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bad naam.
Dont be notorious; be famous.
Badnam na bano, mashoor bano


Today's word ,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!

jeopardize====khatry me dalna
to put some one in danger ,entangle ,put in trouble ,put in hot water etc..
no matter how your relatives are good but some of them invariably try to put you in

Word: Elope.
Meaning: Run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.
Meaning In Urdu: Larki Ka Apne Ashiq Kesath Bhag Jana.
Synonyms: abscond, bolt, decamp, disappear, escape, flee, fly, go secretly,,

word of the day

Verb: bestow ( |bi'stow| )
, ,
Verb's form: (bestows, bestowed, bestowing)
: to give (something) as a gift or honor
Part of speech:
Noun: bestowal, bestower, bestowment
give, contribute, donate, give away, present, volunteer
deprive, refuse, take
The university conferred a degree on its most famous former student, who never
graduated. bestow an honor on someone.
It wasn't my place to bestow that kind of morality lesson on someone.
They were busy mapping the coast and didn't bestow the spot with a name

To change side
I had been changing sides the whole night in/on bed.
In my opinion, 'on the bed' means 'on top of the covers' and
'in the bed' means 'under the covers'.

If I'm IN bed, I'm IN BETWEEN the sheets or blankets.

If I'm ON the bed, I'm ON TOP of the blankets or comforter

Word of the day

Verb: suspect( |su'spekt|)
Verb's form :(suspects, suspected, suspecting)
: to think that (someone) is possibly guilty of a crime or of doing something wrong
: to think that (something) is possibly the cause of something bad
: to think that (a crime) has possibly been committed
Parts of speach
Noun: suspicion, suspect
Adjective: suspected, suspect
Defendant, Distrust, Fishy, Funny, Mistrust, Queer, Shady, Surmise, Suspicious,
accept, be certain, be confident of, believe, trust
Example sentences :
she suspected his sincerity.
I suspect he is a fugitive.
The U.S. suspected Bin Laden as the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks.

Bone Idle
Hud Haram

As bold as brass
Intehai Bahadur
Go Like a Bomb
Tezi Se Jana
Bomb Scare
Bomb Ki Afwa
Asle men bina kise fareb ke

Use of Have Had.

"have had" is same thing like had, it is also used for past possession but only difference is
that......jab koi cheez thore dair dair pahlay tak hamary pass the ,just abe ki baat hai k
maray pas gare the
,i had had a car.
i have had a car
(maray pass gare the (thore dail
pahlay ,
thora arsa pahlay ka mazi)
i had car ............(maray pass gare the )........ho sakta hai yeh boath purani baat hai
in negative ....
i did not have had car.
in interrogative
did i have had a car ?

as helping verb
When have is used as an helping verb, it helps us to form the perfect tense.
I have finished the report.
Here the helping verb have forms the present perfect tense with the past participle (3rd form) finished.
Have: as main verb (action verb)
Have .. Had .. Had
Finish .. Finished .. Finished
Have can also be used as a main verb. In this case it is followed by an object. As a main verb, have is
used to talk about our possessions, relations, experiences etc.
I have a sister.
She has a car.
I usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday I had pasta.
(simple sentences)
The present perfect form of have is have had.
Have you had your breakfast? I have had a cup of coffee, but I havent had anything to eat yet.
I havent had any rest since morning.
I haven't had my lunch yet.
The past perfect form of have is had had (had + 3rd form of have)
After he had had a good night's sleep, he felt much better.
By the time he was twenty he'd already had four different jobs.

Word of the day


Verb: seize ( |seez|)

Verb's form : (seizes, seized, seizing)
Parts of speach
Noun: seizer, seizing, seizure
Adjective: seizable
: to use legal or official power to take (something)
: to get or take (something) in a forceful, sudden, or violent way
: to attack and take control of (a place) by force or violence
Synonyms :
appropriate, catch, catch hold of, clasp, clench, clinch, clutch, compass, embrace, enclose,
enfold, envelope, fasten, grapple, grasp, grip, hang onto, hold fast, lay hands on, lay hold of,
pinch, pluck, snag, snatch, squeeze, take hold of
give, let go, offer, release
Example sentences
Police seized the weapons and drugs.
The bank seized their property.
The army has seized control of the city.

Word of the day

Verb: Meddle ( |me-d(u)l|)

Verb's form: (meddles, meddled, meddling)

: to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement
is not wanted.
: to change or handle something in a way that is unwanted or harmful.
Parts of speech:
Noun: meddler, meddling
butt in, interlope, intermeddle, intrude, interfere, mess, muck (about or around), nose,
obtrude, poke, pry, snoop
avoid, dodge, ignore, stay out of
Why are you always meddling in things that do not concern you.
Don't meddle in my affairs!

fantasize( |'fan-tu,sIz|)

Verb's form:(fantasizes, fantasized, fantasizing)

: dream about desires
:Indulge in fantasies.
:Portray in the mind.
: to imagine doing things that you are very unlikely to do.

Parts of speech:

Noun: fantasy
dream, envisage, envision, fancy, imagine, fantasy, feature, ideate, image, picture, visualize
Get real.
he is fantasizing the ideal wife.
he is fantasizing when he says he plans to start his own company.
she often fantasized about the k8nd of man she would marry.
All those lottery players fantasizing themselves as living in extravagant luxury

Adjective : prodigious
: amazing or wonderful
: very impressive
: very big, enormous,huge
Parts of speech:
Noun: prodigy, prodigiousness
Adverb: prodigiously
amazing, astonishing, astounding, awesome, awful, eye-opening, fabulous, miraculous,
portentous, marvelous, staggering, stunning, stupendous,gross, immeasurable, immense,
inordinate, jumbo, king-size, large, mammoth, massive, mighty, monstrous, monumental,
mortal, stupendous, towering, tremendous, vast.

little, small, tiny
stage magicians performing prodigious feats for rapt audiences.
a prodigious supply of canned food kept in the basement for emergencies.
The legal costs involved in this enormous litigation could be prodigious.
The two species are larger than native white-clawed crayfish and are more prodigious
He couldn't recapture the loneliness and the idealism that had once been the source of his
prodigious concentration.

hard to read;
karabh likhai.