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Requiem Pro



All 8DIO libraries are watermarked with your

personal data and IP address using proprietary
watermarking techniques developed by 8DIO.
Do not distribute, resell or torrent.


1. All legatos have been polished, refining the level of the intervals and their associated
grafted post sustains and crossfades.
2. Every patch now contains all the available microphone positions. These positions come pre
loaded, meaning you are now able to mix to your preference straight away. No need to
worry about finding or loading multiple patches.
3. An often overlooked "CLOSE" microphone mix has been added for the Solo patches. The
CLOSE mix provides great focus and clarity. It gives you the detail of a studio recording
coupled with the lush sound of a church environment. It's the best of both worlds.
4. Lite patches are available across the library. In most cases these lite patches are nearly
identical to the full versions, but have much smaller memory footprints.Requiem Pro is NOT a
resource hungry library.
5. A comprehensive effects page has been added to every patch. This page includes a variety
of effects including 2 new convolution engines, containing dozens of designed impulses. Such
as sound design tools, including metallic impacts and drones. And more conventional spacial
tools, such as church positioning, and other room types. Providing you with the tools you need
to shape the library in a variety of creative ways.
6. Requiem Pro is now simpler to use than ever. Articulations have been grouped so that they
are easier to find, and easier to use. Such as our bespoke Choral Fx, which previously took up
dozens of patches now reside in 1 singular multi microphone patch.
7. Short notes have been reprogrammed and mixed to capture more ambience of the natural
church environment. They are MUCH more rich in tone. They have also been balanced
allowing for smoother phrase switching.
8. We re worked every release trigger, and in some cases added new ones, such as with the
standard marcato patch. Allowing you to play shorter than ever before, but still obtaining the
space of the lush hall the vocals where originally captured in.
9. We went back and looped all of the marcatos. Creating a powerful sustained patch.
Although un realistic if held too long (can you sing for that long?) it adds a new dimension of
power and tension.
10. The output mapping matrix has also been expanded, allowing routing of different mic
positions to different outputs. This is an essential addition for surround mixing.

11. The X-Fade feature has been greatly improved, by clearly showing the Pre / Post phrases
in our new User Interface, as well as now using equal power crossfades, meaning even
smoother transitions.



The update is a COMPLETE download of the entire Requiem Pro product. It contains
all the sample content and programs for the library. So if you have previously
downloaded Requiem Pro you may safely delete it from your hard drive.
However, we do recommend keeping both 1.0 and 2.0 if you have any legacy
projects using 1.0. As programming has been polished and improved a great deal in
the update, midi CC data & key switches may not translate completely across both
1. Download and install our download utility (found in the email you received from us). We
offer both PC and MAC versions of the download tool.
2. Enter the ENTIRE serial code (found in the email you received from us)
3. The download utility will automatically download and install your watermarked library.
4. The library can be found through the regular browser in Kontakt.
The download utility should generally work for all download purposes, however please use
our manual download links if you encounter any issues. The manual download links are
generally slower downloads, but allows you to download the compressed library files (.rar
compression) through your browser. You can access the manual download links here:
Please use your purchasing email address and enter ENTIRE serial code.
This library does NOT use the add library function in Kontakt and all files must be
accessed through the regular Kontakt browser (upper left side of Kontakt). Please use the file
browser in Kontakt and locate the program (.nki) files in the library to use it.


Welcome to Requiem Pro
Requiem Pro is the successful culmination of a dream we have had for several years. We
always believed that there was another way of sampling choir and vocals. We believed it
would be possible to have completely realistic choir samples with a strong emotional
connection. We believed that we needed to cover all the basic articulations, but also add a
variety of new dimensions to this powerful type of sampling.
Requiem Pro was recorded over a period of two weeks in one of the oldest and most
known cathedrals in San Francisco. The conductor, Robert Geary, is one of the leading
choir conductors in the the U.S and the choir includes members of his multi-award winning
VOLTI choir, and members from the SF Choral Society.
Requiem Pro is the next generation virtual choir developed for professional composers.
The library is based on a variety of new recording and sampling techniques some which
have never before been deployed in choral sample libraries. The library can sound like a
full and rich choir, including both full choir (SATB), divisi groups (males/females) and solo
singers - all available in 24 bit / 44.1khz with a total of 6 unique microphone positions
available as 4 distinct channels.
The library contains sustains and polyphonic true legato from piano to forte, covering 3
primary vowel sounds, over a dozen sustained vowel variations, 2-velocity staccato with
round-robin, ultra forte marcato, latin chants across the entire interval of the choir, and of
course 1,000s of choral effects, including whispers, shouts, clusters, demonic chants,
sweeps, consonants, claps, snaps and dozens of other useful and inspiring effects.
All packaged in a new, straight forward and inspiring system, allowing for a significant
overall conservation of system resources (cpu, ram, storage space and disk streaming
bandwidth) and greater ease of use.

