wish [had gone to the meeting. If | had gone to the ‘meeting, l would have heard about the safety inspection | wish I didn't have lots of homework. If | didn't have lots of homework, | could go away for the weekend, | wish I wasn'twerentt allergic to animals. if | wasnt ‘werent allergic to animals, | could have a pet. | wish | had known how to connect the video. if had known how to connect the video, | wouldn't have damaged it | wish I wasn'vweren' on a diet. If| wasn't/ weren't on a diet, | could eat chocolate, | wish | hadn't twisted my ankle. If hadr't twisted my ankle, | could play tennis. it would stop raining 6 | could speak French we had seen 7 only George would arrive he could afford to buy 8 wish | were lying she had been invited were coming/would come 7 wilican go would have 8 were hhad known 9 are you going wouldn't have spent todo finish 10 send 25 26 FCE Use of English 1 key 13. Suggested Answer Well frst of al, wish | hadn't let the canaries out oftheir cage. if | hadn't done that, they wouldn't have flown away. Then, if| hadn't decided to surprise my husband by putting up some new bookshelves in the lounge, | wouldn't have drilled a hole straight into the electricity Wire and | wouldn't have cut off the whole street's electricity supply. If only | hadn't done that, then the neighbours wouldn't be furious with me. On top of that, | wish | hadn't eft a bucket in the middle of the floor. if my husband hadn't tripped over the bucket, he wouldn't have hurt his ankle. | wish he wasn't so angry with me. 14 2. then the electricity supply wouldn't have been cut off 3. would build more hospitals 4 we won't be able to go on a picnic 5. then he could have gone to university 6 her parents give her permission 7 I would be able to go on holiday 8 then she wouldn't have been late for work 9 she wouldn't have had to break a window to get in 10 he will take everyone out to celebrate tonight 11 many people will be pleased 12 she wouldnt be upset with me now 13 she wouldn't have been burgled 14 you won't make a good impression 45. you should take an aspitin 15 2 took out 42. had been living! 3. were/was had lived 4 not show 13. have stayed 5 faced 14 hadnt eaten 6 hadnt left 415. listening; going 7 went 16 to ride; take 8 towork 17 ive; share 9 invited 18 to talk; watch 40. didn't play 19. had worked 11 had 20 go 16 2 high/about time you thought 3 asithe wereiwas 4 would prefer to book 5 rather you had told 6 wishes she were 7 only had taken 8 would have been better if 17 2 could 5 weren'iwasn't 8 wouldn't 3. had 6 hadn't 9 hadnt 4 hadnt = 7 would 10 would 18 2 couldbelwas 6 have 10 hadnt left 3 lett 7 are +1 hear 4 started 8 lived 42 make 5 insists 9 wanted 2 itt hadn't realised 3 Thad known 4 Iwere you 5 rather/sooner you hadn't told 6 as though he were 7 (abouvhigh) time you went 8 only you had passed on 9 the teacher asked you 10. wish it would stop 11 she known, she would have 12 only! hadn't listened 43. (high/about) time we left 14 would rather you had informed 15. only they had got 16 (abouvhigh) time you set 20 1 believed 3 than 5 remained 7 due 2 have 4 continued 6 occasions 8 made Oral Development 12 (p. 132) ‘Suggested Answer = Ifthe boat is thrown against the rocks, we'll all drown. — If|had listened to the weather forecast, | wouldnt be inthis situation now. — Hf were stronger, | could pull the sails down = I wish | could make the boat change direction. I wish the wind would stop blowing. = I wish we could escape from this situation, I wish we'd chosen a different route. = I wish | wasntiweren't here! — Ifthe wind drops, our lives will be saved. = Ifthe boat capsizes, we'll all drown — If we had decided to go somewhere else, we could have avoided this! = If were at home, | could be safely watching TV. = [wish | wastwere at home now! = wish | was/were with my family. — Honly this was/were just a bad dream! — We can get home safety ifthe wind dies down, Consolidation 8 (pp. 133-136) 21 2 into 6 out 10 upfor 14 up 3 overtthrough = 7 up 11 for 4 down on 8 after 12 out 5 upto Sup 13 out 22 2 notnearly asiso big as 3 was able to read 4 had the trees pruned by 5. if you don'tlet 6 wish | hadnt told 7 cant put up with 8 has been riding since 9 criticised me for saying/having said FCE Use of English 1 key 10 due to the fact he Part 4 11 and asa result he 25. didn't succeed in impressing 12. prefer walking to riding 26 should be kept 13° still hasn't been 27 had better not eat 28 a full description of 23 2 outot 11 outof 20. without 29 is said to live 3 off 12 on 21 under 30. with the aim of becoming 4 on 13 into 22 on 5 outot 14 on 23 outol ‘Revision 2(pp. 