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The Five Tsa Lung Movements ~ Brief Instructions

The tsa lung movements work with breath retention, focus, movement, and awareness to
clear physical, emotional, and conceptual blockages and obstacles so the practitioner can
more easily recognize and rest (abide) in open awareness.
1. Assume a seated, upright posture.
2. Connect with the stillness of your body, the silence of your inner speech, and
spaciousness of your mind. This is referred to as the inner refuge.
3. Bring to mind a challenge you face in your life or whatever you are experiencing at this
moment. Draw the attention inward; notice any tension in your body, emotions, or any
energetic disturbances. Become aware of any thinking. Simply allow or host your experience
without judging or analyzing. Observe nakedly and directly.
4. Bring clear attention to the particular chakra being worked with.
5. Inhale, re-inhale, and focus breath, prana, and mind at the chakra while performing the
appropriate tsa lung movement.
6. Release the breath through the chakra at the end of the movement. (Inhalation and
exhalation are done through the nose.)
7. Repeat each exercise for a total of 3 or 5 times. At the end of the set, bring clear, open
attention to the space within the chakra and rest the mind in the openness now available at
that chakra. (If continuing, bring the focus to the next chakra and repeat steps 2 - 7.)
Upward-moving wind / Earth element / Throat and crown
Rotate the head 5 xs counterclockwise and 5 xs clockwise.
Exhale and guide the prana from the throat chakra up through the central channel and out
through the crown chakra.
Life-force wind / Space element / Heart
Make a lasso motion with right arm then left arm (5 xs each side).
Rotate the chest sidewise in a circular motion to the right, then to the left (5xs each side).
Exhale and guide the prana out through the heart chakra.
Fire-like wind / Fire element / Navel
Vase hold: Pull up the perineum and pelvic platform; press down with the diaphragm.
Rotate navel area 5 xs counterclockwise then 5 xs clockwise.
Exhale and guide the prana out through the navel chakra.
Pervasive wind / Air element / Three channels and five chakras
Hold the breath pervasively, throughout the whole body.
Clap hands and rub them together, then massage your body; pull back on the bow to the
right and then to the left (5 xs each side).
Exhale and guide the prana out through the whole body.
Downward-clearing wind / Water element / Secret chakra
Cross right leg in front of left. Pull up the perineum and pelvic platform in the basket hold.
Turn to the right knee and hold the knee; rotate 5 xs counterclockwise.
Turn to left knee and hold the knee, rotate 5 xs clockwise.
Come to center and hold both knees; rotate 5 xs counterclockwise.
Exhale and release through the secret chakra, guiding the prana downward.
Tenzin Wangyal