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LESSON 37 Nivel principiante


We saw three films last week.
Kate saw me with her boyfriend.
When I saw him, he was drunk.
Hilda saw the Queen when she was a child.
I think they saw us.
Sean saw the saw.
We saw them at the party last night.
I saw my parents twice yesterday.
First I saw them at the bank.
Then I saw them at the casino.
Mary saw them leave at 3 in the morning.
2 LA EXPRESION DE LA SEMANA To go on holiday
When are you going to go on holiday?
We went on holiday to Portugal last year.
Where are you going on holiday this year?
We're going on holiday to the Bahamas.
I'm going on holiday with my family.
Is Ingrind going on holiday this year?
Li Tong is 36 years old. He lives in a small apartment with his wife and young daughter in
Shanghai, a city with a population of 15 million people. He works in a factory near the port that
makes telephones for the big demand that exists in the new China. Lis apartment is very small. He
and his wife sleep in one bedroom and their daughter sleeps on a small bed in the living room. Lis
factory is doing very well and Lis salary is increasing. Now he has a television, a telephone and a
washing machine. His wife wants to work and she is looking for a job. His daughter goes to a
public school every day near their house. Her grandfather comes to the house at 8:30 every
morning and takes her to school. He takes her home again at 1 oclock for lunch and takes her back
to school at 2:00. Her last class ends at 5:00 and the grandfather takes her home again. The
grandfather has lunch with his granddaughter every day. Li goes to work every day by bicycle. He
leaves home at 5 oclock in the morning. It takes him almost an hour to get to the factory. He works
there from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. He gets back home at 3:00. He takes some food to work every
morning. His wife prepares the food the night before and puts it in Lis shoulder bag. He usually
eats a chicken sanwich, but sometimes his wife doesnt have any chicken. In these cases, she
prepares tofu, a popular food made from soy beans. Li lives relatively well in Shanghai. He is a
member of the new middle class that is starting to appear in China.
4 PHRASAL VERB To take off
What time does the plane take off?
It takes off in half an hour.
Does the flight to Tenerife take off at the same time every day?
The plane is going to take off in half an hour.
When does the next plane take off?
I had lots of work last week.
My brother had some problems with the language.
We had breakfast with Tiffany's parents.

Expresin de la semana
When will you go shopping with them?
I went shopping with them last week.
Phrasal verb
Does Susan work out?
She works out three times a week.
Do you work out every day?
How much is a single room per night?
Do you have a double room for tonight.
Agilidad general
Does he like you?
Whose grapes are those?
I went to the office yesterday.
Neither of them went to the party.
To board
Hand luggage
To land
What time are you going to board the plane?
Which airport are you going to fly to?
I want a seat next to the wing.
Can we take hand luggage into the cabin.
I recommend that airline for its low prices.
This is your captain speaking.
The crew was very friendly.
We're going to land in 10 minutes.
Carl is married to my best friend.
I went to the wedding.
It wasn't as big as Marion and Jeff's.
How many people went?
Lots of people went.
Judy was sitting next to your boss.
Where was Derek?
He was dancing with his girlfriend.
Brenda had five glasses of wine.
She doesn't like him.
Was she thirsty?
This flight never takes off on time.
I love the feeling when the plane takes off.
I want to go on holiday in September.

Do you go on holiday there every year?

We're going to land at a different airport.
You can't take any liquids in your hand luggage.
Can we board now? take off
The captain is German.
Take off your headphones when we take off.
.to land
Rob went on holiday twice last year.
I saw that film last week.
Fred saw the opera three times.
I saw you studying yesterday.
LESSON 37 Nivel intermedio
GIMNASIA VERBAL How interesting!
Person A: He didn't even say hello
Person B: How rude!
Persona A: This violin was made in 1704
Person B: How interesting!
Person A: Margaret is going to give the opening speech
Person B: How boring!
Person A: I saw a magpie kill a robin in med-flight.
Person B: How awful!
Person A: We're going to fly a glider on Saturday
Person B: How exciting!
Persona A: I've had the same dream four times this week.
Person B: How strange!
Last night's match was so boring!
This situation is so absurd!
English is so difficult!
LA EXPRESIN DE LA SEMANA To call the shots
Who calls the shots around here?
Jane calls the shots around here
You need to speak to Rod. He's the one who calls the shots around here
He thinks he calls all the shots but he doesn't realise they're going to fire him
Who called the shots on that project?
If you call the shots,you have the final say.
GIMNASIA VERBAL Each & every + sustantivo
Each child was holding a candle
Every child was holding a candle
Each computer comes with a free game.
Every computer comes with a free game
Each apple costs ten cents to produce
Every apple costs ten cents to produce

Each person who turns up must bring a valid passport with them
Every person who turns up must bring a valid passport with them
PHRASAL VERB To look up to
I've always looked up to my father
Harry looked up to his football coach whom he considered his idol.
Fanny looked up to her parents until she discovered the truth about them
I look up to my boss because there's so much I can learn from him
I look up to him for his integrity.
I wasn't angry; I just left because I was tired
It's just a hobby.
Hargreaves bugs me every day about getting a pay rise
I liked what I saw
Barry jumped over the fence
Jenny closed the door when she arrived
Ben carried his son upstairs.
The cat belonged to their neighbours.
Jim never warms up when he goes running because he says he finds it boring.
Little Benny looks really tired; he's been outdoors all day playing with his friends.
What if nobody comes?
What if we get lost?
What if they didn't know what to do?
What if it doesn't work?
To translate
To move
To rescue
To ruin
Those chips look really greasy.
There's something sticky on this chair.
I have to translate an important document into English for next Friday.
That department has moved to another building
It's rewarding to know that so many people take this course seriously
A helicopter rescued the fisherman
That's going to ruin your health.
Do you believe in democracy?
GIMNASIA VERBAL Cuestin de preguntas
How big is Diana's new car?
How wide is the Tagus in Toledo?

How old was your grandmother when she died?

How tall is Matthew now?
How heavy is your suitcase, sir?
How excited are you about your trip?
How obedient is your dog?
How obedient is your dog?
How easy is your computer to use?
How difficult was your exam?
How comfortable is your new armchair?
How easy to drive is your car?
COMPRENSIN AUDITIVA Parrafo de la semana
He was bitten in the ankle by a poisonous snake. It's a good thing he was with friends, because if he
had been alone, he would never have made it back to the camp. When they got him to the hospital,
his left leg was paralysed, but there was enough time to save him.
Person A: I met the President of France at a conference last month
Person B: How interesting!
Thish looks up to her mother for her incredible will power
My brother never looked up to me as a child.
Federico looks up to his violin teacher.
How effective is this English course?
Each book is signed by the author.
Every book is signed by the author.
Does Hilary still call the shots around here?
Ursula used to call the shots until Gary joined the company
Jeff calls all the shots in this company