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How to achieve world peace

But then, HOPE we must not let this go out of our hands, out of our grasps,
out of our lives completely. It is not a question of our differences, not even of
our mistakes, but rather, of our principles that we can finally resolve and
come up, hopefully, with a most taken-for-granted word PEACE
Ideas agree with: Truly, people nowadays do not hope for the future. There
is nothing in the word PEACE. For them, there is nothing neither so elusive
nor so queer about this. How can there be peace if right and left, we could
hear guns, bombings and killings. People, most especially the victims have
become numb and started to refuse the existence of it.
New ideas learned: Forgetting what lies behind and setting straight our
principles and goals to be catalysts of change. Social transformation is a
major factor in dealing this kind of situation. Every individual must conquer
the fear in moving out of the comfort zones and must learn to be determined
in undergoing the process of what we call change.

This nation can be great again

It is our people bravely determining our own future. For to make the future is
the supreme act of the free
Ideas agree with: Each one of us has its own vision. A goal to achieve one
way or another that would make ones history. I agree that the government
itself is the main actor in guarding the safety of the oppressed, protect the
rights of the people and balance the justice system of the state. Good
governance is vital nowadays as to lay down the visions of the people and
create the future for the next generations.
New ideas learned: We are all heroes of our nation. At small things, we can
do very great. We just have to look after our talents, sustain the vision, share
the knowledge, inspire people and learn to understand that within ourselves,
there will always be self that could conquer all the hardships in life. For you
and me, and for the world to be.

The greatest work of Gods hands

The sun sinks to rise again: the day is swallowed up in the gloom of the
night, to be born out of it, as fresh as if it had never been quenched"
Ideas agree with: As the Scripture said that every human being is
wonderfully and fearfully made by the Creator. While it is true that every
individual will always be unique to the other, each one of us must appreciate
the likeness we have in this brotherhood race.
New ideas learned: there will always be a time for everything. Time to be
happy and to mourn. Time to plant and time to reap. Time to live and time to
die. On the other hand, one thing will always remain the purpose we lived
on and the feeling we brought to someone elses life.

The death penalty

Ideas agree with:

New ideas learned: