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Operations MCQs

Test 1
1. Operations management is about:
a. Getting things done

2. Lean Questions, what questions will not help you capture the facts?
a. who is going to improve it?
i. and
b. when?
i. these are under the sub heading making things better

3. functional operations is comprised of:

a. technical, leadership, process expertise

4. who are the most important people to a business?

a. Leaders
i. They are the glue that hold together the business

5. Internal analysis is made up of 5 audits: marketing, financial, operations,

management and
a. Research and development

6. Identify four perspectives of operations management

a. Operations resources, operational experience, business strategy, market

7. What are the SMART objectives

a. Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time bound

8. The strategic planning cycle is

a. Reviewing existing strategy, internal and external analysis, swot, mission
objectives, strategies, implementation

9. What is not a type of strategy

a. General strategy

10. War on waste has many enemies, which is not considered a waste
a. Customers
11. What is dr. keegans motorcycle
a. Honda Goldwing

Test 2

1. what does abc stand for in op man

a. applied benchmarking for competitiveness

2. how is it possible for multinational corporations to implement abc practices

a. made up of small and medium sized companies

3. operation is about building capability/capacity of

a. people/processes

4. AFR

5. standards expected of business by customers are

a. constantly changing and are a basis for competition

6. in order for benchmarking to be useful, must be based on

a. facts

7. key measure for a business today need which characterstics

a. all of the above
i. directly related to strategy
ii. include financial and non financial
iii. be market dependent, vary between locations
iv. will change over time

8. what is good enough today will only be ___% good enough in three years
a.80 %

9. feedback is crucial to implement change. At what rate would feedback be

most useful
a. daily
i. shortest period of time

10. when company attempts to learn from its competitors actions by following
their initial lead, what key detail must take place?
a. Improve the process in every way possible

11. Temperature to cook a turkey

a. 190

Test 3

Test 4

1. Six Sigma is?

An expert dirven approach, where a highly trained core group tackle

2. Which of the following strategies is the most effective for a business to

implement ?
- All of the above can be effective in their own right depending on the company

3. Which strategy puts customers at the centre and determines them to be the
key to success and survival
4. Which strategy strives to meet demand instanetaneously with perfect quality
and no waste
Lean strategy

5. Traditionally, there are seven wastes identified in the basic waste elimination
of Lean operations. What is determined as the possible eight waste elimination

6. Business process re-engineering is?

It is a radical way of dramatically changing processes

7. The main criticism of BPR is?

The main criticism of BPR is it focuses on work and not on people

8. Which of the following is a key Lean question?

All of the above are considered key Lean questions

9. World class companies optimise the problem solving abilities of their

employees in applying both _______ & ________.
Answer: Modern techniques and Traditional Industrial Engineering techniques is
what world class companies apply to get the most out of their employees

10. ________ are the key improvement approaches.

Answer: Strategic decisions are the key improvement approaches

11. Dr. Keegan learned Lean principles at a young age by seeing his father sell
what in Dulbin. Answer Bike

Test 5 OP M:
1. Lean is
- Based on the Toyota Production System
2. Toyota Poland has a strategy that is focused on
- Efficiency
3. Lean reduces elapsed time in order to come as close as possible to equal
_______ time
- Raw Processing
4. Absolutely, Focused, and Relentless was created by
- Taiichi Ohno (Toyota Japan)
5. What are the principles of Lean as defined in the course?
- Time, Money, Effort
6. Lean is not just applicaable to manufacturing, it is applicaable to
- Business
7. Which is not a Lean rule when dealing with people?
- Equality (lean rules are fairness, firmness and consistency)
8. Quicker, Better, and Cheaper is only achievable to its full potential when a
business is:
- Operating together
9. Which is not one of the five fundamental Lean tools?
a. Process Mapping
b. Physical Flowing Mapping
c. Check Sheets / Run Charts

d. Teams
e. None of the above - this is the answer (e)
10. When a leaders heart and mind is into the company it can lead to excellence
as long as there is a constant challenge and _______.
- Respect
11. Dr. Keegan took approximately two hours to fix what household appliance for
his wife which in turn resulted in failure to take advantage of the very rare
sunshine that would have been perfect for a motorcycle ride.
- Wet & Dry Vaccum

Test 6
1)A check sheet
Lists all the things that need to be done to deliver value
2) In physical flow mapping when you are documenting the process, which is not
a step
Identify the scale
3)There are basic rules to follow when using a check sheet, which is not one of
those rules
Define what is being recorded
Over what time period
Make it easy to record the data
Ensure the data is recorded honestly
None of the above << Right answer as all are rules

4) Visual control boards

Are a blend of measures/KPls that are relevant to the people at the place they
are displayed
5)Process mapping is
Captures and represents the details of what is being done in an operation
6)Physical Flow Mapping
Focuses on the physical movement of parts, materials and information through
an operation
7)Process mapping helps to capture _________ and not __________.
a. Reality / Perception
8) Which is not a basic tool of improvement
Visual Control Board
9)The best way to get the most out of your people is to
Make into a team so they can build and learn from each other
10)A spaghetti diagram shows you
e. Where material is moving in a process to finish a job or to complete one unit

Quiz 7
1) Personnel Resource Development
a. People need leadership and a purpose if they are to work as a team
2)Liam Lacey created a value system that is comprised of
Fairness, Firmness, Consistency
3)Team objectives should be
d. Realistic, Acheivable, Demanding
4)Team Assignments
Should allow for and support the development of peoples skills, abilities, and

5)There are a number of general points about data and measures. Which is not
one of those listed points.
a. Record Data
b. Compare Data
c. Analyse Data
d. Use Data
e. None of the above << This one
6)What are the three phases of Brainstorming
e. Idea Generation, Critical Analysis, Implementation Planning
7)A __________________ of individuals should be present on the project team
a. Cross section
8) _______________ Charts allow you to see progress at a glance
9)WCM stands for World Class _____________
b. Manufacturing
10)People in the workplace are intersted in many issues when it comes to their
employment, which is not one which is listed
a. Secure Job
b. Reasonable Wage
c. Respect
d. Success
e. None of the above << This one.