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Alternative Fuels and Smart Trasportation in Israel

The Fuel Choices Initiative, Israel's national program

for alternative fuels and means of transportation,
was launched in 2011 as a joint governmental effort
headed by the Prime Ministers Office. The Initiative
aims to establish Israel as a center of knowhow and
industry in alternative fuels and smart mobility, and set
an ambitious goal of reducing Israels oil consumption in transportation by
60% by 2025, thereby serving as a showcase to the world.
One of our goals is to build an ecosystem that supports and promotes
disrupting technologies in alternative energy and smart mobility, makes
use of Israels strengths, including its interdisciplinary
nature and Israeli entrepreneurs operational agility.
Over the last three years the number of companies in the field in Israel
grow from 50 to more than 300, and In the last 24 months, Israeli
companies in the smart mobility- smart transportation space, such as
Waze, MobilEye, RedBend, Moovit, GreenRoad, iOnRoad and GetTaxi were
sold, IPO'd or raised investment at a total value exceeding $10B.
This booklet provides a snapshot of companies operating in the field, in an
effort to facilitate understanding of the market to potential partners and

Eyal Rosner

Chairman and Director of Administration
Fuel Choices Initiative
Prime Minister's Office

Electric Mobility

Afikim Electric Vehicles

Battery Solution International Ltd
Be Electric Drive ltd
Chariot Motors


Elbit Energy
Green Ride
H2Energy Now
Israzion Ltd.

Smart Mobility

Argus Cyber Security
Automotive Robotic Industry
Beyond Verbal
BrightWay Vision
C.G. Smartech
City Transformer


CityGraph Access Ltd

Dr. Ratner Future Robotics
Extreme Reality
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd

Alternative Fuels

Designer Energy
Dor Alon Gas
Dor Chemicals LTD

CPC Group

I Way Mobile Ltd
Infinity AR
Jungo Connectivity
Maradin Ltd
Mishor 3d


GenCell Ltd.


StoreDot Ltd
Tadiran Batteries
Zero Motorcycles

Green City Urban Recycling LTD

Kenaf Green Industries (KGI)


Intelligent Smart ideas

Pi Energy
Safe Distance

Tour Engine

Electric Mobility

Afikim Electric Vehicles has been developing, manufacturing and distributing

mobility scooters for the global market since 1978. AfiScooters products combine
stylish design, easy operation and advanced technology with sturdy construction,
adjustable suspension, and orthopedic seating to ensure a smooth, safe, and
comfortable ride. Available in a wide range of models, from fold-up and take-apart
models for easy transport and storage up to heavy duty scooters. Afikim Electric
Vehicles takes pride in its Research & Development department providing innovative
solutions for different vehicles types. All AfiScooters products carry FDA approval,
ISO 9001-2000 and European EN-12184 certification.

Contact: liat@afiscooters.com

Electric Mobility


develops algorithms that vastly improves the way safety is managed

in lithium ion batteries for electronics, transportation, and energy storage markets.
Our interrogative signal processing technology has the most advanced features
for greatest reliability, days earlier fault detection, and best battery protection
capability, while significantly lowering the cost of diagnosis, compared to presently
used methods. The ALGOLiON software solution, applied by embedding into chips or
operating systems, is easier to install, maintain and upgrade than the sensors and
hardware needed with other systems.

Contact: niles@algolion.com

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Autopower We produce electrical energy in a car, while it moves without burning

extra gas by taking the gravitational force into our advantage. We implement
piezoelectric materials in various movable parts in the car, such as shock observers and
wheels. Our main innovation is based on a smart and patentable mechanical design,
which significantly magnifies the piezoelectric ability to produce electrical energy,
as compared to current solutions. The produced energy can be used for charging a
battery in hybrid and electrical cars or to replace the alternator in a regular car.

Contact: amit.katz@auto-talks.com

Electric Mobility

Battery Solution International Ltd (BSI) considers itself as a pioneer in

the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment for various types of
batteries. BSI has developed an end-to-end, innovative and unique solution, utilizing
state-of-the-art technology. Our solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs
of battery maintenance for large traction forklift fleets and telecom operators. The
entire process is supported by a green, environmental approach.

Contact: www.bsi-intr.com/contact









Electric Mobility

Blitz Motors creates a superior riding experience with its 100 % electric high-speed
powered scooters. These scooters are the perfect way to beat rising fuel prices and
high maintenance costs. By combining the best sourced electrical parts from expert
international suppliers with todays most advanced technology, Blitz Motors produces
high speed electric scooters that are eco-friendly, efficient, affordable and fun to
ride. With a constant focus on quality, Blitz Motors prides itself on delivering personal
service and exceptional value for our customers and partners worldwide.

Contact: raphael@blitzmotors.com

Electric Mobility


is the pioneer in Energy Storage solutions based on a non-chemical

kinetic battery device. While being comparable in price to common batteries, Chakratec
brings the advantages of its Kinetic Battery to energy storage for hours as needed
for example with renewable energy generation or electric vehicle charging. Unlike
chemical batteries which have a limited number of charging cycles, Chakratecs kinetic
battery, provides limitless number of deep charge and discharge cycles over the full
life time of 20 years. Chakratecs Kinetic Battery has a wide choice of applications like
Renewable Integration, Peak Charge Avoidance, EV Charging Stations and many more.

Contact: nir.zohar@chakratec.com

Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

is Israeli based firm that provides now-a-day an advanced concept and

offers secure parking solutions for the small Electric Based Vehicle's owners (such
as Electric Bikes, Etc.). The Chanat solution provides a safe and secured parking
place in public areas - including the ability to re-charge the Electric's Vehicle battery

Contact: chanat.parking@gmail.com

Electric Mobility

Chariot Motors

Group is developing and distributing advanced pure electric

buses, based on ultra-capacitors (UC) in Israel and Europe under the brand "Chariot
e-buses". The Chariot e-buses are being charged in the terminals (end of the line) for
a few minutes and can drive along the route until returning to the terminal for a new
truck charging. The Chariot e- buses has no range limit and can operate for 24 hours.
The very low weight of the UC pack enables full passenger's loading. The UC pack is
safer then batteries and its lifespan is at least triple.

Contact: zwika@chariot-motors.com

Electric Mobility

Coyote is a personal vehicle designed to face any off road challenge it may
confront. Aimed at farmers, hunters, miners and off road enthusiasts, this
exceptional vehicle goes beyond your imagination with its patented suspension
technology and design.
Contact: raz.tsafrir@gmail.com

Electric Mobility


innovative CVT gear (continuously variable Transmission) for

automotive, wind turbines, industry applications, and bikes. The system based
on a new technology, designed for high torque transferring, and improve the
and energy consumption.

Contact: rst100@gmail.com

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Driivz is a dynamic, end-to-end EV charging management platform. It is made up

from a set of unique and powerful software tools that effectively responds to the
needs of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV & PHEV) market ecosystem. The Driivz
solution provides you, Service Providers (EVSP) and Charging Station Ownersthe
ability to manage and control your assets, while maximizing driver satisfaction. In
addition, the solution allows you to better collaborate with your partners. In short,
Driivz is not just comprehensive in its functionality and capabilities; it is an optimal
business platform, designed to scale and grow your business

Contact: contactus@driivz.com

Electric Mobility

Econoa Ltd is an Israeli company that was established in 2015. We are a part of
a global trend in the field of Sustainable Mobility. Our mission and vision is to be the
leader in the Israeli Electric Mobility Urban Delivery (EMUD) serving delivery companies,
restaurants & food delivery and Government offices.

Contact: yoram.nir@gmail.com


Electric Mobility

Elbit Energy offers a range of energy storage products and technologies suited
for challenging high power and high energy applications. The companys superior
technical skills, comprehensive R&D, and expertise in multidisciplinary systems have
yielded customizable solutions such as:
Hybrid aqueous supercapacitor (HAS) technology- the optimal balance between
power performance, cost, safety, life span and energy density. The product range
includes: Engine-Start, Start-Stop, electrical urban public transportation, and UPS
backup energy solutions.
Platinum-Free Membrane Fuel Cell (PFM-FC) technology - a revolutionary, low-cost
PEM-FC solution.

Contact: Gilad.Steiner@elbitsystems.com


Electric Mobility

Everywhere Anytime Energy

Electroad Striving for a world that is not as dependent on oil, cities need green
public transportation to decrease pollution levels. Until now, the main constraints of
electric transportation have been range limitations, and the high cost of the vehicle
due to the battery price. ElectRoad takes a different approach by removing the energy
source, the battery, from the vehicle and transmitting the power wirelessly directly
from the road during the drive.

Contact: Oren.electroad@gmail.com

Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

ETV Energy is engaged to develop the next generation Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) for
the E-automotive markets. While for the long term the company is targeting the E-automotive
markets, the near-term objective is to implement the novel chemistry into high-end, custom
made products requiring extreme performance. The company has already gained a foothold
in this market with revenues in 2012. Founders of ETV Energy are worldwide pioneers in the
field of LIBs, each with experience of over 40years. To encounter the enormous challenge,
the company established academic and industrial collaborations. R&D team of ETV Energy is
a mix of industry and academy pioneers in the field of Lithium batteries. By leveraging the
cooperation, across a wide range of disciplines, ETV embraces an outstanding scientific and
industrial R&D platform, including taking active role in the Israeli National program for oil
alternative technologies.

