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Copyright Questions

1. Basically, copyright law was created in this country to protect individuals

and companies from having their work ripped off.
2. A teacher buys a single-user program with department money and puts it
on the Local Area Network (LAN) . It is frequently used by several teachers at
the same time. This is done in violation of a written district policy against
using single-user programs on the LAN. After two years, the software
company takes action against the individual teacher. The district is also
3. A teacher rents Gone With the Wind to show the burning of Atlanta scene
to her class while studying the Civil War. This is fair use.
4. A high school sells a student video yearbook made by volunteers for $25
to raise money for equipment for the school. They use popular music clips.
The money all goes to the school. The songs are fully listed in the credits.
Fair use.
5. It is a copyright infringement to link to an image on another person's web
6. You are producing a short play you have written. One of the characters has
a birthday during the course of the play, and you have written a scene in
which five other characters sing "Happy Birthday to You" around a candlecovered birthday cake. It is copyright infringement.
7. You record a program from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). You
show the film to your psychology class as part of a presentation one time. It
is copyright infringement.
8. Copyright status is only granted to well-known authors and filmmakers.

9. If I give credit to the owner/author/songwriter, I am not violating a

copyright law.
10. An art work by monkey can be protected by copyright law.

11. The law that is developed to balance the interests of internet service
providers and copyright owners when copyright infringement occurs in the
digital environment is called

12. U.S. Government work is copyright protected.

13. A work not protected by copyright is considered to be in the (
14. I can make a copy of a VHS onto a DVD when I do not have a VHS player.
15. Our library owns a 1986 videotape that is deteriorating rapidly since it is
used multiple times a year. We have searched everywhere and cannot find a
replacement. The production company no longer exists. In this case, our
library can make a DVD copy of this VHS.
16. I can scan book covers and post them to my web site.
17. I can play streaming radio on the internet such as Pandora for my
classroom for background music.
18. (
) is a nonprofit organization that enables the
sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.