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John P Gay

Birmingham, AL 35243
(251) 209-3846

Lean Six Sigma Champion | Director Birmingham, AL area


Current Position

Other Experience

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional

Supply Chain Council SCOR-Professional
DuPont Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt
Corporate Manufacturing Center of Competency.
Supervising Master Black Belt and Global Best Practice Leader for
Focused Improvement - Retired mid 2015
DuPont, Houston, TX
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Group delivering $1million plus per person every year in hard,
validated savings and $2+ million each in enabled soft savings
($78million year to mid-2015 from my team of eleven).
Strong support of corporate Production System implementation,
including three Global Best Practice Leaders.
Personal projects include Strategic corporate IT alignment (SAP/APO,
Process Monitoring and Control); Supply Chain Development and
Optimization (bio-based plastics, food supplement commercialization,
cellulosic ethanol commercialization, bio-butanol pilot) and numerous
plant operations improvements.
Corporate lean instructor, impacting hundreds of engineers and
Technical Leadership
DuPont, La Porte, TX
Technical Superintendent for site landlord, responsible for 14 engineers
and chemists delivering Process Safety Management, Management of
Change-Personnel and -Technology and deep support to a two-unit
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Major project accelerated to meet new environmental permit
requirements, defined, installed and started up on-time, on-budget.
Solved major site problem with water effluent quality, put in place
standard work and predictive measures.
Solved a long-standing problem of leak detection (environmental
consent order) using process measures and binary logistic regression.
Managed through significant turnover in key engineering positions,
with no impact to operations or safety.
Various Leadership and Staff Engineering positions
DuPont, Mobile, AL
Unit Technology Leader (guardian) for two units, eleven products. Responsible
for advancing unit performance and capability, new product introductions, deep
support of operations technical personnel and High-Hazard process safety.
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Led development of replacement mixing/cooling technology for a fast
reaction to solve major quality, rate and yield issues for an intermediate
Planned and executed in-sourcing of a key intermediate, transitioning
this sole-sourced material during downstream operation, with full
biological testing of product efficacy and safety. Protected a
$50million margin product.




Managed implementation of global sourcing (Asia) of key

intermediates for sensitive Crop Protection products, meeting all
requirements for qualification, including biological testing.
Led a major Process Hazards Review for a multi-product common vent
and relief system, breaking an analysis logjam, enabling rational risk
assessment and mitigation. Avoided $millions to replace the systems.
Managed through two reductions in force, using a knowledge-skillsexperience system to determine who to release, how to mitigate the
risk, and to tailor developmental plans to both individual and business

Leader for IT, Sourcing, Crop Protection Business, Shipping, Warehousing,

Materials Handling and Technical Support.
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Led integration of this acquisition into DuPont systems, including
email, financial and shipping/distribution.
ISO-9002 certification gained and sustained
SAP ERP selection for DuPont and piloting in Crop Protection SBU.
Installation and support of LIMS and CAD systems, PBX and PCs
IT Leader and Staff Engineering positions
DuPont, La Porte, TX
IT group leader and member, Responsible for Operations and Support of
Mainframes, PCs, Network and Telecommunications, several systems
migrations and a MRP-II Pilot.
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Installation and start-up of first site Local Area Network
Piloting and universal expansion of PCs for engineering work
Managing through 100% programmer turnover with no disruption to
site operations or financial support


Process and project engineering and operations technical support for three units,
delivering process expansions, debottlenecking, troubleshooting and HighHazard Process Safety Management.
Highlights of Accomplishment:
Major expansion of insecticide manufacturing via a breakthrough shift
to continuous processing, cut wastes by 90%, energy by 50%, avoided
$millions for a second factory being designed
Invention of modified valve to solve a chronic reliability, eliminating
associated loss of catalyst life and productivity (rare cash award for
Bachelors of Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Engineering