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Stonehills Leadership Development Program

Anchors represents a comprehensive approach toward cultivating every Stonehill students
leadership potential. The program consists of varied components which purposefully engages students
on an individual, group and community level. Central to the program is the understanding that leadership
is a relational process aimed at maximizing everyones contributions toward a common outcome.
Current Leadership Development Offerings
We identified approximate 20 organized groups of students (RAs, tutors, HOPE leaders, Peer Mentors,
ABS leaders, etc.) that in some form or manner receive specific training given their responsibilities and
purpose on campus. Total number of students involved in these groups would approximately be 400.
In terms of leadership development opportunities offered to the general student, there were few:
Leadership Summit (with Bridgewater), Leadership Through Diversity, DFLI, Lead4Justice Conference,
Conference on Diversity and Inclusion, Campus Ministry Retreats, and Career Services workshops.
Focus Groups
4 focus groups were held with students during November and December. Each group was a specific
class year and allowed us to get students perspectives on leadership. The following questions were
What does leadership mean to you?
How does Stonehill promote leadership development opportunities on campus?
What opportunities are missing?
Do you see leadership as an important skill needed in your life after Stonehill?
Based on the information you viewed on Elons website, would you take advantage of the various elements of leadership they offered if they were available at Stonehill?
Below are some quotes from students and general themes that came up in all of the focus groups.

Stonehill doesnt necessarily promote leadership as much as it should be promoted here.

All groups appreciated that Elons program didnt seem to have much of an application
process to participate and that students were allowed to start at any point of their college
experience. They also found the concept of not requiring applicants to demonstrate that they
acquired a certain level of leadership skills beforehand very attractive.
Leadership programs should be continuous and not just one time events.
Students emphasized the importance of creating a program that all students could feel
supported and welcome in, regardless of personalities, identities and prior exposure to
leadership opportunities.
Leadership development is an indirect form of personal development. Im not learning these
things in academic settings and it is essential for success in life after Stonehill.
Students talked about wanting opportunities to apply what they learn from the three tier
program within and beyond the Stonehill community.
Through leadership opportunities you learn what you are passionate about..
Students shared the importance of learning about themselves and becoming open minded,
to prepare them to work with, communicate with and solve problems with others in many
aspects of their lives.

Anchors Objectives
By participating in Anchors, students will:
Develop a more complete understanding of themselves
Understand and articulate leadership from both personal and professional perspectives
Learn and value inclusive leadership talents and principles
Identify and practice skills necessary for positive and productive relationships
Become ethical leaders whose values are congruent with their actions
Encounter opportunities to apply and reflect upon leadership abilities and practices

Programmatic Components
We wanted the program to offer a variety of components that would hopefully reach students who
may not always get to participate in leadership development activities.
Leadershops and Trainings
Speakers and Special Events
Student Advisory Board/Leadership Team
Certificate Program (tiered levels)
I. Tier 1 - Self-Exploration
II. Tier 2 - Groups & Relationships
III. Tier 3 - Action, Society and Reflection

Next Steps - Where do we go from here?

At this point in the process, a few details in terms of scope and staffing need to be determined before
moving forward with implementing Anchors.
Stamp of approval. At what level of the Colleges leadership does this program need to be
approved? We know that it is part of the Strategic Plan as well as funded mostly through the
Davis Grant for Think. Act. Lead.
Scope of Program. A determination will need to be made about the realistic scope of
rolling out the program in the fall. While what was presented could be implemented, it would be
a challenge pending staffing and achieving the right marketing strategy.
Staffing. Students liked/suggested the idea of having a center for a leadership program
as it would help give identity/structure to it and its activities. Where Anchors is housed and the
type of staff support will determine the realistic scope of it.