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Marketing Plan for New Toothpaste Brand



Smile can change your life!!

Prepared for:
Md. Nazmus Sakib (Mnb)

Prepared by:
Ali Arfi Shafat Chowdhury - 1510376630
Sabiha Shobnom Monika - 1420657030
M.D. Mostafijur Rahman - 1510511030
S.M. Nowraj Arefin - 1510407630
Samia Safrin Urmee - 1510667630

Course Name: Introduction to Marketing (MKT202)

Semester: Summer 2015
Section: 39

Submission Date: 01.08.2015


Md. Nazmus Sakib
North South University

Dear Sir,
It is been a great pleasure for us to submit this Report. This Report has been
prepared by our group as a part of Introduction to marketing course. This report
has done by a lot of research. All the required information and statistics has a valid
This Report gave us an opportunity to apply practical knowledge in real world. I
sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this report.


Ali Arfi Shafat Chowdhury - 1510376630

Sabiha Shobnom Monika - 1420657030
M.D. Mostafijur Rahman - 1510511030
S.M. Nowraj Arefin - 1510407630
Samia Safrin Urmee - 1510667630

Executive Summary..4

Table of Contents

Current Marketing Situation..6-8
SWOT Analysis.8-9
Objectives & Issues10
Marketing Strategies...11-17
Action Plan17-18

Executive Summary
This report is prepared on a new toothpaste brand smileOdent. This report
provides basic detailed information of marketing strategy of smileOdent. We
went to some super shop (like Agora, Mina Bazar, Shoppno etc.) and also some
local shop in many areas to gather as much as information about all the toothpaste
brands. After completing the market research, we have made our marketing
strategy for our product. We have segmented the market, targeted people and set
our positioning. We also have discussed about marketing mix of our product.

Introduce SmileOdent toothpaste at an affordable price to the lower income level
of the economic pyramid in Bangladesh. The vast majority of poor people in
Bangladesh cannot afford purpose made toothpaste. SmileOdent toothpaste gives
them this rare opportunity. In this way, the lower income people of economic
prosperity can avoid different oral diseases and live a healthy lifestyle. Our
objective is to reduce competition from other brands by offering product at a
relatively affordable price.
SmileOdent toothpaste is a Bangladeshi toothpaste brand focusing on oral care for
lower income people. The flow of services by the toothpaste is extra ordinary. Due
to its magnificent services, SmileOdent will be recognized more positively.
SmileOdent is a product that serves in the oral care needs of this country. The
brand with its exciting product line and advertising will soon become the number 1
choice of Bangladeshi consumers. Main ingredients used in our toothpaste are
sorbitol, aqua, hydrated silica, sodium Lauryl Sulphate, PG32, flavor, cellulous
gum, sodium saccharin, sodium fluoride, zinksulfat, CI77019, sodium hydroxide,
CI19140, CI42051, CI77891. The quality and smell is good. The toothpaste color
is blue.
Our product is for lower income people. Our idea is to give the best product and
oral care to the lower income people in their affordable range and also make profit
for the company as well. Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet, in these 3 cities our
product will be sold.

Our tagline is Smile Can Change Your Life

Current Marketing Situation

At the beginning, we went to some super shop (like Agora, Mina Bazar, Shoppno
etc.) and also some local shop in many areas, because we wanted to gather as much
as information about all the toothpaste brands. In a shop, after getting the
permission from shop representative, we met some salespeople who are servicing
there. Then we asked some questions like

How many toothpaste brands are in the market?

What brands are most selling?
What are their specialties?
What are their prices plus amount?

From this information and observation, we came know the top five brands in our
local market. The brands are1. Close-up
2. Pepsodent
3. Colgate

4. Sensodyne
5. White plus
Introducing a new product in market and generate profit with this is a challenging
thing to achieve. But we believe that if we do branding with a unique way
consumer will definitely buy our product. There are 3 core products categories in
market of toothpaste. These are paste form, gel form and powder form. Consumers
are very much bias towards those products. Customers of the current market are
happy with the current products because they have no better option. But still they
are seeking something better. After analyzing the market condition of toothpaste in
current market, we come up with a new product called SmileOdent toothpaste.

