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ECO 461
Trade and Religion
Since the ancient time, trading between people and countries were started.
The nature advantage of some special resources of a country was one of the reasons
to promote their economy. The exchanges between countries also promote the trade
of their country. The first film which named Story of India introduced the trade
between India and Rome. India made the trade with other countries since a very
early time, because of their rich resources, the other countries wanted their
spiciness, beans and silk; India wants the wine of Rome. Besides, the second film
which name is Empire of Faith, also illustrated the relationship between trading and
religion. This film describes the development of culture and science since 1400 years
ago. After the rise of Islam, the Arabic built their own Empire, and since that time,
they focused on the economics, and promote their trading, culture, and science.
In the last century B.C., an ocean-going cargo ship started the normal trade
with India. Because of the increasely strong trade with other countries, India had
more contacts with the world, different productions, multiple cultures, and famous
religions all came to India. Therefore, trade also promoted the development of
religion during that period. Due to the highly demand of trading with India, East
countries made inventions to help them reach the destination, and they also brought
the inventions and new kills of ship building to India, thus until today, Indian still
using the old skills of ship building that they learned from the Rome since the ancient

Because of the world trade, India respect multiple cultures and religions.
Buddhism is the main religion in India, there were several famous buildings related to
the Buddhism. For example, Kaniska built the Stupa, which is the most magnificent
holy Stupa of the world. There are also many international arts inside the buildings,
like the sculptures even combine the Greece and India elements.
Trade promote a development of a country, it makes the perfect exchange
between different nations, it satisfied the demand of customers, and more important
is, trade promoted the spread of religions. On the other hand, actually that religions

also promoted trade, the spread of a new area developed the new demand of trade.
In Han dynasty, there were two monks came back with the god searching
team, which was the first time that Buddhism spread to China. After that, there were
increasing people began to follow their new faith- Buddhism. In the following, people
who wanted to know more about Buddhism started their first business with India, also
the West part. They sold silk, tealeaves, and paper to the west and brought spice,
cotton, and gold back to China. Buddhism became more and more popular in China,
thus it brought the peak point of Buddhism development in China during that period.
People trade with west frequently, and it promote both the economy and religions
Trade is a necessary activity of the world, under the splendid exchange, it can make people live
better. Different countries all get their needs, and the exchanges and allocations both satisfied the
production surplus and shortage of different countries. People gain from the trade, and trade makes people,
cities and even countries become increasing rich. Thus the religion, science, education, and medical all get