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Plot Overview

About the Author

Briefly, yet using the entire space, discuss

the plot conflict and rising action to
summarize the novel.

Include important information about the

author. You may want to include what
inspired him/her, in what time period
he/she wrote and how the time influenced
the writing, what other works he/she
wrote, and more.

Esperanza cannot accept herself and

struggles with her identity, her home and
others. However, she isnt the only one
who is having a bitter life. Others around
her also struggle in some way. Whether it
was her family, friends or people who she
doesnt know well, they all had some kind
of problem in their life. She would create
poems explaining how she feels about
herself and her relationship with other
people or things. It takes some time to
know if she should keep being herself,
change or have a balance of both.

Sandra Cisneros was born in 1954 and

spent her time of childhood at Chicago.
She wrote 2 poetry books, My Wicked
Wicked Ways and Loose Woman. Her
inspirations might come from where she
had lived, her old neighborhood and her

Historical Context
Include information on the time period,
social, economical, cultural, and other
significant influences that characterize the
The people who either speak Spanish or
English. The differences of sexuality.
Being in different groups which include
Latinas and Chicanas.

The House on Mango

Sandra Cisneros
Brandon Siman

Essential Quotes
Directions: Add 2 quotes that capture the
essence of the novel. Be sure to cite the
quotation appropriately.
The boys live in separate worlds. The
boys in their universe and we in
ours.-The House on Mango Street(Ch.3)
I would like to baptize myself under a
new name, a name more like the real
-The House on Mango Street(Ch.4)

Directions: Write a brief reflection on the
novel. Please be succinct, but insightful.
I had always thought life was harsh, unfair
and only sometimes good. Others never
had anything good in their lives and Im
thankful I am still alive and happy.

Character Analysis
Identify each major character in the novel,
describing the important traits that both
distinguish and characterize each person.
Esperanza: A young girl who struggles
with her life and wants to change herself
and leave who she was.
The Three Sisters: 3 peculiar sisters who
give advice to Esperanza which is be true
to oneself.
Esperanzas mom: Very nurturing and
loving, making Esperanza feel warm and
Sally: She is identified differently. To
Esperanza a liar, to her father a victim, to
others a normal, beautiful girl.


Motifs and Symbols

Identify and describe some of the major

themes in the novel.

Identify and explain some of the major

motifs and symbols in the novel.

The struggle of identity and accepting


Struggle of identity
Esperanza has a hard time accepting who
she is and wants to change and hopes
she will become better. But she also tries
to figure out if she should just be herself

Realizing you are not the only one with a

harsh life, but others are having it too

Gender differences
Esperanza thinks about the woman she
knows and their relationship with other
men and thought to herself what would
happen to her if she was with someone.
Power of languages
Languages were powerful things in life.
Could be manipulated and could change
the power a person has.