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Coide:No: 09481003 i 7 “JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD’ B. Tech IV Year I Semester Examinations, May - 2013 Adaptive Control Systems (nstrumentation and Control Engineering) ‘Time: 3 Hours Answer:any Five Questions All Questions Carry Eqiial Marks 2. Explain the Least Square models, State and explain the theorem of least square Parameter estimation. Derive the relations for parameter estimation using least square estimation. [15] “Explain the algérithm for désigilof controllectifiugh pole placéitient 2 >) Explain the continuous time self tuners. (748] Explain the Stochastic Self Tuning Regulators. Design a minimum — vasiance controller for the following first order system y(t+1) +0 AO) = bull) + e(teT)- © e(t) where fel<1 and {eft}. : independent rafidom variables with unit variance” . 5.a) State and explain the passivity theorem to satisfy for BIBO stability. b) State and explain the Lyapunov Stability theorems. fig ‘MRAS usinb-i Yapunov theo i 7. Explain the transient response tuning methods for design of PID controllers. Os Explain the-ideas used in design-of gain-schedyling controllers ee ith suitablebock diagram axplain methéd of controller design based.-bii: nonlinear transformation. [748]