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Section4: Management

Stipulations of the Board of Directors concerning the Managements scope of

Scope of responsibilities of the Management has been set up by the Board of Directors
as follows:
1) Business operations and/or daily operations of the Company according to
the policies, work plans, targets, rules and regulations of the Company as
formulated by the Board of Directors.
2) Performance of duties according to the resolutions of the Board of Directors
meetings under the approved budgets with strictness, honesty and good care
of the interest of the Company and shareholders.
3) Report of performance, progress of the operations, and significant issues to
the Board of Directors at least once a month.
4) Business operations in accordance with the guidelines of Good Corporate
Governance as set up by the Board of Directors.
5) Refrain from running business or participating in similar business that is in
competition with the Companys business, whether for ones own interest or
for interest of the others, with exception that the act has been informed and
approved by the superior and the Internal Control Office.
6) All Senior Executive Vice President, Vice President for Accounting and
Taxation, Vice President for Finance and Credit have to refrain from
securities trading at least one month prior to announcement of the
Companys financial statements and at least 3 days after such
announcement. They have to report ownership of securities of their own,
spouses and children in each Board of Directors meeting and have to
promptly report to the Company in the following cases:
- Direct and indirect interest with any contracts concluded by the
Company during the accounting year,
- Possessing of shares or debentures of the Company and its
7) Participation in the courses related to the Companys business operation
and daily operation with the Companys expenses so as to enhance
increased knowledge and skills to perform the duties. As for the Senior

Executive Vice President, the Board of Directors has supported to participate
in the Director Certification Program (DCP) organized by the Thai Institute of
Directors Association (IOD), with the purpose to enhance better
understanding on the Directors roles and responsibilities that would lead to
efficiency in the management of the Company.
Stipulations of the Board of Directors concerning succession plan and improvement of
The Board of Directors of has set up the policy to nominate the Companys President
that the persons with appropriate qualifications, whether outside or inside the Company,
can apply for the positions. The suitable persons would be selected by the Nomination and
Remuneration Committee, which has set up the principles and methods of nomination.
In addition, in order to attain the maximum benefit in nominating the President, the
Board of Directors has assigned the Management to appoint the Personnel and
Management Development Committee to take charge in improvement of the
Executives knowledge and capabilities. The Board of Directors has also stipulated
rotation of duties for the Executives, so that they could acquire better understanding,
experiences and readiness in general organizational management. The Executives from
the level of Senior Vice President are eligible to apply for the positions of President their
qualifications meet with the requirement.