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Socialization is an indispensable process in understanding the mundane tasks done by human beings.

the study of it, there are various sub fields to know for it to be considered as a legitimate science as
mentioned by the Father of Sociology himself, Emile Durkheim. Hence, one of these subfields is what we
call the race in a society. Race defined in Sociological view is mostly used to organize people based on
physical aspects such as the color of the skin, hair, eyes, the body built and over all it deals with the
differences in social, historical and political contexts.
In my case, I am a Filipina belonging to the Asian race. We Filipinos when it comes to physical appearance,
generally we are brown skinned or morena, with almond shaped eyes of which mostly the colors are
medium brown to light brown, we are petite in height, with mostly black hair and possesses low bridged
noses. These are the typical looks of Filipinos yet these days there are already other mixed races
influenced by Spain, America, China and Japan to name a few.
Ever since I was in grade school, I already inculcated in my mind that I am a Filipina. I can still vividly
remember my teacher in one of the subjects taught to us which was Araling Panlipunan or Social Science,
wherein we were always told to recite our oath and sing our national anthem by heart. I was always in awe
everytime our flag is waved during our flag raising ceremony at school. From then on, I knew that in my
blood and in my heart, I am a true born Filipino.
As a teacher myself, it is deemed essential to train the young ones to love the native land and to instill to
their minds how beautiful, unique and rich our race is. There have been plenty of unforgettable memories I
had thats forever etched in my identity on how it feels great to become a Filipino despite every
discrimination, prejudices and stereotyping have been labeled unfairly to us Asians.
Racism. Yes! Although I cannot undo History but I believe the term Filipino itself is racist. Because based
on my readings, Spaniards who colonized the Philippines have stereotyped us in that manner as a form of
racial designation from those Spaniards who have been born in the Philippines. I have to say, despite such
labeling as a reminder that my ancestors have suffered the fate of Spanish oppression for 300 years, still, I
am in awe of my races resiliency. I just wished we could have retained our identity us not having to call
ourselves a name that represents the ruler of the mother colony of this country nor dress and act their way.
Not only have I felt racism from Spain but even those Asian Americans who ventured towards the West
were in fact, in history, have been denied equal rights, physically attacked and murdered without justifiable
reasons and have been subjected to harassment of any form which eventually led to violence because of
these racial and ethnic inequalities.
Sometimes being labeled that way has serious effects amongst those who are faint hearted Asians. Say for
example the case of my friend who got married to an Australian. I can say for sure it was all good to be true
since she really had the time of her life. You can see both of them are really in love. But reality bites! Soon
enough, after their whirlwind romance, when she went to Australia she was treated differently and
eventually took the role of an abused maid. She was promised to have a beautiful life but what came out of
it was a lie. She was told she doesnt fit the role of a Mrs., not even her skin, her face and intelligence can
be at par to them Australians. It affected her drastically in all aspects of her life. Her self-esteem went down

to the point where she almost took her life. Instances like this have become a trend and it saddens me as a
Filipino being treated cruelly as if we are not humans. Having heard such an experience from a good friend,
it had broadened my understanding that humans especially this generation are pitiful. For we have
forgotten how each and every one of us are special in the eyes of God. Thankfully I was not able to
experience such brutality but I pray that said stereotyping due to ones physical, religious or political
preferences must be put to a halt. Happenings like these are the root cause of misunderstanding and
violence. Nonetheless, such an experience from her taught me a lot of things. Regardless of race, I will
never look down on anyone whatever their physical, religious or political perspectives may be.