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Submitted By:
Dela Cruz, Jhoanne Khryss P.

Submitted To:
Prof. Lyn Parugrug


Philippines have always been immersed in political and social controversies, mostly on
corruption. Mass media plays a role in criticizing the government with its inability to
solve social problems and the corruption in the government. Mass media presented
limited ways of giving voice to its audience. They wield considerable power and
influence in the process of attaining social change.
The introduction of the internet allowed ordinary citizens not only to express their
opinions, but also reach out without the need to go through mass media organizations.
Communication and information is at our fingertips. It created possibilities that are very
useful to the entire human race. And one of those possibilities is Social Media. With the
rapid development of technology, social media is also escalating to provide information
in the easiest and fastest way. However, just like everything else, theres a downside to
social media. Sometimes it creates misconceptions that it usually loses its credibility
which greatly affect not a single person but an entire community.
It is amusing to find out that some netizens harbor illusions about the internets role in
political action. I agree that the internet has become influential but not yet to the extent
where Filipino go offline to take the polling precincts. Mobile phones became a tool in
movements and protests. Starting as a personal communication tool, the cellphone
gradually assumed political color as transmitters of political jokes and information and
other political propaganda, until it reached its political peak as a weapon. Today, the
cellphone is an indispensible tool for new and old activists.



The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) is a national labor center. Consistent
with its belief in social movement unionism, APL has built itself as a multi-form
center, drawing into its fold various forms of labor organizations and not just
trade unions. In the future, APL sees itself as a singular union structure
consolidated along industry and geographical lines. APL was formally organized
on November 1996 through a National Founding Congress.
As a national labor center, APL primarily functions as a representative of its
existing and potential affiliates in negotiating and advocating for their rights as
workers and unions, at the national and international level. APL assists its
affiliates by performing functions that they can no longer fulfill because of various
tasks at the enterprise, community or federation level. It also extends services to
its members particularly in the area of organizational capability-building. APL
advances the workers struggle by adopting the following strategies:
a) Strengthening APLs mass movement character
Vertical Organizing - One way to circumvent the limits of the current
labor relations system is to build industry line formations such as national
unions or industry alliances. These formations shall articulate issues and
concerns pertinent to their respective industries and work for specific
industry policies. These would be the ideal vehicle for pushing industrywide bargaining mechanisms. Hopefully, such merger would also
encourage the re-organization of the entire labor movement along
industry lines, thereby reducing, if not totally eliminating the current

practice of union raiding at the plant-level.

Horizontal Organizing - Another way to address the problems brought
by new patterns in economic and labor PART FIVE: The Alliance of
Progressive Labor (APL) 4 relations is to build territorial alliances. All APL
member organizations in a particular territory or geographical area shall

be encouraged to form alliances for better coordination and consolidated

political action. Territorial alliances also serve as the best mechanism for
unions to participate in electoral exercises which are conducted based on
political territorial units.
b) Building the Labor Vote
Increase political consciousness of its mass members regarding the

electoral arena.
Help build a progressive party and encourage members to join the party.
Work for electoral reforms.
Develop skills of members in electoral.

c) Engaging in the Development Arena

d) Participating in the Global Struggle of Workers


PAWS is a registered non-profit organization which is dedicated to the protection
and the promotion of humane treatment of all animals. The volunteer-based
organization rehabilitates these animals in the hope of finding them new homes
and a second chance at a good life. The PAWS shelter also serves as an animalwelfare information center and a low-cost spay-neuter clinic. It attends to an
average of 50 calls a day concerning different animal welfare, animal care, and
animal control concerns and helps local government officials with many of their
animal-related problems. Prior to its having a shelter, the organization was
already doing humane education, campaigns and low-cost neutering albeit on a
small scale. PAWS campaigns actively against dogfights, horse fights and
against wild animals being used for entertainment.
Two of its out-of-shelter programs are hugely popular among youngsters: the
PAWS humane education session and the Doctor Dog Program. The PAWS
Humane Education Team reaches hundreds of school children of all ages by
conducting school visits within Metro Manila. It has modules for pre-school,
elementary school, high school and lectures for students in university levels.
Moreover, PAWS conducts the Animal Asia Foundation's 'Doctor Dog Program in
the Philippines. Over 100 visits to hospitals, schools and institutions have been

clocked in by a handful of volunteer humans and their dogs since the Program
was introduced in the country in 1998. Dr. Dog aims to fight cruelties such as the
illegal Philippine dog meat trade in an unconventional way by showing the public
about the service that dogs render to man. By highlighting how animals help
people in the Doctor Dog program it is hoped that society will begin to grasp
more fully why all animals deserve our respect and protection beginning with
our beloved companion animals.

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