Contact: am@etvenergy.com

Environmental Technologies

EVR Motors

Electric Mobility

developed & tested a patent-pending novel, direct drive generator

for variable RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) input sources. The technology is based on
a unique design of the generator magnetic system and topology. The advantages are,
Very high efficiency (94-95%), Lightweight at least 50% lighter than others Weight
(~10kg/kW), No need for expensive transformer in off-grid systems. In the near future
this technology will be used as well for highly efficient electric motors for transport

Contact: eli@evr-motors.com



Electric Mobility

is a service-oriented green-mobility startup. We consult corporate

managements on building, implementing & managing Corporate Cycling Policies. We
show the management how many resources are saved and how much added value is
gained, e.g. happier & healthier employees, less-absent, with better wellness, more
loyal and more productive. We provide high-end electric bicycles and secure parking
systems through operational leasing along with comprehensive envelope of highly
profitable unique value added services. Our markets: hitech & services, corporate,
real estate (residential & offices), hotels & tourism, campuses (academic & industrial),
golden age, automobile.

Contact: eyalsanto@ez-life.co.il

Electric Mobility
Developing a Smarter Grid

Gnrgy Leader of EV Charging Networks & Services Gnrgy is a leading technology

provider of Smart Grid applications. Gnrgy specializes in e-mobility services and
provides a one stop shop for cost effective and innovative solutions. Gnrgy enables
reduction of infrastructure investment and cutting down on maintenance and
operational costs, all the while providing the most advanced infrastructure and
management tools available on the market. Additionally, Gnrgy provides a complete set
of support tools for network operators: testing equipment, technical documentation,
field support tools, mini CRM and more.
Contact: service@gngrgy.com

Electric Mobility


Green Ride

Electric Mobility

goal is to free urban commuters from their daily use of current

inefficient transport methods. INU is electric, easily operated and highly portable.
It exhibits fabulous form and a stimulating rider experience. It is the first Personal
Electric Vehicle to match luxury car standards in design, comfort and performance.
When not in use, INU robotically transforms itself into a handy trolley, accompanying
its owner on trains, buses, elevators, escalators and into the workplace. On-board
GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi make INU the worlds first Digital Scooter enabling user, vehicle
and environment to engage in surprising new ways.

Contact: Nadav@greenride.eu.com

Electric Mobility

H2Energy Now

is developing the world's most efficient and cost-effective

hydrogen energy storage system. We have a working proof of principal prototype.
Hydrogen economy is something Europe and USA have invested a lot of time, capital,
and resources to turn into reality. Car companies are looking for a fuel that will refill its
cars just as fast as the alternatives. Honda, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and Renault
have brought out hydrogen prototype cars. What they need though is a more efficient
system to create this hydrogen on demand. Our system can do that.

Contact: sonya@h2energynow.com


Electric Mobility

H2YOU will become a global supplier of clean hydrogen energy, and provide electric
power solutions for various applications. We have developed and patented an original
process that efficiently generates hydrogen on-demand by simply applying water
to aluminum powder at room temperature. Combining our hydrogen with fuel cells
provides high specific electric energy, up to 7 times greater than the best batteries
used today. H2You technology provides an efficient and environment friendly solution
for electric power needs of various markets. Examples are: backup and auxiliary power
for telecom stations, data centers, homes, offices, industry, commercial airplanes,
trucks, trains, and combined heat and power systems, and main power for automotive
and unmanned aerial and marine vehicles.



Electric Mobility

INREP Transitioning away from internal combustion engines (ICE), moving toward
battery and fuel cell-based propulsion for ground transportation, is expected to
solidify our economy, while reducing pollution and damaging effects on human health
and Natures biodiversity. Four collaborating institutions: BIU, TAU, Technion, and AUC
in the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion INREP combine
forces on the development of new materials, new concepts and new analytical
methodologies, as well as functioning prototypes. The Center promotes cutting-edge
research in the fields of high energy density rechargeable batteries and metal-air
batteries, high power density electrical double layer capacitors.

Electric Mobility


Israzion Ltd.

Electric Mobility

is an SME, active in material science developing smart materials

for energy storage and energy generation systems. It has developed an innovation
proprietary process of converting wastes (textile and plastic) into active carbon
materials, application for supercapacitors , lead-acid and Li-ion batteries. It is now
looking for a business shift in the development of HEHP (high energy high power)
battery system for electric mobility.

Contact: Jacob@israzion.com

Electric Mobility

Metroboard Kef Tech, LLC is a small business based in Camas, Washington, USA
dedicated to designing Energy Efficient Alternative Transportation Products. The
company was founded in 2004, when ILAN SABAR, a 30 year old Stanford educated
Mechanical Engineer, quit his corporate job at Hewlett-Packard to pursue his dream of
developing high-end personal electric vehicles. Our flagship product is the Metroboard
Electric Skateboard (metro-board.com) Ilan made Aliyah in 2012 and now manages
the Metroboard business remotely.

Contact: info@metro-board.com



Electric Mobility

Phinergy is an innovative cleantech company developing metal-air batteries (aluminum-air and

zinc-air) based on its breakthrough air-electrode technology. The company's aluminum-air battery
offers significant advantages over competing technologies, including: high energy density, no
polluting emissions, fully recyclable materials, safety and low cost. Phinergy is collaborating with
leading global OEMs to integrate its technology in their electric vehicles as a zero emission range
extender, relieving the range anxiety obstacle. Phinergy is working with large utilities and IPPs in the
stationary market, providing clean and silent distributed generation solutions, as well as long energy
back-up for critical applications. Phinergy is partnering with Alcoa to upscale and commercialize the
aluminum-air battery technology and supply the automotive and energy industries with clean, highperformance and low-cost aluminum-air energy systems.
Contact: judith@phinergy.com

Electric Mobility


Technologies ltd, an innovative motion control company developing an

EV motor controller using a unique motor current optimization approach based on
Redler's patented technology Our controller Saves up to 25% of Battery losses Giving
a higher efficiency in the batteries, Inverter and the Motor.

Contact: Osnat@redler.co.il

Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

Roadix Ltd is an innovative urban transportation company. This year we have presented
the MUVe - A 3 wheel electric personal vehicle which will offer the best solution of
personal transportation, and transform the way people commute in urban cities. Based on
its patented 3 seconds folding technology, the MUVe can be carried anywhere effortlessly.
The next stage of our vision is to implement the MUVe concept through our MUVe-n-Go
machine - an innovative Rental machine of the vehicle which enables users to enjoy the
most effective, smart and green way of commuting around the city.

Contact: netaor@myurbanvehicle.com

Electric Mobility

SDL Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources
knowledge. The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources
knowledge tools and services:
Consulting services
Market research reports
Batteries, Fuel cells and EV seminars and conferences
Batteries, FC & EV Weekly newsletter
Energy Sources On-Line web DataBase (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and more...)
Power sources solutions
Representing Energy Storage testing and research equipment companies in Israel

Contact: shmuel@sdle.co.il


Electric Mobility

StoreDot Ltd is a leader in the innovation of materials and their device applications,
developing ground-breaking technologies based on a unique methodology for the design,
synthesis and tuning of new organic compounds. These proprietary compounds dramatically
improve the performance of a range of devices, including batteries, displays, sensors and
digital memory. StoreDot is developing a new type of electric-car battery consisting of specially
synthesized organic compounds - the same innovative materials used in its FlashBattery
for mobile devices. While the charging experience is similar to fueling a gasoline car, EV
FlashBattery cost of ownership is only half per mile compared to existing electric-vehicle
batteries. A significant and sustainable technological breakthrough, EV FlashBattery charges
fully in 5 minutes, providing 300 miles (480 km) of driving distance.

Contact: info@store-dot.com

Electric Mobility

Tadiran Batteries LTD.

is a world leader in the design, development,

manufacturing and marketing of Lithium Thionyl Chloride (3.6V) batteries for
industrial applications. The companys customer base includes some of the worlds
major international manufacturers in various industrial markets. These customers use
Tadirans products for a wide variety of applications. Among them there are many
devices used for smart transportation & smart cities such as: Electronic Toll Tags; Tire
Pressure Tags; Smart Parking Meters; GPS Emergency Locators; Asset Tracking and
E-Calls systems in cars.
Contact: dshapira@tadiran-batt.com

Electric Mobility



Electric Mobility

is a new personal mobility vehicle, consists of one main wheel and a

unique side-wheels mechanism. The overall feeling is made to be similar to surfing,
and the main difference between the TLT and former technology is its off-road
capabilities, and real-world - city usage. Evolutionary method of development
was used to correctly balance maypole characters against one another. maximizing
transportation per money for costumer and company alike.
Contact: a.eyal@outlook.com

Electric Mobility

TurboGen We are developing Range Extender for Electrical Vehicle that provide in
short time term solution for limited electrical vehicle range, expensive battery package
and accelerate the electrification of transportation. Our system allows getting a car
with electrical vehicle dynamic performance, conventional vehicle days usability and
hybrid vehicle reasonable price.
Contact: daviddvir27@gmail.com



Electric Mobility

is solving, through a breakthrough Carbon Nano Materials

technology, the key market and technology pain points facing the $36B Lead Acid
battery industry. By doing so, it is creating a direct $2B/ annum market opportunity,
dramatically reducing major warranty costs to automotive and battery makers,
slashing the huge global environmental footprint of the L.A industry, and advancing
global objectives in emissions reduction, improved gas economy and uptake of
renewable energy.
Contact: zivg@voltanano.com

Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

Zero Motorcycles Auto Electric is Israels premiere importer of electric vehicles

representing the worlds leading electric motorcycle manufacturers, including Zero
Motorcycles (USA), Energica (Italy), Electric Motion (France) and OSET (UK).
Electric motorcycles are the next step in the evolution of two-wheeled transportation.
Barring weekend trips to Damascus or Ammon, Israel is an idea market as todays
electric motorcycles, powered by state of the art Li-ion batteries, banish range anxiety
with fast-charging in as little as 20 minutes and ranges in excess of 300km. Not only
are electric motorcycles green, not only do our customers save tens of thousands of
shekels in yearly fuel, service and maintenance costs, mandatory insurance starts at
only NIS 1600 annually, a fraction the cost for a comparable fossil fuel motorcycle.
Contact: marc@zeromotorcycles.co.il



a mobile app for urban transportation decision making, and a

planning tool for municipalities. Alternative helps citizens choose the most suitable
method to navigate around the city, comparing between all available travel
methods walking, driving, public transit, taxi, biking, etc. in a simple and intuitive
UI. The decision is made according to what is most important to the user: arriving
quickly, burning calories, emitting less pollutants or commuting cheaply.
Contact: ido@zencity.io

Anagog introduces a revolutionary crowd sourced parking solution by providing

directions for drivers looking for free parking, in real time. Anagog has a working,
community based solution backed by 9 patents. The technology is able to accurately
and automatically determine the mobility status of a user in an ultra-low power
consumption and detect when a driver is about to vacate a parking space. Based on
a worldwide distribution, Anagog created CrowdPark - the world's largest real time
parking network. Anagog partnered with a variety of players including: navigators,
connected car, oil companies, automotive, smartphone manufacturers, parking
operator and cellular operators.
contact: yaron@anagog.com

Smart Mobility


Argus Cyber Security

is an award-winning automotive cyber security

pioneer, protecting connected vehicles from current and future malicious attacks.
Our mission is to promote car connectivity without compromising on security.
Argus is your partner in keeping passengers' safety a top priority while complying
with emerging cyber security regulatory requirements. Argus is backed by the
investors of Waze, Mobileye and CyberArk, and operates in five locations worldwide.
Argus provides innovative Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) for OEMs, Tier
1s, and Aftermarket Telematics providers. As a government tested solution,
the Argus IPS prevents a vehicles critical components from being hacked, and
generates reports and alerts for remote monitoring of vehicles' cyber health.
Contact: yoni@argus-sec.com

Arilou is a cyber security company focused on the automotive industry. Today cars
are computer-on-wheels travelling at high speeds, and as such they are vulnerable
to hacking and cyber threats with a hazardous potential. Car connectivity is shaping
the future (and present) of the automotive industry, and security is an important
enabler to this trend. Arilou develops cyber-security systems to protect the critical
segments of the car from any external threats, giving the industry the freedom to
integrate advanced systems and connectivity with zero compromise on security.
Contact: ziv.levi@ariloutech.com


Automotive Robotic Industry (ARI) Was established in 2010 by its founder

Amos Goren, a leading expert in the fields of Security and Robotics. At Automotive
Robotic Industry we are focused on Development & Manufacturing of Autonomous
Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV's). We are dedicated to bring our clients, user
friendly, practical and cost effective UGV solutions.
Contact: info@amstaf-ugv.com

Autotalks is a Fabless Semiconductors market leader of Automotive, productiongrade ready V2X chipset solutions, including complete Production-grade Software,
Series Production Reference Designs and testing tools. Autotalks provides OE Car
manufacturers and their Tier1 suppliers with V2X in-house customized Hardware
designs and Software integration, together with its Eco-System partners, across the
Global Industry. Autotalks serves OEs and Tier1s, to support shape their V2X Series
Production plans.
Contact: info@auto-talks.com

Smart Mobility


Bazz is

an Android application, designed to enable safe driving by reducing the

distractions caused by receiving and sending back SMS and WhatsApp messages
while driving. The application is designed to allow drivers in vehicles, motorcycles
and bikes, to listen to the content of a written message (SMS & WhatsAapp)
and reply to it while driving using voice commands in a convenient, intuitive and
legal form, all without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel
Contact: www.bazz.co/en/contact-us/

Beyond Verbal decodes human vocal intonations into their underlying emotions,
In real time - enabling voice powered devices and apps to understand our emotions
Contact: info@beyondverbal.com



is an automatic parking & charging facility for e-bicycle, enabling its

users secure parking and electricity charging spots. Bike & Park vision aims to improve
the urban environment in terms of air/emission & noise pollution, traffic congestion,
extending the use-range and position the e-bicycle as a leading urban mobility solution.
Contact: dudybar1@gmail.com

Bikestorming is a mobile app with the goal of spreading urban cycling in cities
around the world, created with the mission of making bicycles the main form of
urban transportation on the planet by the year 2030. You will love it: its beautiful,
engaging and inclusive, and possibly even world changing. The app will be released
soon on iOS for a handful of cities worldwide, and later on other mobile platforms.
Contact: matias.kalwill@gmail

Smart Mobility


BNC SmartCar: a Cyber-secure application platform for connected-apps, that turns

regular 'cars' into securely-connected 'SmartCars'. The Connected Car is a Zero-error
environment, therefore connected-apps must be totally separated from critical car
networks. SmartCar provides this 'air-gap' architecture an automotive cyber-secure
hardware & software application platform, that fully connects apps with car networks
yet keeps cars & drivers secure. SmartCar turns every existing and future car-console
into a safe-and-secure connected device with navi, diagnostics, fuel-saving, car-andemergency services, ride-share, insurance and various other connected car-apps.
Contact: Zvuluny@bnc-s.com

BrightWay Vision

develops new, groundbreaking vision technology for vehicles,

which provides the driver with a safer and easier driving experience. This technology,
combined with active safety systems, reduces the risk of car accidents and saves lives.
We are currently developing an advanced day and night-time system for forward-facing
driver assistance functions, based on an active gated-imaging technology named BrightEyeTM.

Contact: marketing@bw-vision.com


C.G. Smartech provides Innovation, Strategy and Business Development

consulting mainly in the following arena:
ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).
M2M (Machine to Machine) Systems.
IoT (Internet of Things).
H2020 Program (ICT, Transportation, Energy, and Information Management).
Contact: chgabay@cgsmartech.com


offers its members access to a car, anytime anywhere. Customers can

reserve any of the designated cars, that are spread around the city, 24/7, swipe a
smart card on the wind shield and drive. The reservation ends when the car is returned
to its original parking spot, and the charge is according to the hours and miles driven.
Carsharing enables citizens in the big city to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a
private car, without the cost and hassle of ownership. The result : every CAR2GO car
takes 15 cars off the road, less traffic jams and less pollution.
Contact: Yonatan@car2go.co.il

Smart Mobility


City Transformer is a two-seater light electric car (quadricycle) that has the
ability to fold into the parking space of a motorcycle while maintaining a high safety
factor for the passengers. It consumes 1/4 of the parking area of conventional vehicle.
Contact: asaf@citytransformer.com

CityGraph Access Ltd have developed a decision making tool (CTgraph) for
public transportation key stakeholders, that allows:
Urban mobility analysis & comparison in building resolution for the whole Metropolitan.
Planners can make very fine optimization, allowing for small changes in routes, bus stop
locations and time tables through a meticulous examination of every possible alternative
- Running alternative routes and simulating their impact on various accessibility indexes Origin - Destination high resolution analysis and demands forecast.
Contact: jacob@ctgraph.com


Decell Technologies is a leading provider of premium road traffic information and

services, such as real-time, historical and predictive travel speeds, vehicle volumes and
data analysis. Decell collects, analyses and integrates different types of raw location
data from anonymous cellular data, GPS data, event data, and 3rd party sources. These
are used to generate high-quality information for full road network coverage. Decell
provides a wide range of services to its customers worldwide including government
agencies, navigation providers, car fleets, media channels and mobile services. Decell
was recently acquired by Airsage, a US based company and the largest provider of
consumer locations and population movement intelligence.
Contact: Dafna.Kremer@decell.com

Dr. Ratner Future Robotics

Dr. Ratner Future Robotics

Harnesses advanced robotics for safer and

greener transportation systems In our presentation we will focus on using advanced
autonomous robotics to shape a 3 layer (rail mobility-road mobility-personal
mobility) proposed transportation system. The underlying idea is to use advanced
robotics technologies to shape and integrate rail-road-urban solutions and link
them to green energy via the power grid - but doing so with minimum clash with the
existing transportation systems. What we are addressing takes place on three levels.
Robotic car level including range extender issues and safety issues.
Robotic rail platform to move shipping containers or passengers with their robotic cars.
Personal mobility devices which are part of the robotic car design.

Contact: danny_ratner@yahoo.com.au

Smart Mobility



is a mobile app that rewards drivers for safe behavior on the road. Just
like loyalty programs reward customer purchases with points or air-miles, we give
points for improving and sustaining safe driving habits. Fleet operators, or any other
organizations interested in promoting safe driving, can convert our points system
into monetary rewards or other perks for drivers. But our system doesn't stop at
just giving benefits. We use an innovative implementation of social incentives
based on theories in behavioral economics and social network analysis, to create a
peer-pressure effect that encourages drivers to earn more points by better driving.
Contact: isaach@brandeis.edu

E.R.M. Established in 1985, ERM Electronic Systems LTD is an electronic company

focused on the design, development and manufacture of innovative vehicle security
& GPS tracking solutions. ERM is a subsidiary of Ituran Group, which is one of the
leading providers of tracking and advanced protection services for vehicles and
drivers. Ituran specializes in theft prevention, vehicle recovery, fleet management and
driver behavior.
Contact: http://www.ermtelematics.com/contact/


Elkian transforms the experience of traveling with kids into a safer and more
enjoyable activity by using an innovative product. Elkian encourages children to
fasten their seatbelts by turning safety into fun. Elkian is startup activity at the
accelerator program of Ort Brauda in Karmiel.
Contact: info@elkian.com

Engie is a free mobile application that connects to the car computer, tracks the
car condition, diagnoses malfunctions and offers real-time bids from mechanics
nearby. Drivers can also get information and bids for their up coming maintenance
service, track daily parameters such as battery charge, fuel consumption and more.
With Engie the driver can make an educated decision when choosing a mechanic
and come with knowledge and power to the repair shop. Our goal is to make the
auto repair market totally transparent and shift the power back to the driver.
Contact: gal@engie.co.il

Smart Mobility


Ex-Sight is a leading company in the sphere of security biometrics and lifesaving

technologies. It provides worldwide OEM Integration & Development Services, HighEnd Video Analytics, Biometric Engineering, Image processing and Software platforms
with blank branding. Its top products include Face Recognition, Video Analytics, ANPR
Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Vehicle Surveillance systems, wearable security
solutions and many more. Based on high-end graphic design, Ex-Sights security
products open new horizons on digital technology.
Contact: www.ex-sight.com/cms2/contactus

Extreme Reality provides real time software-only, full body 3D motion capture
technology, using a single standard 2D webcam. Extreme Motion is a motion capture
engine that extracts the 3D position of the user in front of the camera in every frame
and creates a live 3D model of the user in real time. This model is then analyzed and
gestures are extracted according to skeleton positioning and/or trajectories.
Contact: info@xtr3d.com


EyeSight technology allows users to interact with the in-car infotainment system
in a seamless distraction-free manner. EyeSight Automotive provides the user with an
improved driving experience by keeping distractions to a minimum. Instead of shifting
the attention from the road to control the infotainment system, touch panel, or
other in car systems, the user is now able to keep the eyes on the road and use small
discreet motions to control such in-car features. Control music, navigation, climate,
and even answer calls, all without needing to shift attention or look away from the
road. eyeSights technology is designed to work in various lighting conditions from
bright daylight to night conditions, supporting the dynamic environments of cameras
on-the-move such as the one placed in the car for gesture control.
Contact: info@eyesight-tech.com

EYEWAYS SYSTEMS LTD Developed the EyeWhere app - a personal indoor

assistant application, which enables easy navigation and orientation in large venues,
even where GPS is unavailable, such as train stations, shopping malls, airports etc.
Using Augmented Reality interface, navigation in large venues become easy, and
even a fun task. EyeWhere app uses patent-pending technology to identify a specific
location using only visual information, and provides accurate position of the visitor
and the objects surrounding him.
Contact: bennyk@eyewaysystems.com

Smart Mobility


FanZone maximizes your matchday experience and enhances your way to global
events while reducing your travel costs. With FanZone for iOS and Android you can
see who else is coming, share a ride or join one, compete against other fans and get
special offers and benefits all in one place.
Share the excitement with other fans see whos coming and chat with friends
and other fans.
Choose who to ride with and reduce your travel costs enjoy a virtual Grand
Central Station for fans.
Compete against other fans in the quiz, enjoy the videos from previous events and more.
Get exclusive offers and special matchday benefits.
Help bring more fans - Invite your friends and nearby fans to join.
Contact: damian@myfanzone.com

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT) is a leading provider of

products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. Bringing a variety
of live satellite TV channels to moving vehicles, RaySat low-profiles antennas offer
commercial transportation vehicles the ability to easily upgrade entertainment systems
with live TV channels and even offer individual in-seat channel choices sports, news,
children and family programming, movies and other channels.
Contact: http://www.gilat.com/contact-us



has developed a mobile app that automatically recognizes the way

users travel without bothering them in their daily routines. Through daily ecofriendly travel, users will gain `greens`, points that are convertible to rewards from
GreenOn`s partners. In addition, GreenOn provides an advanced notification system
that will allow partners to alert users before, during, or after transportation, manually
or automatically. Finally, GreenOn will generate in-depth reports, encompassing
important metrics from all forms of transportation customized to partners needs.

GSN JUNGO (Galileo Satellite Navigation)

GSN develops and markets an innovative line of products and solutions, pursuing
the well-defined civil GNSS/GPS world-wide expanding market. GSN is heading
the highly prestige European iGalileo and GREATS consortia. GSN technology can
be adopted into mobile phones, handheld devices, vehicle information systems,
telecommunications, meteorology, marine, location based security, timing devices and
many more applications. GSN offers GSN200, a software GPS solution that enables
device manufacturers to add GPS to a range of products; and GSN100, a GNSS high
dynamics simulator with a range from basic single-channel (for GPS/GNSS production
testing) through multi-channel, multi constellation.
Contact: galileo-nav.com

Smart Mobility



We provide real time, comprehensive information about a vehicles

occupant status relying on our advanced optical sensing technology. Our patented
technology enables a safe and low cost solution for automotive companies to detect
occupant status specifically in each seat using only one sensor. Guardians sensor is
a platform for companies to manage their vehicle occupant applications in a simple,
cost effective way. After a successful prototype, Guardian is now developing its first
product to be deployed on Israels roads.
Contact: info@guardian-optech.com


application seamlessly captures the smartphones rear camera view

and analyzes it with a computer vision algorithm which automatically identifies
and sends to the cloud the locations of every on-street vacant parking space a
driver passes along the way. The application then recommends drivers, who seeks
parking nearby, an optimized navigation route to park their car, based on real time
and historical on-street vacancy data Hi-Parks unique 'One-to-Many' feature,
where a single drivers smartphone may locate multiple vacant parking spaces
along its route, results in a need for only a small number of drivers smartphones to
accurately map and continuously update on-street vacant parking spaces citywide.
Contact: shay@hi-park.co



is an innovative mobile platform of payment and wireless ticketing

for public transit, taking the experience of transit ticketing to a new level.
HopOn developed a unique, low cost yet high-end solution, which can be
integrated easily and fast into any public transit operators. HopOn introduces a
secured, 1-click easy to use, mobile payment and validation experience, which
covers all types of public transit; trains, buses, trams, shuttle-buses and rental
bikes. Using our patent pending, ultrasonic beacons, we are able to support
simultaneous validation process, which makes transit ticketing faster than ever.
Contact: shimrit@hopon.co.il

I Way Mobile Ltd

Developed the Comodo Consule, a telecommunications

and content system consisting of dozens of services divided up into nine content
worlds, specifically developed for the driver's environment. The COMODO includes
an advanced Bluetooth hands-free kit, back camera when the reverse gear is
engaged, 3-D navigation software and a music player connected up to the car's
audio system. The COMODO Console also features hundreds of web-based services
and applications, served up to the driver and passengers, on a 4.3 inch touch screen.

Contact: www.comodoconsole.com/mini/?lang=en

Smart Mobility



enhances driver safety and driving experience by exploiting the

smartphone capabilities and turning it from a distraction into a powerful driver
assistant. i4drive analyzes safety levels and operates the phone accordingly thus
helping the driver in avoiding dangerous situations. In addition it provides the driver
real time warnings, assistance & automation, advanced telemetry and driver-to-driver
communication in emergency events.
Contact: adi@i4drive.com

Infinity Augmented Reality (Infinity AR) provides the revolutionary software

platform that makes the digital eyewear experience (i.e. Meta, Google Glass) a reality.
The Company is the first augmented reality software platform to connect universally
with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets, integrating multiple devices into one
Contact: ir@infinityar.com


Inpris By recognizing the individual movements of each finger anywhere on the

screen, Inpris provides sightless controls for automobiles. Our intuitive, Ergonomic
Motion Detection (EMD) technology unleashes the future of touchscreens.
The way EMD works is by identifying each individual finger, enabling you to create up
to 16,000 gestures and commands, with just the use of your fingertips.
By creating different commands using different fingers, each individually recognized
by EMD technology, you can now create your own digital language and take control of
any of your touchscreen devices customized to just the way you like it.
Contact: www.inprisltd.com/contact_us/

Intelligent traffic control


implements vehicle-infrastructure connectivity to identify vehicles

discretely which enables to measure queues and delays of every connected vehicle
at signalized intersections. The system uses the measured delays and queues
to optimize traffic signal operation and improve traffic flow. Intellicon enhances
drivers' experience at urban environments by delivering real-time comprehensive
traffic signal information not provided by any other traffic information vendor.
The integration of optimized traffic signal operation with delivered traffic signal
information to drivers improves air pollution, gas consumption and enhances safety.

Contact: natan@intellicon.co.il

Smart Mobility


IONROAD improves driving in real-time using the power of modern computer vision
algorithms and smart-phonecameras. The iOnRoad Android and iOS Apps provides
a range of personal driving assistance functions including augmented driving,
collision warning and black-box like video recording and have generated close to a
million downloads. iOnRoads innovation and market leadership has been validated
by numerous industry awards including the 2012 CTIA E-Tech Award, CES 2012
showcase award, and one of Gartners cool vendors in automotive for 2012.
Contact: ohad@ionroad.com

IRideShare - Share rides with people going to the same event as you. If you are
organizing a conference, meetup, wedding, party, or any other event, you can offer
iRideShare to your fellow participants, and enable them to share rides safely and
socially amongst themselves. iRideShare delivers the unique ability to avoid the
dangers and uncertainty of open-to-the-public ride sharing. Only your invited guests
will be able to give and receive rides to your events.
Contact: tpoupko@gmail.com


Jungo Connectivity

is a provider of connectivity and multimedia software

solutions. Jungo Connectivitys products enable semiconductor companies, device
manufacturers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to easily develop
products that intelligently connect with any portable device over various protocols for
any application. Jungos market-leading IVI multimedia middleware enables carmakers
and their Tier-1 suppliers to develop unique UX designs, with a wide range of media
features and highest possible levels of interaction with CE device or Cloud sources. With
the Jungo software, carmakers have the control, the independence and the flexibility
they need to offer the latest features in their products and accelerate innovation.
Contact: www.jungo.com


is building a peer-to-peer smart transportation network, a ride sharing

app that will enable people to share existing abundance (empty seats) for the benefit
of all, reducing ride costs and eventually reducing traffic. For transportation networks
to be functional a critical mass of users is needed. Lazooz will motivate users and
contributors to join by introducing a new cryptocoin - zooz - the new transportation
coin. All efforts helping to add users and achieve critical mass will be rewarded by
zooz. Early adopters can mine zooz as they ride with a running application, application
promoters will mine zooz as they add new users to the network, and developers will
be rewarded with zooz tokens by the contributors community. The Zooz coin will
be used to pay for rides and thus will have a real world value at the operational phase.
Contact: shayz@lazooz.org

Smart Mobility


Maradin Ltd provides one of the world most advanced MEMS-based scanning
mirror solutions, developing the core component of miniature laser projection and
sensing systems. Maradins solution is typically used in laser-based displays, including:
Pico-Projectors (Smartphone, tablets,) Gesture Recognition and Automotive HeadUp-Displays (HUD), as well as in medical and defense/industrial optical applications.
Contact: www.maradin.co.il/contact

Mishor 3d

The Mishor Shadowbox is a software system that drives the OLED

heads-up display in the modern internet-connected automobile, giving the driver an
augmented reality view of the road and the surrounding environment. By integrating
this view with the appropriate content and context, Shadowbox will revolutionize
the driving experience. Mishor patented technology enables converging driver safety
systems together with navigation and vehicle infotainment into single compelling
Theatre-View display.
Contact: info@mishor3d.com



using sophisticated vision algorithms, Mobileyes collision avoidance

technology is able to interpret a scene in real-time and provide drivers with an
immediate evaluation based on its analysis. Automakers are now adopting this
technology into their rapidly expanding safety feature applications known as
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
Contact: www.mobileye.com/contact-us/

MOBIWIZE solutions for fleets include active, horizon assisted eco-driving and
fuel economy prediction, including route, driver and vehicle performance analytics,
contributing to fuel savings, safer driving, and reduction in maintenance costs.
MobiWize solutions for car makers include unique Horizon Prediction technology to
map and model vehicle performance, road characteristics and additional layers of
dynamic data using small-footprint embedded maps, aiming to eventually become the
Vehicle Intelligence Center (VIC) in new generation vehicles. VICs goal is to harvest
data form internal/external vehicle sensors, apply sensor fusion and object-related
analytics to generate a big picture about the dynamic environment around the vehicle.
Contact: alex.ackerman@mobi-wize.com

Smart Mobility



is an Israeli startup developing tire monitoring solutions for vehicles

based on advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms. The companys
patented cutting-edge technologies, along with its proprietary database form the
back-end of its automated tire management systems for vehicle fleets.
Contact: kfir@neomatix.com

NewByte Flight Dynamics

represents in Israel the SkyWeb Express

technology of www.taxi200.com, a RPT system developed for more than a decade in
the US. The system, which is the TCP/IP equivalent of public transportation, enables
fast movement of people to their personal desired destinations, without the need of
maintaining large Metro stations (circa 1860 concept). At 10 percent of the cost of
full underground transport, it can cover the whole Gush Dan area to assure 8 minutes
travel from any point to any point, even on Shabbat. System application is progressive,
without closing main streets commerce for five years.
Contact: Baruch@newbyte.co.il


Noveto Systems

mission is to provide a new dimension in human-machine

interface between users and consumer-electronic sound-emitting media devices.
The company's current core-competency is vocal communication, where we create
a virtual vocal conduit between the user and an equipped device. Novetos unique
technology allows for the transmission of focused, vocal-band sound waves, to a
designated point in space. This is achieved without any intermediate hardware such
as a wired or wireless earpiece. Transmission of sound beams is directed only to
the user's ears or sideways to the user - creating 3D immersive sound effects. The
system consists of hardware components combined with sophisticated DSP module
and governing software (driver).
Contact: info@noveto.biz


developed new algorithms, to improve existing ones and to import

algorithms from other disciplines - all resulting in a proprietary, robust, computationefficient, speaker-independent ASR engine with extraordinary recognition accuracy rates.
Contact: info@novospeech.com

Smart Mobility


NXTDRIVE system, enables the operation of mobile devices by remote gesture,

using the sense of touch with the voice feedback which frees us from the need
to look or touch the screen. The micro-console enables us to browse through
menus, launch applications, and write free text by means of NXT (patent pending)
language, based on the writing of letters through the imaging of their forms.


revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by

introducing Optibize - an innovative, super-fast optimization technology. Optibize
transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive realtime process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more
efficiently, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service. Optibus On-Schedule,
powered by Optibize, plans crew and vehicle assignments in seconds, letting
schedulers compare different alternatives, immediately choosing the one that is
most efficient and appropriate. Also powered by Optibize is Optibus On-Time, which
lets control room operators respond in real time to unplanned incidents or changes,
preventing negative implications on passenger service and cost.
Contact: Yossi@Optibus.co


OPTIMA DESIGN Automation provides the automotive chip industry with tools
and solutions to solve soft-errors, hard-errors and other radiation effects problems
in automotive chips to meet the ISO-26262 standard. A chip responsible for critical
systems in cars (like drive-by-wire) can simply stop working due to radiation from
outer space. These problems are becoming more critical in modern electronic chip
due to the smaller dimensions of modern silicon technologies. The new ISO-26262
functional safety standard address these concerns, however, chip designer do not
have the right tools to deal with radiation effects and meet the standard. Optima
is providing game-changing technologies and tools to address these problems.
Contact: jamil@optima-da.com

Oree Planar Lighting Established in 2006, Oree is the pioneer of LED-based

planar lighting. Orees innovative technology opens up a completely new category
for LED illumination: Planar LED Lighting. Orees patented technology enables the
conversion of LED "point sources to a planar, thin and uniform illuminating surface
without sacrificing efficiency, light quality or cost.
Contact: info@oree-inc.com

Smart Mobility



is a world leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of miniature

positioning modules, antenna modules and antenna solutions. OriginGPS modules
introduce unparalleled sensitivity and noise immunity by incorporating Noise Free
Zone system proprietary technology for faster position fix and navigation stability
even under challenging satellite signal conditions. Founded in 2006, OriginGPS is
specializing in development of unique technologies that miniaturize RF modules,
thereby addressing the market need for smaller wireless solutions.
Contact: marketing@origingps.com


provides a unique technology for building dynamic navigation path

to the cheapest or closest parking spot to driver's destination and maximizes the
odds of finding a parking spot. Parklife algorithms combine high-resolution spatially
explicit model of parking occupation with advanced machine learning. Parklifes
solution fully operates from the 1st user. (No community dependency). Parklifes
solution predicts expected search time and expected distance (walk time) between
the future parking place and destination. Parklife is highly scalable with ability to
operate new geography in short time, low costs and no need for historical data.
Contact: zachi@parklife.co.il


Pointer is a leading provider of information and LBS services for vehicles. Pointer
develops and markets technology and products in order to create smart transportation
while making the car integrated with a variety of functions and interfaces based on a
sophisticated transmitter. Pointer markets in Israel and abroad, Range of solutions Includes:
Fleet-Management System combines FMS data and CANBUS technology diagnostic.
CELLO-IQ-Can System Supports Can communication, connecting diagnostic socket
OBD-2, allows monitoring remote failures.
IQ system enabling the driver to improve by monitoring driving patterns and alerts the
driver, includes sensors that identify accidents and deliver the information immediately
to a staffed center.
Contact: Nava@pointer4u.co.il

Polly will find you a big city parking spot. Whether on the street or in a parking lot, it
will always save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. Polly will lead you via
a customized route near your destination where the probability of finding on-streetparking is high. Didnt find a parking spot? No big deal your route will always end up at
the pre-chosen parking lot. Polly knows all the streets, special parking spots and street
parking signs thanks to a unique algorithm that uses data and magical fairy intuition.
Contact: eran@sparking.co.il

Smart Mobility



is a startup company dedicated to the field of train safety,

specializing in automated early warning systems of obstacles, which enables the
driver to react to the track. The Rail Safe electro-optic sensor is mounted on the
train locomotive and producing high resolution imaging from up to a distance of 2
km (much larger than 1.5 km trains maximal breaking distance). The image is not
restricted to daylight and atmospheric conditions and works at night and in fog or
dust. A sophisticated image processing algorithm analyses the scene, identifying
any obstacle which poses a threat and alerts the driver and the control center.
Contact: yuvalisbi@gmail.com

Raygo is a smart gadget you install on the steering wheel. It connects wirelessly
with RAYgo app in your phone letting you use your favorite apps with minimum
distraction. Your apps now talk to you and you respond pressing buttons on the
steering wheel or using your voice. You can use Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger,
Gmail, SMS and even Skype keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
RAYgo was created by Project Ray. A company that makes easy-to-use smartphone
for the blind. Our patented technology helps thousands of people with vision loss
stay connected and use modern smartphones without sight. Now this same
technology helps drivers stay connected making driving smarter, safer and more fun!
Contact: boaz@project-ray.com


