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Community-Based Practicum Reflective Journal Guidelines

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

NUR 4143 - Clinical Immersion
Community-Based Practicum
Professional nursing meeting experience (4 hours)
Guide for Reflection Using Tanners (2006) Clinical Judgment Model
What professional nursing meeting(s) did you attend and where was it located?
I attended the Nursing Quality Outcome Council (NQOC) at St. Marys Hospital on September 19, 2016. The
meeting was from 0800-1200.
Describe the purpose of this professional nursing meeting? Describe the agendas of the group and subgroup. What
type of issues did they address?
The purpose of the meeting, as stated on the agenda handout, was to review outcomes and related action plans for
Nursing Sensitive Indicators chosen by units, gain knowledge in the purpose and use of Education Folders, discover
the benefits of the folders for patient outcomes, learn most recent data from both Falls and SPH committees,
familiarize ourselves with updated changes to the NDNQI survey, and learn how the hospital is working on
recognition and retention.
The desired outcomes for the meeting were for participants to identify barriers and successful tactics experienced by
other nurses while implementing their action plans, to become proficient in the use of Education Folders by
initiating conversation with UBC on how to best utilize them, identify information that can help decrease falls and
staff injury, understanding the importance of UBC, and sharing how to encourage recognition and retention.
What did you notice about the professional nursing meeting initially? Describe what you saw, heard and did during
the meeting?
There was a representative from each unit present. It made the hospital feel much smaller with only one
representative. There was a lot of sharing from each unit. There was a lot of discussion about fiscal year results for
hospital acquired infections and injuries. There was a decrease in the number of CLABSI, falls with injury, and
HAPU. However, there was an increase in the number of C. diff cases, SSI class 1, and falls. Unit representatives
shared what they have done to address their goal.
Describe what you thought about the information being discussed. Have you been involved in similar discussion
during your previous student nurse experiences? Describe the similarities and/or differences to those encounters.
I thought the information was very interesting. I learned a lot while I was there. I realized how important taking care
of the heels in preventing pressure ulcers. I learned that patients who have been given morphine are at an increased
risk for falling for up to 8 hours after administration. I also learned that leaving a call bell with a patient whos in the
restroom does not qualify as enough of an intervention.
Ive heard a lot about safety measures, but Ive never had an in depth conversation about specifics. I liked hearing
about that are going on around the hospital and hearing suggestions from other nurses about how to improve my

Community-Based Practicum Reflective Journal Guidelines

Describe stresses (both positive & negative) you experienced as you responded to the new learning or the challenge.
Attending this meeting was very informative so I enjoyed learning about some of the little caveats of practice.
However, I was a little overwhelmed by all that is required of being a nurse. There are so many things that nurses are
responsible for, some are very small and could be easily overlooked (i.e. cleaning the gait belts) to very important
(i.e. time outs, cleaning central line dressings).
What role would you take being assigned to represent your unit in this group? What subcommittee would you like to
participate with and why?
Initially I just want to get comfortable working on my unit before I get involved in a lot of things on the unit.
However, in the future I think being a part of UBC would be beneficial in being aware of whats going on in the
hospital. Depending on the unit that I work on will dictate what sub-committee Id be involved in. I think Id like
something with safety though or education.
Reflection-on-Action and Clinical Learning
What written evidence is available to support professional nursing groups and their impact on the development of
evidence based practice and improved patient outcomes. Cite/reference all journal articles that contributed to the
Healthcare is an ever changing field and there are new discoveries happening all the time. To continue to develop
quality and safety measures, it is important for nurses to share these innovations through conference presentations,
posters, and publications to help others learn about successful initiatives (Weston & Roberts, 2013, p. 12). As I
witnessed at this meeting, nurses were sharing research about various topics with one another and brainstorming
how to implement those procedures into their practice. I know that I learned a lot about patient safety.
What is the value of professional nursing meetings both as a part of a healthcare system and within a professional
Professional meetings provide an outlet for the dissemination of knowledge. It creates an atmosphere of discussion
that can generate new ideas which can lead to new research. It can help nurses recognize unsafe practices that they
might currently utilize. In addition a professional organization can advocate for the profession. It can give nurses a
voice in policies that are being developed.
Describe any changes in your values or feelings as a result of this experience.
I see the value in attending meetings like the NQOC because I learned a lot. I wasnt sure I wanted to get involved in
UBC or anything like that early out of school as I wanted to focus on developing my craft, however, I realized that
attending such meetings and being involved can teach me a lot and can help me develop safe practice skills and
avoid unsafe practices.

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