Brand name- Our brand name is SmileOdent. This name was chosen because it
Relatable to the nature of the product,
Easy to pronounce, recognize and remember,
Distinctive from the names of other brands, e.g. Close-up, Pepsodent,
Colgate, Sensodyne, Whiteplus. etc.
Can be registered and legally protected.
Currently, SmileOdent has 3 variants (Fresh Breath, Sensitive Teeth and Pro
Health) in the Bangladesh market, addressing the specific need of all the members
of a family:

SmileOdent Fresh Breath:

The ideal toothpaste is for the little ones and teenagers in the family so that they
can avoid cavities. Helps to keep away germs, also helps to avoid gum related
problems such as gum bleeding and gum swelling. The unique formula helps to
prevent bacterial growth in the mouth. So you can enjoy a healthy plus fresh smile.

SmileOdent Pro Health:

The ideal toothpaste is for smokers. The toothpaste contains the whitening agent
Perlite, to give you whiter teeth in just 1 week. Combination of 5 natural
ingredients in this toothpaste helps your oral care needs.

SmileOdent Sensitive:
The ideal toothpaste is for sensitive teeth. The toothpaste that delivers relief from
tooth sensitivity in just 60 seconds! The advanced formulation contains the
revolutionary ingredients that will help you to get instant relief from sensitive

SWOT Analysis
Contains no sugar
Clinically proven active ingredients to help relieve sensitivity within 2
Proven carried protection of fluoride (Does not use stannous fluoride which
may produce surface staining of the teeth).
No. 1 dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth.

A variety of flavors and choices.

Its formula keeps breath feeling fresh for hours.
Helps protect against cavities, maintain healthy teeth and gums.
Can be used every day as basic toothpaste.

Customers confuse which flavours to choose as it seems like all has the
same functions.
Unclear information given on the packaging, thus consumers do not know
what kind of feature it actually provides.
Colors and design on the packaging is rather pale compare with the others.

Malaysian growing awareness of hygiene and product innovation.
With changing diet, tooth sensitivity is increasingly felt by all age groups.

Most of the people would prefer to choose normal toothpaste because it is
cheaper and they do not know it can also be used as normal toothpaste.\
Some customers dislike the taste of Sensodyne, as it does not have strong
taste like normal toothpaste.

Objectives and Issues

Our main vision is:

1. To reduce the spread of oral care associated infections:

There are many people who love to take some foods which are harmful for the
teeth. They dont brush their teeth perfectly and this creates harm to their teeth.
The wastes of the teeth infect the teeth and this infection can take a person to
various kinds of health problems. There are some toothpaste which creates a side
effect on tooth. Thats why weve come with a toothpaste, which has no side
effects and reduce the infection.

2. Provide a best product in an affordable price:

There is much toothpaste which is very expensive. All the people cant afford these
toothpastes. Thats why weve come with toothpaste, which is effective and also
cheap. The market we are targeting, these people usually do not use toothpaste.
Mostly they use toothpowder and coal. We will be offering our product at their
affordability. They are already buying toothpowder or coal at some cost. We will
persuade them to switch to another substitute; toothpaste. For that we have to make
them aware that using toothpowder or coal is not good for their teeth. They can
switch to our product by spending same or less cost.

3. Bring smile in everyones face:

Many people living in the world face different types of teeth problems. Our main
mission is to remove those problems and bring smile in everyone's face.

Marketing Strategy
1. Targeting:
The market is based on the different groups and classes; we will need to choose our
targets. We need to develop specific strategies for our target market. We are going
to use concentrated targeting or niche targeting. This approach focuses on selecting
a particular market niche on which marketing efforts are targeted. We are focusing
on a single segment so we can concentrate on understanding the needs and wants
of that particular market closely.
We also concentrated these 4 units

Defining the abilities of the company and resources needed to enter a market
Analyzing competitors on their resources and skills
Considering the companys abilities compared to the competitors' abilities
Deciding on the actual target markets.