141-143) 6 under 15. outof 24 with A1tC 5D 9A 8A TA 2B Ton 18 of 2 2A 6D 00 460 8D 2D 8 on 1 on 28 from 3C 7A 1B 6C 199A 28 9 in 18 against 27. behind 4B 8D 2C 6B 2A 248 10. under 19. before 28 On B 1 had 5 had given oe eee 7 couleat 2 wouldn't have {6 would have been able to 3 went 8 had ever seen 3 a > ork 4 had been walking 8 would have taken rae a haat 5 heard 10. ‘return 6 approachediwere approaching © 1 could 5. would have bought 2 had 6 had asked 25 2 discovering 6 having 10 feel 3 wolkdto 7 had said a Oe ees 4 had made 8 will be able to 4 talking 8 tobe 12 tocare 5 producing 9 toshare 13. remembering ——«-D_1_-was sucha tough steak 2 were you, | wouldnt 210 3D 5c 78 3. agreed to prepare lunch 28 4A 6A ac 4 has as many pencils as 5. is less artistic than 27 1 wasrit her fault 6 must be (securely) fastened (securely) 2. rather watch television than play 7 warned me not to touch 3 made a note of 8 last time I had 4 had no one to turn to 9. will have been finished 5 made a fortune when he 10. older people get, the more 6 never let you down 11 need not have eaten 7 couldn't come up with 12 provided (that) you impress 8 haven't heard from 13. the field where wo play 14 had my bike stolen 28 1 strangers 4 description 7 exciting 15. so friendly as 2 suroundings 5 simply 8 enthusiastic 16. sywould figve Besribetesit 8 understanding 6 comparison 47. who works for 18 did you make us appoint Practice Test4:(pp. 137-140) 19 as though she were Part 1 20 reminded him to reserve 1¢ 3c 5D 78 20 4c 6A ac E 1 into 8 out 5 up 7 over 2 down 4 alongion 6 downon 8 up Part 2 9 been 11 for 13 of ~=— 15. sure/certain © F 1 in 3 of 5 to 7 by 10 are 12 well «14 rather 16 Although 2 in 4 in 6 between 8 outot Part 3 G 1 international 4 logical 7. celebration 17 introduction 20 unfortunate. 23. conservation 2 arguments 5 appearance 8 elective 18 accidentally 21 uneconomical 24 destruction 3 conclusion 6 immediately 19 legally 22 invisible FOE Use of English 1 key 12 " 2 8 4 15 16 Unita Nouns / Articles (Bp. 144-152) houses 17 teachers photos 18. babies dessert spoons 19 workmen fish 20 ships videos 21 boyfriends lorries 22. mothers-invlaw toys 23. stepmothers calves 24 types wolves 25. stereos 2008 26 mosquitoes/ mosquitos fishing rods 27. superstars foxes 28 stories children 28. tyovers trout 30 bunches ioe comes 9 is 16 was was 10 is 17 is was 11 are 18 is is 12 ke 19 is is 13 has 20 are contains 14. suits cut 15 is is 7 costs 12 get 17 are is 8 adds 13° sounds 18 works/ is 9 meetsimeet 14 is work believe 10 strikes 15. invoNes 19. is makes 11 are 16 pulls 20 go oanan Seavousan 1" 12 13 4 15 one teaching experience is needed before we employ you. very useful information was given to him. was bought for the wedding. is protected from burglaries by an alarm. is used to make glass. is my favourite game /is the game | like playing most. are worn by both men and women nowadays. is not allowed here. are needed to see that far. are always worn by models. are always fresh at this greengrocer's. are being passed by the government, was very difficult for me at school. was very useful to the man. expectations 4 qualifications 7 responsibilty considerable 5 inexperienced 8 salistying requirements 6 ambitious to make a comment Wondered whether he should is no point in talking FS cmVonsen+ aasens owe " Soaronsen not advisable to eat has to be signed is a huge demand for geesinyy word that object to me playing inspiration 4 remarkable extraordinarily 5 deafness gradually 6 dependence 7 compositions 8 financial the: an; a any; some; the/some; the; a; — a — the; the; the; the; the; the; any/a; a A: the; the; — a the; the; a; —; some; the ‘some; some/any; the; the; 12 =the; the; ~ 13 14 16 16 the; the; the; — 7 =the 8 The; the; the 19 the; — 20 21 22, 18 the 19 — 20 the 49: thal? anet? — 12 the; — 13 —the 14 The; the; the 49° the; the 20. the; the; 21 arthe; 22 athe ‘some, a lot of, plenty of some, a litle both, a couple of a lot of, plenty of, both some, a litle, a good deal of ‘a number of, several, no no, hardly any, lots of much, lots of, a good deal of ‘a good deal of, oo much, a litle FCE Use of English 1 key pay attention to Gidnt succeed in persuading never let you down was so bored watching be a good idea wishes she hadnt invited the reason for canceling is likely to lose Oral Development 13 (p. 152) Suggested Answer the Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, Bangkok, the Taj Mahal, the Dome of the Rock, the Suez Canal, Charing Cross, the Sultan of Brunei, oriental music, the Louvre, Heathrow Airport, Hong Kong, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Vesuvius, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the