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MDO titles

2nd Malaysia Debate Open 2010

Test Debate
* THBT sober passengers of drunk drivers should be held criminally liable.
Round 1 :Natural Disaster
* THW arrest but not charge looters in Chile
* THBT aid to reconstruct disaster areas should be exclusively given to local contractors
* THW help victims of major disasters regardless of consent from the country affected
Round 2 : Malaysia
* THW forgive the student loan debt of all individuals who commit to a career in public
* THW not allow any race-based societies in universities
* THBT 3 months is too short for National Service/THW extend the National Service
Round 3 : Sports
* This House believes that professional cheer leading harms women rights
* THW disallow exclusive broadcasting rights of the world cup
* THW limit the wages of Footballers
Round 4 : The Individual in the state
* THW Ban Dual Citizenships
* THW abolish state-endorsed marriage.
* THBT Plea-bargaining erodes the criminal justice system
Round 5 : East or West Government?
* THBT Chinas Internet censorship is a legitimate tool for stability
* THBT The west should arm local Burmese militias
* THBT Obamas Health Care Plan is un-American
Round 6 : Middle east
* TH Condemns Israel for including sites within the Palestinian Territory as their heritage
* THBT Southern Yemen should declare Independence
* THW allow candidates linked to Saddam Hussein to stand in the upcoming Iraqi
Octo-Finals : Environment/animal rights
* THW Free Willy (the Killer Whale)
* THW arm the indigenous to fight illegal loggers
* THW allow Japan to commercialize whaling if they accept a moratorium on bluefin Tuna
Quarter-Finals : Teenagers
* THW Ban surgery for teenagers for the purpose of inducing weight loss.
* THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers.

* THW force sperm banks to reveal the identity of sperm donors upon request of the
offspring upon reaching the age of consent
Semi-Finals : Geo-Bloody Politics
* THW Grant developmental aid to African countries on condition they nationalize natural
* THBT The EU should stop supporting US led wars until they ratify the ICC
* THW not sanction Iran until Israels Nuclear Program is subjected to IAEA Inspections
Grand Final
* THW Completely Ban Smoking
1st Malaysia Debate Open 2009
Test Debate
* THW abolish the death penalty
Round 1
* This house believes that terminally ill patients have a right to die.
* This house believes that teenagers should have the right to vote.
* This house would ban abstinence only sex education in all schools.
Round 2
* This house believes that criminal cases should be tried by jury.
* This house believes that evidence obtained through unlawful means should be
admissible in court.
* This house would elect its judges.
Round 3
* This house would allow corporations receiving government bailouts the discretion to
give bonuses to their employees.
* This house believes that the state should give incentives to the entertainment industry
to produce content with positive social messages.
* This house would repeal tax exemptions on all religious institutions.
Round 4
* This house would extradite military deserters.
* This house believes that soldiers who suffer psychological damage from their combat
experience should be eligible for military honors.
* This house believes that we should militarize outer space.
Round 5
* This house would fund religion based criminal rehabilitation programs.
* This house would nationalize all prisons.
* This house would allow prisoners to donate their organs in exchange for the shortening
of their sentences.
Round 6

* This house would bail out ailing foreign companies that have large local employment
* This house would rather borrow money from individual countries than from the
International Monetary Fund.
* This house would tax savings during times of economic recession.
Octo-Finals : United States of Oh-Bum-Ah!
* THW support Obamas stance on meeting hostile foreign leaders without pre-conditions
* THBT we should remove term limits for the presidency of the United States of America
* THBT President Obama should immediately conduct a full inquiry into the abuses of the
Bush administration
Quarter-Finals : The Grey in Anatomy
* THBT sex change operations should be covered under the National Health Policy
* THBT the pursuit of scientific knowledge ought to be limited by a concern for societal
* THBT alternative medication and treatment should be included in medical insurance
Semi-Finals : No Man is an Island
* THBT all states in the Middle East should recognize Israel unconditionally
* THW break up Sudan
* THBT the ICC should issue a warrant for the arrest of Robert Mugabe
Grand Final
* This house would sell nuclear weapons to countries in exchange for them terminating
their nuclear weapons program.
3rd MDO
Demo Debate:
THW prioritize military veterans for jobs.
Round 1: Malaysia Boleh!
THBT religious conversion should not be a pre-requisite for marriage.
THW allow political parties to announce alliances only before elections.
THW abolish unnatural sex laws (oral/anal sex).
Round 2: Food
THBT countries with overall food shortage should not join the race for bio-fuels.
THW ban speculative trading on food products.
THW penalize corporations that waste food.
Round 3: Animals
THBT PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) should only accept vegetarians as members.
THW ban the neutering of pets.
THW allow the sale of parts of endangered animals which die natural deaths.
Round 4: IR
THBT the West would recognize Palestinian attacks on Israeli settlements as legitimate.

TH supports military intervention in Libya.

THW reintroduce the Sunshine Policy towards North Korea.
Round 5: Movement
THW pay beggars to leave big cities.
TH rejects the confinement of refugees.
THBT countries should give open borders to traditionally nomadic groups.
Round 6: Religion
THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to children.
THW ban religious preaching in public places.
THW ban religious groups from lobbying.
Round 7: Adam and/or Eve
THBT governments of developed countries should incentivize overseas adoption from Least
Developed Countries
THW introduce affirmative action for sexual minorities (LGBT)
THBT mandatory military service should include women
Octo finals: Media
THBT governments sponsorship of TV shows that promote its agendas is justified.
THW disallow the making of biographical movies without the consent of the subject or his legal heir.
THW not give awards to celebs who glorify or openly use drugs.
Quarter finals: Law
THBT states should remove diplomatic immunity for judicial fairness.
THBT states should pay compensation to criminals who are acquitted after appeal.
THW ban the media from airing opinions on ongoing court trials
Semi Finals: Health and Medicine
THW deny healthcare to those who engage in illegal organ trading.
THW allow drug companies to advertize their products only to doctors.
THW ban research on behavior modification.
Grand Finals: Culture and Society
THBT cultural compatibility is legitimate grounds for differential immigration policies.
THBT it is justified for governments to destroy historical evidence which can cause social unrest.
TH supports state initiatives to define a national cultural identity.

Worlds UDC manila phil:

The motions so far are:
Round 1: This house would make fathers take paternity leave
Round 2: This house would prevent politicians from making fact claims,that, while not technically lies, are
substantially misleading voters.
Round 3: This house would force large companies who leave an area to cover the costs of structural
Round 4: This house would require individuals to use all their wealth beyond $5 million for philantrophic
Round 5: This house would require deaf parents to send their children, whether deaf or hearing, to
mainstream schools for their primary and secondary education
Round 6: This house supports politicians who pass progressive legislation even when it is contrary to the
wishes of the democratic electorate
Round 7: This house supports the free movement of labour worldwide
Round 8: This house would exempt academic disputes from defamation
Round 9: This would ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system