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October 24, 2016



The Honourable William Francis Morneau, acting as Finance Minister of Canada


Marc Boyer, acting as the Redeemer that came from Zion


Under Mr. Morneau's fiduciary trust, review and assess the attached information regarding Marc Boyer's suspended [CQV] C'estui Que Vie Trust Challenge, in order to immediately publish a policy change by posting an article in the Gazette, in order to start due process that leads to the redemption of all debt


All a mandamus does is to allow me to press a grievance that obligates any trustee to

uphold their fiduciary trust, in order to fix a wrong doing done by those under this trustee's mandate. This mandamus apparently doesn't obligate a trustee to act righteously; as in my case, i have only been able to get trustees to resign rather than undertake this trust. Somehow i'm supposed to figure out how to follow a path that's been hidden by trustees, or somehow i'm not worthy of this allotted inheritance.

1. After seeing this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA9AahWuwvg&feature=youtu.be posted on Oct 21 st , 2016 by Paul Hellyer; where [at about the 38 minute mark], i'm inspired to give this avenue a shot, because he asserts that the Finance Minister holds the responsibility to act on my CQV challenge, and if i'm still mis'taken' then Mr. Morneau will not respond, which will lead me to continue to hold back until taken out of the way, as to 2Thes2 prophecy [or] you are all facing a a much larger harvest, by fulfilling Isaiah 59, because there still is no one to lift a finger to help.

1. ON THIS: My role in this mess is to challenge authority; it's definitely not my role to judge. As to Heb 10;38, i thank God for placing His hope that i will not shrink from testing you all.

2. As i see it, under Freedom of choice, authority can continue to deny any opportunity of good first fruit occurring. If this initiative fails to find those who believe and are saved - then i pity you all, because [unlike Jesus' lament] you clearly know that what you are doing is really evil.

3. It's actually prophecy that i will most likely fail, and it's not my fault if those being tested fail to act righteously, i accept that without a rebellion that Paul was right in lamenting that only a remnant of you perverts to God Almighty will survive the wrath for not repenting [Rom 11]

4. I can't help it if you act like: you all aspire to be Xian statues, [as in Matt 24;20] for refusing to see my timely fulfilling of this Daniels 12 prophecy, because your twisted mindset insists that everything bad [like this] must happen, and after all: every curse Jesus gave for not repenting must be fulfilled, so you need to prey and plan that we all must go thru a merciless winter.

1. [BUT THEN] i might find a trustee, who will repent and trigger a rebellion before then.

2. By now, it should be clear that [as to Isaiah 40 on] i'm the prophet who has been instructed by

God to follow a path that's never been followed - [as in] my CQV challenge to redeem all debt in the world creates a form of currency that will never topple, because this new CQV trust fund can only engage in funding projects that undertake this new covenant of upholding God's Creation

1. But then, that path is on the other side of the great divide that depends on the 7 wicked sisters

[of Isaiah 3;6 on] acting righteously. As i see it, Mr. Morneau is another one of those brothers who are in my fathers house, where i'm to say to those in power, take this cloak /CQV award; fix this mess of having destroyed God's Creation, and never make me leader of people.

1. Until there's a rebellion: Dan12 riddle of 'time, times and a half' has been rejected, therefor you all deny God's Grace. This CQV challenge is a final offer to engage good first fruit.

2. Marc Mayrand handed his trust to that pervert Mason - Geoff Regan rather than act, who also insists on doing nothing. The Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson is shameless as well. AND then the disgrace created by Mark Levy is duly noted. It's not my choice what you do.

3. BOTTOM LINE: There is no substitute for good first fruit. Start due process to proceed. Nonfeasance means rejection, and malfeasance holds irrevocable and final consequences.



August 2 nd Mandamus:

This mandamus was delivered because Marc Mayrand resigned

over an evil ruling done by Justice Bennett. This 5-page article, basically orders the Registrar who stalled, then refused to forward this case to the appropriate authority. This mandamus addresses the fact that for 11-years, everyone acted like i have zero claim to anything under this CQV trust, because initially Wally Oppal [the AG of BC at that time] said so, and since then everyone who trampled on me acted like NAZI soldiers that blindly follow orders, in spite of [or is it because] i'm holding the abnormal birth 1Cor15. My mandamus outlines every 'body' who submits to Satanic rule, and every one challenged assumes that it's not their job to repent. It's as if God must accept that everyone who ordered this destroying of God's Creation don't need to repent, after all they were ordered to do evil, so i'm evil for chastising them for blindly obeying orders.


Aug 5 th interpretation of Dan 12:

As i see it, [as to the last line of this article] to only tangible

results were that both active files that were being pressed were rejected in less than 45 days.


Follow-up on the weekly articles i filed:

This first article outlines that the registrar can deliver

this case to a Vancouver County Court. Since Mr Tim Outerbridge rejected this offer means he

rejects the notion of redeeming all debt for everyone, therefor he had to reject this offer within the

45 day timeline.

The failure to respond to the 2 nd and 3 rd week follow-up articles were expected.


My Sept 16 th update confirms that everyone challenged all hate God has been established – As far as i'm concerned, i'm wasting my time with pervert masons, who want to meet their maker


My Sept 23 rd update was actually the first article [after this rejection] that i delivered to Mark Levy.


My Sept 28 th Mandamus filed on Mark Levy: This failure to act by Mark Levy constitutes the totally unconscionable act of condemning the entire tribe of Israel – good bad and in between.

1. I personally think it's harsh that all Jews and all oath holders are doomed for destruction, But until i see otherwise, [Rom 11] God is about to severe these branches, and no one cares.

2. Just like Paul, i'm shocked that no one in authority wants to redeem anyone, if it means they personally must repent for anything. Somehow it's God's fault for giving anyone free will;

1. ON THIS: I assumed that there would be a differentiation between Jews and Zionists, but then the only 2 Orthodox Synagogues in Vancouver flat-out rejected an offer to intercede.

2. I frankly have never heard any Jew, or clergy of any religion, or anyone in the Law Society profess anything but the fact that that they will never repent for anything, let alone rebel for taking any ill-begotten benefit that this C'estui Que Vie Trust cash cow generates.


This CQV trust racket originated in Nineveh and has always been shrouded in evil lore.

3. Somehow these oppressors think that only those who are oppressed by evil must repent, and on that – what can i say? [other than] you all continue to fail the test until the last day.


I must be evil for insisting that everyone in authority must repent in order to be saved.



As to prophecy, authority is supposed to look around, and see that we really

are on the verge of self destruction, and accept that our greatest enemy is ourselves. I'm certain that the meek will accept this, and lament that they did not know better, and be forgiven, after all, [as to Rom 10] who was there to teach them otherwise? And of course authority knew all along.

1. Frankly i can't find anyone with authority, who will say anything good about me or Paul, and

lots of the people have been convinced that Jesus Christ is Satan, because all this fire and brimstone must happen; because these rulers of this world keep insisting that the redeemer that comes from Zion will adhere to this new definition of being a Zionist. After all, who else would really want to destroy everything these Sumerian slave masters call law and order? In the meantime, i'm waiting in anticipation for the irrevocable consequences contained in the Act.