River ‘Thames, Cosmopolitan, Paris, the Netherlands, Jamaica, Oslo, Unicef, the Prince of Wales, Lake Constance, the Rocky Mountains, the United Nations, Crete, Lake Geneva, Fifth Avenue, the Spanish language, the English Channel, the Paci, the Carlton Hotel, Marks and Spencer, the Holy Land, ‘Queen Sofia, the Argentine, the lonian Islands 7 up with 12 up against 8 down 13. down aside 9 on 14. away with 10 out of 15. across/into through/over 16. into ‘were held up at the rather have stayed at home is said to damage wish I hadn't missed were prevented from going made up your mind about ‘aro used to measure had my wedding dress made was looked after by 11 doesn’ type as/so quickly 12 denied having stoler/that he had stolen Soorvouren auren 16 2 on 6 at 10 at 14 at 3 in Tat at 18 in 401 8 in 12 in 16 at 5 on 9 at 13 on 17 1 matter 4 much 7 south 2 can 5 from 8 as 3. smaller 6 While 18 1 wasthe only one who 5_are responsible for 2 was put off by 6 not in the mood for 3. to give a description 7 as well as playing 4 would be a waste of 8 will soon run out 19 1 deprivation 4 alcoholic. 7 congestion 2 operation 5 relaxation 8 possibly 3 solutions 6 reduction Unit410— Emphatic. Structures / Inversion (pp. 156-160) 11 2 Whatthe children need is somewhere to play. 3. Was it you who/that gave him thet horrible pair of trousers? Whatever do you mean by talking to me like that? 5 What you should do is concentrate more while youre driving, 6 twas me who/that telephoned our cousins. 7 Wherever are you going to be at Easter2/Where is it that yout going to be at Easter? 8 What you need is a nice cup of tea.i's @ nice cup of tea that you need. 8 Whenever did you get home?/When was it that you got home? 410. Why was/is it that you borrowed money from AI? 2 2 doctor did promise that | 3. was Alexander Fleming who 4° ityou whothat met 5. committee doesnt want is 6 did say he was coming 7. itthe Rivera Club that 3 2 nocircumstances 16 has unemployment been will Edna 47 do! watch 3 theriverrise any 18 had she finished higher 19. once did he thank 4 youpaid on time 20. there been a phone 5 soonerhadhe 21 no accounts the door recovered 22 will we tll 6 did he take 23. unwell did he feel 7 didthey manage 24 nor did he remember 8 does he ask 25. was his anxiety that 9. should | see 26. only is brown bread 10 does Tom seem tastier 11 elsehavelhad 27. did | expect that 12 did Lynn realise 28 _do temperatures fall 13 marched the army 29 | you, | would 14 as did her 30. in this way can 15 well did she sing 4 2 strange was his dream that his psychiatrist wrote about itn @ medical journal 3. along time did the explorers take to find the tomb that they had nearly run out of supplies. 4 fluently does she speak the language that many people think she's English. 5 isher ignorance that she's never heard of ‘Shakespeare. 29 FOE Use of English 1 key ‘was his surprise that he neariy fell of his chair ‘gracefully did the dancer move that he appeared to be skating Sodo! Neither/Nor can | So should | So would | 1 Neithor/Nor can | Sodid! So have | Neither/Nor will | So are we did he know that, it that you left work ‘could we have were lucky, could you Hillary and Tenzing who first the courier whorthat met no circumstances should you park {08s he tell us what making a good impression will childhood scientific 3 Basically Oral Development 14 (p. 160) ‘Suggested Answer lt was Johnson who got hurt, Not only was his wrist sprained, but his knee was injured as well. Why the fight started nobody seems to know. Only by controling themselves will players ‘set a good example for their fans. etc It was Tom who lost the contract. On no occasion did anyone ‘else have anything to do with i. What they need is someone who can explain the problem to the manager. Only if they can make him understand what happened, will they be able to save the situation. They are so worried that they can’t decide what to do, Consolidation 10(pp. 161-164) 7 occurrence 8 characteristic 4 moisture 5 various 6 combination 8 2 over 6 aside 10 in 14 aboution 3 through 7 about 11 back 15 up 4 aboutlo 8 up 12 up 5 of 9 out 13. back 92 for 7 from 12 of 17 with 3 from 8 of 13 wih 18 atby 40 9 of 14 in 19 for 5 of 10 with 15 for 20 to 6 at 1 afer 16 in 21 on 10 lose: one's temper; weight; money; one's mind miss: a film; a target; the train 412 were you, | would 3. house where she lives is 4- suggested that I try on 5 would rather he were back does not approve of John's, for your suggestion am having a new shed finds a job, will she in case the traffic was ‘11 get round to phoning her 12 would rather have curly hair 6 7 8 9 10 12 2 does 5 asked 9 using 3 has the upstairs 6 Did you use 10 need windows cleaned 7 hadused 11 will you try 4 tocollect 8 didnt want 12. climb 918 3B sc 78 D 4A 6D BA 141 were 4 themselves 7 proud of 5 enough 8 took 3 which 6 rather 15 1 personal 4 hopelessness 7 psychological stressful 5. referred 8 effectively 3 majority 6 ability Practice Test 9 (pp. 102-105). Part 1 18 aA sc 7A 2G 40 60 88 Part 2 9 one 11 able 13 that © 15. before 10 well 12 when 14 most 16 its Part 3 17 Uninvited 20 occupants. 