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Anton Holmbom

Personal Summary
A positive man with a burning interest for teaching and learning. Have received the highest English
education in Sweden on high school level. Travelling for 10 months in total which has made my English
speaking go from great to exceptional. Experience of working as a Hockey instructor for kids from 10-12
years old 3 years in a row, with extensive planning of activities


Fluent in English
Extensive English Education (12 years)
Teaching Experience
Experienced Speaker
Patient and encouraging

Good Listener
Good Work Ethics
Fast Learner

Education & Training

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate
140 Hour TEFL Certification ICEP TEFL, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

September October 2016

Highschool Diploma, Social Science

Strmbacka Gymnasium, Pite, Norrbotten, Sweden


Professional Experience
Nursing Assistant
Septmber 2014 January 2016
Vikbacka Elderly Care Center Trnaby, Vsterbotten
Working as a nursing assistant and learning all the responsibilities that is required for the job.
After 3 months receiving increased responsibilities with medical delegation and reporting to the
nurses and the doctors. Learned how to help people through talking, finding a solution and fixing
the problem. Also what it means to help people who are in need and rely on me.
June/August 2014
Pite Hockey School Pite, Norrbotten
Working as a Hockey Instructor for 20 children in the age of 10-12. Learned how to plan the day
with activities and to have the responsibility of 20 children on my shoulders. Through this job I
also learned how to use visual as well oral teaching methods to be able to reach the children.
Most importantly I trying to find a way that learning is fun and stimulating.


Hockey Player at J20 Elite level

Playing guitar