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Starship and Vehicle Combat Aid

Starship and Vehicle Combat Overview

1. Determine Initiative
1.1. Roll a Simple (-) Cool [If not surprised] or Vigilance [if surprised] check
2. Assign Initiative Slots
3. Participants Take Turns
3.1. One Action
3.2. Up to two (2) Maneuvers (with possible Strain (2) with second Maneuver)
4. Round Ends
4.1. Repeat steps 3-4 until combat is resolved, using previously determined Initiative Slots
4.2. All End of round effects end
5. Encounter Ends
5.1. All Once Per Encounter abilities reset

Combat Turns

o All common sense Maneuvers are possible!
o Silhouette 1-4
One (1) Pilot Only maneuver per round, UNLESS
Second Maneuver costs Ship 2 System Strain, AND
Pilot also suffers 2 Strain, UNLESS
o Pilot may downgrade Action to Maneuver and suffer no strain
o If ship has Copilot/Multiple pilots, Pilot suffers no strain
o Silhouette 5 or higher
One (1) Pilot Only maneuver per round
o Each Crewmember may perform any number of Maneuvers not labeled as Pilot Only,
Two Maneuver limit, per Character per round, is not exceeded!
o All common sense Actions are possible!
o One (1) Pilot Only Action per round

Created by Daniel Cowdery
Version 0.40

Starship and Vehicle Combat Aid

Combat Check with Vehicle Weapons

1. Declare an Attack and Select Targets
1.1. A particular starship or vehicle weapon may only be used ONCE per round
2. Assemble the Dice Pool
2.1. Difficulty is based on comparing the silhouettes of the firing ship and the target
2.2. When attacking silhouette 4 or lower ships
2.2.1.The defender chooses which defense zone the attack hits, UNLESS
2.2.2.The Gain the Advantage action negates evasive maneuvers and lets the attacking pilot
choose defense zone hit.
2.3. When attacking silhouette 5 or higher ships
2.3.1.The position of the ships determines the defense zone hit
3. Pool Results and Deal Damage
3.1. After overall success, each remaining Success adds +1 damage
4. Resolve Advantages and Triumphs
4.1. Determine if Critical Hits are activated
4.2. Determine if Weapon Qualities are activated
4.3. Use Advantages and Triumphs to determine any additional effects
5. Resolve Threat and Despair
5.1. Determine if weapon Special Options are activated (Negative Options)
5.2. Use Threat and Despair to determine any additional effects
6. Reduce Damage, Apply to Hull Trauma Threshold, and Apply Critical Hits
6.1. Reduce damage by Armor Rating
6.1.1. Apply leftover damage to Hull Trauma Threshold
6.2. Apply Critical Hit
6.2.1. Roll on Critical Hit Table
Critical Hits in excess of first add +10 to roll
Planetary Scale Range Bands

Maneuver Cost (Speed 1)

Engaged/Close 1 to Close; 2 to Short

2 to Close

Maneuver Cost (Speed 2-4) Maneuver Cost (Speed 45)

1 to Close or Short
1 to Close - Med; 2 to Long
1 to Close; 2 to Medium
2 to Close
1 to Close
2 to Close

Created by Daniel Cowdery
Version 0.40