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AquaSorb® 1000
Granular coal based activated carbon

P roduct Intro d u c t i o n

A q u a S o r b ® 1000 is a medium activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam

activation from selected grades of bituminous coal. The perfect balance between adsorption
and transpor t pores provide optimum perf o rmance in a wide range of water tre a t m e n t
applications. The product is a high density adsorbent and provides maximum volume activity.
The material is water washed during manufacture and there f o re wets rapidly. The excellent
h a rdness and mechanical strength ensures negligible losses during backwashing, air scouring
and multiple reactivations (consult technical bulletin TB-308/R/ENG for more inform a t i o n ) .

P roduct Key Feature s Benefits

• Medium activity • Proven drinking water adsorbent
• Optimum pore size distribution • Both adsorption and transport pore s
• Water washed • High wettability, does not float, low dust
• Maximum hardness and abrasion re s i s t a n c e • Proven superior for multiple re a c t i v a t i o n s
• Several world-wide drinking water appro v a l s • NSF 61, AW WA B604-96, EN12915


Iodine number mg g -1 900 ASTM D4607

S u rface area m g2 -1
950 BET N 2 • Municipal drinking water tre a t m e n t
• Residential drinking water tre a t m e n t
Methylene blue mg g -1 200 JACOBI T4001
• Adsorption of taste and odor
Total pore volume cm g 3 -1
0.88 P o ro s i m e t ry (N 2 / H g ) • Removal of pesticides and herbicides
A p p a rent density kg m -3 500 ASTM D2854 • Soft drinks pro d u c t i o n
• Swimming pool filters
Bed density, backwashed and drained kg m -3
430 Note 1
• Aquarium filters
We t t a b i l i t y % 99.5 JACOBI T4003
• Protection of ion exchange re s i n s
M o i s t u re content - as packed % 2 ASTM D2867 • MEA/DEA purification-gas sweetening
Water soluble matter % 0.2 ASTM D3838

pH 8 ASTM D3838

Chlorine half length value (12x40 USS) cm 3.0 DIN 19603

Ball-pan hardness number % 96 ASTM D3802

Note 1: Value is based on the backwashing of a bed of AquaSorb® 1000 activated carbon at 30% expansion, which has been allowed to drain and settle.

PARAMETER UNIT 2 0x40 USS 12x4 0 USS 8x30 U SS 10x2 0 USS 8x16 USS 6x12 USS

Available particle sizes mm 0.425-0.85 0.425-1.70 0.60-2.36 0.85-2.00 1.18-2.36 1.70-3.36

Oversize maximum % 5 5 5 5 5 5

Undersize maximum % 4 4 4 4 4 4

E ffective size mm 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.8

U n i f o rmity coeff i c i e n t 1.5 1.7 1.7 1.6 1.5 1.2

Mean particle diameter mm 0.6 1.0 1.4 1.4 1.8 2.3


P roduct Packaging

Polyethylene valve bags of 25 kg P o l y p ropylene non-liner

(55 lb) net weight on 500 kg FIBCs (big bags) of 500 kg
(1100 lb) pallets (1100 lb) net weight

C A U T I O N Ac tivated c arb on is a st ron g oxi diz ing ag ent and can rem ove oxygen from air under wet or humid con diti ons . Care sh ould b e tak en when enteri ng confin ed s pac es where w et activated carbon
i s pres ent . Ens ure the use of c orrec t breathin g apparatus. Materi al Saf et y Data Sheets s hould be consulted for furth er detail s on proc edures in the event of cont ac t wi th acti vated carbo n.

N O T I C E Due to the progress ive nature o f Jacobi Car bons Group and the con ti nual ly im proving d esign a nd p erfo rman ce of our produc ts, we res erve the righ t to chan ge pro duct sp eci fications wi thout p rior
notification. Th e information c ontai ned in t hi s data shee t i s intended to assist a customer in the eval uation and s elec tio n of prod ucts su pplied by Ja cob i Carbons . The customer is resp onsible for determini ng
All materials supplied are whe th er products and the info rmati on contained in th is document a re appropri ate for the cu st om er’s use. Jac obi C arbon s assumes no obl igati on or li abilit y for t he usage of the informa ti on i n this datasheet,
in full accordance with our no guarantees or warranties, ex pres sed or im pli ed, are provided. Jacobi Carbo ns d iscl aims responsi bilit y an d the us er must accept full resp ons ibility for p erformance of systems bas ed on th is data.
ISO-9000 quality system.


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