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Assessment Cover Sheet


Yong Wai Suet/ Yong Wai Bing

ID Number


Phone number
BHMD2224 Web Programming/ O2RML
Unit code &
[ ] Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design
[ ] Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Fashion Design
[ V ] Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Honours) in Multimedia Design
Unit code &
BHMD2224 Web Programming
Course leader/
Mr Yong Fen Yu
Group Project 1
Due date
title & number
[ V ] Tick this box if this submission is a group project/assignment (Each group member must sign & attached
their own Assessment Cover Sheet)
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Late Coursework Submission Policy

(Assessment Procedure) :
All coursework must be submitted by the due date set
(Refer to briefing requirement during lecture).
A deduction of 5% of the maximum mark available from the
actual mark achieved by the student is imposed each day
upon expiry of the deadline.
A further deduction of 5% is imposed continuously each day
within the 5 subsequent working days until the 50% pass
mark for the assessment has been reached, any time after
this point assessment will not be allocated to late submissions
but will be assigned a mark of zero and deemed to be a nonsubmission.
For example, where a deadline is 10am on Monday, a 5%
penalty shall be deducted at 10:01am on Monday, and a
subsequent 5% shall be deducted at 10:01am on Tuesday.

Plagiarism Policy :
Plagiarism: Plagiarism means to take and use another
persons ides and or manner of expressing them and to
pass these off as ones own by failing to give appropriate
acknowledgement. This includes material from any source,
staff, students or the internet published and unpublished
Collusion: Collusion is the presentation of work which is
the result in whole or in part of unauthorised collaboration
with another person or persons.
Moderation: Where there are reasonable grounds for
believing that plagiarism or collusion has occurred the
work produced would be disqualified (prohibited to be


Deadline/Due date on Final Week of Semester

Students Responsibilities :
Coursework deadline on the closing of the semester must be Originality is the work of a successful designer. A well
submitted on-time Week 14 (long semester) and Week 7
coordinated teamwork shows the work of a successful
(short semester). 5% penalty and Re-assessment (re-do of
and admirable group/designer. Works are of no value if it
coursework) is NOT applicable at this point, as late
turned out to be unpleasant and indecent with negative
submission within this point of the week will be
attitude when it shows lack of enthusiasm from the
assigned a mark of zero directly and deemed to be
designer/the team work must demonstrate the
failure of submission.
strength of team members involved.
Based on the above policy, the same penalty shall be imposed Punctual hand-in of completed work will deserve and earn
marks. Assignments are of no value if it turned out to be
plagiarised and shows lack of enthusiasm in research
Please refer to Student Handbook on guides and policies.
approach. Your good reputation for excellent work simply
gains the respect from your peers and lecturers.

Students Attendances :

The following attitudes of professional behaviours

Students with unsatisfactory and or more than a few are required:
late attendances in both lecture/ practical and tutorial to be able to meet all deadlines.
classes will be automatically barred from their to participate and contribute in critiques and discussions
respective courses which will lead to a level of repeat.
to demonstrate in a mature ability to accept and respond
upon critiques active participation in peer-to-peer/
coursework pin-up critic input.
to expand your developed skills and knowledge in your

Students Statement:
I have read the facultys statement of the abovestated and understand the consequences for engaging in plagiarism,
absence and late submission.
This assignment is original and has not previously submitted as part of another unit/subject/course.
I have taken proper care of safeguarding this work and made all reasonable effort to ensure it could not be copied.

I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may for the purposes of assessment and moderation will
archive my assignment for moderation, quality assurance and or University exhibition purposes only and I
should ensure the following:

I understand the consequences for engaging in plagiarism as stated in the above.

I understand that it is my responsibility to retain copies of my own assignment and assessments.
I provide and communicate it to the universitys plagiarism checking service (assessment moderator)
I certify that I have not plagiarised the work of others or participate in unauthorised collusion when preparing this
Students name &

Snow / Ice




Section 1:
Introduction & Objectives
Target audience
Research & Planning

Introduction & Objectives

We are choose to design a Japanese snacks as our website. Nowadays more and more
people like Japanese foods, because Japanese food is very delicate and attract people,
such as snacks vending machine. There are included Japanese snacks. Japanese snacks
hobbyist normally will go some website to search their favorite snacks and get more
information. This is very convenience and quickly to find their favorite snacks
through website. Therefore we decided to design Japanese snacks website, its can let
more and more Japanese snacks hobbyist to achieve their demand. In addition to
Japanese snacks hobbyist will go to website search the latest foods, also had a lot of
food seller will do research through website. For the idea we choose to design a
Japanese snacks website is wish can convenient for everyone, and also can save a lot
travel cost. Mean that dont need go to travel still can get a lot of Japanese snacks and
information from our website. Beside that, our website is base on English site, Its can
let people who dont understand Japanese words to operating.

Target Audience
Our target audience is young people and businessman. The young people is familiar
with internet operating and share with friends, therefore do research and find
information through website is easy for them. Also its very convenience to young
people and who dont like to travel far and planning saving. The businessman is wish
very fast to get more information and save time to know more about information,
therefore from our website can achieve their need and our website is very suitable for
them too.

Week1 - Get information about the assignment from lecturer.
- Ask clearly about the assignment, then can continue the next section.
- After get all information, start to decide what we need to design the website.
- Get assignment update information from Schoology website.
Week2 - Update weekly report and assignment progress to the personal Blog.
- Do research using Google website and Yahoo website.
- Need a very strong Wireless and computer to do research.
- After decided all ideas, need keep communication with team member.
Week3 - Distribution the assignment work with team member.
- Sketch book to sketch out idea.
- Using Whatsapp and Email update assignment information with team
- Go to library to get more knowledge and research.
Week4 - Bootstrap for reference and get easy to process assignment.
- AI and Photoshop software to design the website layout and idea.
- Dreamweaver software is the main to design the website.
- Need 2 laptops to process the website design.
Week5 -

Go for other professional website designer for get more reference.

Consult with lecturer.
Update weekly process to Blog.
After done assignment need submit to Schoology website.