Red Bend The automotive industry is experiencing an unprecedented proliferation

of software in vehicles, both under the hood and in the passenger compartment.
Systems such as telematics, infotainment and navigation are making the driving
experience more enjoyable and efficient. But with more functionality comes greater
complexity. Thats why manufacturers and tier one suppliers use Red Bend Software
to manage the increasing amount of software in Telematics Units, Electronic Control
Units (ECU) and Infotainment Systems (IVI) with Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updating
and Virtualization.Red Bend Software is the leader in Mobile Software Management
(MSM). More than 80 leading manufacturers, mobile operators, semiconductor vendors
and automotive companies worldwide trust Red Bend to make their mobile devices
and services continuously better in a rapidly changing world.
Contact: http://www.redbend.com/en#

Repark Social Parking is set to increase the availability of vacant parking space
in congested city zones, by increasing the usability (occupancy) of available
parking space. A solution that reduces parking search time to zero, reduces
traffic loads by 30%, saves gas and reduces pollution, in congested city areas.
The RePark system, allows private parking space owners (PSO) to rent their
parking space (PS) by the hour at any hour, with a smartphone app. It directs
drivers to a vacant PS near their set destination, and manages navigation,
entrance and mobile payment, automatically, using the same RePark app.
Contact: ben@repark.me

Smart Mobility


RFISee is fabless semiconductor company that sells a low cost high reliability radar
based cars active Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).The system includes
6-8 connected sensors (same sensor!) installed on cars encircling to form a 3D
360view of car surrounding. The system analyzes the video and assists the driver
not only by alerting from dangerous but also actively controlling safety devices (e.g.
airbag, breaks boosting system, steering etc.).
Contact: www.rfisee.com/contact

ROUTIER In an era of connectivity and BYOD, businesses struggle to engage and upsale their customers stay. Routier uses this opportunity to increase engagement & drive
revenues over Wi-Fi networks for businesses (transportation\aviation\municipalities\
retail venues\hotels\universities teleco's etc.). Our platform enables businesses to provide
services or targeted promotions and interact with their customers, on their own devices,
through our patent-pending solution, which creates an overlay on top of any webpage,
browser and device, giving users an app-like experience free of any app installation.
Contact: gal@routier.io



Safe Lane was founded as a result of personal losses

experienced by its founders, caused by violent driving behavior. Our Mission
is to improve the effectiveness of police enforcement of traffic regulations
through a user friendly application that will allow effective crowd-sourced civil
enforcement. Our goal: Deter drivers from violating traffic regulations worldwide.
Contact: nativbatuah@gmail.com


system is installed in the car and prevents any driver from using apps
that are prohibited by local laws. The SAVER1 system connects to the drivers phone.
In case the driver rejects this connection, cellular service will be disabled for all the
vehicle passengers. This assures that a car equipped with SAVER1 system will not
have accidents resulting from Texting while Driving. SAVER1 enables additional
growth engines by providing synchronized vehicle and mobile parameters from the
vehicle's OBD-II and the mobile, creating an on-line "Enhanced Big Data" platform

Contact: info@saver1.net

Smart Mobility



through its patent pending software, extends the smartphone

experience into other media platforms, including TV, Vehicle infotainment systems
and displays PC, turning the smartphone into a personal smart server.
Contact: info@screenovate.com

Shabus is a shared transportation system, connecting Jerusalemites to entertainment

centers on weekends. Shabus is an initiative of the Cooperative Transportation Association
of Jerusalem. The Association is a cooperative an organization composed of members
who wish to share rides on weekends, at affordable rates. Shabus will operate with
a set timetable and route. This is a novel kind of transportation: community based and
cooperative. Together, we will provide transport solutions for our community needs.
Contact: shabus.jer@gmail.com


Siano offers advanced Mobile-DTV receiver chips powering automotive infotainment

devices in luxury vehicles enabling high performance digital TV during speed driving
Contact: siano_pr@siano-ms.com

Silentium Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in developing innovative noise

reduction products and solutions. Noise pollution from a wide range of electronic
equipment can cause stress, impair hearing and communication, and adversely affect
productivity and health. Silentiums noise reduction solutions contain unique cutting
edge technology delivering more than 10dB(A) noise reduction across the entire audio
spectrum. Applications include noise reduction for server/networking equipment, air
treatment, air conditioning machinery for the residential and automotive market,
white goods and more.
Contact: http://www.silentium.com/

Smart Mobility



developed an innovative passive TDR (pTDR) technology (patented) for

testing Vehicle communication wires for different type of failures (disconnections,
short-circuits, etc..) during bus normal operation. Our technology can be used by
manufacturing and service, and ultimately embed into the vehicle. We have products
deployed in all Vehicle Assembly Plants of GM in North America. Wiring failures are
very hard to detect and are becoming a safety critical issue. Our technology enables:
Major improvements in vehicles electrical maintenance and fault detection and reporting.
Saving costs of false module replacement.
Shorter repair time.
Reduction of no-trouble-found.
Improve overall customers satisfaction.
Contact: info@sitaltech.com

Smart Bus is developing a better way to use private transportation and shuttles.
We're building a system that saves 35%-45% of transport costs for groups (B2B,
B2B2C). Our platform is Web and Mobile oriented, aimed at reserving buses and
minibuses for efficient and smart transport for events, travel, conferences etc.
Contact: info@smartbus.co.il


Softwheel Our goal has always been freedom. We have created revolutionary
technology that takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary.
The AcrobatTM wheel is meticulously engineered to provide an unparalleled
user experience. Such freedom could only be achieved by reinventing the wheel.
Contact: daniel@softwheel.co.il

Spaceek eliminates the need to search for parking. It is an innovative IoT parking
solution for the Smart City. Spaceek's unique sensing method enables coverage of
large areas by combining advantages of the Internet of Things and the power of
the crowd. Drivers receive accurate information about parking availability through
smartphone and web applications. The technology quickly and easily deploys with the
lowest total cost of ownership and supplies Smart City parking management, data
and insights.
Contact : itamar@spaceek.com

Smart Mobility


Tbus is an application on mobile and web. The application finds matches of people who
wish to come from the same area of departure to the same area of arrival at approximately
the same time, and put them at a share taxi to their destination. The default of Tbus is
four passengers for a taxi, so the price for the passengers is close to the price of a bus
ticket. This is while the speed of arrival and the convenience are close to a taxi service.
Contact: israeligilad@gmail.com


is a pioneer Cyber Security solutions provider to the automobile

industry. TowerSecs unique TOWERSHIELD suite of products provides an innovative
Cyber Security software solution which can be smoothly integrated into a vehicles
on-board Electronic Control Unit (ECU), in-vehicle infotainment systems and factory
installed connected computers. For aftermarket telematics and Fleet Management
System suppliers, TowerSec delivers integrated security solution based on the
markets leading hardware.

Contact: info@tower-sec.com


Trackimo can be your cars personal guardian. Trackimo is small, which means you can
hide anywhere in your vehicle. Trackimo is accurate, which means you will always know
the exact location of your car. Trackimo sends real-time information, which means you will
always know the exact location of your car at any given moment. Trackimo keeps you in
the loop. Always. Just check its status on your smartphone or your computer. Trakimo is
also equipped with an accelerometer, which means you will know if the car is motion, how
fast it is going, and if it was involved in a collision.
Contact: info@trackimo.com

TrackTec Since its birth, TrackTec has sold thousands of DPL devices and integrated
systems for AVL, Fleet Management and Driver Diagnostics. TrackTec offers an optional
internal accelerometer as one of the DPL hardware options. An accelerometer is an
analog sensor for g-force. It is the same technology used to trigger airbags. It can sense
how much force is being exerted during turning, acceleration and braking. It can also
be configured as motion sensor when your car is parked. By utilizing these capabilities,
TrackTec can present features, such as: Driver Diagnostics and Improvement; Driver
Profiling; Theft prevention; Accident alerts.
Contact: info@track-tec.com

Smart Mobility


Traffilog LTD

Founded in 2003, is a Big Data Analytic company on the field

of Fleet management and a leading global provider of M2M, fleet-management
and mobile asset solutions. Innovative technology - Proprietary algorithms to
implement BI tools over vehicle and driver extracted Big Data to improve fleet
fuel efficeny and fuel optimization providing a real time tool for predictive and
preventive maintanence. Combinning all vehicle mechanical components and sensors
extracted data to provide irregularities monitoring tool. Traffilog is present in over
32 countries worldwide and has accumulated over 18 billion Km of experience
and data in driver and vehicle telematics, diagnostics, and prognostic analytics.
Contact: ErezJ@traffilog.com

VISUAL PROCESS For transportation services, surprises especially concerning

equipment failure are unwelcome. Visual Process is leveraging on the wealth of data
available through the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to surface early operation abnormalities
that may relate to cyber, maintenance or other causes, and allow the transportation
operator to take corrective action long before an actual catastrophe takes place.
Contact: chen@visual-process.com



The company developed a unique optoelectronic microphone able

to substantially enhance a speakers voice over any background noise (including
voices of other speakers). In a nutshell, VocalZooms unique technology creates
a Virtual Cube in space, sensing sound from only within the cube. This results in
a highly significant speech enhancement and precise speaker isolation, which are
the key elements missing today to enable mass-usage of voice driven applications.
Contact: michal@vocalzoom.com

Wi-Charge is set out to address the #1 pain of mobile lifestyle - the need to
frequently recharge mobile devices. Leveraging our proprietary wireless power
transmission technology, we develop remote charging solutions that essentially
enable mobile devices to recharge themselves without user intervention. Wi-Charge
technology allows mobile devices to seize charging opportunities at home, at the
office, or in a public place - without involving the user. From the user standpoint, the
device is completely self-sustained, and acts as if it has an endless battery.
Contact: ContactUs@wi-charge.com

Smart Mobility



is an always-on personal voice assistant that connect people to their

social networks and apps in an eyes & hands free environment. WonderVoice offers a mobile
app for consumers and whitelable / licensing B2B platform for mobile and wearable devices.
WonderVoice's contextual speech technology is now proven and demonstrates outstanding
benchmarks results comparing to other leading voice assistants & speech engines. For
drivers, WonderVoice offers a unique experience delivering relevant information to the driver
exactly when one needs it, for example, real time parking availability, instant messaging
support, and ad-hoc location sharing, all triggered and interacted without lifting a finger.
Contact: gal@wondervoice-mobile.com

Yossiknows connects you to a parking spot. Yossiknows solution is based on smart

sensors which are installed under every parking spot. While others only predict the closest
parking spot - we guarantee the correct information. While others asks the driver to do
weird things - we ask for simple user behavior. YOSSIKNOWS, because only Yossi Knows.
Contact: eyal@yossiknows.com


Alternative Fuels

Designer Energy

is Biotechnology Company, dedicated to enabling the green

energy revolution. Our portfolio, based on microbial systems, unlocks the valuable
sugars in renewable cellulosic biomass that can be used to produce bio-fuels and biochemicals that can help reduce the world's reliance on petroleum.
Contact: alon@designerenergy.net

Alternative Fuels

Dor Alon Gas is the leading distributor of LPG for transportation and industry in
Israel. The company is the main player in the growing NG market, and provides turn
key solutions to industries wishing to convert to natural gas. As a part of the growing
NG market , Israel prepares to introduce the CNG to the automotive industry. Dor Alon
Gas intends to build the infrastructure and to lead the distribution of CNG as well. We
do everything possible to increase the use of natural gas and allow the Israeli market
to use "green" fuels in purpose to support energetic independence of Israel, reducing
air pollution & improving the environment in Israel.
Contact: Hagai.pery@dorgas.co.il

Alternative Fuels


Alternative Fuels

Dor Chemicals LTD

is a leading industrial Israeli company, in the chemical and

alternative energy field, for the last 40 years. Its main business is Methanol importing
and trading, and production of Methanol main derivatives as Formaldehyde, MTBE,
and pure Hydrogen. In light of the government's decision to develop alternative fuels
based on natural gas, Dor decided to start activity of adding Methanol produced
from natural gas as a blending stock to regular gasoline in existing car's fleet. Dor is
managing and running a three year field test, testing various vehicles (regular ones
and FFV), with Methanol as fuel to demonstrate the viability of the idea.
Contact: avraham.glazer@dorchemicals.com

Alternative Fuels


specializes in converting vehicles that are driven on gasoline to a LPG

driven vehicle. The company imports kits that convert the car to LPG-driven car, install
and provides service through licensed garages. Ecodrive had an important role in the
consolidation of the regulations with the authorities and since then is promoting
this turnabout in saving costs of refueling. Ecodrive considers its goal in bringing top
products in the field of LPG - driven cars, keeping low prices and high standard of
service. Ecodrive is continuing to develop and explore other innovative solutions to
eco friendly and low cost energy use in cars.

Contact: michal@ecodrive.co.il


Alternative Fuels


is developing an innovative process to produce standard diesel fuel

from natural gas and carbon dioxide. This is a considerably less expensive alternative
to production of diesel fuel from crude oil. The program objectives are to demonstrate
a novel process to produce a synthetic diesel fuel with less than 15 ppm of Sulfur, by
operating an innovative prototype reactor producing 100 kg/h of syngas. The process
is more modular, more efficient and less expensive than existing ones.

Alternative Fuels


is a seed company, addressing crop-segments having potential to play

an important role in supplying food, feed and fuel markets. Biofuel market, currently
relaying on edible crops as feedstock, represents a unique opportunity for such new
crop-segments to emerge. There is clear need to put into use second generation,
non-food feedstock, and key challenge is securing feedstock competitive economics,
scalability and sustainability. Addressing this need, Evofuel is focusing on developing
high yielding castor seeds as a modern and scalable crop, taking advantage of rapidly
developing agri-industry in Brazil. Initially established in 2008 as part of Evogene
(NYSE, TASE: EVGN), Evofuel was spun out as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2012.

Contact: Liat.Cinamon@evogene.com

Alternative Fuels


Alternative Fuels


In a fast paced world where resources are becoming scarcer, producing

renewable energy is not enough to stop the world's dependency on oil. Thus, our
development addresses the solution for the means of transportation. Our vision is
to facilitate the transformation of the automotive industry from gasoline based into
renewable fuel based. Inspired by the idea of smart cities, our technology, specifically
focuses in engines for light vehicles, to address the traffic problem in large cities around
the world. Our development is a flexible-fuel engine, adjusted automatically to any fuel
composition inserted, with no human interference, enabling optimal performance.

Contact: shirlycoifman@gmail.com

Alternative Fuels

GenCell Ltd. has created a unique hydrogen-on-demand platform for the fuel cell
industry, converting ammonia into hydrogen at remarkable energy and cost efficiency
ratios. This innovative cracker is being adjusted to existing gas stations and will
solve a major problem looming over the huge potential of fuel cell electric vehicles
(FCEV) such as buses, trucks, cars and forklifts. GenCells game-changing solution will
overcome the technological, economic and logistic barriers related to H2 mobility and
will provide the industry with a new kind of fuel which is completely clean, accessible
and extremely cost-effective.

Contact: tal@gencellenergy.com


Alternative Fuels

Green City Urban Recycling LTD was founded in 2009 with the vision of
providing a platform for cheap, 100% renewable energy while focusing on our social and
environmental commitments as well as the bottom line. Our solutions are quickly establishing
us as the emerging leader in the biodiesel field; we believe that our technology is not only the
most environmentally sustainable in the industry but so efficient that providing biodiesel at
a lower cost than petro diesel is becoming a realistic possibility. The significant advantage of
green city is the ability to use waste as feed stock, such can't be used for any purpose, at the
best these waste goes to landfills, and other times just pollute the environment. By using our
revolutionary innovative technology we are able to convert it into renewable fuel.

Contact: alon@greencityltd.com

Alternative Fuels

Kaiima Bio-Agritech is a genetics and breeding technology company that

developed a proprietary, non-GMO genomic duplication technology that dramatically
improves crop productivity. Leveraging its technological and breeding strengths,
Kaiima pioneered the CastorMaxx system.
CastorMaxx is an integrated castor cultivation system that combines elite hybrid
seed with advanced, large-scale growing protocols, enabling growers to scaleup their castor farming and achieve breakthrough bean and oil yield potential.
The system optimizes production through customized and scalable solutions
sustainably and economically producing castor oil as a feedstock for the high-value,
products and renewables industries.

Contact: avi@kaiima.com

Alternative Fuels


Alternative Fuels

Kenaf Green Industries (KGI) is a world leader in Kenaf development.

Kenaf plant produces the highest rate of biomass amongst crops: One hectare of
Kenaf yields 15-20 tons of dry matter within only 120 days. As 1/3 of the biomass
is high quality fibers utilized for production of non-woven fabrics, insulation
products, and as reinforcement for plastic & concrete composites, the core is suitable
for Ethanol production: One tone of Kenaf core yields 450 Liter of ethanol.

Contact: eshet777@gmail.com

Alternative Fuels

NewCO2Fuels ("NCF") is an Israeli startup that is revolutionizing the commercial

production of fuel by recyclinggreenhouse gassesintovaluablereusable
products.The Company hasdevelopeda technologythat minimizes our carbon
footprint byconverting wasteful carbon dioxide (CO2) and water from large
industrial plants into usable synthetic fuels and chemicals.In addition, the NCF
system uses renewable hightemperature heat from theexcess heat of industrial
plants to drive its process, hence creating a 100% self-sufficientand environmental
friendlysystem.The system is based on technology previously developed at the
Weizmann Institute of Science and exclusively licensed to NCF.
ontact email: jhorn@ewco2fuels.co.il


Alternative Fuels

TransBiodiesel was founded in May 2007 and currently it employs 12 employees

dedicated for promoting a new game-changing technology for the production of
biodiesel. The main technology is focused on the development of a new patented
enzyme technology for the production of biodiesel at real commercial scales using 2nd
generation feedstocks. The company has built and retrofitted more than 10 plants of
different production capacity worldwide using low-grade oils. The company strives to
become a world leader in producing Biodiesel through a Joint Ventures business model
creating a cleaner and safer world in a market with continuously growing demand.