We captured a large range of articulations, both classic and unconventional. We
recorded a wide range of common long and short Latin and Germanic syllables in
staccato (22), marcato(16) and fast (20) and slow poly-syllabic sustains (12 each for
male/ female/solo divisi sets). We captured 5 soloists (2 soprano, 1 tenor, 1 baritone
and 1 bass) We also recorded a wide array of unique smooth vowel sustains at
different dynamic levels and voicing. We captured true legato intervals for each of our
three main vowel sounds (Oh, Ah, Eh), at two dynamic levels (p and ff) .
We also captured over 50 individual short common consonant sounds. We have a
broad range of unison and dissonant slow and fast swells, sweeps, risers, falls, shouts,
whispers, simple and complex clusters and slow half-tone trills.
We've incorporated a wide range of performance controls and systems to provide
maximum flexibility and simple real-time host automation assignment for many
parameters. Please see the Instrument Controls and Program Descriptions section in
this manual for more details.
The goal was to provide a choir library that excelled in areas critical to epic scoring,
while also encompassing a more general range of utility that would allow it be used as
a fully stand-alone naked instrument within a mix, without any need for any additional
instrumental or choral accompaniment.
This is a professional tool for experienced composers and arrangers that requires
understanding and skill to properly and fully utilize. Like any sample-based library, it
cannot truly replace a real choir and it cannot be used to replicate every possible
choral arrangement flawlessly. Like any instrument, it does take time to learn and
explore, in order to successfully create quality results in a finished piece of music. That
said, it is also designed to be a powerful and intuitive tool right out of the box for
users who are familiar with and skilled at using orchestral sample libraries. It's
efficiently scalable, logically arranged and user-controllable and customizable.

We captured the Requiem Cinematic Choir in 4 main mic positions, including Stage,
Mid and Far. Each independent position included 2-4 large-diaphragm condenser
microphones, with positions at roughly 5 feet, 15 feet and 45 feet from the singers.
We also captured the soloists with a special close mic position, captured with a stereo
line-gradient "shotgun" mic, providing the optional option of a drier and more present
A word of caution... This library was captured in a "small" historic cathedral in
downtown San Francisco. Though the stone walls can keep out all outside noise
pollution, the vast expanses of stained glass windows absolutely cannot. This old
structure, with its vast wooden pews and tens of thousands of square feet of stained
glass. While it created a mind- blowing visual effect as the sun arced over us during
the long, long days of recording, the temperature changes also created an interesting
effect on the wooden pews, resulting in the occasional disembodied wooden crack,
pop, creak or groan. Or it could have been the ghosts...
We worked to prevent outside sonic artifacts from getting into the source, but
recording in the real world always results in occasional traces of that real world
sneaking in to the samples. Just like each and every other 8DIO library, the Requiem
Cinematic Choir library includes these "impurities". From our perspective, it's actually
one of the reasons that samples will always be superior to synthesis. You cannot
replicate "reality" without including a little of all of it.

We have 3 distinct legato Ah, Eh, Oh. Use this patches along with the mod wheel to
shape the intensity of each individual vowel.
We split the vowel sustains into both male and female, with 14 unique vowel sounds
for women, and 15 for men. Including Ooh, Oh, Uhm, Uum, Ahh, Ah, Aw, Ee, Ehh,
Eh, Ee, Ih, Ohm, Mm.
These are special sustaining articulations that can be used in multiple ways. Our Polyphonetic sustaining chants can be used like normal sustains. They hold true to a
singular unison pitch and are recorded chromatically over the whole key range of the
Just like the Poly Sustains, the soloists offer a large range of varying sung articulations
including Adoramus, Apocalypse, Credodium, Crucifixus, Dominum, Incarnatus,
Lumine, Morisuri, Omega, Origin, Resurecte, and Scripturas. The difference being
soloists offer an extra Close microphone position, for a more distinct and pristine
Staccato words and syllables are a classic and fundamental part of any choral library.
We captured a variety of commonly used Latin and Germanic sounds. Including Ag,
Cre, Cru, Do, Fah, Fis, Glo, Ky, La, Mus, Nis, Nus, Rhi, Rru, Sanc, Sart, Sin, Son and
Tus. As well as a bonus Shorts FX patch with include 3 alternative staccato
articulations with round robin. Including La, Meh, and an eery and demonic dissonant
This section is a unique feature to this library. Often completely overlooked in
orchestral and choral sampling, Marcato notes are longer staccato notes (usually 3
beats) that are sung at maximum volume, usually close to FFF. These are powerful
articulations to use in conjunction with both sustains and shorter staccatos. They can
provide powerful emphasis and dramatic emotional energy and momentum. We
recorded all of the same staccato syllables for this articulation.