23. ikelihood 18 advisable 21 temptation 24 watchful 19 uncollected 22 possessions Part 4 25. isnerintention to go 26 am worn out by 29 28 you like me to carry included every actor except 27 advised me to leave my 30 no chance of being Unit 11 Determiners / Pronouns (pp. 169-181) 12 this 6 this 9 Those 3 those 7 this’ 10. those 4 This that 11. This, 5 that 8 That 12 these 2 2 those 3 these 4 this 13 14 15 16 These ‘Those those This; That That FOE Use of English 1 key OURGN BYOMSEN COVOHRON Either 11 whole 20 ones whole 12 Each 21 Each all 13 None ot 22. both Neither 14. ether 23 no every 15. whole 24 All None 16 each 25 every every 17 both 26 none all 18 Neither Both 19. None bot 6 everyleach’ 9 eactvall ones either 10 either whole 7 Nether all 8 one Either Karen or Miles will pick you up from the station Neither John nor his brother has been to Germany. Both Jo and Jim speak French. Neither Paul nor Tim likes going to the cinema. Both James and Kate like going fishing /Not only James but also Kate likes going fishing, Not oniy Liz but also her parents are going skiing this winter /Both Liz and her parents are going skiing this winter Either Tim or John wil fx your car. Both Pete and Nicki prepared the dinner. "Not only Jane, but also her schoolmates are going fon a picnic this Sunday/Both Jane and her schoolmates are going on a picnic this Sunday. only Danny, but also his Gordon and his wife are ‘mayor or the Queen will Patricia and her husband want she nor her sister enjoys Bob, but also Helen is 10 OOIDHROH SVE GRONW 12 2 Noone 9 anyone 10 some 1 anywhere 12 anywhere 13 every 4 any 6 some 16 Nobody 7 Everybody 18 every 19 anything 20 some something anywhere anything some nowhere any any NobodyiNo one; everybodyleveryone anyone/anybody ‘some; something anywhere; everywhere some/aniy; something Everyone/Everybody; no one/nobody anywhere; something ~anyone/someone; some nathing; any ‘anywhere; somewhere anything some; something/anything; some Whenever Whoever wherever 5 Whichever 6 however 7 whenever 8 Whoever 9 whichever 40. whichever anywhere/somewhere else someone/somebody else no one/nabody else anyone/anybody else No one/Nobody else everything else somethingfanything else anyone/anybody else anything/something else the other another another 5 the others 6 the others 7 others 8 another 9 each other 10. every other is nothing | can ‘of them live/Bob and John live (three) of them cook nor Mr Smythe can ‘of themthe boys lke(s) of these computers is/are ‘was nothing he could do of them arefive and seven are wasnt anyone in the father nor my mother went ask either John or Tom manyla lot of 9 many/a lot of muchla lot of 10. many much 11 alotot altof 42 mucha lot of muctva lot 43. many manyia lot of 14 alotot alotof 15 alotot toomany 7 much 12 afew alitle 8 afew 13. many alotot 9 afew 14 much ‘much 10 lots of 18 afew alotof +1 much 16 afew (Oral Development 15 (p. 176) Suggested Answer Both Lynn and Sarah have black hai Neither Lynn nor Sarah is/are in an office. Allof them are young. "None of them look/looks unhappy. 31 FOE Use of English 1 key None of them is/are married. They are al single. Both Lynin and Sarah are 25 years old. Both Lynin and Pamela have got two brothers. None of them has/have got any sisters, Alof them lke going to the cinema. Both Sarah and Pamela went to university. Both Lynn and Pamela work in a company. etc 15 2 ousehes 7 him 12 mine 17 our 3 You 8 himself 13 me 18 myself 4 usme 9 his 14 me 19 our 51 10 their 15 us 20 yours 6 you 1 my 16 their 16 2 the,his 4 his, the 6 his 3 his 5 the 7 the 17 2 himselthersel (reflexive) 8 himself (emphatic) 3. herself (emphatic) himself (reflexive) 4 each other 10. themselves (reflexive) 5 themselves (reflexive) 11. ourselves (reflexive) 6 herself (emphatic) 12._ myself (reflexive) 7 herself(emphatic) __13_himself (reflexive) 18 2 ofmyownlonmyown 7. onhis own 3 onher own 8 of my own 4 onmy own 9 your own 5 their own 40. on her own 6 his own 19 2 the students’ books 3. three hours’ drive 4 the staff of the department store 5 the cost of living 6 some fiends of my brother's 7. the price