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kol SRK konfor konsantre

Concentrated, dust free, lightweight tile
n Description
Cement based, lightweight, dust free tile adhesive with
reduced slip and extended open time.

n Advantages
It makes the equivalent meter square with 25 kg tile
adhesives by means of Active Compression
Master friendly as it is light
Easy to carry with its special handle
By occupying less place, it provides stocking and
transportation advantage
Environmental friendly with less carbon release.

n Range of application
Used for coating materials such as fixing ceramic
tile and similar materials at interior walls and floors.

n Application substrates

Not applicable on metal surfaces (weber EP 800

should be used).
Not applicable on floors with heavy traffic (e.g.:
industrial areas) (weber.kol flex konfor konsantre or
weber.kol flex konfor should be used).
Not applicable of prefabricated or floor heating floors.
(weber.kol flex konfor konsantre or
weber.kol flex konfor should be used).
Not applicable on wood floor, old painted substrates,
swimming pools and on the available ceramic coating
(See current "weber solution guide").
Not applicable to concrete wall. (See current "weber
solution guide").
On gypsum blocks and boards C2 class tile
adhesives should be used (See current "weber
solution guide")

n Application properties

Time required for foot traffic: 24 hours

Application thickness: 3 to 10 mm (one or both sides
The stated durations are valid at 20 C substrate and
ambient temperature. It may increase at lower
temperature and decrease at higher temperature.

n Performance
Initial tensile adhesion strength: 0,5 N/mm2
Tensile adhesion strength after water immersion:
0,5 N/mm2
Tensile adhesion strength after heat aging:
0,5 N/mm2
Tensile adhesion strength after freeze-thaw cycles:
0,5 N/mm2
Extended open time: tensile adhesion strength:
0,5 N/mm2 after not less than 30 min.
Slip: 0,5 mm.
Heat resistance: between -30 C and +60 C.
These values were obtained as a result of laboratory
tests and they are valid for 28 days performance of
finished applications. Values may vary due to differences
on jobsites.


Interior walls;
- Cement based render,
- Gypsum plaster, gypsum block and gypsum board
weber.prim saten applied).
Interior floors;
- Cement based screed,
- Concrete coating.
Exterior floors;
- Cement-based screed,
- Concrete coating.
Please see current "weber solution guide" for floor types
and max. coating sizes to be applied with
weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre on these surfaces.
Please consult us for all other application substrates.

n Limits of application

Technical Data Sheet

Issued on : 30.10.2015
Revision No: 002

Pot life: max. 4 hours,

Open time: max. 40 minutes,
Adjustability: max. 30 minutes,
Time required for grouting: 24 hours (on floor and

n Reference standards

TS EN 12004/C 1TE class.

Public Works Pos No: 04.013/1
Please see current "weber solution guide" for the
classification introduced by TS EN 12004 norm about
tile adhesives.

n Attention points

As the product is produced by active compression

technology, electrical mixer must be used for mixing
In order to activate the product, mixing time should
be taken into consideration (Min. 3 minutes).
Foreign materials must not be added.
All tools should be cleaned with water before drying
after the application.

n Preparation of substrates
The surface should be dry, smooth and durable.
Plasters thinner than 3 mm on the substrate should
be scraped and cleaned thoroughly.
Very porous substrates should be wetted.
Wait until the water layer disappears as the floor will
remain damp.
Important deformations or holes on the substrate
should be repaired with weber.rep MA 200 minimum
24 hours before the application of
weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre.
Local repairs thinner than 7 mm can be done by use
of weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre.

1/2 weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre

Technical Data Sheet

Issued on : 30.10.2015
Revision No: 002

n Application tools

n Conditions of application
Ambient temperature is between +5 C and +35 C.
It should not be used on substrates which are frozen
or melting or have the risk of frost within 24 hours.
Avoid application under direct sunlight, strong wind
or hot surfaces.
Avoid film formation by weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre
during application, if film is present, that area should
be notched again.

Electrical mixer, rubber hummer, toothed steel trowel.

n Shelf life
1 year as of the production date in dry and moisturefree environment provided that packages will not be
Package should be kept tightly closed when not in

n Application
Average 6,5-7 lt water and 15 kg
weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre should be mixed by
electrical mixer for minimum 3 minutes.
weber.kol SRK konfor konsantre should be mixed for
1-2 minutes after aging for 2-3 minutes before the
The mortar should be applied on the substrate and
its thickness should be adjusted with steel notched
trowel. Tooth size of trowel should be adjusted
according to dimensions of tile and smoothness of
application substrate.
Mortar should be applied on both application
substrate and backside of tiles with below mentioned
sizes (back buttering).
- Interior floor applications:
Tiles bigger than 1100 cm2
- Interior wall applications:
Tiles bigger than 900 cm2
- All exterior wall and floor applications.
For good adhesion force should be applied by means
of rubber hammer and air should be ejected.

n Consumption
Tile dimensions


120 cm2 and 500 cm2

500 cm2 and 2000 cm2

Notched trowel
6x6x6 mm.
8x8x8 mm.

10x10x10 mm.

Please read QR code on your device to view weber konsantre series film.


One-sided adhesion 2,4 kg./m2

Double-sided adhesion 3,0-3,6 kg./m2
One-sided adhesion 3,0 kg./m2
Double -sided adhesion 3,9 kg./m2

One-sided adhesion 3,3 kg./m2

Double -sided adhesion 4,2-4,8 kg./m2

n Packaging
Net 15 kg bag (80 bags in pallet, 1200 kg).

n Pallet size
100 x 100 cm.

n Color

The stated times apply for 20 C substrate and ambient temperature and increase at lower temperatures and decrease at high temperatures.
Saint-Gobain Weber Yap Kim. San. ve Tic. A.. is not responsible for the application errors arising from use of product beyond its intended purpose or failure to comply
with the foregoing application conditions and advice on the product.

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