2. Positioning:
Now the question is how to create an identity or image of the product in the mind
of the customer. Every segment is different from the others, so different customers
with different ideas of what they expect from the product. We have divided our
brand positioning in to three ways; product attributes, product benefits and product
beliefs and values. In our brand positioning our product will suggest the benefits
and also it will differentiate from others product.


Product attributes:
Best valued product at your affordability. Also we will produce such quality
toothpaste with a great flavor.

Product benefits:
It makes your teeth strong and clear. Our main focus will be to make the user
experience the beauty of a fresh smile

Beliefs and values:

We want our customers to believe that our product is very good in terms of quality
and highly protest against cavities. They have to believe that they are not just
buying a product; they are buying a value in the shape of a paste tube.
And our tagline is Smile Can Change Your Life and our focus with this tagline
is that, we can reach to customers at an emotional level.

3. Product line:
As we are new in the market, so we should keep a different and good quality
product to get position in the competitive market. Our product is more hygiene
among the entire toothpaste brands in the market which is proved by BSTI.


The main features of our product are safety, germ free, good smelled, healthy,
hundred percent secure. These useful features are the main competitive tools for
differencing our product from competitors product. We launched three different
variants of our product (Fresh Breath, Sensitive Teeth and Pro Health) addressing
the specific need of all the members of a family. We targeted a huge amount of
smoker, basically whose are chain-smoker. There are so many black stains on their
teeth. Our Pro Health flavor is especially for them. By using this toothpaste all
stains are will be removed.

4. Price:
Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only
mix, which generates money for the company. Toothpaste, this type of product is
very price sensitive, as there are some other competitors. Our company is very
careful about their pricing policies, strategies, approaches, influencing factors etc.
We will use penetration pricing for our product because we want to set an
affordable price to increase sales and market share. It is not possible to provide
best quality toothpaste at the cheapest price of the market. Even if it is possible our
lead competitors could have done that. But based on the value we are offering
cheapest price ever. The idea is high quality but affordable price product. Most of
our target customer, earn very limited money. So if there is a product which is at
their available price, people will buy it, because our target consumers always look

for the good quality in their budget. For example, Pepsodent toothpaste had a wide
market share for their product, which cost 65Tk for 100gm. When Close-up
toothpaste introduced 100gm for 60Tk (5Tk less), demand for Pepsodent
toothpaste went down. Those who purchased Pepsodent previously started shifting
to Close-up. As most consumers look for the cheapest and best alternative
available. Consumers selections are based on price of product. After this we have
decided that we will launch our product in low price so the consumer can afford
the product. We have set the prices based on the existing products from other
brand. We are offering lower than them. Here is a price table-

Brand Name























1.SmileOdent Fresh

2. SmileOdent Pro


#Above all will be

available in


5. Distribution:
Place or distribution is about how a business gets its products to the customers. The
objective of distribution is make products available in the right place at the right
time in the right quantities. For our product distribution we will be using indirect
marketing channel. This channel will have two intermediaries; wholesalers and

Wholesalers will buy and store large quantities of our product. And they will
supply the retailers with smaller quantities.

6. Advertising:
We will be using non-personal media. Our target market is working class people.
They only watch TV for certain time period. Most of them cant afford TV. We will
be still advertising on TV but on some specific channel and specific time. Like
Friday when BTV shows Bangla cinema. We will mostly use bill board all over the
targeted location. We will also use poster and radio.

For billboard advertisement we came up with a new idea. We believe that idea will
create awareness towards people. In our billboard we will ask for investing 5
minutes of everyone. Not money only 5 minutes in your daily life. And at the age
of 60/70 we will show comparative pictures of teeth that a person who is brushing
his/her teeth every day and a person who is not brushing his/her teeth properly. We


will set billboard on highly populated area. We will make it sample so that our
target audience can understand that.

Through radio we can get good local acceptance. It also provides high geographic
and demographic selectivity at low cost. We have lots of radio channel. And their
audiences are from everywhere. Our target market also listen radio often in their
cellphone. Most people have a cellphone with radio. So radio advertisement will be
very effective for us.

TV Commercial:
Though our target customers really do not watch TV, but we will promote our
product on TV at specific time period. Like Friday when BTV shows Bangla
cinema. Or at the time of cricket match when Bangladesh cricket team will be
playing. As our tagline is Smile can change your life we will be focusing more
on smile. In our TV commercials we will be showing advertisements that every
human being has the right to smile.

7. Sales Promotions:
We have come with a creative idea for our promotional message. It will be
emotional and also rational. We will mostly focus on that specific target customer.
We are going to tell in our promotional activities that we are here for you. Our
brand tagline is Smile can change your life. We will emphasize on that line and
our every promotional activities will based on that line. Our target market is
familiar with our national cricket team player and local movie hero. We will be
using them for our promotion. We are thinking that we will make some billboards,

TV commercial by using our cricketers, like Mushfiqur Rahim and Sakib Al


8. Marketing research:
We went to some super shop (like Agora, Mina Bazar, Shoppno etc.) and also some
local shop in many areas. From there, we came know the top five brands in our
local market. The brands are1. Close-up
2. Pepsodent
3. Colgate
4. Sensodyne
5. White plus
These products are expensive for the poor people. Thats why we are selling our
products in an affordable price.

Action Plan
We can turn our marketing strategies to specific action programs by:

1. Targeted mallings:
Direct mail has long been a preferred tactic for many agents. Senior Market Sales
works with a number of vendors who can help with your direct mail campaigns.


2. Seminars:
Offering it for free will certainly attract greater attendance, but most advisors who
charge a small fee for their seminars find they draw a much higher quality

3. Networking:
If someone knows, like and trusts you and they have a need you can fulfill, youre
already most of the way to a sale.

4. Strategic alliances:
Develop strategic alliances or referral partnerships with attorneys, CPAs, financial
planners, P & C agents.

5. Referrals:
Create a referral kit that includes a marketing brochure about you, your business
card and any other material youd like to include. Tell your clients if they are
happy with your service, youd appreciate it if they would pass it along to someone
who might benefit from your services.
6. Media placements:
The effectiveness of advertising with traditional media (print, television, radio)
seems to be waning. Many companies are responding by reducing their advertising
budget and focusing more online. You can take a different approach by becoming
an expert resource for the media. You could write an article for your local
newspaper or be an interview source. Some advisors have even gained exposure by
starting their own radio shows. Its a great way to position you as an expert.


Variable Cost
Smile ODent
(TK. in Crores)
Raw Materials


Power and Fuel Cost


Employee Cost


Other Manufacturing Expenses


Selling and Administration Expenses


Advertisement Expenses


Miscellaneous Expenses


Total Variable Cost


To ensure the goals of this plan and easy access of continuity, a set of controls
should be established19

This plan suggests preferred card services from all retails environments to be
reported to the marketing department in order to further appraise SmileODents
The accounting department is to report quarterly total (excluding other brands)
SmileODent toothpaste earnings to the marketing department in order to determine
company statistics compared to years past
The accounting department is also to report all toothpaste coupon usage by retail
chain and region. Tech support and website analytics departments are to report
monthly SmileODent toothpastes webpage visit counter. Also a count of the
number of members from:
1. SmileODent Smile
2. Facebook
3. Twitter and
4. Myspace.

Teeth are the strongest part of human body. But to take care of your teeth you need
to brush regularly. Our target markets dont have the idea of it. We will create

awareness of using toothpaste. We believe our product will be successful. We

acknowledge that there are lots of big competitors around and it will quite tough to
compete with them. But our product has some unique values and specifically for
specific target market. We are offering good quality product at affordable price
range. We will focus on quality and we will be consistent on quality. Our target
customer will be loyal if we keep continuing quality product with affordable rate.