of bread 8 the baby’s pram 9 Johnis and Paul's wives 10. the men's changing rooms 11 the waves of the sea 12. the Acropolis of Athens 43 Lucy and Emily's mother 14 the house of my father’s closest friend 15. the president's decision 18 my physics professor's report 17 the playground of the park 18. the Smiths’ car 19° my motherin-law’s garden one of Monet's one of Shakespeare's plays isa half-hour walk was my motherin-law's president of France is elected 2 a 5. There;it 9 There; it There; it 6 there 10 It; There tt 7 There; it at att neither she nor Jim liked decorate the house (by) yourself a twenty-minutes' drive to behave yourself ‘being by myself are not many people who with someone else's bag the whole afternoon cleaning (Got) (very) litle knowledge/not got (very) much knowledge both the writen and oral ‘on her own waiting for isrit anybody who only country he has not first inhabitants of Australia could call him any time and play somewhere else few chefs who can make not only her relatives but only thing he hasrit hhad no luck is/a three-hour climb pane. 4. difference 7 5 responsibilty 8 6 understanding disabilities elderly homeless isolated donation ‘Consolidation 1-(pp. 182-185) 24 25 anon Soar 420% 1 12 out 6 for 10 in. 14 down for 7 aback 11 over 15 on by 8 up 12 for infor 9 back 13. ater since 3 one 5 against. 7 outside 4 number 6 less 8 more profit have to be written impossible for me to meet you hurry, you will be {or fear of being burgled was hardly any food left nor did he send me No opportunity of saying/to say camefran up against many difficulties passport got lost ccarit make himself understood but also Pam is coming 27 2 came 16 will be rewarded 3. had bought 17 wish 4 tohide 18° will bring 5. bringing 19. hadwould have 6 went 20. stopped/would stop 7 totake 21 has been working 8 haveit cleaned 22 had 9 will" do 23 wouldn't be 10. polishingto polisn 24 have chosen 11 was rubbing 25° didn't tel 12 came 26 had happened 13° cried 27, have won 14 replied 28 will be delivered 15 wish 28 2 on 16 down 3 at 17 opposite 4 near 18 besideiext to/by 5 under 19 against 6 above 20 off 7 ontop of 21 outof 8 below 22 onto 9 (around 23 into 10 through 24 over 11 among 25 along 12 between 26 across 13 behind 27 from... t0 14 in front of, 28 past 15 up 29° towards/ovin the direction of 1A 3D 5B 6B 28 aa BA 7C ~unitt12— “Questions / Short Answers (pp. 186-193) 1 2. Shall we go tothe cinema this weekend? (suggestion) 3. How old is Mary going to be/will Mary be on her birthday? (information) 4 Can get you another cup of cottee? (offer) Would you like to come to my party on Saturday? (iovitation) ‘What time does the next bus leave? (information) May I use the phone? (permission) Shall we buy Joan a book for Christmas? (suggestion) Could you give me a it tothe station? (request) Did you see Mick at school yesterday? (information) When 16 What 17 Where 18 Whose 19 What time 20 How What What Which What Why Whiohwnat How much How many 9 Which 10 How often 1" How much R WheniWhat time 13 How long 4 Why 16 Soarvemnan FCE Use of English 1 key How many cars does Sara own? ‘What does she look ike? What time is it? How often do you have French lessons? Where did you go on holiday? How many students are there in your class? ‘What's she like? ‘Why werent you at work today? ‘Whose car was stolen? Who wrote ‘King Lear’? How long have you lived here? How much did your new car cost? ‘Where's Kay gone? ‘Who did Jill invite to the party? ‘Where do lions live? Who arrived late? ‘What did Peter open? ‘Who did Kate give the letter to? ‘Who forgot to do her homework? ‘What does he like? ‘Who was rude to Jil? Who lost her purse? ‘Who gave the lecture? Who lost the keys to her car? ‘Who borrowed my car? What did Sue drop? Who loves ice cream? ‘A:Cant you hear her, B:Yes ‘A:Cant you speak it yet, B:Yes ‘A: Won't you tell me who does itfor you, B: No A:Dontt you fee! lke going out, B: Yes ‘A: Didn't you enjoy the film, B: No ‘A: Wasn't that a mean thing to do, B: Yes ‘A: Didn't you realise she was Anne's sister, B: No ‘A: Didn't you see it on the news, B: No ‘A: Shouldn't you be in bed by now, B: No Where have @ number of large species of tortoise been living? In what regions can tortoises exceed three feetin length? ‘What did the atlas tortoise measure? ‘Where does the turtle live? ‘What have turtles been fished for? ‘Who is concerned about this trend? ‘What do they think may happen? wil you 5 isnitthere 8 hasnithe shall we 6 will you 9 didnt he didnt they 7 arent! 10. will you Itis? 7 She didnt? You won't, will you? 8 She's not, is she? She has? 9 They did, didnt they? He hasn't, has he? 10 He could? He does, doesn't he? 33 FCE Use of English 1 key 9 2 hasn't he; he has 7 didnt they; they dig 3 will you'wontt you; I won't 8 will you; | won't 4 won't you; I will 9 didnt he, he did 5 aren'tthey; theyre not 10 didn't you: | didn't 6 isntit;itis Oral Development 16 (p. 190) Suggested Answer Picture 1 St: He must have been skiing for years, mustn't he? 82: Yes, he must. It takes years of experiance to be able to do something like that. $3: Itlooks like a really exciting sport, doesn't it? S4: It does. 'm not sure I'd like to try it, though. etc Picture 2 $1: They are on holiday, aren't they? ‘82: Yes, they are. They seem to be having a nice time, don't they? 83: Yes, they do. They/te looking through a magazine, aren't they? ‘84: Yes, they are. They might be looking for new places to Visit, mightnt they? etc Picture 3 They are firefighters, aren't they? Yes, they ar. It's quite a dangerous job, isn't it? : Yes, itis. They are trying to put out a fre, aren't they? Yes, they are. But it looks like the fire has got out of contro $5: They must be well paid, mustn't they? $6: Yes, they must. Afterall, t's a very demanding job. etc 10 2 John has passed his test, but Emily hasnt. 3. Mark is English. So is Louise. 4 I've never been to Australia, but David has. 5 Sarah went to Leeds University. So did Marion. 6 Cathy didn't see the accident happen. NeitheriNor did sally. 7 Maria has been awarded a prize. So has Lisa, 8 John doesn't need any help. Neither/Nor does Paul 112 Nor/Neither can | 5 Sohe has! 3. Sohas he. 6 Sosheis! 4 NoriNeither does Jim. 12 2 Yes, of course 7 No thanks 3. I'm sorry, leant 8 Yes, of course 4 Id rather you didn't 9 Yes, okay 5. Yes, of course 10 No, you can't 6 Yes, please 13. 2 I'matraid not 10 Itappears so 3 | expect s0 11 I don't think so 4 don't imagine so 12 limagine so 5 | suppose so 43 Ihope so 6 think so 14 It'seems so 7 Ihope so 15 I guess so 8 Itappears so 16 Itappears so 9 He told meso 14 1. was amazed/surprised it was 2 be possible for me to 3 was called off because of 4 for fear of getting 5 make a note of 6 likely to go for 7 not used to driving 8 is unusual to see Oral Development 17 (p. 193) ‘Suggested Answer Picture 2 1: Are they having a serious discussion? ‘$2: No, they're not. They're smiling. St: Are they at home? Yes, | think so. They look like they are inside. Picture 3 St: Are they at home? ‘82: It appears not. They seem to be in an Internet café. Si: Have they found something interesting? 2: It seems 50. They are both looking on intentty Picture 4 St: Are they enjoying themselves? S2: It seems so. They appear to be relaxed and having fun with the dog. Are they playing at a park? don't think so. They seem to be siting on the porch of ahouse. st: ‘Consolidation t2 (pp-194-197) 15 2 to 6 info 10 over 14 out 3 down 7 of © 11 up 15. on 4 away 8 down 12 out 5 on 9 out 13 out 162% «10 in 18 of ~— 26 into 3of tat 1 at 27 in 4 of 12 of © 20 on Bf St 13 at 21 with «28 in 6 by 14 by 22 at 30 for 7 of 15 for 23 to 8 wih 16 in 24 in St in 2 FCE Use of English 1 key can preventstop her (rom) pursuing ‘sooner had she left than for his help to0 strong for me to was given should do away with did not buy much furniture having a new computer installed 10. long as you are home 11 wasn't to blame for 42. until she had sent him 18 2 had forgotten 9 will phone 3 was answered 10 answered 4. shaving 11 speaking 5 totell 12. know 6 had phoned 13. have been trying 7. was beginning 8 doesn't ring 19 1 of 3 until 5 80 7 there 2 most 4 was 6 about 8 even 21 38 5A 7A 2A aa 6D 8B 21 1 notletme 5 give me permission to 2 tumed down our 6 not lke him to be 3 soasnot tobe 7 was suggested that the manager 4 ‘isincluded in 8 object to me moving 22 1 professional 4 exceptional 7 difficulty 2 perfection 5 likely 8 creative 3 childhood «6 classical Practice Test 6 (pp. 102-105) Part 1A 3D 5B 7¢ 2c 4D 68 aA Part2 9 much 11 making 13 few 18 which 10 under 12 down 14 after 16 Take Part 3 17 production 20 unpleasant 23. reliable 18 completion 21 action 24 frequently 19 unskilled 22 uncommon Part 4 25. didnit admit to breaking 28. the only one who didnt 26 brings back memories. 29 kept him waiting for two 27 you let me know 30 in full agreement with ° " 2 13 4 15 16 7 18 19 20 21 22 23, 24 25 26. 27 SALBRess ane 5 2 off 4of 6 -Revision’3 (pp: 202-204) c 9A 13 B wc A 1A 15 D 2B 6 7 18 19 21 23 24 wo00 5 6 7 8 Pore >on Srao he appeared caim, he was wish | had invited her to swim rather than suggested goingythat we go no circumstance wil Jim may have already informed only half of whom with a view to selling \ hadn't crashed let her, she'll go you mind looking after ‘Ted nor Emily can ‘only does she speak Japanese it since you last spent is used to sliceor slicing unti! he had rung ther you enjoy yourself in case | was/got sooner had Julie put is similar to had Paul check the tyre to0 violent for me to are not many people who is said to be good is not as difficult scream was so loud _ can stop Susie (from) becoming p. al denied exceeding/having exceededithat he had exceeded Columbus who fist have (very) litle knowledge Mark and Melissa are can't have seen would rather he drove havent been out for of my friends have did we think in 3 outof 5 up 7 out oftidown 8 over by 3on 5 of on 4of 6 in 7 at 8 to known fascinating specific 4° encircle 5 dangerous 6 peaceful 7 extremely 8 treacherous FCE Use of English 1 key 36 Further Practice Sections Section A (pp. 205-208) 4d 2 3 4 wa 10 " 2 18 “4 15 16 7 18 19 5 9A 0c ne 2A 13 14 15 16 w>o> poor wore ° 6 7 8 of is in 8 5 by 7 to such 4 6 at expected that Sheila will marry believed the Browns had broken hhad better apologise ‘ages since I've heard sill too short to reach just in time to catchvtake is the owner of, did | realise provided (that | did not at the age of not ike is no doubt (that) live up to our is good at writing ‘Although she is (about time Charles typed | were you, | would along way to haven't had lobster for you see Peter o> Dict 18: 70 Arceitahld 18 C A 19D D 20 ¢ 15 16 o>00 4 speed 5 enough 6 Temperatures 7 experience types 8 dap whole to avoid being recognised toleave in had no intention of hurting no time did Mary suspect <0 not mind found the solution to indebted to her family is proud of her isnot keen on 4 10 " 12 8 “4 16 16 7 18 19 20 1 2 went to greatfots of trouble my knowledge, Brenda wasn't is in charge of was more tiring than started playing professional football to get rid of just about to burst into Joh not persuaded him should only be used is made up of hasnit been in touch 3 4 o> oo A B D D Section C (pp. 213-216) 4 1 2 3 4 "1 2 13 4 15 16 7 18 19 20 1 2 B 5D 9B D 6B 10D D 7D NB A BA 12 13 A 4D 16 B 16 B 7 18 19 20 pore different 4 who made 6 living themselves look 7 professions 8 keep hhas never used even though he earns had been going through unless you have did | truly understand ‘no doubt that he has they would spend was going to bake is not used to walking had left before opening/he opened long ago did you graduate funniest story Ive ever him taking so long were fascinated by to0 spicy for me to cost her about taking the children since Rex last had must have been is inneed of A c B A oo o> 3 4 Section D (pp. 217-220) 1 1 5 18 14 5 16 10 " 12 on00 evo> ova> D B 6 ie ca c 8 FCE Use of English 1 key 4 s " 12 13 4 15 16 7 1 8 19 20 1 2 Unless currently places 4 without 5. given 6 money 7 interested 8 become ‘gave me their word folt as relaxed as cannoticant do any better the cheapest sofa you could as many students as you happen to know to be pulled down as if someone has added the kitchen the way you such a crowded museum that because of the as a resutt, | had fell for Mary would get away with pput me up to work out tured out to be ‘cut down on (eating) had run out of ever had the opportunity to o> c 5B A 48 6A Word Formation (pp. 231-236) 1 Sowvorrens Bona Rone antiwar 1" bilingual 2 co-pilot 13 ‘counterattack 14 exchusband 8 intercontinental 16 misunderstand, 7 multimillionaire 18 non-members 19 outdo oversleep postgraduate pre-school rewrite semi-detached subway superhero underpaid uniform instructor trainer pianist typist 5 educationalist 9 residents 6 descendant 10 examinee 7 student 11 listeners 8 magician 12. cyclists insurance 9 decision 10 injury " recommendation 12 failure explanation payment ‘emphasis passage 5 attention 6 ‘competition 7 preference 8 popularity fitness distance 4 privacy 7 5 innocence 8 6 perfection loyalty difficulty GESSLSBIVBRESRLYSSISHAESR FS car Haows artistic 5 biliant 9 energetic traditional 6 harmless 10 expensive basic 7 poisonous 11 colourful wealthy 8 alphabetical 12 logical reliable 4 considerate 7 delighted attractive 5. excellent responsible 6 satisfying tighten 3 strengthen 5. harden legalise 4 socialise non-stop 8 impossible 15. insecure dislike 9 disadvantage 16 unreliable unforgetable 10 non-fiction 17 immature inacourate 11 unhealthy 18 unreasonable unusual 12 destabilise 19 uncomfortable decompose 13 irrelevant 20. unlikely ilegal 14 unexpected independently 36 similarities adventurous 37 destruction invention 38 manufacturer famous 39. production appearance 40. championship equipment 41. successfully disagreement 42 director warmth 43. delighted Surprisingly 44 unbreakable strength 45. success fascinating 46 optional symbolic 47 development circular 48. comparison requirement 49 behaviour athletics 50 protection truth 51 considerably inteligence 52 memorable conservation 53. growth originally 54 evidence discovery 55 construction challenging 56 globally dramatically 57 icy unknown 58 significant Unsuitable 59. European entertainment 60. proud importance 61 leading spectators 62 valuable reality 63 impressive ‘characteristic 64 variety researcher 65. presence stability 66. visitor accuracy 67 unfortunate Unpredictable 68 explorer ensure 69 extraordinary appealing 70 tisky a7 FCE Use of English 1 key Test 1A A 18 taal © wc 20. 