Contact: sbasheer@transbiodiesel.com

Alternative Fuels

UniVerve Biofuel

Alternative Fuels

Univerve developed a microalgae-biomass production process, which is designed to

enable the production of an oil barrel at a stable cost of USD 50-60. UniVerve initiates
the establishment of farms worldwide. Revenues will be combined of consulting fee,
dividends, license fee and royalties from sales of the oil as feedstock for biofuel
as well as the biomass products e.g. Omega-3 as feedstock for food supplements
and protein-rich biomass for feed. The 1st stage of UniVerve's 1st farm in Israel is
operative. Univerve promotes its business also in China, USA and Brazil and seeks for
investors and business partners.
Contact: ohad@univerve-biofuel.com




Aquarius energy generation developed a new, second generation of an extremely

efficient and light weight engine-generator. Aquarius free piston, linear engine, based
on an innovative internal gas exchange system, enables a very high efficient and very
low emission electricity generation. Its applicable to the generators market as well as
electric/hybrid vehicles.
Contact: gal@aquariusengines.com


Ceemple accelerates Automotive technologies development process by providing

a single platform to enable both rapid prototyping of advanced algorithms, and fast
go to production on standard C++ platforms. This allows for maximum reuse and
unifies design, validation, and test. With Ceemple, you can efficiently test throughout
developmentfrom concept to production. Prototyping of automotive related
technologies, such as computer vision, control systems, ADAS, infotainment has never
been easier. With Ceemple, rapid prototyping in C++ is available via ultra-fast compiler,
pre-integrated libraries, and pre-configured environment enabling you to focus on
your prototypes just code and run.
Contact: avi@kaiima.com





is a leading provider of cellular based solutions for traffic information system and
traffic information services. Cellint's systems are deployed over thousands of km and tens of
MSCs in the US, Europe and Middle East, with excellent results and very satisfied customers.
Cellint's cost-effective platform is used by cellular carriers, road operators, navigation providers
and traffic service providers to manage vehicular traffic and provide traffic information services
and applications to all types of customers,

Contact: info@cellint.com



offers comprehensive enterprise mobility management including, full

MDM; secure messaging; remote support; unique secure email; on-device diagnostics and
repair and collaboration. CommuniTake Total Care suite includes complete remote control
over mobile devices or PCs; remote resolution scripts activation; an on-device diagnostics
and repair application; and an automated proactive system. CommuniTake proven success
features cutting edge technology; advanced functionality; flexible delivery methods; and a
white label model.

Contact: press@communitake.com



CPC Group

is a leading company specializing in design, engineering and

manufacturing custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies. Our full range
technologies solutions reduce product cycle time, optimize resources, improve
time-to-market all in order to obtain the best overall cost and maintain first-class
manufacturing capabilities.
Contact: sales@cpc.co.il


enVerid patented HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) solution implements revolutionary

technology that actually removes CO2 as well as VOCs and other molecular
contaminants from indoor air. enVerids Automotive Solution: the VCS System: Self
regenerating, continuous operation scrubber; Removes CO2and VOCs in re-circulation
mode (cooling or heating); Our regenerable VOC sorbent can operate to clean air
when outside ventilation is ON; Smaller and more efficient than conventional VOC
sorbents; Other functionalities can optionally be added: ionizer, germicide, catalysts.
Key features: Approximate weight 5 10 kG; Designed and integrated into vehicle
ventilation system; Maintain low CO2 levels; Use waste heat from engine; Sorbent in
cartridge form requiring annual replacement.
Contact: info@enverid.com



Intelligent Smart ideas


Intelligent Smart ideas

engage in solving problems in the areas of life,

and especially in the areas of saving lives, Our operating segments are: Intelligent
Transportation Systems Life-saving transport systems. We are a company concentrating
on the development of innovative and creative solutions to a variety of problems in the
field of saving lives. And implementation of various technological means solutions.

contact : intelligentsmartideas@walla.com



is leading global change in the rubber recycling industry through its

breakthrough technology. It has formulated a high performance chemical modifier
for the de-vulcanisation of rubber waste, called Ecological De-Vulcaniser (EDV).
Substituting part of the virgin compound with Levgums De-vulcanised Rubber
Compound (DRC) leads to a significant savings in raw material costs. Levgums
technology works and has no drawbacks or hidden problems. The technology can be
and has been put into industrial practice with few challenges and at a reasonable cost.
Contact: ranz@levgum.com





company is an engineering, Design and production company, provided with

a unique control of new technologies and ideas. The company brings tremendous
experience from projects across industries and functions, including: automobiles,
energy saving consumer products and more. Inspired by the keywords of passion
and devotion, "NXY" team, a dynamic and innovative team, works to reach the best
solutions for our clients. Among our clients are the "City transformer" and "Elbit super
capacitor department". We are involve in many projects from the area of saving energy.
Contact: meir@nxygroup.com


Pi Energy

Marketing sales and distribution of the worlds first and only electric
stand-on tri-wheel "Road Legal" vehicle. Used for: Street, sidewalk/boardwalk city
centers safety (thus, preventing illegal electric bicycles and scooters). Unique for
port and airport security, law enforcement and operational environments safety.
Open Source Vehicle platform for innovative design of multiple usage vehicles locally
designed for urban purposes. Energy storage solutions for industrial and private
usage up to 7MW.
Contact: lmn1234567@gmail.com




PROFFIMAT S.R. Ltd provides innovative surface treatment solutions through

unique patented technologies and processes. These cost effective solutions impart
improved characteristics to key components in the areas of wear resistance, abrasion,
galling, friction, corrosion, seizing and extension of operational life. PROFFIMAT's unique
coating processes provide the major advantage of ensuring the successful coating of
extremely small, intricate and complicated parts including nozzles and bearings.
Contact: rosenthul@proffimat.com


Safe Distance

is a realistic solution for a world change in driving behavior by

reducing the number of car accidents significantly, reducing fuel consumption and
air pollution. Today, speed data is presented to the driver in a way that means nothing
to him. Safe distance offers the change in meter/second units. Meter/second units
gives you an understandable information in every driving second. This way, the driver
understands the distance he passes in every second. Understanding the distance and
knowing the meaning will lead to better thinking and awareness along with preventing
steps and reducing destructing acts like cellular usage etc.

Contact: Elad.ronen2@gmail.com




a NASA Space Act company, is high-speed, low-cost, GREEN, elevated

transportation. Its unique, patented, passive magnetic levitation technology enables its
vehicles to move at speeds of up to 250 KMPH. At urban speeds of over 50 KMPH, SkyTran
vehicles use about 1/3rd the energy of a hybrid car. SkyTran is working with the PMO's Office
of Fuel Initiatives and with Israel Aerospace Industries to make its vision a reality.

Contact: jerry@skytran.us



turn any surface into an environmentally friendly solar panel

simply, cheaply, and aesthetically. SolarPaint is a disruptive 3rd generation solar
cell technology. The paint absorbs solar radiation and converts it to electricity for
application on any outdoor real-estate or infrastructure (e.g. walls, roofs, roads).
SolarPaint transforms land-use, integrating existing or new properties into the fabric
of the smart cities of the future, so that the technology will significantly contribute
to both the renewable energy mix and functionality of the built environment.
Contact: info@thesolarpaint.com


Technion A novel technology for hydrogen production on-demand has being developed at
the Technion by Prof. Alon Gany, Dr. Valery Rosenband, and Shani Elitzur. The main innovation
stems from a patented process for aluminum activation to react spontaneously with water
of any type, including tap water, sea water, and grey water, at room temperature. The
technology enables safe and compact use of hydrogen. Combined with fuel cells it provides
high specific electric energy storage, substantially higher than batteries. It can be applied in
various applications, including automotive, aerospace, and marine
Contact: elitzur.shani@gmail.com




Tour Engine Inc. is developing a high efficiency low emissions internal combustion
engines utilizing a split-cycle engine architecture. Two operational prototype engines
have demonstrated the mechanical feasibility of the design and computer simulations
have indicated the potential for significant improvements in efficiency over conventional
four-stroke engines. The company has successfully patented the technology with
eight issued patents. Notably, the Tour engine is based on standard cylinder and piston
technology allowing all current and future engine and component advances to be
adopted. This will reduce barriers for its adoption by engine producers that are highly
invested in manufacturing common parts.
Contact: hugo@tourengine.com


Trego transforms any bicycle into a multi-purpose tricycle, simply by replacing the
front wheel. TreGo can have different add-ons like a rucksack, child seat, racks, boxes,
cases, lights and so on. One simple action is needed to connect/disconnect TreGo to/
from the bicycle. TreGo can function as a trolley or a stroller after disconnecting from
the bicycle to continue carrying goods indoors. TreGo can have electric assistants,
and convert regular bicycles into electric tricycles. TreGo allows an easy return to the
bicycle's original form at any time- no tools needed
Contact: ofiryadan.id@gmail.com

By respect




The Alternative Fuels Co-Investment Fund

Encouraging investment in the development of alternative fuels for
transportation The objective of this new program is to encourage
investments in Israeli companies specializing in developing and
implementing technologies in the field of alternative fuels for
transportation. The government has designated a budget of 400 million
NIS for this program, to be utilized by 2020. The program grants an
additional 50% funding in the form of a government loan for a qualifying
private investment. Thus, for example, a company that secures a 2 million
NIS private investment may be eligible for a 1 million NIS government
loan. Investors benefit from the program by maintaining the option to
purchase additional shares in the company at the terms of the original
investment round by repaying the government loan. If this option is
not exercised, the company must repay the loan only in case of market
The scope of investment is a minimum of 1.5 NIS (~400k USD) and
maximum of 60 million NIS (~16 million USD) of private investments in
the company during the lifetime of the program (by 2020). For more
information please see Director General Directive 8.21.
April 2013

Prime Minister's Office

Most data presented here is provided by Ecomotion , a non-for profit

organization promoting Smart Transportation and providing a support
platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and collaboration to all
those involved in the sector. Ecomotion is working closely with the Fuel
Choices Initiative to promote Smart transportation In Israel.