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The rescue of the 33 Glossary

capsule noun [countable]

a small round container
copper noun [uncountable]
a red-brown metal used especially for making wire or
a copper pipe/pan/kettle
describe verb [transitive]
to give details about what someone or something is
I dont think thats quite the word to describe my

VIP noun [countable]

very important person: used for referring to someone
who receives special treatment because they are
powerful or famous
a special suite for VIP guests
weight noun [uncountable]
a measurement of how heavy a person or thing is
Have you lost weight?

drill verb [intransitive/transitive]

to make a hole using a special tool or machine
They had to drill through the mountainside.
elevator noun [countable]
a machine that carries people up or down between
different levels
exercise noun [uncountable]
physical activity done in order to stay healthy and
make your body stronger
Try to do 20 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.
member noun [countable]
someone who belongs to a group or an organization
rescue noun [countable/uncountable]
an act of saving someone or something from danger,
failure, or an unpleasant situation
the dramatic rescue of 24 hostages
surface noun [countable]
the top layer of water or land
tourist attraction noun [countable]
a place to visit that is very popular with tourists
treatment noun [uncountable]
the particular way in which you deal with someone

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