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20 November 2007

WHEREAS, the Government Accounting and Auditing Manual (GAAM)

Volume 1, Chapter 4, Section 361 provides for the general guidelines on the
use of government vehicles and fuel consumption;
WHEREAS, the continuous rise in the prices of fuel diminishes the
equivalent value of the Transportation Allowance of the DOF officials;
WHEREAS, DOF officials are using DOF motor vehicles which are
beyond ten (10) years old caused to deplete the fuel allocation stipulated in
Office Order No. 25-06 dated May 10, 2006.
WHEREFORE, these guidelines on the use of DOF motor vehicles by
DOF officials are hereby adopted:
Section 1. Coverage - These guidelines shall apply to officials of the
Department of Finance using government motor vehicles.
Section 2. Fuel Allocation - DOF officials using official motor vehicle
shall cover the following monthly fuel allocations:

Office of the Secretary
Assistant Secreta

Authorized Liter
No Limit
No Limit
275 liters



300 liters


Motor pool

100 liters


Section 3. General Guidelines

a. All DOF motor vehicles shall be used strictly and exclusively for official
business. Unless properly authorized to use government vehicles on
Sundays, legal holidays, or out of the regular office hours or outside
the route of the officials or employees authorized to use them, or by

any person other than such officials or employees is strictly prohibited

(Executive Order No. 126 dated August 13, 2005)
b. No government vehicles shall be used for private social functions or for
other personal purposes, or for the spouse, children, relatives or
friends of the official entitled thereto. (Executive Order No. 126 dated
August 13, 2005)
c. With the exception of the President, no government official or
employee authorized to use any vehicle operated and maintained
under existing law shall be allowed to use more than one vehicle. The
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may be allowed the use of two
motor vehicles. (Sec. 14, PD 733)
d. No official who has been granted transportation allowance shall be
allowed to use DOF vehicle. If a vehicle has to be used, a
proportionate amount shall be deducted from the transportation
allowance of the official concerned.
e. Requisitions for fuel (gasoline and diesel) for the use of the
Department of Finance vehicles assigned to Officials of the Department
shall be approved by the Director for Central Administration Office. No
requisition for fuel shall be paid without prior approval (DPO no. 9299).
f. The fuel consumption of Officials with assigned official vehicles shall be
equivalent to their monthly allowance for transportation (Republic Act
No. 9401.2007).
Any unspent portion of the monthly allowable
transportation allowance will be carried over to the succeeding months,
all gasoline purchases in excess of their TA will be charged against the
account of the official concerned.
9. Reimbursement maybe allowed for gasoline expenses for official travel
outside Metro Manila if is covered by a prior authority to travel
approved by the Secretary.
h. All government motor vehicles are required to be kept in the garage
when not in use. Bringing home a government motor vehicle is
allowed if in terms of mileage and time it is more economical for the
officials to park the vehicle at his residence. (Sec. 361, GRAM Vol. 1)

Use of siren, blinkers or similar devices is highly prohibited. Such

gadgets or devices may be attached to and used only on motor
vehicles designated for official use by the Armed Forces of the


Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation

Office, Police Departments, Fire Departments and hospital ambulances.
(Administrative Order No. 122 dated June 30, 2005)

Request to use the DOF motor vehicle shall be in the form of Trip
Ticket. The duly accomplished Trip Ticket shall contain all the required
information. (Office Order No. 46-06 dated August 22, 2006)

k. No vehicles shall be allowed to leave the DOF premises unless a duly

accomplished and duly approved Trip Ticket is submitted to the
Security Guard on duty at the DOF basement parking area. (Office
Order No. 46-06 dated August 22, 2006)

Drivers must prepare trip tickets and maintain logbook to record the

Official Destination
Speedometer reading at the beginning and end of each trip
Gasoline purchases

m. The driver must ensure that the balance in the fuel tank shall be
maintained at approximately ten (10) liters at the end of each trip.
(COA Cir. 77-61)
n. Reimbursement for gasoline should be supported by the following:

Trip ticket
Official Receipt / Cash Invoice
Report of Fuel Consumption
Monthly Report of Official Travel

o. Drivers must ensure that the vehicle is in good running condition at all
times and maintain cleanliness of the motor vehicle including the
engine. He shall report immediately to the Property and Procurement
Section (PPS) any defect of and / or damage done to the vehicle within
twelve (12) hours after occurrence of said defect and / or damage.
The PPS shall immediately act on the report made by any of the drivers
/ end-user. (Office Order dated August 22, 1994)
p. The GSD - Property and Procurement Section (PPS) shall maintain a
file of all requests for the use of Department of Finance vehicles and
fuel consumption records.

q. The Management Services Division (MSD) shall submit quarterly report

on the actual fuel consumption of end-users.
r. MSD together with the GSD - PPS shall conduct monthly ocular
inspection of all Department of Finance vehicles to see its physical
condition and with the presence of end-user's driver and submit a
monthly report on the findings and recommendations to the Director,
Central Administration Office and Director, Central Financial
Management Office and DOF Commission on Audit Resident Auditor.
Section 4. Applicability of the General Accounting and Auditing Manual
- The provisions of the General Accounting and Auditing Manual shall govern,
whenever applicable.
Section 5. Implementing Office - The Central Administration Office
through the General Services Division - Property and Procurement Section
must ensure compliance with these guidelines and other pertinent rules on
the use of government vehicles and fuel consumption.
Section 6. Penalty In Case of Violation - Any violation on the stated
guidelines shall be considered as ground for disciplinary action for Violation of
Reasonable Office Rules and Regulations.
Section 7. Effectivity - These guidelines shall take effect immediately


- Secretary 7 .: