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Robust project management
Deep Scheduling capabilities
Resource Management and
capacity planning capabilities
Top Down Budgeting
Bottoms up Budget Validation

Oracle's Primavera is focused exclusively on helping projectintensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle,
including projects of all sizes. These best-in-class solutions provide
the project execution and control capabilities needed to successfully
deliver projects on time, within budget and with the intended quality
and design.

Project Cost Management

Rate Management

The Oracles Primavera Implementation Methodology (PIM) Boot

Time Management /

Camp will help participants to gain experience using the


Methodology xer, supporting processes, and supporting templates /


work products to design a Customer implementation.

Fast, easy inventory

Objective value
measurements of each
Process guidance and
portfolio governance
Intuitive analytics,
prioritization, and selection
Risk Analysis Guide
Schedule Check
Templated Quick Risk

What will we cover?

The Primavera Implementation Methodology Boot Camp will focus on scenario
based use of the Methodology, including the population of key work products and
documents to support a Customer implementation. This boot camp can be delivered
as a one-day in person Instructor Led Training (ILT) class format and Live Web
Class (LWC) format in three sessions of three hours each.
Participants will apply usage of the key deliverables within each Phase to specific
Customer business scenarios. These scenarios will include commonly faced issues
and risks surfaced throughout implementations. Participants will work together to

Risk Register / Wizard

use key deliverables could be used to proactively identify and manage risks, scope,

Risk Analysis

schedule, and potentially cost within implementation projects.


At the completion of this course, the Participant will be able to:

Comprehensive cost and
earned-value management
Integrated cost and schedule
Understand and
communicate key
performance indicators
Support for government
standards for measuring

Create and manage a project plan for implementation using the Methodology

Demonstrate effective use of key deliverables within each phase of the


Populate sections of the key deliverables

Articulate how the deliverables could be used in specific business scenarios

Identify strategies for use of sample processes and data sheets

Integrate Requirements and Functionality at appropriate places within the

project plan, and document results using key deliverables.

Who should attend?

The intend audience for the Primavera Implementation Methodology boot camp are:

New Oracle partners who have attended Primavera Project Management End
User training, and have completed and passed the Primavera Implementation
Methodology Overview WBT and Assessment

Experienced Primavera partners who are in need of refresher training in the


New employees at Primavera Partners who will be implementing Primavera

products, who have attended Primavera Project Management End User training,
and have completed and passed the Primavera Implementation Methodology
Overview WBT and Assessment

New Oracle Primavera GBU employees who will be implementing Primavera

products, who have attended Primavera Project Management End User training,
and have completed and passed the Primavera Implementation Methodology
Overview WBT and Assessment.

Prerequisite training
Participation in this workshop requires the participant has solid foundational product
knowledge in Primavera Project Management.
To achieve this we are requiring that prior to attending the boot camp, participants
complete the training courses and pass the prerequisite assessment that are mapped
into the Primavera Implementation Methodology Boot Camp guided learning path.
The Primavera Implementation Methodology Boot Camp training is structured in
three modules. All Modules will require some demonstration of key deliverable
usage. Also, the training will cover real life Customer scenarios that will require
Users to populate key sections of deliverables based on information contained in the
Customer scenarios.

Module 1
Readiness Assessment: Process Overview
Readiness Assessment Key Deliverables
Sample Work Order: Locate and highlight Deliverables
Using the Project Kick Off presentation and script
Creating the Project Plan xer using the Methodology xer, and the approved
work order including Validating Scope and Estimates
Initiating Reviews and obtaining sign off
Using the Assessment document
Creating the Implementation Strategy and Plan (Lab)

Agenda (continued)
Design: Process Overview
The Design Primer: Walk through
Using the Design Primer to Facilitate Design Sessions
Facilitating Design Sessions: Requirements, Work Order, and DRAFT
Design documentation
Using Methodology Reports and screen captures to document Design
Break Out Session: Documenting the Design using the Design Primer
Using the sample processes
Phase Assessment

Module 2
Prototype and Test: Overview of the Testing Process
Create Prototype and Test Plan: Lab
Creating Functional Test Scripts: Lab, using sample Design Document and /
or process document as source
Preparing for Test: Checklist
Documenting and prioritizing issues: Discussion, and use of Test Scripts for
issue identification and fix validation
Phase Assessment
Production Validation: Process Overview
Key Phase Deliverables
Creating the Production Validation Plan: Lab
Preparing for Production Validation: Checklist
Phase Assessment

Module 3
Rollout: Process Overview
Phase Roll Outs: Samples
Support Readiness
Organizational Readiness Check
Training / Marketing / Communication
Creating the Roll Out Plan: Lab
Assess Results: Process Overview
Validating Completion
Administrative Closure
Final Assessment
Course Review and Assessment


Environment Workstation Requirements

All attendees must provide their own laptops with internet access for the web

Primavera P6 Enterprise
Project Portfolio
Primavera P6
Professional Project

All attendees must download the preferred VM Ware image for use with the
Methodology xer file during the live class.

All attendees must download all related Primavera Implementation

Methodology files from the PFA for use in and after the class.

Primavera Web Services

Primavera P6 Reporting
Primavera Contract
Primavera Risk Analysis
Primavera Portfolio

Contact Us
For more information about scheduled Oracles Primavera Implementation
Methodology Boot Camps, the OPN Boot Camp program, or to request a new boot
camp topic, visit:

Primavera Capital
Planning and Investment
Control Budgeting

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