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Honeywell chart recorder question

Input 1 is still the return temperature, but Pen 1 is no longer displaying Input 1, Pen 1 is now displaying the results of the Input
In Honeywell terminology, the result of the INP ALG is PV 1, a Pen Value, in this case Pen Value 1.
The Upper display shows other Pen Values, where each available pen is assigned a function.
By default,
Pen 1 = Input
Pen 2 = Input
Pen 3 = Input
Pen 4 = Input


Enabling INP ALG results in a calculation which uses PV 1 (pen value 1), displayed in the Upper display, replacing the former
PV1 = Input 1. Now Pen 1 = BTU, when INP ALG is enabled.
The Lower Disp button cycles through a long list of items whose values are displayed in the lower display. Each input is
identified with 3 characters, IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4 and its value.
So, it appears that the BTU calc is now in the upper display, but you should be able to find each of the input values by using the
Lower Disp button to view the values in turn.

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