There is a vast collection of choral effects included with this library. From shouted and
whispered words such as Fah, Free, and Su. To numbers being counted down. We
have even gone as far to include body percussion effects. Such as stomps, claps and
applause. Dont forget our large selection of dissonant swells and clusters and shrills.
Organized in to both fast and slow, down and up. And of course some of our
favorites, the slow trills, woo-ah effects, and custom made ambiences.

Requiem Pro contains a variety of different controls, including X-Fade, dynamics,
expression and Release.
X-Fade (CC16)
X-Fade controls the equal power crossfade between the red and
green key switches. Allowing you to graft any of the included phrases
with one another, creating an almost endless amount of creative
Dynamics (CC1)
CC1 (mod wheel) controls the overall dynamic level of the instrument,
as well as subtle variations of gain. A great variety of patches have
mod wheel functionality (ex. legato) allowing you to do dynamic
shifts by crossfading through different dynamic layers.
Sample Start (CC1)
In certain patches CC1 (mod wheel) may also be used to control the
sample start time of any given phrase. This is particularly useful when
trying to play the tail end of a longer phrase. Effectively increasing
the amount of variation possible.
Expression (CC11)
CC11 controls the overall volume. Allowing you to shape the
dynamics and sound as you wish. It can be quite powerful to ride
the CC1 and CC11 at the same time.

Attack controls the fade in of any given note. Allowing you shape
the the dynamic response to your preference.

Release has 2 control types. If there are no release triggers in that
particular patch it controls the fade out of any played note.
However if there are release triggers, then Release simply controls
the volume of those triggers. Allowing you to mute them for a drier,
clinical sound, or bring them back up for that lush church
environment to shine through.


Requiem Pro comes with a self-contained instrument browser, which displays all the subarticulations or phrases within the given patch. The idea is to have as many things
contained in one module as possible and give you the flexibility of accessing the
articulations with a simple key switch.
Instrument Browser
The instrument browser shows you the individual sub-articulations or phrases. You can
access the individual articulations by using key switches, which starts towards the lower
end of your keyboard. The screenshot (see below) shows one of our shorts patches. You
will note that it each sub-articulation has a different name, you can select any given
articulation or phrase my either clicking the corresponding key switch, or by clicking the
word itself (which will highlight in red), this also highlights the corresponding key switch.

Requiem Pro comes with up to 4 sets of microphone
positions: Close, Stage, Mid and Far. The close
microphone was as close as possible to the vocalist
to give you a clear and defined sound. This can be
important if you want clarity and definition in your
mix. The aptly named stage microphone was placed
on the stage giving a wide more lush tone. The mid
and far microphones are a mix of several
microphones played towards middle/end of hall and
gives you a more ambient perspective. The
combination of microphones also allows you to do
surround mixing (5.1) or quadrophonic mixes.
Output mapping allows routing of different mic
positions to discrete outputs in Kontakt. This is
essential for surround mixing and other stem
preparation. To change the output, click on "C,S,M,
or F" and then click on the "Output" text immediately to the left in the interface. A
popup window will reveal the available Kontakt outputs you have previously saved in

Output mapping allows routing of different mic positions to
discrete outputs in Kontakt. This is essential for surround
mixing and other stem preparation. To change the output,
click on "C,S,M, or F" and then click on the "Output" text
immediately to the left in the interface. A popup window will
reveal the available Kontakt outputs.Please ensure you have
previously set up Kontakts output routing to your personal

While the red key switches control the main set of phrases
(shown here Credo by being highlighted in red), the
green switches control the X-Fade (mentioned earlier) and
are made visible by a small XF icon (shown here Mori)
Certain patches also contain an additional Legato feature. When toggled
ON this control allows you to continue a phrase on to another note.

