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Advertising Planning And

Decision Making
Here we learn about advertising planning and decision making. There are a
number of internal and external factors involved in planning framework as shown
in below diagram. The three legs of advertising planning concern: 1) Objective
setting aand target market identification, 2) message strategy and tactics, and 3)
media strategy and tactics

Marketing Strategy
And Situation
Marketing strategy includes
the long-term vision and
objectives of company as well
as its deemed strategic
position in marketplace.
Situation analysis involves
research of some kindresearch based on analysis of
consumer motivation and behaviour with respect to the product, service, idea
and subject to be advertised. Situation analysis can be based on conventional
wisdom, managerial experience or imaginative abilities but can be access in real
terms only through research.

Consumer and Market Analysis

Its deals with aggregate market-its size, growth rate, seasonality,, geographical
distribution, possible segments and trends.

Competitive Analysis
Analysis of current share, competitors share, trends in shares, reasons for these
trends, possibility more share, which competitors can be aimed. Look for hole in
competitors offering and fill it.
The Marketing Plan
It includes planning, implementation and control functions for the concerned
authority. Marketing Plan talks about statement of marketing objectives and
strategies and tactics involved in achieving the objectives.. It talks about
allocation of marketing budget and development of specific plans for various
components of the marketing mix. The allocation in turn depends on the
effectiveness of the various elements of marketing mix.

The Communication And Persuasion Process

Advertising Communication System

Involves source, a message, a communication channel and a receiver.

Advertising Exposure Model

Talks about processes that occur after consumers are exposed to an
advertisement: 1) creating awareness, 2) benefits and attributes info. 3) brand
association, 4) Brand personality, 5) Impression from consumers reference group

Advertising Plan
Focuses on objectives and target selection, message strategy and tactics, and
media strategy and tactics.

Objectives and Target Selection

Objective provides useful criteria for decision making, generate standards for
measuring performance and serves as meaningful communication device.

Message Strategy and Tactics

What the advertising is meant to communicate-benefits, feelings, brand
personality, or action content. Execution decisions and tactics for delivering
Message Strategy- Deals with theories of attention, comprehension and
perception process.
Message Tactics- Spokesperson, advertising situation, the content and tone.

Media Strategy and Tactics

Concerns with decision of what specific media or media vehicles must be used.
Media Strategy- Objective and target selection decision. Traditional approaches
and contrasts.
Media Tactics- Allocation of budget across media types and within each media