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In his commentary on Horasara (Ranjan Publications), page 168, R. Santhanam give
s old but reliable technique from Jyotisha Pragnana Deepika.
Savya means Left and Apasavya means right
This style of wearing the thread is known as 'savya'. When it is worn on the rig
ht shoulder it is known as 'Apasavya'
From Ketu to Rahu all the houses are filled, it is called Apasavya Kala sarpa yo
There are two types of motion - direct and retrograde, known as Savya and Apasav
ya in Sanskrit.
The motion in Savya is direct - from Aries to Pisces.
The motion in Apasavya is retrograde - from Pisces to Aries.
There are two types of Chakras in Savya and Apasavya and we get four groups of S

Stars are groups into Four Groups


The Aswini Group

The Bharani Group

In Apasavya

The Rohini Group

The Mrigasira Group