Effects Rack
Included with this library is an extensive
effects rack. Including a variety of effects
you can use to shape and mould your
Included are
Delay (tempo sync)
Convolution I (designed impulses)
Convolution II (acoustic impulses)
Convolution Reverbs

You can find both reverb units towards the bottom of the effects page. The left most unit
contains several dozen designed impulses responses (inc. metallic hits, synthetic drones),
which are great for creative sound design. The right unit contains acoustic impulses
captured from some of our unique recording locations (inc. churches, cathedrals, halls,
rooms). To select a new impulse simply click on the impulse name or button, and select a
new impulse from the drop down menu.



By installing REQUIEM PRO you accept the

following product license agreement:

Downloaded libraries can't be returned, so we

can't provide refunds. We may choose do so at our
own discretion,but please be aware that as soon as
you've downloaded it, you can't return it.

The license for this product is granted only to a
single user. All sounds and samples in this product
are licensed, but not sold, to you by 8DIO, Inc. for
commercial and non-commercial use in music,
sound-ef fect, audio/video post-production,
performance, broadcast or similar finished contentcreation and production use.

Using this product and any supplied software is at
t h e l i c e n s e e s ow n r i s k . 8 D I O h o l d s n o
responsibility for any direct or indirect loss arising
from any form of use of this product.

8DIO allows you to use any of the sounds and

samples in the library(s) you've purchased for
commercial recordings without paying any
additional license fees or providing source
attribution to 8DIO, Inc. This license expressly
forbids any unauthorized inclusion of content
contained within this library, or any any 8DIO
library, into any other sample instrument or library
of any kind, without our express written consent.
This license also forbids any re-distribution method
of this product, or its sounds, through any means,
including but not limited to, re-selling, trading,
sharing, re-sampling, mixing, processing, isolating,
or embedding into software or hardware of any
kind, for t he pur pose of re-recording or
reproduction as part of any free or commercial
library of musical and/or sound effect samples
and/or articulations, or any form of musical sample
or sound effect sample playback system or device.
Licenses cannot be transferred to another entity,
without written consent of 8DIO, Inc.
8DIO retains full copyright privileges and complete
ownership of all recorded sounds, instrument
programming, documentation and musical
performances included in this product.

This license agreement is effective from the moment

the product is installed by any means. The license
will remain in full effect until termination. The
license is terminated if you break any of the terms
or conditions of this agreement, or request a refund
for any reason. Upon termination you agree to
destroy all copies and contents of the product at
your own expense.
This product uses a form of copy protection, userspecific watermarking. Users who attempt to
circumvent this copy-protection systems
otherwise violate the terms of this licensing
agreement are subject to criminal and civil
penalties and liable for monetary damages. If
you've done any deep sampling and the laborintensive programming that comes with it, you
know that it is very hard work. Remember, the
more you support us, the more awesome libraries
we can afford to make for you.

We would like to thank you for purchasing Requiem Pro
The production of Requiem Pro is not only a product of my own vision,
but also a product of patience from friends and family - and a product
of countless discussions with a ADAGIO VIOLINS of great composers,
producers and so forth.
Thanks to the following people:
SF Choral Society:
Robert Geary, Alan Kleinschmidt, Kristen Brown, Lindsey McLennan,
Michael Mendelsohn, Robert Huber, Mark Sumner, Verah Graham,
Emily Ryan, David Kurtenbach, Chip Grant, Barton Thornte, Cynthis
Adams, Carlin Black, Catherine Heagerty, C. Christine Stuart, David
Schermerhorn, Ella Bacon, Ethan Geary, Jesse Buddingon, John
Burgdorf, Jennifer Granat, Judith Murio, James Schenkel, Janet Scott,
Kristina Ashley, Kathleen Leones, Nona Bake,r Philip Buonadonna,
Roger Fong, Roger King, Rachel Thompson-Ray, Susan Kalman, Sulpicio
Mariano, Sydni Roberson, Stephanie Small, Thomas Huckaba, William
Chiles, William Langley.

And also a special thanks to Cam, Jan and Tawnia for keeping it
together and dealing with my mad brain. You guys are the rockstars.

If you have any questions, concerns, love-letters or hate mail feel free to
send it to: support@8dio.com
Troels Folmann

All programming, samples, images and text 8DIO 2012. All Rights Reserved.
8DIO is a registered trademark of 8DIO Productions, LLC.