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Chapter 7

1) C 2) A 3) C 4) A 5) C 6) C
7) By selling eggs
8) They cracked their own eggs by throwing them down
9) By stopping feeding them
10) Being a secret agent of Mr. Jones
11) He obeys Napoleon because he is the boss
12) They were killed
13) Fear
14) Those killing were made not because of survival, but on purpose
15) The rebellion is over and all the enemies were exterminated

1) They were afraid that they would be punished too, so that their rations
would be reduced too.
2) The destruction of the windmill, hiding in one of the neighboring farms
and visiting the farm in the nights, the robbery of corn, the broken
window, the lost key and so on. I dont think that the accusation were
true, because some were so stupid like the loss of the key. Moreover, I
dont see any reason for Snowball to commit all these things.
3) Most of the animals didnt believe, because they saw how bravely
Snowball was fighting In the Battle of the Cowshed. They didnt
protest, because they were afraid of Napoleon and his cruel actions.
4) No, I dont believe, because the only evidence was the document,
which was secret. So the animals could not see and read all those
documents, check out if they really exist.
5) The author might want to say that in the later chapters Napoleon and
his band would try to eliminate Boxer and kill him.
6) He says that the solution is work harder waking up an hour earlier in
the mornings. He believes that it will help to prevent such accidents in
the future. This action of Boxer shows how dedicated he was to his
society, that he tried only to contribute to the animals by doing good
things, that he cared about the others.