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THE DESIGNER SERIES of luminoires from Generol E ectric Lighling Syslems Depodmenl offers users o vor ely of oesiheiically-

pleosing posttop ondwolkwoy luminoires thot will complement ony orchiteclurol motjf while providing long life ond efFective


come in o ronge of styles from cleon contemporory Ines through c ossic ond lrodiUonol shopes -

compotible poles. onrrs. ond woll brockels. The diversty of forms ond mouniing onongements makes DESIGNER SER ES

products suitoble for virtuolly the enlire ronge of ouldoor decorotive cppl cot ons.

ond LSD offers

Simple, yet elegonf by doy or night, the Foshion Cone luminoire provides even, widespreod illuminolion withoul glore. ltcomes in'wo sizes

lo occommodoteolllhree HID light sources -

mercury metol holide, ond high pressure

sodium {HPS) - in woitoges from T0lhrough

4000 wdtls. See OLP-208'1

The Wolkrvoy Bollod luminoke supplies sott,

low, londscope lighling for molls, wolkwoys,

ond other outdoor qreos. Eiiher round or

squore, in blockor dork bronze, the

luminoire uses HPS lomps of 70 wotls or

mercury lomps of 100 wotts. Ask for OLP-2082.

The sophisticoled, yoke- mounied Pd.klng Aeq lJghl provides eff eclive, cotolt

lighting hoving good

uniformily. Wotioges ronge up lo '1000, moking lhis luminoire o good choicelor

olmosl ony decololive oreo opplicotion.

Reter to OtP-2083.

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Combin ng ihe flex billly of contemporory moteio s wilh the lines of c ossic geometr c shopes, ihe lumlncires piclured on this

poge form o grouping wlthin the DESIGNER SER ES Used olone. they ore ollroclive clcry or night oclditions to ony ouldoor scene Ploced logellrer, ihey comp emeni eoch olherond enhcnce cny creo where there s o d versily of oesthetic lighiing n-aeds. tr These

weolher resisionl producls provide effectve luminclionwith low wotloge HID ompsof e thermercuryorh gh pressure sod um

cnd operote on onyone of fourvolloges To suilvorying orchitecturol molifs, there s c choice of c eor, bronze linted lronsporenl,

oropol white enclosures n Eochof these geometric shoped luminoires offers the same f exibltyof mounting from one to flve

umino res on o poe, oro single mountng on o woll brocket

The sphericol, postlop Cloislc

Sphele luminoire lends itsel( to

olmost ony lype of selting ond is o

groceful oddilion lo ony oreo. The

luminoire provides on even, circulor pofiem of lighl from 70- through 250'woll lomps. For odded versolilily, ihe sphere comes in two sizes. Refer

10 OtP-2076.



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For some outdoor oreos. the

crisp lines of lhe Milered

Cut e lumlnoire ore justlhe

ight touch. As in ollthe

geomeiric-shoped lumin-

oires, on intenolgloss

refroclor shields lhe lomp in the bronze ond cleor cubes. Wottoges ronge {rom 70 through 175. See


The Round qinder luminoire rneels ihe

oeslhelic ond lighling needs for o voriet ol ouldoor oreos. This geomelric-shoped product uses lomps ronging !n woiloge lrom

70lhrough 175 wofis. See OLP-2079.

The rounded corners of ihe Cgnlour

Cube luminoire sotten ils oppeoronce

ond give il o sculplured quolilywhich

enhonces onyoreo. Th s DESIGNER SERIES

product occommodoles omps lrom 70

through 475 wo1ls. Ask for OLP-2078


An eliipso d shope

gives ihe Ellipllc

Globe luminoire rls d stinclive styling.

L ght sources from

70 through 175 wolts ond on opol-whiie globe provide o

c rcu or poilern of lighl. Asktol OLP-2080.









lncluded in the LSD decorolive oreo line ore o numberof ourestoblished productsthotore oitrocUve odditions io onyoutdoor opplicolion. Among lhese ore posttop designs, floodlighis, ond wollighters. This vorielyof products meels the needs of o wide diversity of opplicotions where o decorotive, yet efficient, lumlnoire is lhe onswer.

The trodihono colonio design

of the IC-tm ond IC-'loOR mokes these lumlnoires lhe


ogicolchoice for mony


decorotive opplicolions. Using

HID lomps lrom 50 ihrouqh 175

wofts, these umlnoires provide

eilher roodwoy ororeo lrghiing distribuiion. Refer io GEA-10033.

-) I


HID lighl sources irom 150 through 400 wolls

suppv either oreo or roodwoy llghling

disiribution when used in

THOo ond TC-400R

luminoires. These hond-

some colonio -style

luminoires enhonce ony seilingwhere higher ighl

leveis ond this lype of

design ore desired. See


wolloge lomps llom 50 ihrough 175 wolls and o choice of llghl disiribution potierns qive lhese

luminorres even greoier versotiLily. Ask for GEA 9989.

For decorollve slreeilghling rnoll, pork, ond

shopping center opplicot ons, the Decoshield " luminoire lomily ofiers reduced g ore ond o

pleosing doltime or nighllime oppeoronce. The

luminoires use HID lomps from T0lhrough .1000

wotls. See GEA '10342.


The Decoflood'

u mino ire fomlV otters

o cho ce ol five dif-

ferenl opt co ossemblles ond lomps from 250 through 1000 wofls. This enob es lhe de-

slgner to coordinole on otlroclive light ng syslem oround one


bosic uminoire des gn. Ask lor GEA 9409

Hondsome yei rugged, lhe

VLU Powernood flood

ight supplies o unitorm

wide beom spreod wilh

lomps rong ng lrom 200

l'nrough 400 wotts. Formore

informotion see

GEA 10781.


The simple design of ihe P-'l 50 Poweiflood - floodlig hl couses tto

The Versoffood ll llood-

ighi combines rugged heoW duty conslruciion

wilh etficienl, economicol lighi sources in o neol, compoci luminoire. tJsinq 70 ihrough 250 wolt lomps,

the lloodlight mounis on o

wolloro pod on ihe

ground. See GEA-9776.

blend wellwiih mony

surround ngs. Th s

versolile lurnrnoire uses

lomps from 50 through

'175 wol'rs. Refer lo

GFA-,1, 't0


Oflering o vor ely ol oplicol ossemb ies ond mounl ngs, lhe OWLtu luminoire is o smoll, good-

lookjng choice for mony institulionol, commercio

or resideniiol opplicoiions. The OWL lghl uulizes

HPS lomps o135 ond 50 wolls. Referlo GEA-'11052.

Hondsomeoppeoronce p us rugged conslruclion

odd up to the Wollighler-i75 luminoire, wh ch

uses l11D lomps trom 50lhrough 175 woits. The

WL-175 is quickond eosylo nstoll.SeeGEA



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For fudher inlormotion oboui ony of ihese luminoires see your loco Genero Elechic So es Represeniolive, or wr te to Generol E ectric C.ampony, Llghling Sysiems Deporlmenl Hendersonville, NC 28739

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