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Homily For The Holy Family 1st Sunday

Of Christmas (Year, C)
Emulating The Holy Family Of Nazareth
Rdgs: (1st: Sir 3, 2-6. 12-14; Ps: 127, 1-15;
2nd: Col 3, 12-21; Gos: Lk 2, 42-52)
This brief reflection was written by Rev. Fr.
Njoku Canice Chukwuemeka, C.S.Sp. He is a
Catholic Priest and a Member of the
Congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers and
Brothers (Spiritans). He is currently working at
the Sanctuario del Espiritu Santo, en Dorado,
Puerto Rico, del Internacional Grupo Espiritano
De Puerto Rico Republica Dominicana. For
more details and comments contact him on:
canicechukwuemeka@gmail.com .
Today, the first Sunday of Christmas the
Church celebrates the Holy Family of
Nazareth: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We live in
a time when the family institution is under a
serious threat. The family as an institution
which is the nucleus of every human society
has suffered greatly in our time. Consequently,
the society at large is suffering too. So the
church presents us with the ideal model of
what a family should be.
All the readings of this Sunday are carefully
selected instructions about an ideal family and

the duties of each member in order to maintain

the sanctity of the family. The first reading
from Sir 3: 2-6. 12-14, in a nut shell speaks
of the need for children to be responsible and
obedient to their parents: Hence: He who
honors his mother is like someone amassing a
fortune. Whoever respects his father will be
happy with children of his own. In other
words, in an ideal family, it is the role of
children to make their parents happy. When
they do, definitely a blessing follows them as
Paul admonishes in Eph 6, 1-2.
In the second reading Paul outlined the
qualities and virtues of an ideal Christian
family: You should be clothed in sincere
compassion, in kindness and in humility,
gentleness and patience. Bear with one
another; forgive each other as soon as a
quarrel begins. In a Christian family each
member knows his duty and responsibility. If
each carries out his / her duty well the unity
and love of the family blossoms. If the
husband loves his wife and children by caring
and providing for them, he wins their favour
and admiration. If the mother respects the
father and nurtures her children well, things
will go well. Finally if the children are obedient
to their parents the family will prosper.

In todays gospel, Luke informs us of how the

parents of Jesus played their role in his
upbringing. They continued to accompany him
in love until he was mature enough to take
care of himself. They provided for his needs
and made sure that they brought him up in
faith. They did this by presenting him to God
at the appropriate time. When they thought he
was lost, they looked for him. Indeed they
played their role well as parents. Todays
gospel also reminds us that problems and
obstacles are inevitable in a family. However, if
the members remain united and courageous
they will definitely overcome them all.
Joseph today played his part very well. So he
is a role model for all fathers. He protected
and provided for both the mother and the
child. Mary also played her role very well by
providing much maternal love that their son
needed as he grew up. On his part, Jesus was
not disobedient or problematic. He understood
the difficulties that his family faced! Parents
must live up to expectation; they must listen
to God in prayer, and must learn to obey
divine instructions from God for the good of
their family.
Therefore, a Christian family is, a family
modeled after the Holy Family of Nazareth. A

Christian family as ordained by God the

Creator is made up of the father, the mother,
and Children (when it pleases the Lord). It is a
family that sticks and prays together. It is a
family that works and walks together in
harmony. It is a family where respect and
dignity is accorded to each member. An ideal
family must have love, peace, and unity of
purpose. In an ideal family all the members are
happy. They understand, love and help each
other. It is a family where difficulties and
responsibilities are shared reasonably. An ideal
family is a balanced family. This is the model
of the family that the church presents to us
and the entire world today. So, let us implore
the Holy family to help us always live like
them: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us.
Peace be with you!