5A 8B 1A 3A 6c 9A 28 B 13. moved 17 havent finished 14 had been waiting 18. is starting 15. had begun 49 willbe 16 have been unpacking 20. will use/am going to use © 21 © 22 fom 28 on = 24 in D 25 up 26 into 27 with 28 up E 29. gone 31 yet 33 already 30 usedto -2-_geting 34 go F 35 relaxation 37 interesting 39 mysterious 36 Popularity 38 comfortable 40 exactly @ 41... tojog (rather) than do 42... havent been to the... 43... isnt old enough .. 44 ... started going to the gym... 45... as thoughif she were 46... 100 dificult for us to 47. was amazed by .. 48... frst time she has done ... 49... had better phone 50... had dfculty (in) finishing Test 1B A 1A 4B #78 10 A 28 5.6 s2 8,0 1D 3A GB ec (9° 8 26 B 13 has recently changed 18. enjoys 14 had been working 19. is going to apply/ 15 decided will apply 16 trained 20 will get 17 is working © 21 with 22 of | 23 on 28 with D 25 by 26 off 27 down 28 out with E 20 usedto 31. go 33. gone 30 getting 32 yet 34 already F 35 discovery 37 economic 39 recognition 36 powerul 38. ability 40 safety Gai 42 a 44 45 4... 47 48 49 30 A 4 15 16 -» bein Egypt this. sis likely to cancel 0 that | wouldn't. .- before they started .. + is important to read .. can't have stolen + Was made to rewrite shave never seen such a “did you (last) write 10 avoid making him. 10D c 1A A 12.8 had 7 wouldn't know 18 could 19 would be 20 hhad bought ‘would have taken own have to in 22 between 23 in 24 outof along 26 up 27 into 28 up made like suggested 31 unless: 32 33 fully 34 than achievements protection variety 38. summaries 39 scientific 40. valuable warned us not to be... = 80 hardworking as | were you, | would did you make me see ... has as many children as must be worn . need not have spent so had our window broken .. time | went to the who comes from ... Test 2B 7D 8D Bc D 4D 10 A B 5B 1D A 6c 2B was/were 7 could 18 ‘would join 19 had taken 20 would have sent hed had had been able to will make FCE Use of English 1 key 21 in = 22 to 23 of 24 by 25. over the 27 down on 26 down 28 out 29 ike 31 than 33 fully 30 suggested 92. unless 34 made 35. possibilty 38 understanding 36. recognition 39. Impressive 37. famous 40. sympathetic 41. js les inteligent than 42... will have been repaired ... 43... provided (that) you do. 44 reminded us to water... 45. older children get, the more 46... would have been better if 47 as though she weretwas .. 48... agreed to wash up ... 49. the stadium where we play . ‘50... was such a rough sea ... Test 3A 18 4B 78 10D 2c 5D 8D nC 3D 6c 9A 2A 19... had my plane ticket reserved 14... is said to increase the... 45... sooner had she replaced. 16... clearly did he sing... 17... Wright brothers who first invented ... 18 ...in case | didnt. 19... Julie and her husband are 20... Sophie nor Colin can 21... are not many people who .. 22... can stop her (from) pursuing .. 23... too difficult for me to .. 24... can't have known what .. 25... to cycle (rather) than 26... hasn't phoned him for 27... with a view to starting 28 ...is not as/so hard as .. 29 _.. denied losing/having lostthat he had lost 30... had the money, she would... 31 35 39 40 45 46 a7 45 46 47 of 82 off «33 over «34 off at 96 in 97 of 38 to couple 41 got 43 to likes 42 any 44° What option unpleasant importance Test 3B A 4a 7A 10 c B 5D BA 1B D 6B 9D 2 wish | had sent... af used to cut... «0 circumstances will Sophie come... sid he think only two of whom were would rather she cooked ... «=. net only badminton but also ... of my brothers are have little experience of .- until he had taken it. ‘you enjoy yourself... may have already completed ... . YoU mind getting me .. 1 ist since she decided .. he (had) checked everything carefully... is similar to .. suggested their spending/that they should spend . U hadn't lost. outof 32 up 33 infor 34 out on 96 of = 87 by = BO likes 41 couple 43° What to 42. any 44 got responsibilty 48 curiosity determination 49 unable enthusiastic 50. successfully ISBN 978-1-4715-3392-1 | \ Lu ?I" S33%2) ql