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Senior High School A.Y. 2016- 2017

Name: _______________________________Gr.& Sec: ___________________________Score:
I. Encircle the letter of the word that does not belong to the group. (10pts)
1. a. use
b. message c. purpose d. data-gathered
2. a. TV
b. attitude c. radio
d. newspaper
3. a. historical b. action
c. discoursed. experimental
4. a. variable b. scientific c. systematic
d. problem-oriented
5. a. scientific b. naturalistic
c. compound
d. triangulation
6. a. beliefs b. tradition c. internet d. religion
7. a. accuracy b. timeliness
c. clarity
d. natural
8. a. measurable
b. specific c. social
d. time-bound
9. a. culture b. society c. media
d. social relations
a. parents b. teachers c. mentors d. friend
II. Write TRUE if the statement is CORRECT, and if WRONG, change the
underlined word. Write your answer on the space provided before each
item. (20pts)
__________11. According to Leedy (1974), research is a quest for undiscovered truth.
__________12. A concept is an explanation to understand the occurrence of specific
__________13. A theory is an abstract label that represents an aspect of reality.
__________14. A hypothesis is a specific statement describing the expected
relationship of variables.
__________15. Conceptualization is the conversion of the abstract idea or notion into a
realistic item
__________16. Population is the process by which the researcher chooses a sample.
__________17. Reliability refers to how well a test measures what it is supposed to
__________18. Validity is the degree to which an assessment tool produces stable and
consistent results
__________19. Sampling refers to the participants in the study.
__________20. Data are all the collected information
IV. Arrange the following sentences to form a logical sequence. Number it
from 1-10. Write it on the space provided before each item. (10pts)
_____ 21. Make a Thesis Statement for your claim.
_____ 22. Understand the Assignment
_____ 23. Discuss with some Experts
_____ 24. Identify the Topic
_____ 25. Formulate Research Questions
_____ 26. Narrow the Topic
_____ 27. Make a Research Title

_____ 28. Make a Preliminary Reading

_____ 29. Formulate Sub-research questions
_____ 30. Brainstorm on Potential Topics
V. Enumerate the following (20pts):
A. Agencies that deviate people from truth-searching
31. ____________________________________
32. ____________________________________
33. ____________________________________
34. ____________________________________
35. ____________________________________
B. Purposes of Research
36. ____________________________________
37. ____________________________________
38. ____________________________________
39. ____________________________________
40. ____________________________________
C. Characteristics of Research
41. ____________________________________
42. ____________________________________
43. ____________________________________
44. ____________________________________
45. ____________________________________
D. Types of Research
46. ____________________________________
47. ____________________________________
48. ____________________________________
49. ____________________________________
50. ____________________________________
VI. Essay: Write briefly but comprehensively the (1) Statement of the
Problem, (2) Significance of the Study, (3) Scope and Delimitation on any of
the following topics (30pts):
A. Perceptions on Celebrities-turned-Politicians among Senior High School Teachers
at Signal Village National High School
B. The Relationship between Teacher Motivation and Academic Achievement
among Grade 9 Junior High School Student at Signal Village National High
C. Reasons for Taking Up the GAS Strand among Grade 11 GAS Senior High School
Students at Signal Village National High School
D. The Effectiveness of using Filipinish in the Enhancement of the Subject-Verb
Agreement Skills of Grade 8 Junior High School Students at Signal Village
National High School
E. The Challenges of the K-12 Curriculum among Grade 11 Senior High School
Students at Signal Village National High School

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